Risch says national debt threatens nation's security

U.S. Sen. Jim Risch warned the Idaho Senate that the country faces collapse if the national debt is not tackled quickly.

“No government has ever survived and no economy has ever survived when the national debt hit 90 percent of GDP,” Risch said. “We will hit 90 percent in a few years.”

Risch said he was not predicting a collapse of the government because “I believe in American exceptionalism. … I think our culture’s different … Can we survive when no other country has? If Congress doesn’t change its ways we’re going to find out.”

Risch said he will not vote for the current budget proposal. He said the $3.8 trillion budget includes $1.6 trillion in deficit spending.

“My experience is that there is very, very little self-control on the part of the U.S. Congress,” said Risch, a first-term senator.

Risch said the debt threatens our way of life and our ability to react to natural disasters and humanitarian efforts and puts the country’s national security at risk.

Like last year, when he carried a copy of the massive stimulus bill with him to Boise, Risch brought a copy of the Senate health care reform bill with him.

“I defy you to take any page out of there and tell me what it says,” Risch said. “No person in American knows what would happen if this bill passed.”

Sen. Mike Crapo and Rep. Mike Simpson are scheduled to address the Idaho Legislature on Wednesday.

I think it was 110% after WWII

So once again Risch is factually challenged. And I'm sure that he will support expiration of the Bush tax cuts which added about 1.5 trillion in debt since they were enacted.

Maybe he will actually do something about it? NO? Crap.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

My stars and garters

the U.S.A is gonna be repossed by the chinese.
Devalue the dollar, set gold at $5000 an ounce, problem solved.

Note to Risch: Get a new gimmick

Big Jim, just to let you know, the drama of lugging around a copy of complicated bills larger than your attention span has worn off. Here's some advice: Have your tax payer funded staff of over 20 read the bill, give you a summary, take time out from fund raising to read it, and then act like you knew what you were getting into.

Give it a try big boy.

Just for a some context, the Medicare Drug bill ran over 1,200 pages and will end up costing $1.2 trillion.

Oh, if you accidentally glance at a bill, the pages are double spaced with very generous margins. The stimulus bill when passed and published in the Congressional Record went from about 1100 pages to 647. How about the TARP bill too? It shrunk by 45% when published in normal type and spacing.

Jimbo, please come back to Idaho where you can effect change, you know, like pulling the plug on property tax based funding for public schools to save yourself and other million dollar home owners some big, big bucks.

And My Former Knight on A White Pony and Hero, please, please hire a fact checker. Your slide into being factually challenged has been swift.

It was a My Little Pony...

Like a midair collision with a tugboat