Minnick pushes bipartisan cooperation in speech to Idaho Senate

U.S. Rep. Walt Minnick, the lone Democrat in Idaho’s congressional delegation, told the Idaho Senate that it could “show the rest of the nation the way” by working together to solve the state’s problems.

Minnick, in his first-term as the representative from the 1st Congressional District, began his remarks by assailing the partisan spirit in Washington, D.C.

“The one in the East, whose decisions so often seem foreign, but whose money we rarely refuse,” he said. “… The determination to think things through and do what’s best for the people … is too often lacking in our nation’s capital.”

Minnick said “in today’s Congress, leadership is sharply partisan. Blaming the other side has become more important than solving the problems.”

Minnick said the parties must come together to solve the nation’s issues — such as an out-of-control budget deficit and runaway entitlements — before it is too late.

“The decisions required are so hard that they can’t be made unless both parties agree how to get this done before China stops buying our debt is the single biggest issue we face,” he told the Idaho Senate.

Minnick said his middle-of-the-road approach and cooperation with Rep. Mike Simpson has led him to have to “duck grenades from both the left and the right.” Minnick praised Simpson, a Republican, for his respected work in the Congress.

He urged more bipartisan spirit.

“Staring, yelling and posturing has gotten our country nowhere,” Minnick said.

Minnick encouraged state lawmakers to work on improving education in the state and making it more accessible to all citizens — from pre-K to higher education. He also encouraged the Legislature to create a bipartisan committee to offer ideas for closing next year’s budget gap by looking at spending and the state's sales tax structure.

“To the majority, I say to you the same thing I tell Democrats in Washington, reach across the aisle and bring your colleagues to the table,” Minnick said to the Republican-dominated Senate. “.,.. Democrats, become part of this process. Compromises have to be made. Be constructive in your public comments.”

“We share common values and can get things done,” Minnick said. “We run as Republicans and Democrats but we must govern as Idahoans.”

U.S. Sen. Jim Risch is expected to address the Senate shortly.


Listening to Minnick you would think he is a Democrat.

Missed the point much?

"Listening to Minnick you would think he is a Democrat."

Listening to you, one might think you missed his point entirely.

Who cares what side of the isle someone sits on? Who cares if they've got an R or a D behind their name? Why not listen to their ideas and give it some real thought?


I did listen to him when he convinced me he would vote differently from Sali. Fooled me once. Never again.

working together

I must say walt Minnick talks a "good talk"I just wish he'd do the walk!Nobody in congress seems to care about getting anything done!Are you sure Minnick is a democrat?


In the case of Minnick the R or D status does matter. Being a D, he votes to empower the larger agenda of Nancy Pelosi. That is a problem. Personally I like Minnick a lot and would vote for him IF he were part of a D uprising to oust the present leadership in the House.


Minnick has never voterd with his 'party' a single time since elected. On any vote that could possibly matter. He is not a Democrat.

Never voted Dem

You're right loner the most important thing that any congressperson should do is vote with the party and totally forget those fools called voters who put them into office. What a pain in the rear those silly constituents are.

After all the party is far more important than country no matter what, isn't it.

Another person who misses the point.

You're a prime example of someone who's so busy focusing on the title that you completely disregard the actions.

You see that D and assume anything Minnick does or says is wrong. You don't bother to take a second and look at his voting record or to see what things he's said or done. You just assume that you don't like him because of a letter behind his name.

Good job highlighting what's wrong with this country. It's not Democrats or Republicans. It's not liberals or conservatives. It's people like you. People who won't take 30 seconds to understand an issue and think for themselves. People who are busy pointing fingers instead of working on solutions. You see a label and automatically decide if the guy is someone you like or not.

Slap an R behind his name and half this state loves the guy. Same guy, same votes but a D instead and he's the "enemy" Way to go.

Mr. Skippy

I'm not missing any point other than your pointed sarcasm. The only vote Minnick has made that I truly object to is his vote to empower Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. Unfortunately the implications of that vote are more far reaching and outweigh votes on bill. Nancy Pelosi is a far-left politician who is a key player in setting a far-left agenda. As long as Congressman Minnick votes to empower her he will not earn my vote. Walt Minnick is a good man and I am not unhappy with him for anything other than that one single vote because that one single vote reaches into the fabric of the country. If he were to be part of a move to oust Pelosi from Speakership he would earn my vote in a heart beat. Until that time I will vote for someone who will vote to disempower her.

More blathering again means the topic goes to hell. NEXT!!!

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

Walt is Humorous

So let me get this straight Minnick votes to censure Joe Wilson, who said you lie to Obama, along party lines and then lectures others to be nonpartisan? You hypocritical much Walt?

I love when politicians of any party tell us to practice something they themselves don't but think we should just because they are a congressman.

What exactly is Minnick’s

What exactly is Minnick’s legitimate point of view…?

Bipartisanship? Compromise ?


Nice new campaign talking points

Did no alarm bells go off after hearing this political campaign rhetoric?

Do Idahoans really believe Minnick’s sudden change in views to be deserving of reelection? As everyone in Idaho is surely aware, for the past year Minnick career is defined by exclusively attacking democrats & obstructing successful government for the people.

It is painful to hear Minnick standards of honesty, decency & respect for Idahoans is merely flexible political rhetoric driven by campaigning and not actual.

Minnick is a walking status quo politician of contradiction; this archaic old man proudly spoke to an exclusively white tea party gathering & willfully attacking his democratic supporters. Minnick’s undeniable support for this movement infected with racism & religion is indefensible & serious.

Party politics as usual

What Mr Skippy is saying is that it would be much easier if people wore black hats and white hats but they don't. Of course it is much easier to control people if they are put into a white hat black hat group. Divisive moral issues drive partisan politics and both sides twist the truth to make themselves look better. In the end, black hat things are done by white hat people and vice versa. Like it or not, Bill Clinton did well in Ireland and George Bush in Africa but all the white hat black hat people are jumping up and down at the suggestion.

The Idaho Senate

showing the rest of the nation the way?
Only after Mississippi has pointed it out to them.

Sing along ...

Kum By Ya, my Lord, Kum By Ya ...
Can't we all just get along and love one another?

Whether Dem or Rep, doesn't matter. They all should get in the same line as Lavoisier.

Nope, here's the deal...

Humanity can't stand to be blissful forever. Eventually it will cheese some off until they kill somebody.

That's how it is, bro. It's not natural.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

Talking Compromise

Well, at least Minnick said what is wrong in Congress. Now, Risch will say what is right in Congress. But, will Congress do anything under the current conditions, No. Stalemate as usual. If everyone thinks change is coming, yep it will. The Democrats will become the party of NO. Face facts, this country is to big and diverse to operate, unless we can compromise on issues.