Idaho governor's race: Allred (again) decries 'irrational pessimism'

Repeating what is becoming a campaign catchphrase of sorts, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Keith Allred Thursday encouraged state budget-writers to find more money for schools.

When Otter says we have no choice but to cut education, he’s just factually wrong,” said Allred. “We should build the budget on evidence, not irrational pessimism.”

Here's the full news release:

With the Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee about to take up state revenue projections, gubernatorial candidate Keith Allred says it’s time to reject Otter’s preference for gloom over facts.

“When Otter says we have no choice but to cut education, he’s just factually wrong,” said Allred. “We should build the budget on evidence, not irrational pessimism.”

On the eve of the Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee’s hearing on the state’s revenue projections, it’s time to look at how Otter’s dismal view of Idaho’s budget ignores the facts:

• Idaho’s chief economist Mike Ferguson reiterated even this week that despite some lagging tax collections, Idaho is on track to see revenues increase by more than $82 million in the coming year.

• Based on economic evidence, The Associated Taxpayers of Idaho and the Tax Commission each independently project even larger revenue increases than Ferguson’s.

Beyond the projected increased revenues, Idaho’s “tax gap” has grown to about $250 million a year, according to testimony by state Tax Commission Chairman Royce Chigbrow. Part of the problem? The Tax Commission, the very agency that is tasked with recovering unpaid taxes, has been hit with budgeting cuts and is understaffed.

Otter has said that the state can spend the projected revenue later if it fact comes in. However, Idaho’s Superintendent of Public Instruction has made it clear why this won’t work. Superintendent Luna has said that the cuts Otter is forcing on education will lead to lasting damage to student achievement.

“When the revenues come in as projected, there is no magic wand that can be waved to repair the damage to student achievement that has already been done,” Allred said.

“We should not be engaging in a race to the bottom when it comes to our budget projections,” said Allred. “My hope is that the Legislature’s budget writers don’t follow Gov. Otter’s reckless lead. We don't need to be mortgaging our kids’ future by cutting education."

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He is correct

in his assessment of Otter. The other problem is that far too many people are very happy to see Idaho surrender any hope of progress.

The problem is despite many

The problem is despite many years of increased funding for education we continue to find quality education goals have not been achieved. Do we continue to fund and fund and fund or do we take stock and reassess the problem. Why is the goal of quality education elusive despite funding. I submit it is in the classroom.

'irrational pessimism'

Allred is full of it! Nice propaganda, must be related to prolariet!

It sure is easy to to pick

It sure is easy to to pick out the "Hopey Changey" Pollyana in the rose colored glasses with the D after his name. He's the guy who wants to spend more money than that which is available to spend.

VS cutting more programs than we can stand. Slotted or Phillips?

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

If you think more and more spending gets you a ........

higher quality public education system, you might look at Detroit and Wash D.C. as spending models.

Snow job

"The Tax Commission, the very agency that is tasked with recovering unpaid taxes, has been hit with budgeting cuts and is understaffed."

The Tax Commission still has over 400 employees. Allred calls this understaffed!

The Democrats I-Jobs legislation leans heavily on Commerce to carry out their proposals but makes no recommendations for increasing its staff of 44 employees who took an 11% cut in funding last year.

Of course the proposals themselves warrant scrutiny. One would have the state duplicating the services of the Water Cooler while other private sector groups have announced plans to create their own incubator projects like the Water Cooler. Why should Commerce create a copycat project when it is already stretched thin?

Another bill defines venture capitalist to include any person who invests in a small business owned by a relative. So a legislator contributes to his wife's campaign consulting business, and assuming she makes a profit, he sells his interest back to her and collects a 50% tax credit on his share of the profit. Or maybe its time to buy some land for that son who wants to go into the farming business.

When Democrats talk about creating jobs, count on it being a snow job to spend taxes before they're hatched.

Water Cooler

Dude, the Water Cooler is owned by CCDC. That's government. Rivers is merely the leasee.

CCDC has a lot of vacant buildings we call downtown Boise

That's your government for you. Not one incubator project in Idaho has full occupancy, not even close. So we need the state to provide more empty cubicles? Not a good use of our tax dollars.

u r busted

you thought the water cooler was a private sector deal. nice trying to change the subject

The consequence of

The consequence of conservative ideology has been a self-fulfilling prophecy in Idaho as our state deteriorates right in front of our eyes thanks to 25 years of republican rule and tax cuts.

Idaho’s Conservatives continue to try to convince us that our hardships are caused by excessive government. LMFAO…!

Idaho is suffering, from excessive conservative ideology of governance. Think about it tater’s, Not a single home foreclosure throughout this crisis has been caused by excessive taxation.

The dysfunctional health system with massive corporate profits leaves patients with horrendous debt, that’s not from to many taxes.

Banks haven’t failed catastrophically through over-sized personal W-2 forms.

Companies haven’t been driven to huge lay-offs because their tax burden is too high.

That beast of conservatism continues the false claims that we can’t get ahead because we’re over taxed and we need to cuts tax and reduce government.

The claim is absurd……!

A prosperous community is a place where neighbors pool their efforts for the greater good. Taxes provide resources for investments larger than anything we could build on our own.

Ideas matter, words are important. We cannot afford to let the narrowed minded republican majority party destroy any hope of a successful government and eliminate honest public debate from government.

Allred is right we the people need to take back our Idaho government and put it on a course that resonates with our values not a conservative ideology that suppresses everyday Idahoans while rewarding the wealthy Idahoans. We need leadership that recognizing that our shared prosperity is at the core of our successes as communities and a state.

Great Remark

The Idaho GOP has allowed corrupted capitalism with all money going to the corporate few. Workers are seen as a scurge.

Spoken like a true tax and spend, bigger govt is better, Lib....

To your points (as weak as they are): many banks were forced to take bail out money (our tax $) even though they didn't ask for it - all banks have paid it back with interest - and yet the Pres (who needs villains) continues to condemn them as they pass on increased costs to customers. Also, foreclosures were caused by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd (who isn't seeking reelection) demanding that loans be made to inidividuals regardless of their ability to pay the mortagage. Also, companies have laid off workers due to uncertainty about how much they will be taxed under Obama's next round of taxes and fees. And, neighbors pooling their efforts for the greater good, in todays context, means "spread the wealth around". Finally comrade, what do you envision when you talk about "the hope of a successful Govt"? Your post = Liberalism on parade!

I didn't see any suggestions from you, only blame.

Who in crap cares about blame yet has no answers?

A new definition for Connie Stevens' "Fool No. 1"

There are fools of this sort in all circles. The question becomes do you remain a fool or get sick of being one.

Either you can sit and type Johnny did it or contribute to undoing Johnny's Junk.

Frankly, I don't care if the Michelin Man did it. IT'S DONE. Get your hind end to work like you did in Vietnam as your name suggests.

Don't make your life a useless excuse.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

I'll make this so simple even Foreign can understand.....

Don't bail out banks who didn't ask for help.
Stop condemning banks after they pay you back w/interest
Stop loaning money to individuals who don't have an income
Get off the backs of small businesses and they will hire
Allow that competition is a good thing - the strong survive.

So you advocate letting the account holders choke and die also?

If you had a minute to think about it, you'd probably stop bothering. I know your input it as vital as anybody else's but please grab a handle. Where did you did this idea that small businessmen are severely oppressed? OSHA and the like?

How much does it cost to retain a healthy, working individual as opposed to someone that has lost the ability to work and must fall back on what they can (not much)?

Is $694 a month living on caviar to you??? My bank takes $4 for an account maintenance fee right off the top!


You just sit there barking about "entitlements" when you OUGHT to be THRILLED we don't roam the streets out of our minds killing people like the zombies of Armageddon. I don't want to hear POLITICS? What does it have to do with problemsolving?

You selfish whining box of frozen tears... rejoin us. You were kidnapped somewhere.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

It's easy to argue with made up facts

It is absolutely startling how the radical right, facing the disaster of their policies, now tries to rewrite history to support their failed cause.

Yes, the Republican Secretary of the Treasury gave away taxpayer money and told some banks to take it when they wanted to decline. (I challenge the claim that this was "many", since there were not "many banks" given the TARP funds to begin with.) Paulson defends his decision. One can leave that to the Republicans to argue amongst themselves, but this was not a decision by Democrats one way or the other.

When lending standards were set aside on a large scale due to securitization programs at the banks and the real estate boom, not only were Frank and Dodd in the minority party in Congress, but Frank, in particular, was warning of looming problems and being ignored by the Republican majority. It is true that a small number of loans were made under the inner-city support program passed by Clinton and the Republican House and Senate, but not only is that not a Democratic issue -- since the Republicans controlled the legislature -- but the number of homes involved in that program were miniscule compared to the loans made in the securities programs, following the erroneous risk analysis that books like "The Quants" show were being used by the larger firms.

The housing problem itself would have been just another boom-bust if it were not for the hands-off, don't regulate the markets approach taken by the SEC in the years when the Republicans controlled both the White House and Congress. Instruments like credit default swaps were allowed to be used as unregulated securities (i.e., an end-around of the SEC) despite the fact that they clearly fit the legal definition of a security and, thereby, caused both the failure of AIG and the risk to all the banks that were depending on them.

I seriously doubt that a single company has laid people off simply because they didn't know about taxes and fees -- that kind of concern about the future takes a back seat to dealing with current losses in almost every situation I can imagine. If there is such a company, they deserve to fail because they don't know what they are doing!

Before you throw around phrases like "comrade", perhaps you should remember that Obama was elected by popular and electoral college vote. A more appropriate phrase would be "traitor" for people that want to undermine the economy by giving it all to foreign businessmen, like many of the Republicans in recent years.

Oh, and just so you know, I have been a proud member of the Republican party since I first registered to vote more than 30 years ago. I just believe that small government should be based on efficient accomplishment of the tasks required, not destroying the economy to make a few people richer.

I disagree. Greenspan, other nitwits had R AND D to play with...

This feces didn't just show up when you got your dog.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

New Plymouth model of prosperity

New Plymouth was founded as a planned community where "neighbors pooled their efforts for the greater good." Check it out.

Note To Air Force: Don't Come Here, Our Schools Are Going Down

It will be a big boost to the area if the F-35 swoops in and lands its load of money and jobs.

But there's a good chance the AF evaluators are comparing school systems by looking at teacher to student ratio, spending per pupil, performance on standard tests, and the area's actual financial support for education, both K-12, and university. That is actual support vs posturing political platitudes. Texas and Arizona are going to win this one.

Maybe the AF will see that last year while the education budget was cut by $60 million, the legislature almost passed a tax increase to improve roads. Maybe they will also hear Tom Luna say the cuts for next year, $130 million, are so deep that students will be hit with less educational opportunities and that it will take years to dig out.

And they will determine that in Idaho education is not a top priority, supported by empty words.

And then they will say, no way.

Yet we've got a base in Mountain Home...

Education has nothing to do with placing planes at an ALREADY EXISTING FACILITY.

We're not gaining any real population either and it's not anything that requires infrastucture.

We are asking to house a wing of new fighter planes. That's IT.

Where you come up with all the contrition, I ain't got a clue.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

Military has own education system

There are schools on the bases. They don't rely on public schools. Even if they live off base kids can attend base schools.