Bill would require Idaho voters show photo ID at polling places

Idaho voters will be required to provide photo identification or sign an affidavit that they are who they say they are before they are given a ballot at polling places under a proposal introduced Tuesday by House Majority Leader Mike Moyle, R-Star.

The bill, which was printed by the House State Affairs Committee, would make it a felony to vote using someone else’s name.

Moyle said it was hard to tell if anyone had committed voter fraud in this way, but that the issue “has been a concern for a while. This is a start in the right direction.”

“We want to make sure that we protect people’s right to vote,” Moyle said. “It’s a sacred right that very few countries have.”

The bill does not deal with voting by mail or absentee ballots. Moyle said those issues are more difficult and that federal legislation could be introduced to deal with those issues.

ID to Vote?

Dems will not like this. It will make it harder for those dead and in prison to vote!


Republicans are trying mightily to disenfranchise as many people as possible. They have opposed a national ID program, but now want voters to show an ID at the polls. There is no evidence of voter fraud in Idaho, so even if it exists, it is done a very small scale. So why have a policy if there is no problem? The answer is discourage people from voting.

Typical Drivel

Republicans this, Republicans that... the extremist radical left are eternal victims enslaved mentally, believing that they cannot attain happiness unless the Party of "No", the menace of Utopia, is destroyed.

Hey Prostatariet check, do you think the Black Panther Party is scheduled for November 2nd of this year, or does President Hopenchange have them booked for another obstructionist gig? If not, the SEIU is my plan "B".


While I would have no objection to this bill, I wonder if this is a problem that needs a solution.

Proletariat is right. This

Proletariat is right. This is just another attempt to discourage individuals from exercising their right to vote, just as the attempt to limiting voting at primary elections.

How would this discourage

How would this discourage them from voting? Even if your DL is suspended you can still get an ID card.

a valid id is good. the key

a valid id is good. the key word id 'valid'. the proposal does not say 'drivers license only.' sheesh


"There is no evidence of voter fraud in Idaho, so even if it exists, it is done a very small scale." Back it up with some facts, Proletariat.

Any 'scale' at all is too many. One 'rigged' game of any kind puts 'players' at an unfair disadvantage. This bill may not get rid of all voter fraud but it's a step in the right direction.

voter id

any stolen vote is a crime. just because a crime might be small in number of incidents, it is still worth putting folks on notice - don't mess with the law in the polling place. If you don't qualify as a voter, don't try to vote. you're stealing from the rest of us.

voter ID

Of course Proletariat and straighttalk, would be against this bill! How else could the libs get busloads from the ghettos to vote multiple times for Mr. Hope & Change!?

More Big Government

Moyle is naive to think a photo id or affidavit will effectively check voter fraud. If there is any. The real potential for abuse is with absentee ballots, especially those that are sent en masse to retirement homes.

Obtaining a photo id for those w/o a drivers license is not that easy, and will do more to make voting a hassle than root out any supposed fraud. The affidavit might be a more effective deterrence, and is used in school elections. Showing a drivers license should be standard practice. For some however their address will be incorrect (out of date), yet for voting purposes they can qualify at their new address, e.g., kids away at school who register at their college town.

All this begs the question, who in their right mind would spend any time going from one polling place to the next to cast additional votes? Such a practice for an individual would be a waste of time, and would only be effective if there was a larger conspiracy involving lots of people. But then once you get lots of people involved there will be the risk of word getting out.

Were one interested in perpetuating fraud it might more useful to conspire with other polling place workers and stuff the ballot box with additional votes and then forge signatures in the voter sign in sheets to make sure the numbers balance. Your secret would be limited to the 5-6 people in the room after 8:00 p.m. Just a thought.


Why would anyone be against showing there ID when you vote? This should have been a law years ago. The only people I can see that would be upset about this are the people that vote more than once and illegal citizens. Oh and I guess crooked politicians.

Typically across America,

Typically across America, this kind of legislation by conservatives is meant to disenfranchise voters, the requirement to show an ID is nothing more than an attempt to create a roadblock for thousands of voters who can't get a photo identification.


In states requiring voter identification, these restrictive voter ID laws reduced turnouts significantly and especially among minorities as clearly identified in a Rutgers University report analyzing voting in recent elections.

Moyle & Idaho GOP are looking to intimidate the growing Hispanic vote in Idaho…!

The GOP will use this to have voters purged from the rolls, forcing voters to seek reinstatement in time for an election.

Beware; Idaho Republicans will be the foreclosure lists to challenge voters.

Violation Of First Amendment rights?

Arn't the Republcians the ones trying to close their primaries to party members only? Wouldn't this make the Gov't (State issued ID) intruding on "party affairs"? You can't have it both ways.

This would be murder if you just changed your sex, got a perm.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat