Idaho business could face penalties for hiring undocumented workers

Idaho employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers could face penalties, including the loss of license, under a bill introduced Tuesday.

Rep. Phil Hart, R-Athol, and Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Eagle, co-sponsored the legislation, which is one of several immigration bills that could be brought this session.

The bill does not mandate that employers use the E-Verify system to check an employee’s status, but considers use of the system a “safe harbor” from prosecution.

“This is only if you knowingly hire somebody who is illegal,” Labrador said.

Rep. Phylis King, D-Boise, voted against introduction of the bill in the House State Affairs Committee.


This is something else that should have been a law years ago. If this does not go through there is something crooked in Idaho.

I recall the day they deported an illegal AUSTRALIAN!

Like a midair collision with a tugboat