Tea Party Boise members say they want to remain nonpartisan

Most members of Idaho’s largest tea party organization want the group’s efforts to remain nonpartisan, according to a survey released by Tea Party Boise to its membership Wednesday.

About 350 of the group’s 2,000 members responded to the online survey in December and January. Of those, 62 percent said the year-old group should stay nonpartisan. Eighty-four percent of respondents said both Republicans and Democrats are “responsible for big government.”

Brendan Smythe, a co-founder of Tea Party Boise, told the Statesman earlier in the week that the survey results and the group’s strategy for the 2010 elections will be discussed at the group’s first annual meeting later this month.

Symthe said Boise Tea Party members have been discussing whether to join with Republicans, form a third party or work on behalf of independents. That question will be a key topic at the annual meeting, he said. A date has not yet been set for the meeting.

Smythe was traveling to Nashville on Wednesday to attend the three-day national Tea Party convention that begins Thursday.

Seventy-eight percent of respondents supported collaboration with the national Tea Party movement; 95 percent said the group should “encourage good, conservative candidates to run for office;” and 92 percent said they would support independent candidates.

Other findings:

98 percent said career politicians aren’t good for America.

97 percent said special interests “have more influence than us.”

97 percent said Idaho should reduce its reliance on federal funds.

97 percent said politicians use earmarks “primarily to buy votes” and 94 percent said they opposed earmarks even when they benefit Idaho.

94 percent said Tea Party Boise should be an advocate for the
Constitution and U.S. history being taught in public schools.

93 percent said Tea Party Boise should “become a voice for conservative principles” and evaluate candidates and publish results on the Web.

91 percent favored terms limits.

77 percent said the group should host debates “for both
traditional and non-traditional candidates.”

Of the respondents, 79 percent were from Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell and Eagle. The balance were from 34 other cities, including several from outside Idaho.

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This is great

Hopefully these political parties will get the message that the Tea Party movement cannot be co-opted for these party's own gains. The Republicans have lost their way and became big government and big spending as well. They need to realize that they are going to have to earn the trust of conservative americans and fiscally conservative independents.

the constitution and US history being taught in public schools

Did I miss something? When did they stop teaching history and the constitution? The other questions make sense, but I don't really get that one.

I find this survey interesting

Since the Boise Tea Party pretty much does not complain about Republicans in their newsletters, only Democrats - mostly Obama, Reid and Pelosi. And they use a litany of right-wing talking points and articles from right-wing pundits. Not to mention that its obvious they want to see Republicans back in control on Congress.

Doesn't sound very non-partisan to me.

Damn Federal money

If they had their way, Boise would flood every few years and the interstate would be dirt.

By God it was good enough for grandpappy so it's good enough for me.

You want health care, get down on your knees, put your hands together, look heavenward, and talk to the big practitioner in the sky.

Tea party=libertarian "what

Tea party=libertarian "what works for me works for everyone." Except it doesn't work for me and it drags everyone down. Learn to pick tea in Sri Lanka.

Tea Partiers are Republicans

Tea Partiers are Republicans or why did they not exist when Bush bankrupted this country through his fiscal irresponsibility?

Rethuglican revolt is called

Rethuglican revolt is called the Tea Party!

Despite attempts to make it appear grassroots, we all are very aware that the organizers are lobbyist run think tanks Americans for Prosperity & Freedom Works.

Tea Bagger individuals are a very lose confederation of twisted logic, mindless distortion of fact & history, yet the sheer breadth & depth of their personal ignorance is staggering.

The tea baggers are defined by what they are against!

A so-called political movement based solely on opposition to everything with the desire to return the U.S.A to some mythical Tea baggers past.

Expressing what you are against is backward looking; articulating what you are for is forward looking.

Beware when they use the word "Liberty" it is merely a religious dog whistle!

Everyday Idahoans must take into account the mostly white crowds at these mob rallies, with the stubborn notion that white is right. Everyday Idahoans must confront this groups underlying racism & religious zealotry.

If so, they should disband IMMEDIATELY...

or be branded NEW WHIGS.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat


I caught the tail end of a tea party on the Fox Not News the other day and marveled at the polite, adoring response of the gathering as Sarah provided a sermon.

What made it unique for myself was that it was the first time I've seen that group in a non-mob gathering and heard what seemed to be a coherent sentence (in praise of She-who-must-be-obeyed)of course. Neo-Whigs it is.



Do you hear me, tea people?

The PODS stole you? The Blob eat you?



Like a midair collision with a tugboat