Mel Kiper Jr. says Kyle Wilson might be a first-rounder; Iupati gets more acclaim, too

By Chadd Cripe

For the second straight day, an ESPN draft guru said Thursday morning that former Boise State cornerback Kyle Wilson could be selected in the first round of the NFL Draft.

Mel Kiper Jr. made the case for Wilson on Thursday morning on SportsCenter. He didn't have Wilson listed among his top five cornerbacks going into this week's Senior Bowl practices.

"Had an inconsistent year, but great leader, student of the game, great athletic ability, he's been strong in coverage," Kiper Jr. said. "He may have moved ... into the late first round."

Todd McShay, who often disagrees with Kiper Jr., made similar comments Wednesday morning.

Wilson plays in the Senior Bowl on Saturday.


Idaho guard Mike Iupati made Sporting News Today's list of the five players starring at the Senior Bowl.

"With mammoth size and a nasty disposition on the field, Iupati has been punishing defensive linemen in drills," the story said.

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kiper is dreaming sixth round pick competition poor maybe practice squad player


Are you really this incredibly stupid? I know you've been trying for the last several days to convince everyone you are, but thought it must be an act or you're a Vandal. Would you care to bet your house against mine on Wilson not going until the sixth round?

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Seahawks fan here

I'd love to see him in Seahawks blue and green. If he slips to the 2nd round, I hope the 'hawks use their draft pick on him. They could really use the help on D.

1st Rounder

Hope he does go in the 1st. Guarantees more money and this guy is deserving. Good player and person

"Had an inconsistent year"

Wrong. When you are a lockdown corner opposing offenses will not test you. This was the case with KW in the first half of the year. Towards the second half of the year teams started going for the broke and paid the price with KW's 3 picks (1 pick six). Plus KW was put into a different position for the Fiesta Bowl (safety) in a differnt scheme and still had heck of a game making a key play in the first quarter (sack on Dalton) that set the tone for the rest of the game.

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It was actually two pick sixes.

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on so many levels Weisberger. You probably ended up here because other chat room panels have a method of reporting irritatating people to the moderators and they have all excluded you from their discussions. Kyle is a class person both on and off the field and for anyone to state otherwise is - just wrong. Anyone who can learn a new position and play it so flawlessly in 40 days, as Kyle did in the Fiesta Bowl, is not only smart but a heck of an athlete! he will go early in the draft.


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Why are you guys even responding to some troll? This article is about Wilson and he will go high in the draft. He has been overlooked because he doesn't play east of the Mississippi or in SoCal. It is amazing that all the BSU seniors playing in the Fiesta bowl are thought to go in the first round. Yeah, that's right. Wait till NEXT year when there are a few more seniors playing.

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Way to go Kyle. I like it when I see hard working kids finish college and then work hard to be in the NFL. He will be rewarded with a long career.

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