What kind of beer should I drink?

Need a laugh or two on an otherwise dreary and damp Tuesday? Would you rather think about beer than whatever task you are dealing with at work today?

Check out this handy flow chart from a Web site called Geekologie detailing what kind of beer you should drink, depending on where you live and your socio/economic status.

For our more sentistive readers, I would like to point out this flow chart is a joke.

My favorite part of the whole chart is how the flow chart box for something called Moose Light Lime has no connections.

My second favorite is how if you are a college grad, but forced to live the with parents, Mickey’s or Olde English is the beer for you.

Anything but FLAT.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

no wonder...

things are such a mess. I've been drinking the wrong beer all this time!

Diet Shasta Root or Diet A&W is all a diabetic can do.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

Nice chart!

Nice chart. It was very interesting to trace what beer I like according to this chart. It turned out that I like dozens of them. But my favourite one is http://www.tubestime.com/watch/beer-funny-again Heineken. Watch this video. It is very funny.

Snoopy NEVER flew his Sopwith Camel intoxicated!


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year


Beer is a great drink not to mention it is very healthy in moderate consumption , but there are not many quality products out there , just visit a club to check out the best there are.