Hours trimmed for state workers

State agencies were given a 5 percent reduction in personnel costs during last year’s legislative session. On Wednesday, the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee heard what that has meant to state employees.

In fiscal year 2009, 149 state employees were laid off, though that number could include employees who were fired or let go for other reasons than budget concerns.

In fiscal year 2009, 4,536 state workers took 96,166 furlough hours.

In fiscal year 2010, which ends on June 30, there have already been 146 layoffs.

In fiscal year 2010, 5,906 state workers have taken 136,525 furlough hours. The Department of Health and Welfare announced Tuesday that it would institute furloughs on every other Friday afternoon beginning later this month.

These numbers do not include public education because those employees are paid through the districts.

Idaho State School and Hospital

The continued layoffs and furloughs to the Idaho State School and Hospital (ISSH) is a travesty. It's immoral and irresponsible to lay off the countless many from that institution alone. The severe and profound patients or "clients" at the ISSH deserve much more humane treatment than the skeleton crew that is running that place can provide. They are severely understaffed and more furloughs are being forced on State workers. Do we expect the clients to fend for themselves?

Governor Otter, you should be ashamed of yourself.


Anad where is the family support for the people residing in ISSH. Has state government become their entire family. Shameful.


Ksparkuhl, is Otter their family. Yes, these people deserve humane treatment and that is just exactly what has happened. The state has become their family because their families have abandoned them to the state.

We emptied most of those places in Oregon years ago and...

put them in family care or group homes and restricted hospitalization options.

It may not have worked for some of the mentally ill when they killed people or something and their own PARENTS could not get them committed but for developmentally disabled who were NOT mentally ill it was a geed move.

Mind you, WE had places like FAIRVIEW! I wouldn't have sent ANIMALS there based on the horrors people lived through.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat