Proposed cuts to Idaho Public Television draw debate

In his budget proposal, Gov. Butch Otter proposed a four-year phase out of general fund dollars to Idaho Public Television. The proposal has gotten plenty of attention in the 24 hours since.

Otter said several times Monday that IPTV has a private constituency that should be able to sustain the network. His chief budget officer echoed those sentiments during a meeting with the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee on Tuesday.

“It’s time for hat constituency, if it’s a service worth providing than the people that benefit from it should help save it,” Hammon said.

Hammon added, however, that IPTV provides services to the state government that it does not get paid for, such as teleprompters for the State of the State or televising the state Legislature.

“Perhaps we need to find a source to pay them. Maybe governor’s office ought to pay them. Maybe the legislature ought to be paying them for that,” Hammon said.

Rep. Maxine Bell said those instances and others “showed they have a right to some general fund in what they’re doing.”

Rep. Shirley Ringo, D-Moscow, defended IPTV, too. “It seems to be something of a Hail Mary to expect them to go even further in that direction (private money) and in any way maintain the quality programming that we have.”

oh great

If the state stops funding then the governer doesn't have to give a live and public update. We will have to hear it second hand and without being able to read his expressions and the crowds reactions.

Secondly, this gives the conseratives a chance to take away an avenue which sometimes doesn't match their own ideals (show about gays and evolution).

Just what we need in Idaho, more religious control and less access to our government!

Come on Oh Great

I am a fiscal conservative and I enjoy some of Public TV but you cant say there is a balance . There might be more financial support for Public TV if they didnt play to a smaller audience. PTV has turned into a elephants graveyard for over the Hill Liberal news people. Opposing views in equal time is something PTV is not known for as is the radio. Any programming is fine with two sides represented. Thats not to much to ask for if you want our money. I didnt know we had any religious control thats as bad as political control or only Liberal control as far as Im concerned.

Pick One

Would you rather write a check for
a)donations to a public nonprofit (Publict TV)

They're pretty much the same.

It's about the only TV I enjoy. What a scalawag Butch is.

At least give them as much time as OEPBS had to become Oregon Public Broadcasting!

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

interesting point

except that with Otter's proposal, I get to do both.