Democrats offer rebuttal to Otter's proposals

Idaho Democrats said Tuesday that proposed cuts to public education, higher education and other state services will have a detrimental effect on attracting private business to the state during their rebuttal to Gov. Otter’s State of the State address.

“Attracting good jobs is about much, much more than tax breaks. It is about good schools, low cost energy, recreational and tourism opportunities and easy access online, on the roads and in the air,” said Sen. Kate Kelly, D-Boise, the minority leader. “We need to maintain and capitalize on Idaho as one of the most desirable places to live and work.”

Democratic legislators said they were not proposing tax increases, but wanted changes to make the state’s tax code fairer, including closing tax exemption loopholes and hiring additional tax collectors.

“The revenue stream is worse than it should be,” said Sen. Elliot Werk, D-Boise.

Werk said Democrats would unveil a “slate of specific legislation” in the next few weeks. Rep. Phylis King, D-Boise, cited a tax exemption on ski resort equipment as one of the many tax loopholes that should be looked into moving forward.

“We must avoid decisions that put people out of work. We propose that every cut in a state agency include an estimate of its effect on private sector jobs,” Rep. John Rusche said. “Every agency must have as a priority support for those private sector jobs.”

Kelly & Werk are horrible

Kelly & Werk are horrible Democratic leaders, Kelly has a suspect background of honesty and Werk is a fool with weak vision of Utopia.

Neither Kelly or Werk present a realistic vision for our inter-mountian west state.

First, why don't they seek a jobs program to create new jobs this year.

Second where is a democratic proposal for a tax credit for small businesses that hire a new full time employees.

Third where is the democratic proposal to enact a green building program, retrofitting state buildings & putting Idahoans to work while, yes, reducing the state's carbon footprint & saving Idaho millions in energy costs.

Fourth, where is the democratic proposal to streamlined state government by eliminating boards & commissions to make Idaho government successful and efficient.

Fifth, where is the proposal for full transparency of Idaho government and it tax dollar funded contracts. Let the people see were the money is going.

The people of Idaho deserve better from elected officials, we need a balance approach to the execution of a state budget not just slash and burn, everyone for themselves.

This is not the wild west!

We are a state of communities and families that has been taken advantage of by wealthy conservative political machine and rural interests, its time to take back our state for the people.

George Bush wouldn't even stoop this low.

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Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.

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Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.