Otter to announce more cuts Monday

Brian Murphy

Gov. Butch Otter said Thursday that he has told department heads to plan for holdbacks and will announce Monday the extent of the immediate cuts.

Though he wouldn’t give details about what he is going to announce in Monday’s State of the State, he said that next year’s budget would include no growth from the already cut budget this year.

Otter said the executive branch has been more optimistic than legislative leaders in their assessments for Idaho’s economic future.

Otter and legislative leaders have been meeting in recent months to discuss the budget problems.

On Dec. 7, Senate President Pro Tem Bob Geddes and House Speaker Lawerence Denney sent a letter to Otter urging him to make a second across-the-board budget cuts. A September holdback averaged 4 percent.

The request was for another 2 percent holdback to help make up for as much as a $51 million shortfall in the $2.5 billion state budget.

Click here to read Dan Popkey’s story on the top legislators urging more cuts.

Public education would not be exempt from the holdbacks. Republican leaders have suggested allowing school districts without enough reserves to borrow against their Fiscal Year 2011 appropriations to cover any shortfalls brought by the holdbacks.

Republican and Democratic legislators disagreed on approaches to dealing with the economic conditions.

"I can tell you this is probably going to be the most challenging session we’ve ever been involved in," said Denney, R-Midvale. "It will revolve mostly around budget. I don’t think it’s about cutting, it’s about the magnitude of the cuts we're going to have to make."

Geddes, R-Soda Springs, said the government has not had to cut as much as Idaho citizens have.

"People feel they’ve been asked to do more in their personal lives and personal businesses than government has been asked to do. People have been struggling with this economy more than what we have required government to struggle," Geddes said.

Democrats warned that further cuts to education could harm the state's economic recovery. They said the state must look at other ways to meet its budget without cutting public schools or higher education, suggesting Internet sales tax, more collection agents for the State Tax Commission, changing tax exemptions and possibly adding more user fees.

"I think we’re going to be performing triage. We're already whittled and trimmed a lot. We're in a situation where we’ve got a bare bones budget to start with," said Senate Minority Leader Kate Kelly, D-Boise.

Idaho's Status Among States

Idaho is racing to become a third-world location.

Party till you p--e with Kenyans...YEAH!

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

Lies and more lies

Otter and his odious co-worker's only path to justice would be to commit Seppuku as soon as possible. That goes double for Uncle Obama's whitehouse.

Is that really you Murph?

From BSU's unbelievable season to this? Sorry for you, man.

What lies?

They are just telling the truth. Revenue is down and cuts need to be made. We certainly can NOT afford tax increases.

It is time to do away with PERSI for any worker under 45. The new 401K type plan should have a maximum state contribution of $2000 a year on a 50% match formula.

Mass exodus

If PERSI goes away, prepare for a mass exodus of public workers. You'll be hard pressed to get pepe the illegal to take a job with the state.

Which state, Neuvo Leon, Chihuahua, Nayarit or Distrito Federal?

They can't work for the state as it is? You're kind of Lost In Space, Will Robinson!

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

Education funding

Can someone tell me just exactly what has education cut? Educational salaries are completely out of line. How about education being resourceful and frugal instead of constantly and continously hollering for more money. That is all education has ever done is holler for more money but what have they produced with the unending funds. Instead, families struggle to fund higher education privately and thru their tax dollars. Enough!

Ed Funding

Are you serious "straighttalk"? How can a starting teacher salary of barely over $30K, for a highly educated person, be out of line? Administrators are the only people making any real money in education, and all of them work WELL OVER 40 hours per week. I can assure you of that. Sure some fat could certainly be trimmed, but your comments are unfounded and without merit.

re: Ed Funding

Straighttalk has it down! A starting teacher salary of $30k is more than adequate. It's not that it requires a MS degree to teach a 4th grader. I can tell you that there are PE teachers in Boise making upwards of $60k. I mean, what joke is that. Don't forget those teachers have more than 3 months off in any given year. They are simply well over paid for the job they are doing. ID ranks at the bottom in terms of education amongst all other states. It is what it is.

Upwards of 60K?

More than that. How about $66,052?

It's all there at:

Boise School District Liberty BuXXXXX, JoXXX Physical Education (gr. 6) Annual $66,052.00 6/8/2009


I wouldn't consider someone with a teaching degree "highly educated"


Like a midair collision with a tugboat

Check our the figures

Flyfisherguy, check out the education salaries, not just administrative salaries but teachers on Don't forget to add in to that base salary, sick leave, vacation leave, personal leave, paid holidays, retirement donations, health benefits, employer related taxes, etc for 180 days of work. Who wouldn't like to work 180 days with 16 weeks of vacation plus 10 days sick leave, 10 days vacation leave, 10 days personal leave. Hey, add to those figures per teacher the cost of substitute for those 30 days per school year. And, of course, the employer related expenses for the substitute. Has the quality of education improved? No, the mantra is more $$ will improve education. All more money does is improve teacher salaries.


You makes some points, but they aren't valid. Do you actually think they get the whole summer off ?
Most continue there education as they work and also work and prepare over summer. Why do you hate
because they have a good benefit package. If you aren't getting as good a package then maybe you should
look elsewhere for a job. I'm curious where you get your information on the quality of Idaho's education also?
You have it all figured out based on your own beliefs. This doesn't always make it the truth. Come spend a
day in a school or maybe a week. Then you will have something to base your beliefs on.

Do we give them Food Stamps and Medicare also?

You who may have an antenna ball do not know Jack.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

Budget Cuts

Why the heck is education such a sacred cow. Certainly we have an obligation to provide a quality education to our children. And we should provide a decent wage to their teachers but I've never seen more government waste than I see in the education budgets. Huge district administrations, sub-district administrations, public affairs officers, districts that could be combined like Midvale and Cambridge. Why not start there???


You are right. Way too many administrators at most levels. Consolidating districts sounds good, but it is extremely difficult in most situations.

Ed Funding Part III

Flyfisherguy come on dude, a first year teacher does make crap for money, but after that they make bank! Especially for Idaho, and hey should we talk about the property tax breaks a teacher and police officer in the State of Idaho get? My neighbor, (a teacher) brags about his tax breaks for property taxes and from payroll tax because he's a teacher. Gotta love education... cut, cut, cut. We all have why not Education?

Justicenow? If we get rid of PERSI does that mean that the State of Idaho will then stop investing public money into the stock market. Which is by the way against the State of Idaho's constitution, and AG Wasden has been made aware of. However, he won't do anything about it...... The investment dollars that the State of Idaho is making because of their good investment practices is funding PERSI. Let's stop using public funds for investment.... oh wait the GOV and AG both are in PERSI. Will never happen.

Consolidate school districts!

Some of these low populated counties have THREE school districts! Idaho Falls has two school districts! It is a waste of money!

I'll second that

Great idea Mistakesman_Troll

I'll carry the motion! Excellent point!

Like a midair collision with a tugboat


There is waste... its in the administrators salaries and numbers, not the teachers. Oh and what has education "produced" uh...Micron? Better Potatoes? Arguments better crafted that some of the silly cliched ones above.


Otter is going to Cut, Cut, Cut, But our city council here in Boise want the train. how STUPID CAN THEY BE?

they are much much dumber

they are much much dumber than any of us can imagine. the company pushing the trolley has been doing the same thing in several communities to generate revenue for themselves using the public trough. Not because it a good plan, but because they get huge sums of income from poorly run cities such as ours with WEAK leadership

Great picture Butch

The picture looks like he is trying to raise the dead - well he is a Republican , but I think an exorcism would be more appropriate .


Everyday Idahoans must not

Everyday Idahoans must not forget that the fantastic misgovernment of the kind we have in Idaho is not an accident! This is the work of over 25 years of Idaho’s GOP majority and a consequence of their philosophy of government,not incompetence.

Idaho’s GOP leaders laugh off the idea of the public interest as nonsense.

They've declare war on public workers.

They have made a conservative cult of outsourcing & privatizing to their corporate interests.

Otter & Idaho’s GOP treat government with contempt!

Otter's new Republican plan to provide access to educational opportunities for K thru 12 students. K thru 12 students should have access to loans to finance their education regardless of their financial means or where they live.

This is...

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS situation is EXACTLY why the mantra of "tax cuts" is self destructive. Will those that get the cuts and make the cuts understand that? Nooooo. Hey geniuses! Your tax revenue is down because you aren't collecting enough taxes from corporations. But go ahead. Keep cutting the taxes. THAT's gonna help your lack of tax revenue. Maybe trim some overhead by getting rid of the excess number of chiefs over the indians.



Did it work?

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

budget cuts

It isn't the corporation or the individual that has caused the problem, the government and elected officials wasted the tax payers money when times were good on senseless personal priorities and projects. Like the grasshopper they did not save in good times and spent like they would never end. Our local government is poorly suited to manage money. A prime example is the current trolley folly Beiter is trying to cram down our throats at property owners and business's expense as if a trolley is going to save us all. Stupidity has become an art form with our mayor, the king of misinformation.

Cuts while remodeling

They remodeled the Capital and Simplots during all this and every one is to
bend over and except more cuts just so he can say no new taxes. Taxes pay
for our country to have decent education infrastructure parks and a nice place
to live. Continue to make these cuts and as we all see it will all disappear.
Raise taxes for a couple years until we are back to normal.

Not enough

They can't cut enough!

The definition of a cut in government is expanding less than they did last year. That almost never happens. You can expand, expand, expand, expand and spend spend spend spend spend forever. The cuts never reduce back to a level of spending from even three years ago much less ten or twenty years back.

The people are tapped. They're going to be in the streets soon. If that happens, the hand out seekers better hide.

How dumb are some of you? I mean, really?

Wow. A government that actually wants to cut back spending to come closer to what they are making via taxes. And some of you are crying about it? Are you stupid? Take a look next door and see how Oregon is doing trying to raise budgets and taxes - there's the liberal mind at work.

All of us who have struggled during this depression have had to cut back - quite simply, we don't make what we used to. That doesn't me we can step up and say we need to pull in more money as our budgets says we need more money. No. We cut back on our budget to meet the decrease in funds coming in. And that's what the government is trying to do. Duh. "Raise taxes until we are back to normal." WOW. Do you wear a shirt with an arrow pointing straight up that says "I'm with stupid." ???

The people of Idaho are strapped and you want to raise taxes? Businesses are closing their doors everyday due to decreased revenues and you want to raise taxes? What planet are you from? You do realize this isn't really California - no matter how many of them moved here...

Otter is doing the right thing. The sensible thing. I think it's only the 2nd time I've ever given him props.

You mentioned it FIRST...

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

Our Medicaid still sux less than yours, J

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

Before there is any cutting

Before there is any cutting of police, education, courts or other essential services:
1.lets see the legislature limit itself to a 60 day session with no pay or per diem for exceeding that limit.

2.Either sell the Governor's mansion or eliminate Otters housing allowance.

3. Reduce spending for all state agencies by 2-3% by either cutting positions or reducing salaries/wages.

4. Return the tax on the highest bracket to the level before the last tax cut.

Whee! Recycling rules!

Limiting the ability to legislate artificially is a bankrupt idea and when the state budgets BILLIONS you have to show a blindness that is ludicrous.

Selling the Simplot House is fine but doesn't cover the toilet paper budget for the state's colleges and universities. Think harder.

HAVEN'T we done this already? Who's next, Idaho State Patrol?

Number four shows that you have the same messed up overview that started the 1% Movement that led us here. There is no yesterday and without a sound Federal funding situation this is more or less a unilateral pipe dream.

Maybe they should charge you even more for ketchup at the drive thru. Unless you are Jack.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

He could get a 'butch' like Beiter if he loses this bet...

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

General platitudes

The public (us) seem to maintain the same level if ignorance or ineptness as always. You're told what to believe (either party) and you buy it hook line and sinker. You then parrot it like it's your original thought and when one disagrees you disparage (repuppetlicans) or discredit (demagogue-crats). We the people of Idaho and as well as the United States deserve exactly what we get. When you abdicate responsiblility to your faith then you are no more than sheep for the wolves. It's too bad our hubris defines us.

Just curious

I don't understand something. I have to wait to spend my money and it is what I earned last week I can spend this week, but the state is spending money they have not even got yet. It is imposible now but we should be spending the money that was colited last year. Then you would have X amount to spend you have it it is there and dole it out acording to prioites. The other thing is the state is the ONLY business out there that dose not care about man hrs of production. I know this for a fact, I lot will have a welder fab up a flang or something and take a week to build a 40.00$ part but you just spent 300.00$on wadges to do it. There explanation is we have to spend the money on wadges anyway.
Just some thoughts.

It's MLK Day, I hope he slept in.

No sense causing trouble if your PR folls ain't there.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat