S Jeron Johnson to return for senior season

Brian Murphy

Jeron Johnson to return for senior season

Junior safety Jeron Johnson announced on Twitter that he would return for his senior season.

@showoff23: Not sure where the rumor was started with me leaving school but its not true.. I will be a bronco 1 more season!!

Boise State coach Chris Petersen said Tuesday morning that a couple of players had looked into their NFL Draft value, though he did not name them.

"We expect everybody to stay," Petersen said.

From the fans matter department

Boise State had a definite crowd advantage at the Fiesta Bowl. I estimated it was 55-45 in favor of blue and orange, but it could have been closer to 60-40. Boise State fans were also, undoubtedly, louder — and their noise made an impact on the game, according to TCU quarterback Andy Dalton.

"They had a lot of fans and they were really loud. We had to go on a silent snap count, which we hadn't practiced the whole time because we didn't think we'd have to use it," Dalton told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The noise contributed to two TCU false start penalties in the first half.

So give yourselves a pat on the back, Bronco Nation.

• Fort Worth Star-Telegram sports columnist Gil Lebreton hasn't been real high on Boise State all year. He watched them struggle against Louisiana Tech and has downplayed the Broncos since, which is fine.

But I have to disagree with a lot this column, in which Leberton seems to blame the loss on the five-week break between the end of the regular season and the bowl game. It was too much preparation time, he claims, allowing Boise State to come up with a new defense.

"But what sort of fair-minded college football partner schedules a team to play a game five weeks after his previous one?" Leberton writes.

Come on.

Gary Patterson, who has now won eight coach of the year awards this year, and his staff got out-coached by Chris Petersen and his staff. There is no shame in that. Petersen and Co. have done it to a lot of coaches.

I said the other night in Arizona, before the Fiesta Bowl, that Petersen is the best coach in the country. Not recruiter or program builder or any of the other stuff that goes into being a college head coach, though he is not bad at any of those things. But coach in the sense that if you had two identical teams, the team coached by Petersen would win most often.

Petersen did nothing to disprove that in the Fiesta Bowl. The Broncos' coaching staff, especially defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox and the defensive unit, out-coached TCU in the Fiesta Bowl.

Anti-BCS ad

From the AP:

WASHINGTON — A new political action committee plans to run ads this week touting a college football playoff system in the markets of two undefeated teams who were bypassed for the national championship.

Playoff PAC says it will run the 30-second ads in Dallas-Fort Worth and Boise, Idaho, into the homes of fans of TCU (12-0) and Boise State (13-0), who face off Monday night in the Fiesta Bowl. The ads also will run in Salt Lake City, where fans are still angry that undefeated Utah didn’t get to play in last season’s title game despite going undefeated.

The PAC plans to run the ads ahead of Thursday’s national championship game between Texas and Alabama.

• I wondered aloud in the Fiesta Bowl press box why Playoff PAC would run the ad in Boise, Dallas-Forth Worth and Salt Lake City, where anti-BCS sentiment is high as opposed to cities where the ad could change people's minds. Yahoo! Sports Dan Wetzel gave me the obvious answer, Playoff PAC is trying to raise money for its fight against the BCS.


There have been thousands of stories written in the last few days about the Fiesta Bowl and Boise State's victory — and what it means for college football and the Broncos going forward. Just wanted to touch on a few links here.

• Pete Thamel of The New York Times: Boldly, Boise State Moves the Question

• Chris Dufrense of the L.A. Times: Boise State wins with trickery in Fiesta Bowl that's no treat

• Matt James of the Fresno Bee: In the Shadow of Mt. Boise

A Boise State TV show?

The Statesman's Patrick Orr tipped me off to this. Spike TV will premiere its "Blue Mountain State" on Jan. 12. Seems a little like fictional Blue Mountain State — its color scheme and location, at least — is based on a certain nearby team.

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Order your copy of Deja Blue — Boise State's perfect run to the Fiesta Bowl now. The full-color book chronicles the Broncos’ undefeated regular season. Quantities are limited. It is the perfect gift for the Boise State fan on your shopping list.

Brian Murphy is co-author of "Blue Magic: Boise State's Unlikely Journey to a Fiesta Bowl Win." You can click here to purchase the book.

Wow, what a game.

My voice finnally came back today.

...this ad....

...kind of gives it to the BCS right in the old butt crack. Just what they needed- GOOD JOB.

murph, i posted the times link

earlier today.

Lot's of practice in Idaho

Yudl - Ay - WEEE - HOoooo", the "EEE" is sung in the head voice while all other syllables are in the chest voice.

The best places for Alpine-style yodeling are those with an echo. They include lakes, rocky gorges, anywhere with a distant rock face, the outdoor areas between office buildings, next to a rocky shoreline, or down a long hallway, and best of all, a mountain range.

Very Loud

It was a loud as some concerts I've been to. There were times that I thought I was going to pass out because I was yelling so loud and long.

it was loud

at one point i took my megaphone and held it to my ear, couldn't believe the roar. gave showed my son, he was equally impressed.

Can't hear you - What'd you say?

It seemed very loud on TV, too. I could tell the noise was getting to Dalton and the TCU O-Line, and so did the Bronco Fans actually there, the more Dalton seemed frustrated, the louder the Bronco Fans got. This really was a 12th Man coup, and is a sterling example of the importance for Bronco Nation to really get loud.

Am very surprised TCU didn't practice for a loud noise scenario, as they knew this was inside a stadium? Baffled why Dalton would say that, unless another 'excuse'.

Was cool to see on TV halfway thru 2nd quarter. The camera scanned the audience and a TCU lady, dressed in her TCU regalia was standing up and cheering and using both hands to hold up a large sign. While she was standing, her daughter, maybe 8-10 years old reached over and picked up her Mon's beer bottle (looked like a brown plastic Bud bottle) and took a couple of swigs from it, and then put it back, before her Mother could see it. Would love to see a YouTube clip of it, again.

They teach em young down in Texas.....

......there is a reason they have drive thru liquor stores in the Lonestar state!

I went to a game in Austin once.......once mind you ......and at least 75% of the fans in the stadium were 'well oiled'-- you know, overserved? Blitzed? -- I think soon they well make everyone entering the stadium take a breathlyzer test and if you don't pull a 1.0 or more you're not allowed in! Really! I went out at half-time to use the 'facilities' and there was a guy laying just outside the tunnel who had a compound fracture of his lower leg (really!) and as people were slowly filing past him some Texan yells "oh for God's sake! Suck it up buddy!" --- 100% true story. That's Texas football.

Can only imagine

if everyone had a megaphone.

totally makes a difference

everyone should make it a point to bring one. more fun before and after the game as well.

"BSU wins with trickery"....or maybe great defense?

Does Mr. Dufrense really believe that game was won with one non-scoring play? How about the amazing defensive effort? TCU knew they had to be ready for those plays and even called time out in an effort to stop them. Say what they want, Boise State beat a great TCU team in a defensive battle. The TCU fans I met weren't as whiny, or full of excuses, as Mr. Leberton. They congratulated us on a good game and commented how nice the Boise State fans were. Both teams played their hearts out in a tough game. Nothing to be ashamed of or complain about.

"The game was pure slop from start to finish!" ........

........easy now. I didn't say that. I was on a number of blogs I read yesterday. Pure slop is what they were saying. Couldn't believe what I was reading. There were piles of remarks - mostly by Longhorn and Bama fans - that just scolded BSU and TCU for a 'totally inept performance' -- I finally started fire off responses and 'holy jumpin jerks' they came after me. Big time after me. Like "BSU couldn't even give us a decent practice!" -- I liked that one. And "you say it was a defensive game..bull! How can you play good defense against two totally inept, sloppy offenses!?" --- it goes on and on.

Congrats to the guys. Let them bask in their glory. They deserve it. One word of advice, if I might: Stop with the national title BS. They just finished this season so let them enjoy it and then let THEM set their goals. By bringing up this national title BS right now, IMO what you are saying is "nice job this year guys, now I want you to win the national title" --- or in other words, "what have you done for me lately" --- not fair. Not good. Why put the screws to them? IF they were to lose a game early next year you have then prepared the program for a major fall. Not right.

I am

uploading the kick-off from my seat as I type (little slow as I'm in Arizona on my card).

The local radio guys had fun with Efaw. They played his response over and over and over again yesterday. It was actually pretty cool, they gave BSU and it's players props for "really" not caring about the "polls" or the "BCS". It's kids like Efaw, Moore, and Wilson that make it easy to root for them.

60 / 40 advantage?

Does anyone else think it was more like 70 /30. Maybe where I was sitting made it appear that way. To me, it was more than 60/40. Anyone agree? Disagree?

Once the TCU

crowd cleared, it was between 60-70. No matter what the ratio, if you were there, you could tell that the Nation made an impact on both the BSU and TCU players.

It was a 'moving percentage' of TCU fans.........

........at first I think it was about 60/40 BSU. But because so many of the TCU fans came into the stadium totally in the bag, they began to pass out as the game went along. By halftime it was probably 70/30. By mid-third quarter it was 80/20. You get the picture.

announced attendance was 72K

72 X .65=46K. i'd be shocked if we were any less than that. we rocked that joint.

From my seat 60/40 seemed fair...

I think a lot of the dark purple just blended in and wasn't as noticeable as our loud orange.

Wish I had

a nickle for every time I've head or read, "we had a bad night", "we didn't play our best", "we weren't mentally prepared", hell, I could afford a parking pass next year.

You see "truth", that's why Gene is having such a tough time scheduling BCS team. He's trying to get a team that will have "a bad night, not play well, take a mental dump"!!, that just how we roll.

I'll give Blaymaier a few days to enjoy it all before I start ..

...it's only fair. I'll give the poor guy a little break for a few days.

I don't doubt that he has been turned down by some of the 'elite' programs. I just want to know what guarantee he's trying to get. They won't say I guess - or Cripe/Murph/Prater won't asked him, which is probably the case. Prater is a pretty straight up guy so I would think he would at least try to get the 'facts' -- all of them -- but I've been disappointed that more is not being reported.

See-- don't get me going on Blaymaier. BTW, he owes the athletic department $130 grand. How many of those goofy stock certificate's will he have to sell to come up with that kind of money?

Okay enough........let the poor guy enjoy it all for this week. I'll fire up the 'Blaymaier machine' next week.

Good rumor floating about ... I might have to back off Bleymaier

Rumor has it that Gene is doing his job and might -- key word is might -- have a big fish on the hook for a game in 2010 or 2011. I guess we might hear something end of the week or early next week.

Let's hope so!


Rumors were flying around the rally in Tempe that he was going to announce something there. I have some friends in Huskerland that say the Nebraska deal is done. What I hear through the grapevine is that 2012 is an issue, a couple of teams what a 2012 date in return. We already have Oregon State, Utah, and BYU in 2012. I have yet to find anyone who has scheduled 4 top-25 noncon opponents.

I believe Gene's biggest challenge in the coming years is the WAC. If the WAC does not step-up in 2010 and have some teams go 3-1 or 4-0 in noncon, I believe BSU must do whatever it takes to find a new home.

What a game!


I honestly don't see any other WAC teams, other than BSU, stepping up in 2010, and going 3-1 or 4-0 in noncon.

If anything, the non-BSU bright spot, in the WAC will be Idaho - going for maybe 9-4 and a trip to Honolulu. I don't see Nevada as anything special in 2010 and Fresno seems sort of uncharacteristically 'shattered' after their bowl loss (Pat Hill hasn't said even 'peep' since they lost).

Recruiting top talent for WAC teams, other than BSU and Idaho (and even that's a stretch), took a devastating blow, per lousy showings of Nevada and Freso in bowl games this past serveral weeks.

I mean, some great HS talent, might be thinking about maybe going to a JUCO and being a standout for 2 years and then going to a BSU or Idaho in time, rather than going to San Jose State or Utah State or et. al., right after HS. Just a thought.

This was a BAD YEAR for the WAC. I don't see 2010 getting any better.

The time for BSU to find a new home is NOW. It will take a couple of years to actually get to a new conference, once the wheels are in motion, anyways. So start making the plenary moves - NOW.

I am sure Gene is way ahead on this anyway and has some stuff going on behind the scenes. He knows the WAC isn't going to get any better in 2010, probably a lot better than we do.

Hummm.....I'll check Nebraska but doubt it.

Could it be Nebraska? Don't think so but anything is possible the way the schools juggle their schedules now. I'll check on it. But I think Nebraska is full up for 2010 and 2011. I hear the 'rumor game' is in 2010 (which doesn't make sense with what BSU alreay has scheduled) or 2011, where there is the open date. My bet is 2011. But again....at this point anything can happen. I did some checking around on what is available re; schedules and I would think it's a Notre Dame (although evidently they have a number of deals on the table right now including TCU), Michigan, Michigan State or Oklahoma State. There are a number of teams with open dates yet but supposedly Dr. Kustra has said "it's a good one" --- so most of those (like Washington State) wouldn't be exactly a good one. Now........let's remember that Dr. Kustra is an academic so his idea of a 'good one' and mine or yours could be very different.

Surprised our friends at the Statesman haven't mention this possibility at all. They write a story about all the schools who won't play BSU without naming any names so why not a story about a possible deal cooking (without naming names)?

That's okay. I can do my own research. It's more reliable anyway.

Your friends just might be right about Nebraska tfunk....

....just talked to a fair good source of mine in Lincoln. Tom Osborne had been talking with BSU evidently about a deal a while ago but the deal was not done. But according to my source (who might actually know something) the negotiations were never closed down. He said he wouldn't be surprised if Nebraska did a deal with BSU and even thought it could be a two for one (one BSU home date) ... that one would surprise me a little. But it's possible. If that's the case I'll have to back off poor Gene just a bit. Not a lot, but a bit.

Nebraska would be a great 'get' for BSU. But let's see what shakes out the of tree in the next day or two. I don't have solid sources everywhere but I do have a few here and there and can generally shake something down unless it's SEC or ACC.

Just checked Nebraska's 2010 schedule and they have Idaho, South Dakota St. and Western Kentucy at home for non con games. Now two of the three are a couple of reeeeeal weak sisters of the poor. If Nebraska wants to make 2010 legit, they may be seeing a need to take on a BSU and dump one of the cream puffs.

NOTE: I didn't say thing about Idaho! Although if pressed I would tell you that I doubt the Vandals will have another great year next year. Just my opinion. Don't light your hair on fire Vandals!

So let's see what comes of my bit of research on this. Thanks for the tip tfunk. I had checked Nebraska and thought they were booked solid (which their schedule information would indicate) but again, juggling of schedules is common these days so who knows..

Our Goal

Next year, for what its worth, the Fiesta Bowl is hosting the BCS title game. Like a home to us.

BCS flawed???????????????????????????????????????????????


OK, this should give you

some idea of the noise (it was loader when TCU has the ball).

You can see orange around 3/4's of the stadium.

The look on the TCU couple behind me is classic :)




Those are some great seats! The TCU couple behind you looked liked they were going to a rodeo.

Can't think of anything better than to play for the title in AZ!

The people in Scotsdale were so friendly, welcoming and appreciative of Boise State and their fans. I was shocked to see the number of businesses had their Boise State flags flying the days leading up to the game. While I may dream of a title game, my efforts will be focused on supporting the team and making the trip to cheer them on against Virginia Tech. One game at a time...

Going to walk

the dog while the interception uploads.......

I estimated 60 40 also. We

I estimated 60 40 also. We were way louder. We also were evrerywhere around town. Mill street was devoid of purple. They had know idea what to expect from Bronco Nation and it slapped them hard in the face. Love it. Haters can go suk it..

That LeBreton...

Is a serious weenie and/or apologist. I was going to leave a comment on their message board, but who has that kind of time? This comment, especially, is laughable: "It was what happened when the Broncos didn’t do as planned that appeared to most disarm the Frogs. "

DUH!! That's why they play the game. If you need the opposing team to announce the play they are about to run, you don't belong in a BCS bowlgame.

New York Times

The New York Times Story is the best story ever written about Boise State Football on the National stage.....


NY Times story said it best........

......it was a fair and balanced story. I read it this morning and thought the same thing. BSU is for real. Perception is the issue. Let's all face it, BSU is not going to win over those who think the traditional and historic, elite programs are college football. Never. Remember also that BSU to those in the deep south or east coast is that 'cute little team on the blue field'... and that perception is not going to change until BSU beats up on one of their favorite sons. Just a fact.

And ....... I love the lack of respect. I think it's one of the key elements that makes BSU what it is. That lack of respect is BSU's greatest motivational factor. So I say, Keep the disrespect comin!



Can you hear the dude ask if we are joining the PAC10?


TCU fans wasted no time bailing at that point.


Why is it that drunkeness and football go together? Troglodyte Nation?

nice job tfunk

wish we could have quaffed a couple.

BSU is holding its own concerning BCS Bowl performance

I found this up-to-date listing, on a scout.com thread, regarding BCS Bowl game performances, a little while ago (I didn't prepare it so I can't vouch for its accuracy - looks kina okay - VA Tech might be off 1 win though). Thought it interesting, and maybe you guys would too:

Here are the records:

1. LSU 4-0
2. Texas 3-0 (pending BCS "title" game)
3. USC 6-1
4. Florida 5-1
5. Boise State 2-0
5. Utah 2-0
5. West Virginia 2-0
5. Wisconsin 2-0
9. Miami of Florida 3-1
10. Georgia 2-1
11. Ohio State 5-3
12. Auburn 1-0
12. Kansas 1-0
12. Louisville 1-0
12. Oregon State 1-0
12. Washington 1-0
17. Iowa 1-1
18. Oklahoma 2-5
19. Michigan 1-3
20. Nebraska 1-1
20. Oregon 1-1
20. Penn State 1-1
20. Tennessee 1-1
24. Florida State 1-5
25. Colorado 0-1
25. Georgia Tech 0-1
25. Hawai'i 0-1
25. Kansas State 0-1
25. Maryland 0-1
25. Pittsburgh 0-1
25. Purdue 0-1
25. Syracuse 0-1
25. TCU 0-1
25. Texas A & M 0-1
25. UCLA 0-1
25. Wake Forest 0-1
25. Washington State 0-1
38. Alabama 0-2 (pending BCS "title game")
38. Cincinnati 0-2
38. Illinois 0-2
41. Notre Dame 0-3
41. Virginia Tech 0-3

tfunk - you probably got one - but thought I'd share anyhow

Just got this link off Fresno State's football web page:


Its kinda fun to play with. Just pick whatever school, from the drop down list, you want to see the most up-to-date recruit commitments for, and you can view them.

If you want to crap your pants, just compare BSUs to TCU's.

Just might be playing TCU AGAIN for the BCS NC, at the Fiesta Bowl AGAIN.

BSU Was Lucky Again.........

Took a trick play to win. Didn't really play anyone. WAC's a snap. You'd be middle road in SEC or Big12. Mid Major Chumps. TCU was way overrated.

Man I could use some help defending our team on CBS Sports blogs. Pony up..create a log on, post and help out !!


Dude - go to the dentist - your teeth are rotten and stinky

so the 'man' part of your screen name was in honor of a tooth and not a brain?


Figures a Vandal would miss the entire point of the post

Wisdomman is Wise

Okay - got it now. Reread it and see what you are doing.

Yep - I missed it sure enough.

Sorry about that. Went over my head. Thought you were 'one of them'.

I sit corrected and humiliated for all to see. Kind of like TCU's Jerry Hughes during the Fiesta Bowl.


on your season and bowl. Big Plus for all of Idaho !

Johnson is

One of my favorite players. When he first got to BSU he was the most physical with the least temperence. Now he is physical and smart. It is a great example of great talent being coached to a great player.


Saying they run the table next year, and there is a big possibility they can, and get an invite to the NC. What Would You Do? Leave or be on a team that could for the very first time be a Non AQ team in the NC and possibly win the game. I think Jeron made the right choice. NFL will always be there just don't get hurt.


Stay put.