Boise State, Virginia Tech might meet on Labor Day after all; will any Broncos leave early for NFL?; Fiesta gets 8.2 rating

By Chadd Cripe
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GLENDALE, Ariz. — Boise State and Virginia Tech again are considering moving their 2010 game to Labor Day (Sept. 6), Boise State athletic director Gene Bleymaier and WAC commissioner Karl Benson said.

The game is currently scheduled for Oct. 2 at FedExField in Landover, Md.

The game would air in prime time on ESPN.

“There’s a possibility,” Bleymaier said. “We haven’t heard. It hasn’t been changed yet. ESPN is looking into it.”

Virginia Tech said last fall the game would move but Boise State insisted it would not.

The Broncos still have concerns — mostly about their following game. The Broncos won’t play on Labor Day unless they can move the game against Toledo that is scheduled for the following Saturday, Bleymaier said.

“They wanted us to play Monday night and then come home and play Saturday and we’re not going to do that,” Bleymaier said. “We would have to move our Toledo game. ESPN is going to have to help us move it because Toledo is not just going to move it for us. … If they can make all the changes, we’re fine with it on Monday night of Labor Day weekend.”

Bleymaier expects a decision in the next 30 days.

Virginia Tech is expected to finish this season in the Top 10. Boise State will finish in the Top 5.


A couple of Boise State players have looked into entering the NFL Draft early, coach Chris Petersen said Tuesday. He wouldn’t name them.

“We had a couple guys that took a peek at it,” Petersen said. “… We expect everybody to stay.”

The most likely candidates to leave early would be junior wide receivers Titus Young and Austin Pettis and junior defensive end Ryan Winterswyk. Pettis and Winterswyk have told the Idaho Statesman this season that they will return.


Boise State’s coaches gave credit to safety Jason Robinson for suggesting a formation tweak for the fake punt the Broncos used in the fourth quarter against TCU.

Players also helped develop the Statue Left play the Broncos used to beat Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.

“We have a lot of smart players on the team,” Robinson said. “Any time we see something on the field, they are more than willing to listen. They can’t see exactly what’s going on out there — only we can, really.”

I’ll have a detailed breakdown of the fake punt in Wednesday’s Idaho Statesman.


I’ll also address the Broncos 2010 national title hopes in Tuesday’s paper.

Petersen likes the players to come up with the team’s goals. He seems receptive to putting the title at the top of the pyramid.

“If it’s a realistic and attainable goal, if we’ve got a realistic shot — we’ll see what they come up with,” Petersen said.

The Broncos’ top goal this year was to win a BCS game.


Boise State and TCU drew the second-highest TV rating of any Bowl Championship Series game featuring a team from a non-BCS conference, according to the final number released by Fox.

The 2010 Fiesta Bowl’s rating of 8.2 also was the eighth-lowest in the 50-game history of the BCS, but some had suggested that inviting a pair of non-BCS teams would send the Fiesta’s rating spiraling to an all-time low.

In fact, Boise State-TCU attracted a better audience than last year’s Sugar Bowl matchup of Utah and Alabama (7.8).

The Fiesta was the first battle of undefeated teams in a BCS game other than the National Championship Game and the first matchup of two non-BCS teams. Boise State won 17-10.

The Broncos also were part of the highest-rated BCS game involving a non-BCS team. Their 2007 Fiesta triumph over Oklahoma produced an 8.4 rating.

The lowest-rated BCS game was the 2009 Orange featuring Virginia Tech and Cincinnati. That game drew a 5.4 rating.

The Boise State-TCU matchup outperformed the past three Orange Bowls and the 2008 Fiesta Bowl (Oklahoma-West Virginia).

The Fiesta drew a 22.8 rating in the Dallas market, home of TCU. Boise numbers are not available,
according to Fox.

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Don't move the Game!!

I want to make the trip to Washington D.C. for the game but there will be way too many tourist on Labor Day. Washington D.C will be great in October.

I Totally Agree!

I had assumed the game wasn't going to be moved. My wife and I along with another couple were already in the planning stages for the October 2nd date which going to work out beautifully. I also think having a few games under their belt prior to Virginia Tech would be of great benefit to the Broncos. How bout the Oregon State game which now is scheduled for September 25th? Will that game be moved to a Thursday or a Friday night for an ESPN audience?

mixed feelings

We were planning on the trip too.
Good thing we hadn't started arranging the flight & room.
We are going to make it a family vacation and include DC tours, etc for our daughters.
Moving it might make it less school that the oldest has to miss.
But, I agree with the prior poster that DC might be less crowded in October.
Weather might be better too.

Good luck with the decision and we await the results so we can start planning our trip! ;o)

9.0 rating

According to Colin Cowherd it has a 9 rating.


into this a month ago and heard nothing. Not totally surprised as Im sure it was hush hush all along. A Va Tech official told me last month its already a done deal.


Congratulations dude !

Keep your eyes peeled. I designed an avatar for you. You'll know it when you see it... just click, hold and drag to your desk top. Later. Omikey

Va. Tech

I've been on it...Just couldn't do anything until someone was willing to say it on the record.


I kinda figured you had heard the rumor and couldnt comment because you always get back. Thanks for asking Gene and company last night.

Omikey, whats up man? Sorry about the Ducks. I had crappy Rose seats and thought they had the MO until the fumble.

Do us a favor

And Start telling the whole story. Ratings compared to everything in the time slot were higher on the Fiesta Bowl than anything else

"The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love" landed with decent ratings on Monday, but FOX's coverage of the Fiesta Bowl carried the night.

"The Bachelor" had its best opening since the spring 2007 edition of the show, but the audience didn't carry over to "Conveyor Belt of Love," which fell off pretty sharply from its lead-in.

FOX won the night with 12.85 million viewers and a 7.6 rating/12 share in primetime to score a good-sized victory over CBS (9.4 million, 5.9/9). ABC's 8.5 million viewers and 5.7/9 were good for third. NBC (4.9 million, 3.1/5) finished fourth, and a night of reruns on The CW was way off the pace with just over 1 million viewers and a 0.6/1.

FOX also led the 18-49 demographic with a 4.2 rating. ABC took second with a 3.1, topping CBS' 2.7. NBC averaged 2.0 and The CW 0.4.


who cares broncos won

Chad . . you should double-check the ratings #s

The ratings numbers can be very confusing . . the key is translating it into number of viewers. According to TVbythenumbers, 12.85 million viewers tuned into the Fiesta Bowl. That is compared to 14.35 million for the Sugar Bowl (Florida v. Cincinatti)--this shows as a 4.6 rating and a 12 share. Fiesta Bowl shows a rating of 4.2 for the same demo and an 11 share. These numbers are very preliminary and subject to much change, but certainly far better than what you show

And the Sugar Bowl was NICE but it didn't really interest me...

Like a midair collision with a tugboat


Why do you spit out partial ratings, without any appearent understanding, with the intent to hurt BSU image? "would make this....sixth lowest rated of all time." Your head is the most half empty of all time. A rating number means nothing as a stand alone number.

TV rating

Just throwing out the numbers that I could find. I didn't expect that there would be so many conflicting numbers. I'm expecting to have the legit final number shortly.

Stop trying to mount ccripe.....

....he maybe the only one at the statesman worth his wage.


Don't move the game. All in favor?

fiesta bowl

the simple fact is that neither BSU nor TCU is sexy enough for American's to be drawn to watch like they will for Texas, USC and others. it may be a painful reality but it is indeed reality. It will take years of top notch ball against perennial powerhouses with prestige to get to that level for either program. AFter last nights game it's clear that both have a very long road to get to full respectability and acceptance. Ugly football by two very ugly teams. Unfortunate but true.


Not "sexy" enough!?!

Can you not read?
The Fiesta Bowl beat out "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love"


Oh, I must of missed the whole game of the decade thing. It must have been the "Ugly" game of the decade.


dj makes no sense

what a punk

Lack of respect for BSU is actually a good thing .....

........what motivates a team more than anything? Lack of respect. Right? So I say 'bring it on'! Keep up the trash talking that BSU doesn't belong, they are in a 'minor league', they don't play anybody, the play on a damn blue field --- and all the other favorite lines used by the 'experts' .....Frankly, IMO it's the greatest factor in the motivation of this team. So when I see or hear a lack of respect for BSU I simply say "THANK YOU!" -- knowing full well that lack of respect is just pouring more fuel on the fire for the BSU program. It's a good thing.....really. Just think about it.

Kyle Wilson said after the Fiesta Bowl "Just keep it coming. You want to disrespect us, just keep on comin" .... I know exactly what he was talking about.

So you

actually like Gene!

Couldn't pass that up.

I'm worried about you again tfunk!

......where did you get the idea that Gene was suddenly out of my dog house? I'll let him stick his head out for a couple of days but I've still got him on a short chain.

Who said I didn't like Gene?

I've met the man and thinks he's a great guy. That's my personal view. My view of him as and AD is not the same. Now......if he gets a game or two scheduled with a solid BCS conference school then he's out of my professional doghouse.

I'm still concerned over his move to ask for more tickets than BSU could sell. $130,000 loss is a major mistake.

As they say, "it's just business ... nothing personal"


More like $137,500. I ran the numbers, per another post, different thread, this blog.

I'll have to take an additional $7500 out of Bleymaier's hide?

Well.........if Bleymaier doesn't come up with a 'good' BCS addition to the schedule by next week, the gloves come off again. I'm just giving Bleymaier a little respite for the week.

Hey truth

would it make any difference in your thinking if you knew that last year (2008/2009) GB said no to the additional tix?

We all know what happened (or didn't happen) last year.

Just curious.............

To bad more people can't understand

what your talking about, really well said. Keep the garbage flowin boys, your doing this team a world of good ! Thank you all very much ;)

Some just want more and more.......

.....that's the problem. What needs to be clearly understood is that what this team has accomplished over the past 4 years in pretty damn amazing. Compare it to many 'elite' programs and their accomplishments. Most can't hold a candle to BSU. So why do the BSU die hards want more and more? Human nature I guess. Ill advised human nature at that.

How many teams have won the Fiesta Bowl twice in the past four years?

Why the need to ask for more now? Frankly, it's a bit greedy and disrespectful.

Truth - You are so very Naive - Oh, my Little One


Here is some truth for you.

Vandal fans are just happy to win some games and if they get to a post season game and win, then its like, Wow, for a few days. But, then it's back to reality, back to classes, back to jobs, back to life - until the next season when the entertainment for a Saturday afternoon begins once again, without any expectations. Its just fun and something to feel good about when not engaged in real world activities - an opportunity for a pregame or a post game function. Vandal don't really put much more into it than buying some Vandal Gear and maybe sending $50 bucks to the university football program every so often. That's about it. Not a heart and soul thing.

Bronco fans on the other hand - have high expectations. They really support their Broncos. Their expectations are to one day reach the national pinnacle and have a National Championship - the sooner - the better. Bronco fans lay out Real Big Bucks and EXPECT to win every game and have UNDEFEATED SEASONS. That is what they are paying for and what they EXPECT.

Bronco Nation feeds off the Broncos and the Broncos feed off of Bronco Nation. Bronco Nation has become truley, the Twelfth Man on the Blue.

That is why the BSU Broncos can NEVER lose another game - EVER. If they lose just one game - the dreams for an undefeated season evaporate into thin air. The members of Bronco Nation would make a run at the local emergency rooms for cardiac care. Think of the pressure that is on Coach Pete and the Broncos - it is HUGE !!

You naively ask "So why do the BSU die hards want more and more?"

The answer is very simple. The majority of the citizens of Bronco Nation have poured their very lives, hearts, and souls into supporting the BSU football team. It is the very foundation of the being of many, if not most of them.

The Broncos WILL WIN the BCS NC oneday, through the sheer 'will' of the players and Bronco Nation.

It's gonna happen, just wait and see.

That is why Bronco Nation and the BSU Broncos are so very different from other college football teams and nations - they NEVER stop the pursuit of perfection. They are ALWAYS competing for the Golden Ring - are never satisfied - and NEVER will be until the NC trophy rests securely upon BSU soil.

....and the trash keeps on a comin....

......VNDL. I made an honest observaton.


And I just answered the question you asked: " . . . So why do the BSU die hards want more and more? . . . "

That's because...

BSU to most people IS their football team. If their football team is not successful and not in the national spotlight, they would not be thought of or feel they were of any importance. It's kind of like the "balloon boys'" parents. They have such a strong need to be noticed. The football team's success has given a name to BSU, a purpose, a status, and many people attached to the BSU football team use that identity to elevate themselves and feel better about their lives. It would be devestating to them and the area if BSU's football team ceased to be successful and did not get shown on ESPN during the year and did not show up in the Top 25 rankings.

Moving the game would be the best thing that could happen to BSU. The earlier in the season they play Virginia Tech. the better. As noted, BSU never stops seeking their pursuit of perfection (which is actually an admirable trait) and therefore when the season starts in week 1 and almost all other "big" teams are playing warm up games and getting "in sync" BSU is already ready to play at full speed and will very likely be able to pull off a victory (i.e., Oregon). And then it's a nice cruise to another undefeated season with the rest of their schedule. I don't see any reason why BSU would object to moving the game to Labor Day.

People will always find a reason to complain

Moving it to Labor would be GREAT for BSU. They play their best football when they have time to prepare. (Oregon opening week and TCU after a month off) I think it's way better for us than traveling across the country the week after we have to play Oregon State. I really hope they get it done!

Moving the game

You are spot on. BSU should want this as its first game of the year. BSU is already preparing for Virginia Tech. That preparation started Jan. 5. They have no one else to worry about. Meanwhile, Virginia Tech is in a good conference with 7 of the 12 teams making bowls. They're worried about bigger things than Boise State, wuch as Miami, Florida State, Georgia Tech, etc.

Plus, even if Boise loses a Labor Day game, they can still climb back up in the rankings by running the table after that. A loss in October means a big drop for a mid-major like Boise State and a very difficult road to get back to a high place in the rankings.

People should want the game to be moved to as early in the season as possible. People should think about the team, not their travel plans.

After the drama Ian Johnson went through, why leave early?

Ian graduated and it can be tough and lack guarantees for ANYONE. Get a degree and a start on life with, without and AFTER the NFL.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat



Titus Young

I hope Titus comes back. I would hate to see another Jeremy Childs. He can get more experience playing another year with the Broncos.

KTVB Reporting

Anyone else find it amusing that with all the resources KTVB sent down to cover the Fiesta Bowl, they end up with this final report chock full of final score...reported as 20 to 10. The fake punt...reported as a fake field goal...the TCU QB being knocked out of the game...instead of the 1 play he missed. I'm sure there's more, but it's too exhausting to count.

Hey! It's channel 7!

What did you expect. I thought most of their reporters were 'in the bag' during some of their reports. Booze is not good if you're trying to remember facts.

djbite me

Ugly game? You obviously have no eye for football. It was a fantastic defensive battle. Constant movement and changes...even the announcers thought it a nail biter. Just digging for a fight? Take it elsewhere. Let me guess, your a USC fan? But never actually graduated from there or anywhere else. Pound sand.

Washington DC or bust

I, too, was planning on traveling to DC for the October game. Everything worked out for me perfectly - hotel, airfare, work schedule, etc. But I won't be able to make a Labor Day game. Airline schedules, fares, hotel prices and availability Labor Day weekend take me out of the trip. Ugh!!!
Do I save my money for a trip to Phoenix and hope we don't end up in New Orleans or Miami instead?
I need a lottery win!


Doesn't it feel better to put a positive spin on the rating numbers? Funny about a 22 rating in Dallas! Probably equal in Boise. Here in Portland, the game didn't make but a small mention in Oregonian....hmmmm.

Don't move the game

All the BCS people complain that we play our big games too early when teams aren't ready. Playing (and beating) a VT team alreay rolling will be that much better.

Sept 6 = High Humidify

Good lord, don't play back east in Summer time, our boys would fall due to the humidify levels back there. Remember the 05 Georiga game, the humidify did us in. the teams back east are used to that type of weather, we're not. Keep the game for Oct 2 were it would be a lower humidify level.
oh and by the way.......... BSU, 3rd and long near the red zone. Quit playing to the LEFT side of the field, we all know what happens on 4th down at that point ( missed field goals)

Say no to the BCS

The only way to get the BCS to change to a true playoff system is to hit them where it hurts. Therefore I will not watch the so called "National Championship Game." When the ratings for the game take a dive because we will not buy what the BCS is selling they will have to change. Lets start a movement.

Boycott the BCS, Boycott the BCS, Boycott the BCS!!!!

Do you really want a playoff or is it just lip service?

Who's with me? don't watch that game and then call yourself a true college football fan.

Boycott, Boycott, Boycott!!!!

Get Real !

Can I get a refund from my cable provider, for the 4 hours or so I wouldn't be watching the game?


If they show that game at some later point in time, as a rerun, do I gotta leave the room, change the channel, or watch a DVD movie?

This boycotting stuff has so many darn rules to it. No wonder, boycotts never work.

Unless you've got a Neilsen Ratings box it won't matter at all!

unless you have been selected by Neilsen to be a part of a sample audience, your not watching the game won't matter a lick.


you still here?

Couldn't wait until Tuesday,

Couldn't wait until Tuesday, so here is the the "tfunk" 2010 NC breakdown:
Return: 8 = Offense (QB and RB back, but 2 on OL gone)
5 = Defense (rebuild entire DL)

Depth - C+

Key NC game = Penn State.

tfunk take: This team is loaded (which includes the second best coach in the country). With Florida and Auburn at home, its difficult to see this team NOT going undefeated. LSU on the road is only speed bump.

Return: 11 = Offense (this will be a top 3 offense)
10 = Defense (rebuild DL)

Depth - B

Key NC game = @ Tennessee

tfunk take: This team may have the most talent in the country. Only down side in 2010 is CAL, USC, OSU on the road.
Return: 8 = Offense (depleted skill positions)
8 = Defense (rebuild LB)

Depth - B

Key NC game = NONE (3 gimme's)

tfunk take: This team pulls a USC and losses 3 games.
Ohio State:
Return: 10 = Offense (Can they pass week in week out?)
7 = Defense

Depth - D+

Key NC game = Miami U.

tfunk take: This team will not even win the Big Ten. Pryor and Tressel together are like Reagan and Clinton together.
Return: 9 = Offense (in good shape)
7 = Defense (4 best players gone)

Depth - C+

Key NC game = NONE (still working on it)

tfunk take: Lots to prove, but they will not start high enough with a weak schedule :)
Return: 6 = Offense (need an offense)
8 = Defense (not great but good D)

Depth - C+

Key NC game = UCLA

tfunk take: This team will struggle to score points and may lose 2 games in a weak division.
Oregon State U.:
Return: 8 = Offense (Is their QB enrolled?)
9 = Defense (not great but good D)

Depth - C+

Key NC game = BSU (CAL, USC, Oregon all @ home)

tfunk take: If they can beat BSU, the stars line up pretty good.

Drum roll.........................................

National Championship comes down to BSU, Alabama, and Oregon

AND, if those three teams are undefeated, it will be the beginning of the end for the BCS as we currently (don't) know it.

Can't tell you who wins.................


uh.... ok. Did you look at Iowa, who just won the orange, ole miss, Oklahoma, Penn, and lets not forget the unknown of what Kelly can do with ND. And shout out to never know, some vanal saint could part the Snake River.