Boise State, fans donate 600 Fiesta tickets to military

By Chadd Cripe

GLENDALE. Ariz. — Boise State has sold about 18,200 tickets to the Fiesta Bowl — a school record — including about 100 bought by fans for donation to the military. Boise State donated enough tickets to give the military a total of 600.

That leaves the school with 300 tickets to try to sell Monday. The school also has about 1,000 parking passes remaining. Combining the leftover tickets, the donated tickets and the leftover parking passes, Boise State stands to lose about $130,000 of its $3 million payout.

Luke Air Force Base, which is about 5 miles from University of Phoenix Stadium, received 500 tickets from Boise State and its fans. The Arizona Air National Guard received 100. Those numbers are according to Boise State and Luke Air Force Base.


I was part of a strong contingent of Boise media who attended the Packers-Cardinals game Sunday to catch up with former Broncos Korey Hall and Daryn Colledge of the Packers. They got some ribbing for their teammates for getting more attention than the team's stars.

Hall, a fullback, didn't play because of an elbow injury but expects to play when the teams meet again next week in the first round of the NFL playoffs. Colledge, the starting left guard, played the entire game.

They aren't going to be able to attend Monday night's game because of the team schedule. They plan to watch it on TV.

"I'm sad I'm going to miss it, but I was home last time they were playing in the Fiesta Bowl and they won," said Colledge, whose senior year was 2005. "So I'll be on my same couch this year hoping for a win."


The transformation of University of Phoenix Stadium for the Fiesta Bowl started immediately after the NFL game ended. The first chore — painting the end zones.

The Boise State end zone features the Bowl Championship Series logo on the left side and the standard "Boise State" logo in blue and outlined in white. The rest of the end zone will be orange.

The TCU end zone is purple with a white "TCU" logo.

The crew also is painting over the NFL hash marks.


Looks like I'm gonna have a bonfire Tuesday morning, after the Fiesta Bowl.

500 tix for Luke . . . . .

The 100 for the Arizona National Guard was a nice touch, too.

End Result: Good PR for BSU - the desired goal of this entire process.

Go Broncos !!


Pulled into Glendale 2 hours ago, 4 miles from the stadium now. 73° feels pretty good.



Call your contact at Luke to verify.


Roger. Affirmative.

TAG-AZNG, also.

First thing - break - 3 hotels after BMNT.

How Copy?




VNDL and Gang

That is good to hear!!

Great event today!

Go Bronc's!!!!!!

From a sign today

Here Froggy..



tfunk - Be safe

Did you get to link up with 81? He called me the other day wanting to know if I knew where you would be. I know he wanted to have a beer with you.

Can't make it there for the game, due, to some family medical paroblems, but am with you in spirit. Got the tickets, reservations and everything, but family comes first.

If you link up with 81, please say hi for me. Sure seems like a great dude, on the phone.

Maybe you two can drink a bunch of beer and toast Omilkey, Pache, me, the retired Air Force duck hunter dude, Jlandon, and others (if I left any others out, my apologies in advance - my memory is not what it used to be). Even Tater2 (though, I think he is some sort of high muckety muck in his church and probably doesn't drink - too busy doing absolution and keeping track of all his kids). Actually, I think he is really funny and like him alot, and is fun to play with him, but don't want him to know it).

Hope your dog is doing good. My dogs are saying prayers for him tonite.

Saw on the internet a while ago how TCU holds their hand with their fingers sticking up, as a symbol of support for their 'frogs'. Sort of looks like they are having some type of a seizure and/or a stroke. It kind of looks like the Texas 'hook 'em horns thing, but more like when you pick your nose and get a booger on it and are trying to flip it off, and it just don't want to come off. Maybe you have seen them doing it?

Take care and don't take no wooden nickels.

Go Broncos.


you are cool too VNDL.


Thanks VNDL

Dog survived, but somewhere a cat is missing one of its lives.

Did not meet with 81 today, although he very well could have been one of the 3-4 thousand B-fans I hung out with today.

You take care of the family. I for one will have a ballpark beer and give the TCU fans the International sign of friendship in lieu of you being there.

I don't mind saying........I am really looking forward to this game!!

Just passing it along

Two hostesses from the watering-hole across from the rally told me as I finished paying a hefty bill (must of been the 43 beers I ordered for VNDL) that they LOVED having Boise State in town. They said that Boise fans are by far the nicest most cool fans they get. One of the hostesses leaned into me and said "you know, Boise people ask if they can do something before they do it", "you know how rare that is in any bar around here?"

Sorry P2, but I think a couple of them were even UofI grad's. :)


I am so missing out. Crap! I so wanted to be down there getting stupid with the masses. Fuc@! Scream obscenities at the refs for me, and high five Moore if you have the chance.


I have a great Pic of Moore back stage. How can I get it to you. Actually, I have video of Pete and Game Captain's as well.


Vandal, Bronc81 and Omikey have my email. I think you have one of them? They could forward or i can give you my mail here at some point.

I'll leave this up for 5 minutes


I should have the video up on youtube shortly.

Freaking out

Will need some manly Vanal beer to sleep tonight. Fosters Ale okay VNDL?

Vanal and Potatoe

Are you two going to get a room. Just a thought Potato... he is an old Cav officer... he is PREPARED TO MOUNT!


Time Hack 0755Hrs04JAN10:

Just got off the phone with the AZNG PAO folks.

They received 100 tickets and 25 parking passes over the weekend.

I spoke with a Blue Suit sergeant who told me she had just finished passing out all tickets and parking passes to personnel in the Head Shed, only a few minutes prior to my call.

Called Luke AFB Marketing office, but they are not open until later. Will try again.


Have tried caling many numbers on Luke AFB, most of the morning. Found out, after lunch time, from the SDO at the base TOC that today is a Family Day. The base has stood down as part of the Fiesta Bowl festivities, following a long 4 day New Years holiday weekend. All nonessential personnel are basically off duty, and nonessential offices are closed. Many personnel returning from long deployments right before X-MAS, so spending time with families, a command priority.

Will call again first thing tomorrow morning - pointless to continue today.

Take the $130,000 out of Bleymaier's salary!

I still can't believe that Bleymaier made such a poor business decision. If he worked for a company he'd be canned.

Some questions to ponder about Bleymaier's brilliant decision:

Q - Would BSU not have been invited without Bleymaier's blunder?
A - Of course they would have.

Q - Did Bleymaier actually KNOW that BSU 'owned' every ticket he asked for?
A- If he didn't then show him the door.

Q - How long does it take the BSU alumi and Bronco boster programs to raise $130,000.
A - quite a while.

Q - Is $130,000 a significant amount to the BSU athletic department?
A - very significant

Q - Did Bleymaier ask himself "what am I going to do if we don't sell all these tickets?"
A - clearly he didn't.

Just amazingly poor judgement by Bleymaier. Is BSU going to have to put a $25,000 bonus in his contract for making 'no stupid business decisions' too?

BSU bosters who give money to the program should be outraged, let alone the University President. He just cost BSU $130,000! I don't care which way you try to spin and turn this one -- he cost BSU $130 grand!

Do we need to hire someone to walk around with Gene just to make sure he doesn't make boneheaded decisions?

Saw the header and knew it was you.

There's the truth we know and love. Your last couple of posts have been really good and on the mark (musta been a Brain Fart:)

As I understand it, as of yesterday, there were roughly 500 tix unsold (VNDL is verifying that they are headed to Luke) or about $67,000. Bad Gene!

TCU took the extra tix and their-home town paper wrote an article yesterday almost pleading with TCU fans to come to Glendale. Should the TCU AD be fired?

As a side note:

*Heard on ESPN radio that Florida returned 2,000 tickets.
Here's the first part of that article:

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — OK, so Arizona ain’t Pasadena, and the Fiesta Bowl college football game offers TCU Horned Frogs fans desert and cactus instead of beaches and movie stars.

It’s still Texas Christian University’s first New Year’s-week game in 51 years.

The Frogs fans here Saturday say: Send help.

"I think a lot of people got scared by the price, but you can always find a deal," said Scott Wheaton, 45, of Fort Worth, wearing a purple-and-white fright wig as he high-fived a passing Superfrog in the Fiesta parade Saturday.

Game tickets are still selling for $135. Motel rooms near the team’s luxury resort hotel go for $50. With a couple of tanks of gas, you could be in Glendale by game time Monday.

As far as I can tell, everybody in Idaho moved to Arizona in mid-December and has been here cheering for the Boise State Broncos for weeks now.


Just curious, how many Athletic Directors has UW had in the last 8 years without a bowl?

Unless you are blaming him

for unsold parking passes as well


Is back!!! whew I was worried somebody cool and bright stole his computer. Man I lived in seattle for three years! It sucks.

I come up with a potential loss of $137,500

BSU started with 19,000 Fiesta Bowl tickets, 8,000 tailgate tickets, and 4,500 parking pases to sell.

As I understand, the face value of each Fiesta Bowl ticket is $135. Each ticket has a $15 service charge and each order has a $15 shipping and handling charge. The public tickets will include a mandatory ticket to the tailgate party ($22.50) untill the first 8,000 are all sold out. Boise State is required to sell 8,000 tailgate tickets. The parking passes cost $32.50 each.

BSU sells the game tickets for $135 plus $15 service charge plus $15 S&H fee, or $165.00 gross each.

If 18,200 have been sold (19,000 total tickets minus 500 donated to Luke AFB and 300 still available per main article above, then equals 18,200 game tickets sold) then 18,200 game tickets times $165.00 gross per ticket, equals $3,003,000 gross total ticket sales.

Apparently BSU has sold all 8,000 of the tailgate party passes, and as I understand it, BSU gains nothing from sellilng these passes, and is just doing the Fiesta Bowl a favor by selling them (if I am wrong, please correct me as I am a little fuzzy about this part). So these figures are not entered into my final computations, per below totals.

BSU will have to eat, as a loss, 800 game tickets @ $135 each, or $108,000, plus a loss of 1,000 unsold parking passes @ $32.50 equals $32,500, or $140,500.

By my calculations, Boise State stands to lose about $137,500 of its $3 million payout. $3,003,000 gross sales of game tickets minus $140,500 loss of unsold game tickets and parking passes, equals $2,862,500, then taking $3,000,000 payout minus $2,862,500 equals $137,500 actual potential loss. The word from BSU that Chadd got was, ". . . Boise State stands to lose about $130,000 of its $3 million payout . . .".

Somehow, I get a have a $7,500 differential (higher) of potential loss, than that of BSU's 'almost' 130,000.

If, using a rounding up rule, then it would appear to be 'almost' a $140,000 potential loss.

Or, if, using a rounding down rule, then it would appear to be 'almost' a $135,000 potential loss.

Not sure I understand how BSU came up with 'almost' $130,000.

I guess, just depends on what 'almost', almost means.

Oh, what the heck, $7,500 is just chicken scratch in the Big Picture anyway.

If any of you guys are good at this type of accounting numbers stuff, and I am in error, please weigh in, and set me straight.


Maybe they don't count the service fee or S and H fee as part of a loss since they don't occurr if sale not made. Or they buy the tickets at different price? Your also talking about a half percent difference in your extended calculations. Not significant. 800 x $30 fees is $24000

maybe, kinds, sorta, just a thought.

Apache64 - question for you


I didn't include the service charge or the S&H fee as part of the calculations of the 800 unsold tickets. Just went with 800 tickets times $135 equals $108,000.

Am curious about one thing though. Does the WAC get a portion of the $3M payout? Have read several differing takes on this in the past 2 weeks, so not real clear about this. If the WAC gets a portion of the payout, would they get a portion of the Gross of the $3M or Net of the $3M minus the unsold ticket amount? If Net, then the BSU AD might not have made such a bad choice after all, as the loss would be sucked up proportinately after distribution down to WAC teams. Basically operating on OPM (other people's money).

You by chance know the answer to this?

Either way, a loss of $137,500 from the $3,000,000 max payout is only really a 4.583% loss of max payout, which is not bad. Got to admit, the BSU AD's decision might in the long run, be a fairly wise business decision.

All of this assumes ticket sales up to about noon of Game Day. It is still entirely possible that BSU might be able to sell/dump the remaining 300, on site. Assuming there would not be any S&H fees, and they sold them for $150 each. This would bring in another $45K, reducing the potential loss to $92,500 or 3.08% loss of max payout.

I think it may turn out to not be really that bad of a loss.


Left for the Game! woooo! I thought the conference gets a 18 million payout to split and Boise gets the 3 of the 18. Explains it on the BCS web page in the rules. And, oh yeah, half percent. I did that in my head while drunk and missed my decimal. Sorry. Collateral damage.


Put my calculator and other serious stuff down for the night - now it's time to celebrate !!!

Time to have a few Manly Vandal Beers and a couple Dominating Bronco Brewskis, and then do some serious partying.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Is all I can say right now.

I'm getting hoarse just from typing.



Time Hack 0723Hrs05JAN10:

Just got off the phone with Luke AFB, Marketing Office.

They received 500 tickets and Zero parking passes over the weekend. Notification of availability of the tickets was by E-mails to units. Unit reps picked up the tickets, per an equitable mathematical allocation formula based on unit population. Understand no civilians got them. Sounds very fair to me.

500 tix to Luke . . . .

It does

Lets hope a few lessons were learned.

I'm going back to bed.....