Pettis expected to play in Fiesta Bowl, Petersen says

By Chadd Cripe
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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Boise State wide receiver Austin Pettis is expected to play in the Fiesta Bowl, coach Chris Petersen said after Saturday’s practice.

Pettis still has been limited in practice as he recovers from a fractured ankle, Petersen said.

“He’s still working through it,” Petersen said. “But he’ll be a factor somehow, some way.”

One area where Pettis might be able to help is in the red zone. He has grabbed most of his 14 touchdown catches on short passes. His size might be more important than any loss of speed in that part of the field.


Petersen said slot receiver Tyler Shoemaker is “probably further along than Austin.” Shoemaker missed the final three regular-season games with a hernia.

“He’ll be a factor for us in there as well,” Petersen said.


Petersen wouldn’t provide any details on how the linebacker rotation will work with Daron Mackey out and Derrell Acrey returning.

The swingman is freshman J.C. Percy, who played middle linebacker in the regular-season finale but spent most of the year at weak-side linebacker. Percy is second on the team in tackles.

The Broncos usually play at least four linebackers. They have five available — Acrey, Percy, Hunter White, Aaron Tevis and Tommy Smith.

“They’re all going to kind of play,” Petersen said. “We’re going to move them around a little bit.”


Many of the former Broncos in the NFL wanted to attend Monday’s game, Petersen said, but it looks like most will be unable to make it. He expects former wide receiver Legedu Naanee, who plays for the San Diego Chargers, to be there. Naanee played on the 2007 Fiesta Bowl team.


GO BRONCOS!!!! My prediction is that they will win.

go broncos

this should be a good game!

Good News

This will be the best opponent for Boise since Oregon. The offensive line for Boise will be the key. If Moore has time, then they may have a chance. We will need Pettis as he is by far our best receiver.

Go Broncos!

Pettis and Shoemaker

Having these two guys available is huge for BSU, and might make the difference in the game. Bottom line is, you have to respect and cover both of them, giving the Broncos more options in the running game and stretching the field for Titus Young who will see more single coverage as a result. Single coverage of Young equals fast, cheap, and easy touchdowns for the Bronco offense.

My prediction

It will be close, but Boise State will come out on the short end. I'm sorry, but TCU is just too good. Think about it. Their defense is pretty much identical to last season, but they now have a potent offense.

I think the final score will be:

Boise State 28
TCU 41

BSU win

I agree with your statement about TCU. I really think we are up against the best team in the nation. However BSU is also a better team than last year. I can tell already I'm gonna have to worry about a heart attack during the game, but I think BSU will be able to pull it off.

Go BSU!!!!
and thanks for staying Coach Pete...
ps- I really hope all of our other great coaches will stay to.

ZOWIE, ZOWIE! Let's play

ZOWIE, ZOWIE! Let's play ball, boys!

Sanford & Son?

Sanford, your opinions belong in the scrap yard.

This will be the best team

This will be the best team BSU has faced! That said I believe that BSU has enough guns to pull this one out!
My score is:

BSU: 34
TCU: 27

Sounds like..

the same comments before Oregon, Nevada, Idaho. OOOHhh, this is gonna be a tough game....


I'm with you Apache. Looking at all of these bowl games, none have really turned out the way the so called experts had predicted. That bodes well for the Broncs IMHO. They're all slobbery in love with TCU. My prediction BSU 34 TCU 23

Have any of you really watched TCU this year?

I think not. This TCU team could beat anyone - anywhere this season, and this is their climax/"prove us wrong" game. I have complete respect for TCU: every team they've played who's played in a bowl game this year has won. Not true of BSU. TCU is the most well-rounded, complete football team BSU has ever faced (look it up if you don't believe this), and I'm a bit worried for them. "A bit" means that it all boils down to coaching: if Pertersen et al has prepared them in the same fashion as they did for Oklahoma in '07, then BSU really stands a chance here.
I'll be in Phoenix for the game, but I'm wondering if this wouldn't be better viewed on TV, since viewers will get additional info on the game, stats, and commentary that you miss while at the event.
Go Broncos! Let's see how the coaching staff has prepared this team for their most formidable foe yet!

With 1:02 left in the '07 Fiesta Bowl,

all I said to the people in the house who I was watching with is "you gotta believe". I'm certainly not going to give this one away just yet.

Looks to be difficult

TCU is a great team, and if they win, I'll be back here to give them credit. That being said, I like the Broncos chances. We have been hearing all season long about how Boise State is going to lose to ducks, vandals, wolf pack, etc. Have faith Bronco Nation, we have the coaches, and players to pull this out. Go Blue !

Go Broncos

Without Pettis I think we still had a chance at winning, but not likely. With Pettis, I think this is anyone's game. I just hope we see the same Pettis we always knew and that he's not gimpy. Go Broncos!!!


Headed out to the 3:00 Mill Street event, I'll be the one in shorts, flip-flops, and Blue and Orange.......