The truth about the first Moore-to-Moore TD; clearing up the Luke Air Force Base questions

By Chadd Cripe
© 2009 Idaho Statesman

Everybody loved the story of the first Moore-to-Moore touchdown pass so much that the brothers hid the truth about that play for a while.

This week, they decided it was time to fess up.

The touchdown was an accident.

Kirby, a freshman wide receiver, ran the wrong route. Kellen, the sophomore quarterback, was throwing the ball to Tyler Shoemaker, who was running an out route to the same spot where Kirby ended up.

The result was a 61-yard touchdown pass Oct. 31 against San Jose State.

Kirby was supposed to fake a wheel route and run a 5-yard stop. Instead, he kept running down the sideline — the route he was supposed to run on a similar play in the game plan that week.

“The truth is, I’m trying to throw to Shoe,” Kellen said this week. “We didn’t want to ruin the story.”

The brothers have connected on two touchdown passes this season. Kirby has 17 catches for 214 yards.


TCU outgained Boise State by 222 yards in last year’s game.

However, the Broncos negated that advantage with a 144-yard advantage in special teams, a 68-yard edge in interception returns and a 38-yard edge in penalties. Add all of those up, and the Broncos had a 250-yard advantage in non-offensive yards.

That’s why the Horned Frogs only won 17-16 while dominating the line of scrimmage.

Coach Chris Petersen has emphasized to his team how every aspect of the game will be important in this year’s rematch.

“It’s going to take everything,” he said. “It’s going to take a play here or a play there. We left some little plays on the table that really, really hurt us. I know nobody is going to play a perfect game, but we’ve got to play at an extremely high level and we’ve got to get some breaks — like every time we’ve won against a really good team, we’re going to have to get some breaks — and when we do we’ve got to capitalize.”


Looking at some of the comments on my blog over the weekend, it’s clear there is still some confusion about two things:

— Yes, Boise State is financially responsible for all 19,000 of its tickets — the WAC and Boise State have confirmed that. Athletic director Gene Bleymaier made a deal with the Fiesta Bowl to take an additional 1,500 tickets in lieu of cash. It’s Boise State’s responsibility to convert those tickets back into cash by selling them.

Basically, Bleymaier made a gamble — risking $200,000 or so of the $1.5 million the school expected to net from the Fiesta Bowl to enhance the Broncos’ selection chances. The deal was made before selection day, when it still was possible the Broncos would get snubbed.

— No, the Fiesta Bowl did not save money by inviting the Broncos — the WAC and Bowl Championship Series have confirmed that. The Fiesta Bowl does not actually pay the teams. The Fiesta pays money into the BCS pot, and the payouts come from there. The Fiesta Bowl’s payment — how much, the BCS won’t say — is the same whether it invites at at-large team like Boise State ($4.5 million payout) or an automatic qualifier like Cincinnati (about $17.5 million payout). The BCS games share revenue and the liability for payouts.


Boise State is down to 1,200 Fiesta Bowl tickets, which means the school has unloaded 17,800 so far. Part of the recent surge was the players' requests. They get six free tickets (paid for by the school) and can purchase more.

TCU has sold at least 17,500 tickets, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The school hasn't said how many tickets it has, but the Fiesta Bowl said both schools have the same amount.


OK, hopefully this will put an end to all of the questions about the donation of tickets to Luke Air Force Base, which is 5 miles from University of Phoenix Stadium.

I talked to Joanne Perkins, the marketing director for the base. She said Boise State called her last week to arrange the ticket donation, which has been approved by the base leadership.

The tickets will be offered to the military and possibly some civilian employees at Luke. They will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis with a limit of two tickets per person.

Boise State has sold 79 tickets so far that will be donated to Luke, according to the Boise State ticket office. There is no tax deduction for those donations, Perkins said.

Perkins doesn't expect any problem distributing the tickets. The base gets Fiesta Bowl tickets most years, either from participating schools or sponsors.

"We've received donations of a couple thousand tickets before to concerts," said Perkins, who attended the 2007 Fiesta Bowl with a ticket from the base. "Every single time we run out. We have 10,000 people who call Luke home. When you're talking about something as high profile as the Fiesta Bowl, there's a huge demand."

Luke Air Force Base was chosen by Boise State because of its proximity to the stadium. It is the largest fighter base in the United States, Perkins said.


Several reports have listed Boise State wide receivers coach Brent Pease as a candidate for the open offensive coordinator position at Arizona State.

Meanwhile, Montana coach Bobby Hauck has taken the UNLV job. Pease, who also is Boise State's assistant head coach, likely will be mentioned as a candidate there. Pease played for Montana.

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I'm inclined to give Chad

time to run down some info on "StormGate" before I muddy the waters.

That work for all?

Works for me

This StormGate is getting serious. Serious.

I just spoke with media relations personnel from Luke AFB

I wouldn't call it "stormgate", as you have done so, but I do find it quite odd that the Luke AFB Media Relations couldn't answer any of my questions.

The first two people I spoke with knew nothing about the specifics regarding donated Fiesta Bowl tickets other confirm that there were rumors, although the 3rd person I was transferred to said that while she didn't know of any particular program or agreement with BSU involving donated Fiesta Bowl tickets, but if her office did in fact receive donated tickets from BSU, that the tickets would be divided among the various units, and given out to either their top performers or those who recently returned from duty, but she couldn't confirm nor deny that such an agreement existed.

Air Force Base

The guy I talked to said they usually just send out a base-wide e-mail telling people they have tickets to an event. Then people come and claim them. He said they usually have to turn people away.

Odd that we got different responses

I called the Luke AFB Media Relations number(623) 856-5967 listed here:

I specifically asked each person how the tickets would be distributed, and was told that whenever tickets in general come into the office, that in order to distribute them in a fair an equitable manner that they divide them among the different units and the unit commanders would then give them to outstanding personnel and do so on a merit based basis, but none of whom I spoke with had ever head of Operation Bronco Storm, but did say that they were beginning to field a number of phone calls inquiring about BSU Fiesta Bowl tickets.

I do know that numerous schools are asking their fans bases to donate unsold bowl tickets to various military personnel, however, it is odd that nobody at the base were sending our donated tickets to is aware of Operation Bronco Storm

Just Call (623) 856-3245 and ask for 'L......e'


You are calling the wrong place - the Media office does not handle the distribution of the tickets - the Marketing office does.

Here's the correct number:

(623) 856-3245

Ask for 'L......e', she is the person in charge of distribution of these tickets for Luke AFB. I informed her about the tickets, she is waiting for BSU to just pick up the phnone and 'officially' contact her and let her know how many are coming her way - then she will distribute them IAW DOD and Air Force policy, if she ever really gets any of these tickets.

Yep, I was transferred to her office and spoke with her

she was the 3rd and final point of contact to whom I spoke with and is the one who told me how the tickets would be distributed "if' her office receives any tickets, but she wasn't aware of any official program in which BSU was donating tickets. Which is quite odd, anyway, perhaps you and I spoke to two completely different people, but the media relations person did in fact transfer me to what he called the distribution office, and I did speak with a woman whose name began with an "L"

anyway, if she said that she is waiting for BSU to just pick up the phone and 'officially' contact her, then that kind of says a lot about how things are being handled does it not?



Like I have been saying, and saying, and saying - all BSU has gotta do is cal 'L.......e' and tell her how many tickets are going to go to Luke AFB - she will do the rest.

Why hasn't BSU AD office just picked up the phone and called her by now - don't they follow this blog?

They supposedly have tickets in the 'pipeline' - I personally know of at least 1 (mine).

Why is this so hard?

You Can Lead A Horse To Water But Can't Make It Drink


Regardless of the mechanics concerning how Luke AFB Marketing office actually distributes the donated tickets is of not important. Just getting wrapped around the axle taling about it.

The point is that Luke AFB Marketing Office is the official point for distribution of sponsor/donor contributions and gifts to military personnel from civilians, on an Air Force Base. How they do it is their business.

Another point is BSU needs to call that office and coordinate for arrival of the Operation Bronco Storm tickets to that office.

It's not for BSU to just go willy nilly around Luke AFB passing out these tickets.

The Air Force has a Standard Operating Procedure as to how they want it done.

The 64 Thousand Dollar Question remains - Is BSU really intent on giving any Operation Bronco Storm Fiesta Bowl tickets to Luke AFB?

If the answer is 'yes' - all they got to do is call 'L......e', at the Luke AFB 56th Task Force Support Squadron Marketing Office, arrange for the arrival of however many tickets there are, and stand back and let 'L......e' do her job.

Pretty simple.

I'll even volunteer to be the Pathfinder for BSU, as I have talked to 'L......e', and do it for them if they want me too. They got my real name and phone number associated with my buying 1 Operation Bronco Storm ticket, re: Confirmation Number 353420, from yesterday. All they gotta do is call me. Be more than glad to assist.

Odd that Luke AFB Media Relations isn't aware of Op Bronco Storm

perhaps 'L......e' over at their marketing office needs to talk to her media relations people and let them know what's going on, because the fine folks I spoke with knew nothing about operation bronco storm.

I would assume that marketing personnel and media relations personnel work hand in hand, but evidently not.



you don't know how an AFB is organized and structured.

It's not like the civilian world. Names and titles arent the same, nor have the same meanings sometimes.

You'll spend more time learning about it than by just calling 'L.......e'.

Just call 'L......e'.

Trust me, I spent 22 years doing this stuff.

You're right

I have no idea how AFB is organized and quite honestly, I didn't even bother paying attention to the title or rank of whom I was speaking to, instead, I was simply trying to get some questions answered, but I was transferred to a what I was told was the base distribution office which is where I was told the tickets would be sent to, but whomeverI spoke with there knew nothing about it.

Honestly, I don't really care all that much to dig any deeper,and the point I think people are making, and mine too, is why is Operation Bronco Storm such a top secret operation in that nobody knows very much about it given the fact that BSU sports information/marketing and Luke AFB marketing are involved in what one would consider a PR gift and a win-win for both.

It's crazy

Kid Deux


Maybe the real intent was to sell the tickets, by pulling a 'patriotism string'. And because the tickets would never really be delivered to Unknown military people, to a military installation, far far away from the questioning eyes in Treasure Valley, these 'tickets' could be sold, over and over again, multiple times, without any worry of actual receipts and or registered mail or FEDEX receipt documents, to hamper the process.

Machiavellian, maybe.

But, doable,


(thereby, bypassing standard accounting practices and procedures. Basically selling something you don't have to people who aren't buying it, and having no proof that it was purchase nor received - just collecting the money).

Of course, this post is meant in jest, with all the could be's, maybe's, and I dunno's, perfunctorily attached.


Hey...Have you bought any Bronco Stock yet?



Yeah, 2 shares. When they first came out.


Can lead a horse to Area 51 and it won't dig the bullet spray.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

Tickets are out there

I just compared deals instead of messing around with tickets through the school... here's where I went:

2010 Fiesta Bowl Tickets

Another Pumper and Dumper for the OBS IPO - Perhaps - Hmmm?

Hey AlanAlanine:

Are you the same dude as the 'AlanAlanine' who hangs out in the BSU weight room, doing all those supplements to build your muscles and all and talks about it on all those sports blogs and markets them and football tickets - My God man - you are so darn busy - what with selling tickets to the Fiesta Bowl - AND - marketing muscle building supplements - while breathing the fresh Boise air.

"AlanAlanine Dec-24 @ 9:12 PM Report abuse00
Definitely. If anyone's looking into getting tickets, you can get them here:"

as a comment, following the wonderful glowing article about OBS in the local Glendale section of the Arizona Republic, 24DEC09 issue, per the following Arizona Republic web site:

How do you ever find the time to post on this blog AND provide comments to a little local Glendale, Arizona area oriented article of the Arizona Republic, concerning the marvelous things BSU is doing for the military people at Luke AFB with their OBS program?

Were you trying to pump the sales of Regular Fiesta Bowl Tickets, at the expense of the BSU OBS program tickets - knowing that there were never really going to be more than 100 OBS program Fiesta Bowl tickets sold in the first place - and there had to be some of the actual OBS tickets sold, because the original OBS plan, to not really sell any - by selling them, but just not sending them to Luke AFB or anywhere - or telling anybody about it, had become all fouled up - and the napping eyes of the Arizona Republic were now open, per a telecon from the Arizona Republic to BSU on 23DEC09, inquiring about the OBS program - and BSU might run the risk of looking naughty?

Unless of course you are not the same AlanAlanine?

Pretty common everyday screen name, I am guessing, and you are used to such confusion regarding your screen name.

You really hang out at BSU in their weight room quite a bit, like it says in a deep search of your bio data?

Could be wrong though - maybe another AlanAlanine, possibly, maybe, could be, don't really know for sure.

Amazing what these new little computer 'add-ons' and gizmos can come up with, once I understand what their Users' Guides say and get past all the Geek Talk gobbeldygook.

PS - This post is in now way, to be taken at its literal face value and is provided only for 'shi$s and giggles', with no serious thoughts, whatsoever, portrayed. And any similarities with any portrayed human beings and or 'entities' are strictly coincidental and of no importance to anything. If you believe any of it, you are simply a 'fool'.

He's either Art Gregory, famed DJ-radio owner or Barto?

Only two or three people in that entire page.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

My guess is Barto

Yeah 2-3 out of 9 are from maybe, Boise, or with possibly BSU ties. About a third. Going to a Glendale rag web page and saying good things about BSU's patriotic wonderment and undying support and giving links out to buy real Fiesta Bowl Tickets and not the OBS tickets - which were discontinued, shortly after the article was published, is my guess, who knows, I'm probably all wet?

TY again FO

Just Gott into 'Barto's' web page and amazingly you are correct with the Barto analogy, just like you were with the Gott thingy.

Now I have 2 of the 9 (still not 100% convinced Bubblehead is 1 of them though, think he just went to the Glendale rag out of curiiosity and posted something under the story because he thought it good to do - the more digging I do). But pretty sure about the other 2 - will dig deeper about them to validate, now.

But have another 2 'almost for sures' to add to my white board diagram and picture.

Still don't get the 17 years and OP thing. Maybe do some reverse thinking on that one - or some sideways thinking - or even upside down thinking - or underwater thinking.

TY again FO

Just Gott into 'Barto's' web page and amazingly you are correct with the Barto analogy, just like you were with the Gott thingy. Definatly, a Blue and Orange pedigree connection.

Now I have 2 of the 9 (still not 100% convinced Bubblehead is 1 of them though, think he just went to the Glendale rag out of curiiosity and posted something under the story because he thought it good to do - the more digging I do). But pretty sure about the other 2 - will dig deeper about them to validate, now.

But have another 2 'almost for sures' to add to my white board diagram and picture.

Still don't get the 17 years and OP thing. Maybe do some reverse thinking on that one - or some sideways thinking - or even upside down thinking - or underwater thinking

PS - but, not Ted Hendrix - 'The Stork'

Gott is either German for GOD or a maker of portable ice coolers

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

tfunk and Apache64 and JLandon


I'm in lock step with you on this one.

I'll just lay in the cut for now and wait for a follow up piece from Chadd, after the Fiesta Bowl, informing us as to how many of these 'special' tickets were actually transmitted to Luke AFB for distribution - and -how many military Luke AFB people's butts, were really placed into the Fiesta Bowl seats by hardworking, good, and honest Bronco Fans.

We know that at this point in time, it has to equal at least 79 - or a Shi$ Storm of Monumental Proportion is gonna hit River City come Spring.

Not much more can be done at this point.

I think enough light has been shown on, the question de jour, to illuminate Bronco Stadium at night, during a raging blackout blizzard.

Go Broncos.

tfunk - Apache64 - JLandon - End of Weekend Progress Report

Stll laying in the cut, here. Keeping busy with intel gathering and info sharing, and such.

No real plans to do anything further, of great significance, until later in the process, if needed.

At least we got the numbers of OBS tickets going to Luke up from Zero (from last week) to 79 (on Tuesday) and now up to 100 (on Thursday), per recent Arizona Republic article dated 24DEC09 (see other posts of mine, today, this board).

Could be worse.

Who knows, maybe BSU will decide they need to send more than 100 or look foolish for having publicly announced their official goal of sending 1,500. 100 is one hell of a lot less than 1,500.

But BSU put themselves in a box by telling the Arizona Republic on 23DEC09, that they were going to have the OBS tickets available for sale until game day, and then turned around a few days later and discontinued the sale of those tickets on BSU's Athletic ticket office website. Why?

Just opens up another set of questions and almost puts a lid on the box.

VNDL, out.

PS -

Question - How many nails are required to fasten a lid to a box?

Answer - Depends on the size of the box.


Just logged in, still have to read through everything. Very strange happenings indeed.

I had lunch today with some old business associates/friends. I brought up StormGate and we had an interesting discussion. One person brought up the issue of "paying" for "something/anything" for "military/government" personnel. This person remembered a similar situation where the IRS ruled the purchased items "gratuity" and therefore taxable.

You ever run across this?


On your box question.....I was going to say

It depends on whether there is a Vandal or a Bronco in the box......

tfunk and Apache 64

PART # 1

RE: Who is in the box.

As a person who sometimes has the nickname of 'Subpoena Duces Tecum', it does not matter to me, one whit, who is in the box, what school they attended, what team they are a fan of, what their religious preference is, if they have body odor or wear a prosthetic penile device, or any other identifying characterisitc of whom ever is in the box.

My answer to the 'box question' was about how big the box was - not who was in it.

I, as an native, many generation, Idahoan - am not concerned about the colors inside the box - just disgusted that the damn box had to be built in the first place.

Let the chips fall where they may - on this one. Goes not only for Vandals - but - Broncos, too. I hope you clearly understand my concern, here.

PART # 2

RE: Gratuities for the military.

DOD has published volumes of the 'dos and don't dos' concerning military personnel accepting 'gratuities' from civilians. That is why, it is very important to route 'donations' and 'free tickets' to events and games, through the proper approval process, as prescribed by DOD.

Apache64 could weigh in here about it, as he is probably more knowledgeable about it than I am. I was just an unwashed and uncouth 'killer Spec Ops Armored Cavalry Grunt type' while he was more of the refined and polished and educated aviator type. I would defer to his knowledge base on this one - he is more smart about these things than I am. I just got a working knowledge about it. He's the expert, I think.

I do know, that normally, when universities provide gratis tickets to their sporting events - they do so by just giving a block of tickets, to the military base, who in turn gets DOD permission (easy to get - just a couple of phone calls) to make distribution of the tickets thru an appropriate and DOD approved entity. The university does not muddy up the waters by selling the tickets to fans first, taking in the initial purachase money, and then giving them to the military, without any receipts going to the initiall purchaser and/or receipt documents signed for by the recipient of the 'donated' ticket. The Universities and/or entities just accept the cost to the university and give the block of tickets to the military and suck up the loss as a 'Cost of Doing Business'.

By bringing in a third party (the Bronco Fans) to the transaction equation - just opens up the door to a room filled with suspicion, as to how the money is being accounted for, receipts, how many tickets were actually sold, and/or if any of the tickets were double or triple sold (accidentally or intended), with no accounting for actual monies received, and verification of actual tickets delivered.

Basically, a REAL FUC&IN# ACCOUNTING VERIFICATION NIGHTMARE and a Red Flag Of Suspicion being placed squarely on the backs of those involved with the inception of the program and those actually handling the monies and the tickets.

It is okay for the military to receive some gratuities from civilians, in theory though. Because the DOD regulations (regs) are so invlolved and confusng to understand and interpret, I always took the 'safeside' approach of never taking a damn thing from civilians, if offered, even a lunch or beer, at a local watering hole or at a conference - for fear of getting caught and having my career ended for somehow, misinterpreting DOD's policy.

Pache: you care to weigh in at this point?

You know

I still think it was a bad marketing idea gone worse. But VNDL has handed them the solution to make it all go away. It does bother me that postings of the original article seem to be disappearing, strang.

Bronco Storm

I just talked to a guy in the marketing department at Luke Air Force Base and added some info to the blog.

Here's the story on Boise State's Web site.

could be my computer, but theres no content in that link

again, it could just be my computer, but all that came up was a picture of Titus Young against Fresno


I get the full story. ... Boise State did just do an overhaul of its Web site which could be causing some of the problems.

It's Twilight Time & The Wicked Witch of the NNE

Interesting how the recent computer overhaul affects Operation Bronco Storm content oriented 'glitches' and 'gremlins' on some computers, butnot others.

What a hoot.

I give up.

Like talking to my pugs. They sit lovingly at my side, and when I talk to them, their little heads get tilted and controrted at all odd angles with wonderment in their eyes, trying the best they can to follow along, but, totally do not comprehend a word I am saying.

Also, interesting to note that Chadd's source of information re: BSU's Operation Bronco Storm and how many tickets have been sold so far, only seems to come from Luke AFB personnel and not BSUs. The hesitance to followup directly with BSU AD's office is . . . ?

Chadd: Why not pick up the phone and have a little interview with the BSU AD and ask him the same BSU programatic oriented questions you are asking Luke AFB people about. It's Gene's program - he should be the one that is your 'source' about a BSU AD program - not Luke AFB.

Go to the source - the source - the source - the Yellow Brick Trail. Just follow it - you may find a 'Straw Man' or maybe even, the 'Hollow Man Living in a Hollow House of Cards'.

It's off to see the Wizard, the wonderful . . .

You did not get Mojo for that Crucial memory!

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

Mr. Cripe - I need some computer help


Not much of a story.

All I get when I click on your link is a title, but no story to read.

Actually, this is the same web page (released December 17, 2009) that used to have a title AND a story). The same story that Kevan Lee of OBNUG read and referenced in a piece he recently did on the OBNUG site. He referenced the contents of the story on the web site you just provided.

The difference beng he saw not only a title but, also, a story, as did I when I read it on December 18, 2009 (same thing as a possible, maybe, could be, theoreticaly speaking,black and white printout of it)

Yours has just a title but no companion story.

Or maybe I just can't figure out how to extract a story from the web page -maybe I am not that computer saavy and am not doing something right, right?


I can't explain this. It has happened to me on links other people have sent me from time to time. All I can tell you is if I click on the link, it works.

A Boy Named Sue - How Do You Do

Let me guess, his name was John Perkins?

Okay, Chadd, did you talk to a guy in the marketing department at Luke Air Force Base to get your information or the Joanne Perkins, marketing director of Luke to get your information you attributed to in your update to this blog- or did Joanne just look like a man?

Just say'n.

Merry Christmas

Go Broncos

In the military ALL the women look like's the UNIFORM.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

tfunk - I keep giving hints but nobody reads them it seems like

I handed them another one (solution) - on a silver platter - a couple of hours ago on a post to this blog to Truth. Hint. Hint. Hint.

All they (BSU) gotta do is read this blog.


Mr. Cripe needs, wake up and read this blog and understand what he reads and understand what a damn Hint is. Hint. Hnt. Hint.

I'd do it myself, but I just finished doing my nails and getting my hair done for church - besides, I am old and infirm, sitting in a wheel chair, powered only by solar sun rays coming thru my dim nursing home room windows.

PS - BTW - I am both an alumnus of BSU and UoI and have no specific dog in this hunt. But as an Idahoan, I sure as hell do. Hope, I'm laser-like and crystal clear with you on that one, should you be ever in doubt.

PPS - Nobody built the box but them. They were the carpenters.

Its been buried

down under "Athletics". You have to go to "site map" (very bottom), then scroll all the way down to "Athletics". It's right there with "THE DAVID AND DEBRA LARSEN HUBER FAMILY FOUNDATION MAKES DONATION' article from 10/10/09


I found it and clicked on it and again a title but no story, like it used to have.

This is a web version

of swimming with da fishes


could you copy it and paste it, please, so us puter dimwits could read it - myself specifically could read it?

Would appreciate it as I have no idea what a Site Map is.


This is because...

a trained optometrist must map your site.

Isn't it?

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

I'll do both

Directions on how to find (cause its kinda funny)

Go to

Scroll all the way to the bottom (I mean all the way)

You see © Boise State University Athletics 2009. All rights reserved. ?

"site map" is just below that

Click it

Now scroll down past things like Football, Soccer, volleyball, to "Athletics"

Click it

Bing GO.......Easy as beating San Jose State :)

But just incase

Marketing by not marketing

tfunk: I found it.
BOISE, Idaho – Boise State University announced today (Dec. 17) a ticket promotion which could send 1,500 military personnel to the 2010 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 4 (Monday).

Boise State Athletics Launches Online Auction for Summer School
Fall Headlines For Bronco Athletics

When I press on the READ MORE link/button al it does is cycles back to the web page with a title but no story.

Try it, maybe you w3ill have more luck.

Am curious why BSU would annouince a ticket promotion, to sell their remaining 1,500 tickets that have the High Risk attached of having to pay a penalty if they are not sold -

AND, then

Bury, the announcement of the program into the deep bow3ls of the Site Map only 48 hours later?

Maybe they are not that concerned about selling the 1,500 tickets - and if so - why have a marketing guru?


Found this PDF. Can't say for sure it's the real deal, but I can tell you in it's original form, it came from NCAA.ORG. But its interesting anyway.


That shows each bowl kicking in $6 million, which sounds about right. I'd heard a different but similar number.


S O S different day. Nobody is any closer to figuring this out, but they have raised $11,850 doing it!

Read my latest post

I talked to the marketing director. She cleared everything up, I think. She is a little perplexed that this thing is causing such a stir. They do this all the time and didn't expect it to get any attention.

Mr. Cripe

Chadd: I just read it:

""I talked to Joanne Perkins, the marketing director for the base. She said Boise State called her last week to arrange the ticket donation, which has been approved by the base leadership."

You might want to call 'L.......e' and ask her if she was told that any tickets existed 'earmarked' to be sent to Luke AFB, when she called the BSU AD office Monday Morning. She told me they said they didnt' have any at that time - after KTVB had announced last Friday that 18 had been sold.

That's the rub.

Not so much that a program doesn't exist, but that no tickets are in the 'pipeline', after apparently having been sold.

And, about all the dissapearing acts of things and efforts to not market important programs, and all.

Think about it.