Boise State wants fans to buy Fiesta tickets for military

By Chadd Cripe

Boise State has come up with a plan to get rid of its remaining Fiesta Bowl tickets. The school has asked fans to purchase a ticket that will be donated to a military member stationed at Luke Air Force Base in Glendale, Ariz.

Boise State accepted 19,000 Fiesta Bowl tickets — 1,500 more than the bowl's requirement. Now the school hopes to send 1,500 tickets to Luke Air Force Base.

The tickets cost $150. They're available at

Fans who buy a ticket for the military get two tickets to the men's (vs. Fresno State) and women's basketball (vs. Utah State) doubleheader on Jan. 30.

Any tickets that Boise State doesn't sell will cut into the school's Fiesta Bowl payout.

Not Good Bronco tickets!!!

I thought everyone was going around saying 'we'll sell out in a week!!!" Hummmm. FYI, this is not good Broncos fans. The future bowls will look back on this as a potential failure. Time to step up!

They did...

... sell out their required allotment of 17,500 tickets in roughly a week (nine days). However, they requested an additional 1500 tickets based on the sales from their first Fiesta Bowl back in 2006-07, and it is those aditional 1500 tickets that they are having trouble selling.

Is Murph still working?

....three little pieces in the past ten days on Murph's Turf? Has the Murph still got a gig?

Murph is busy licking his wounds

after months of telling us that the sky was falling and then BSU goes fiesta..... dont wory he'll be back just in time to tell us about how we wont get to go to the MTN west when they go BCS (we will) or about how if we lose to Va tech we cant get into the BCS (we can) or that the sky club was built by BSU engineers and may fall in....(now on that one he could be right) It could be that the antidepressants are kicking in and he just cant find anything to throw a wet blanket on..........
Or maybe he is on vacay with his fam....

Considering the low bowl sales across the country...

BSU isn't doing too shabby, however, I say big deal if we have to eat $450K, out the 4.5 million BCS payout they'll receive, or actually, after sharing with the other WAC teams, BSU's cut will be less, but if BSU would sell beer at BSU games, they'd generate what they ate on Fiesta Bowl tickets in as little as 2 home games.


Stooping to Patriotic fever to get those tickets sold huh BSU? Nationalism is a disease.

Come on Bleymaier

Buy those tickets and donate them yourself. There is your tax write-off for your 09 taxes.

Bleymaier can't .... he didn't get his 20k bonus!

Here's the deal, Gene didn't get that 20k bonus for scheduling tougher teams this year so he can't but those tickets. What bothers me most about all this is that BSU is having to come up with charity programs in order to 'attempt' to sell out their share this time. I thought all we heard after the Fiesta news broke was "we'll sell out our share and then some!" -- gee, I think I mentioned back then that selling 15-17,000 wouldn't be too hard but it's the last 2,000 that are tough --- and I got POUNDED by you true blue kool aid drinkers!! So ... buck up die hards!! Buy 10 or 25 tickets for your service men to be able to go to the game!! What's a few grand to a die hard?? Step on up!!


Did you know that Nebraska "Donors" have purchased 7K of the 11K in tickets for their bowl game.

What you mentioned a while back was how Oklahoma State would put more "butts" in the seats than BSU (you called this a FACT). OSU is in the Cotton Bowl, less than a 4 hour drive, and they have sold less than 14,000 tic's!

You ignorance is showing again.

Nebraska Sold Out Their 11K Allotment By 12/8

Nebraska donors purchased 7,000 when they had first dibs; then, when the tickets became available to the general public, the rest were snatched up immediately. ( )

Speaking of ignorance...

big deal

season ticket holders & alumni have bought 11,000 tix. for a school that size with a "rich" football tradition they better make it happen if they want to be taken seriously.

Yes, It Is

tfunk was clearly wrong when he tried to imply that Nebraska hadn't sold out their allotment by 12/17, when in fact they had sold out by 12/8. And since the Holiday Bowl is now sold out completely, it looks like they did a pretty good job with buying additional tickets. Trying to compare the BSU fan base to the Nebraska fan base is a losing proposition, no matter how you look at it. Nebraska has sold out every home game, in a much larger stadium, since 1962. And Lincoln is not much bigger than Boise.

BSU is a great team, but they're ill-served by their fans who try to compare BSU fan support to Nebraska's.

no, it's not a big deal

given that they sell out their home games, given the size of their student body and subsequent alumni base; 11,000 tix is not a big deal. i'm not attempting to compare our fan base to theirs, there is no comparison. until we can sellout consistently, we can't even attempt to make a case. we can only hope for the day when we can yawn about 25, 35 consecutive sellouts and beyond.


I, at no point said Nebraska had not sold their allotment, I merely, pointed out that 1.) "Donors purchased 7,000 2.) that the total was 11,000.


I did not try to compare Nebraska/BSU fan bases.......but, lets do a little math using the numbers we have. 81,000 Huskers fans have purchased 11,000 bowl tickets or 13.5%.......35,000 Bronco fans have purchased 17,000 bowl tickets or 48.5%

Hmmm, can't decide if this is less-is-more or more-is-less :)

Then Why Mention It?

Why, then, did you mention those two numbers if you weren't trying to imply that Nebraska hadn't sold their allotment? Or do you just randomly mention numbers that have no bearing on the topic? And, since the Holiday Bowl is sold out, we can assume that many Nebraska fans bought tickets from other sources than the school.


Please name your source on the Holiday bowl being sold out. I can find nothing that makes that statement. The last I read was the about 6 days ago, and it said they were far short of selling out the 70,000+ stadium.

Hmmmm, just looked on stubhub, I can get field level 40 YL tickets for $120, Plaza level are available at face value, still.

That said, good luck


From the San Diego Union Tribune, 12/12:
Excerpt: The Pacific Life Holiday Bowl yesterday announced it has sold out its Dec. 30 game between No. 20 Nebraska and No. 22 Arizona. A crowd of around 66,000 is expected at Qualcomm Stadium, marking the 20th official sellout in the game’s 32-year history.
The difference this year is that it might be the first “true” two-team sellout since 1998, the last time Nebraska and Arizona played in the Holiday Bowl. When announcing sellouts, the bowl is counting the 11,000 tickets each team is required to buy from the game. To the bowl, those tickets are considered sold even if the school can’t resell them all to its fans, which often happens...
...This week, both teams sold out their 11,000-ticket allotments to their fans within 48 hours of going on sale. Fans then snapped up the 6,000 tickets that were left this week at the local box office. It is one of the three fastest Holiday sellouts since 1998.

I stand corrected

That is pretty cool.

you missed one small detail tfunky

Nebraska is not playing in a BCS bowl. I do believe Boise State many tickets did BSU sell to the non BCS bowls?

Didn't miss it,

factored that in to my opinion of how many BSU fans would go to a bowl, any bowl, that was a 4 hour car drive away.

Hey Bubblehead

Everything has to have a beginning. It's true Nebraska has a great football tradition. We will too if we want it.

Side your nick name is "Bubblehead," I take it your a submariner? If so, I served onboard the USS Georgia SSBN 729 (G) from 1989-1993. (6) deployments out of Bangor, WA. USN from 1987 to 1996. I returned to active duty in '07, this time in the Army. I'm stationed in Germany now. My wife and I flew home to Idaho to watch the BSU-Oregon game. We are flying home on 22 Dec and will be driving down to AZ to watch the Fiesta Bowl. 7000+ miles to watch this game. I hope it's as good as the '07 game, which we went to as well. I bought (6) tickets for this game. I have a friend who went with me to the '07 bowl game driving over from Santa Fe, NM to watch this years. I believe true fans don't care what anybody else is doing. They just do it. It would be great if others would commit to supporting the Broncos but it won't deter me from supporting my team.

Yep, I'm A Submariner

Did fast attacks -- USS Topeka out of San Diego from '90-'93, USS Connecticut from '96-'99, and PCU Jimmy Carter from '01-'03.

Bubblehead:You the same Dude or another Double Bubble


You the same dude that posted this:

BubbleheadDec-24 @ 2:38 PM

"I'm not sure what's better...

The wonderful gesture from Boise State, the great men and women serving in our military (past and present) or all the positive comments about this article on Christmas Eve...

Thank you everybody...."

as a comment, following the wonderful glowing article about OBS in the local Glendale section of the Arizona Republic, 24DEC09 issue:


What a small world. Maybe not though - maybe a different 'Bubblehead' or another 'DoubleBubble' or even 'ItCanBeTroubleLivingInAGlassBubble'.

You work at BSU in the AD's office by chance?

Just curious.

PS - Anybody heard of 'Pump & Dump' as applied to IPOs in the business world ???

Does it even matter at this point, 17 years after the OP? GOTT!!

Like a midair collision with a tugboat


Now I've Gott who AlanAlanine is and the Blue and Orange colored connection. My white board diagrams and picture is starting to come together and make sense, a little better.

Just got to figure out the 17 years and OP thing. Maybe another hint? I'm kinda dense.

i.e. This thread is older than my two oldest nieces.

OP=Original Poster (FIRST POSTER)

Like a midair collision with a tugboat


Thanx for clearing that one up.

Got 2 of your 3 - didn't get the 3rd - but, now have - no need to run the 3rd to ground. Saved me some work, thanx.


errrr...Gott is German for GOD.

Or a company that makes camping supplies like big ice chest coolers and large jugs for tea or Gatorade...

See also MEIN GOTT.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

Ah, bubblehead

that's EXACTLY what I posted!


If BSU was in the Cotton Bowl how many tickets would they sell?

.......gee, last I looked the Cotton Bowl was not a BCS bowl. Did I miss that one? How many tickets would BSU sell to play Mississippi in the Cotton?

If the Cotton bowl

was a 4 hour drive from Boise.......25,000, give or take

Twin Falls is more than 2 hours for me...own a Lamborghini?

Not even a Cannonball Run could do that.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

Twin Falls??

The Canyon Bowl has a nice ring to it.......

Wait a minute????

BSU's obligation is only 17,500 tickets. The Fiesta Bowl payout is based on 17,500 tickets not 19,000. BSU asked for another 1,500 tickets because they thought they could sell them. It's a good idea to help the military folk out if there are remaining tickets but don't report that the payout will be cut into when it will not. Just like in 2007 there will be more than the extra 1,500 tickets above and beyond the 17,500 of BSU people in the crowd because those fans have elected to buy their tickets somewhere else than the BSU ticket office. This is shoddy reporting Cripe....don't sell your readers short!!


The 19,000 tickets are part of Boise State's payout. If they don't sell all of them, their payout comes up short. I talked to Gene about that earlier this week. The Fiesta Bowl asked teams, before the selection day, how many tickets they wanted. Bleymaier asked for extras because he thought it would look bad — and perhaps hurt Boise State's chances of getting selected — if he didn't.

Sounds a bit like bribery .....

........or in other words "gee Mr. Atheltic Director, IF we invite you just how many tickets will you COMMIT to BUYING?"

Fiesta Bowl Representative on the line with Bleymaier..."ah, hold on a minute Gene, I've got Iowa on one line and Cincinatti on the other one. I'll be right back!"


Sometimes you just make downright ignorant statements.


The required allotment is 17,500, not 19,000. Are you saying that because BSU requested more tickets than they were required to, they must sell the additional tickets now, too? Or can they return them to the Fiesta Bowl?


They have to sell them. That's why they're doing this.

Mr. Cripe - Again - Part III

Chad: The following is, en parte, from a post I did yesterday, on another of your threads:

"Just did a Google search for 'Luke Air Force Base and Fiesta Bowl tickets'. Here's what I found on USA Today web site, RE: 2008 Fiesta Bowl:

"W.Va. returns almost half of Fiesta tickets
By Doug Haller The (Phoenix) Arizona Republic

West Virginia has returned 7,500 tickets to the Fiesta Bowl, the likely fallout from a fan base that already had made reservations for New Orleans and the Bowl Championship Series title game.

Fiesta Bowl President John Junker called it a "Christmas miracle" that West Virginia accounted for 10,000 tickets, given recent developments within the football program. Just more than two weeks after losing its final regular-season contest to Pittsburgh — a loss that probably kept the Mountaineers out of the BCS title game — West Virginia lost popular coach Rich Rodriguez to Michigan.

"People ask if we're disappointed about the tickets; we're actually pleasantly surprised they did so well," Junker said. "We know thousands of their fans had made plans for New Orleans, and in many cases I understand (their travel packages) were non-refundable."

By BCS rule, each Fiesta Bowl school receives 17,500 tickets. Junker said sales at Oklahoma are going well. Pittsburgh was the last Fiesta Bowl team to return tickets. Utah beat the Panthers 35-7 on Jan. 1, 2005.

Since the schools buy the tickets from the Fiesta Bowl, the game is still considered a sellout. The Fiesta Bowl will distribute West Virginia's remaining tickets to about two dozen Phoenix-area charities, including various boys and girls clubs and YMCAs. The Arizona National Guard, Luke Air Force Base and area high schools also will receive tickets.""

The pertinent part is: " . . . By BCS rule, each Fiesta Bowl school receives 17,500 tickets."

Lets analyze the 2010 Fiesta Bowl situation, for a moment.

If TCU gets 17,500 tickets and sells them all, they do not receive any 'penalty' for selling 17,500 - the BCS allotment per school.

If BSU gets 17,500 tickets and sells them all, they do not receive any 'penalty for selling 17,500 - the BCS allotment per school.

The above referenced article also states, en parte, " . . . Since the schools buy the tickets from the Fiesta Bowl, the game is still considered a sellout. . . ".

So basically, the Fiesta Bowl is happy to get 35,000 alloted tickets out the door to both schools. With any remaining unsold tickets, being given to charities in the local Phoenix area (including, Luke Air Force Base), by the Fiesta Bowl, and not distributed, by either of the two schools.

It does not pass the muster of the 'Reasonable Man Test', to believe that BSU would get penalized by the Fiesta Bowl, for not selling an additional 1,500 (or 1,700, depending on what news story one reads these days), over and above the original 17,500 alloted tickets, when the Fiesta Bowl would have considered the initial total of 35,000 to be a 'sellout'. I understand BSU requested the additional tickets to sell, probably thinking they could sell them. But, I do not understand how BSU could be held 'financial liable' for not selling the additional 1,500 tickets while TCU only got the original alllotment of 17,500, with no plus up.

This dog just ain't hunting.

If this is in fact true, then BSU should get an increased percentage share of the 'take' of the Fiesta Bowl receipts, over and above, the agreed upon amount, commensurate with the amount of any additional 1,500 tickets, actually sold, and not a 'penalty' of having to pay $150.00 per ticket of the remaining amount of any additional 1,500 tickets actually not sold. This stuff is all so basic - Contracts 101 stuff.

Again, if this is in fact true, then BSU should get their General Counsel's office involved, to review their contractual rights with the Fiesta Bowl, to ensure BSU is not getting hosed.

Something about this whole thing is 'upside down' and not making common sense to me.

Maybe I'm just dense.

Probably that too ;-p

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

FO - Could It Be? By Jove - Ureka !! - Maybe - I Dunno

By Jove, possibly, I'm starting to get it, maybe?

" . . .It's a chance for people to donate tickets to the military. You call in and purchase a ticket and then we will donate it to a member of the military so they can watch the game," said Anita Guerricabeitia who is the Assistant Athletic Director of Ticket Sales . . ."" , per an 18 December, 2009 KTVB, news story.

Pretty crafty, really.

BSU Fans buy the Operation Bronco Storm tickets, and then BSU 'donates' them to the military. Maybe, just maybe, with the normal, standard, everyday, deduction credit thingy for 'donations' and such, accruing to BSU, thereby offsetting any potential loss created by having to eat any remaining unsold tickets of the original 1,500 ticket block.

What do you think FO?


"then we will donate it to a member of the military"

Do we know this member? is there a list? is it e-mailed, FedX'd, or what?

If I buy one can I pick my service of choice? I mean, Navy just got $1M to play Ohio State so I don't want my ticket to go to those p**ks.

I really want to do this but, you know, there's this VNDL dude who has brought some questions, I know he's just a trouble maker, but maybe someone could step up and answer the questions. If you could do that, I'd buy two (as long as they don't to those Navy p**ks)

(sorry, had an out of body experience)

Can they at least ask the Military freebie to wear orange?

......I mean that's the least they could do. Right?

BTW, how are those 'military donation sales' going? It was reported that they sold 18 tickets the first day. Trouble?

I think I am sore and tired at 1:30 in the morning.

I should be sleeping next to a woman with my last name.

Neither foreign nor oregonian

Don't see her yet.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

TCU is also paid more $ for the at-large bid than BSU makes..... would think they would require the biggest money taker to take more tickets.....but, that's the way it is.


All I can tell you is that is the deal that was made. I'm not making this stuff up. I have confirmed it through the WAC and through Gene Bleymaier. Boise State agreed to take 19,000 tickets as part of its payout. Therefore, the school has to sell them all to get its full payout.

Sounds like Gene needs a little help with projections.....

So.........if I have this right, Gene Bleymaier could have cost BSU? With the way sales are going that would be a loss (caused by Gene) of anywhere between $100,000 and $150,000, right? (I'm in a generous mood with my figures). I also am of the understanding that these additional tickets were not required to be purchased. Right? I think Chad pointed out that Gene asked for the extra tickets because 'he thought it would look bad' if he didn't request them. Right? So....even though he didn't have to request the additonal tickets, he did based on the way it would look? Well, BSU looks good but also is out somewhere between $100k and $150k (again, Truth is generous). Does that mean that Gene will now be asking for even higher guarantees for those BCS games he's trying to schedule to make up for the short fall? Oh --- I forgot. It's not a short fall because we are lookin good!

Question for Gene: Did he think that BSU wouldn't be invited to the Fiesta if he didn't ask for the additional tickets? Or was it really just a beauty contest? I'm having a hard time with his logic --- and management style.


it will be closer to a $200,000 hit.

Couple of points:

1.) Almost every bowl AD was "pushed", "pulled", "trapped", etc etc, in to taking additional tickets. Some sold them, some have not.

2.) "Logic"? "Management style"? Let's see, in the last 15 years the football program has gone from 1AA to one of the top 15 programs year in, year out. The program has an almost perfect NCAA rules record. In that time there has been over $50M in stadium expansion. Fact of the matter is, results speak loader than your opinion of his "Management style".

If he had had this kind of success at UW over the last 15 years, you'd mowing his lawn and washing his car to get him to stick around.

Speaking of which, how many bowl tickets had UW had to turn back-in over the last EIGHT years?

tfunk - gathering my ingredients and utensils & chef's hat

What's the status of your conference call?

Just reading the cook book and recipe for cooking a tort here, but will hold off for a while, pending your efforts.