More p.r. problems with the BCS; UCLA to the H-Bowl?; Name the Score contest

What great timing.

One day after I wrote this — calling for a playoff in college football and claiming the BCS has failed to do the two things it was intended to do — the BCS launches a site designed to raise questions about a playoff system.

Unreal. Check it out.

There are several questions about a dreaded playoff system on the site. Let me take a few minutes to answer them.

Who would participate?
Answer: 16 teams, including all 11 conference champions and five at-larges

How many automatic qualifiers?
11, the winners of each conference

What would be the criteria to quality?
Win your league, then the other five teams would be selected by a selection committee, just as it is done in college basketball.

What would be the criteria for seeding?
You could use some form of the BCS Standings or just allow the selection committee to seed the teams

Where would the games be played?
Home sites of the higher seed for the first three rounds with the title game being played at a pre-selected site.

When would the games be played?
In December, during the same timetable that the bowls are currently played. Semifinals would be around Jan. 1 with the title game being around Jan. 8.

So simple.

H-Bowl courting UCLA

Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl executive director Kevin McDonald is attending the UCLA-USC game this weekend. McDonald would like to invite UCLA to play in the Dec. 30 game at Bronco Stadium.

Given the alternatives, if McDonald can land the Bruins, that would be a coup.

Idaho remains the H-Bowl’s No. 1 target from the WAC.

Name the Score contest

OK, finally what everyone has been waiting for. The “Name the Score” contest is back. The winner gets a gift certificate to Domino’s. Thanks again to Treasure Valley-area Domino’s for their support.

Click here to listen to my audio prediction.

Here are the rules for the newcomers:

Boise State hosts Nevada on Friday evening and here is your chance to predict the score and win a gift certificate from Domino's Pizza for one medium three-topping pizza.

Place your guesses in the comments down below and we will pick one winner.

The closest to the actual score of the game wins.

All entries must be received by 6 p.m. MT on Friday.

When you register to make comments at, you put in an e-mail address. I will contact the winner through that e-mail address.

No need to freak out if I have not contacted you by Monday or Tuesday. I will get in touch with you next week. I promise.

If it comes down to tiebreakers, closest to Boise State's actual score, closest without going over and then first received will be the tie-breaking order.

Good luck.

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BSU 55 UN 21

BSU 55 UN 21

This game is all about TURNOVERS and SPECIAL TEAMS!

The winner of the BSU v. Nevada game will be determined by turnover margin and the play of special teams. You can rant and rave about this offense and that offense (both are outstanding) but in games like this one the team that ends up on the plus side of the turnover ratio generally wins but I'll go one step further for this game and suggest that special teams play will also be a major factor -- and yes, that means kicking field goals from the left hash mark too!

Thanks (sarcastically)

Maybe you should change your name to Captain Obvious. How come you didnt pick a winner?


BSU-49 UNR-17

52-42 ... BSU Wins

Boise State = 52
Wolfpack = 42 (no offense BSU defense - I just think Nevada's offense is THAT good)

Broncos 44-27

The Pack have a fine running game but this one is only close for a half.

Pack Wins


The BCS is starting to get

The BCS is starting to get scared that they'll lose their unfair influence and have to give up their iron grip on college football revenues. Their argument that having more teams in a playoff would create more unhappy teams is ridiculous. In cases like last year with Utah or two years ago with Texas, you would eliminate having a national champion crowned based on opinion. A team on the bubble of making the playoffs could not be more unhappy than a team that deserved to be in the championship game like Utah last year but had no path to get there no matter how good they were. Furthermore, if teams had to win their conference to get into the playoffs, they would be more likely to schedule exciting non-conference games because one non-conference loss wouldn't jeopardize their championship hopes. The extra five slots that Murph proposes would prevent good teams in stronger conferences from missing out. The BCS system is corrupt. When the bowl game invitations are based on TV ratings and how many fans would travel to the game, the system is clearly broken. There are more important things in the US to worry about, but don't let that be an excuse for the BCS to continue their corrupt system. I don't understand how the NCAA lets them get away with this sham.


No way does the BCS want to have to invite the Broncos. Sorry, just fact. The very, very worst thing that could happen would be for BSU to win out and Oklahoma State lose to the Sooners thus forcing the Fiesta to invite BSU. The only other potential road block could be Cincinnati beating Pitt and in that case Pitt could be an excuse not to invite the Broncos but that would be a real stretch.

The absolute WORST thing that could happen to the BCS is to have Boise State get the invite and then have BSU AND TCU BOTH go out and beat the high flying arrogant jerks from within the BCS conferences! That would be worse than having to split the money will a couple of cowpoke/hillbilly schools! Think about it! It would basically scream "your system doesn't work when non AQ schools come in and beat up on the elite!"

I went to that BCS site

What a joke! It looks like a 5th grader helped a 90 year old write the thing. Talk about being a cartel. Man I hope someday these greedy Mr. Burns' will die off and we get a playoff.

No doubt. I noticed that

No doubt. I noticed that they aren't trying to say how good the current system is (because it sucks), they're just trying to raise imaginary issues with a playoff system. The biggest joke is their claim that the regular season wouldn't be exciting if there were playoffs. So, NCAA basketball's regular season is boring?


Oh yeah, and BSU 58 Nevada 54

Great Game

We will win the Wac 48-35

UNR-41 BSU-37

UNR-41 BSU-37

Another High Scoring Game

Broncos 67
Wolfpack 44


BSU 42
UNR 31

broncos win

bsu 56
unr 42


40-43 Horsemen. We deserve a good game to the wire.


If Boise doesn't make a good showing Friday against Nevada, (even if they win) all bets may be off. If Nevada manages a 500 yard game, Boise's D will get the blame and could very well keep the Bronco's out of contention for any of the big name bowls. Boise has to prove they can defeat a team with a a pretty good ground game or the "too weak of a schedule" specter could rear its ugly head and make a good case against us. If that happens, UCLA and a couple other marginal teams could get second looks by bigger bowls. Wyoming, Duke, Kansas and Toledo could become eligible and join the ranks if they win their last games and regional draw might have an affect on who goes where. If the Bruins get a better offer, (Neuheisel isn't talking bowl games yet anyway) Wyoming or one of the above could be the Vandal's opponent.

........what? Wyoming? Duke? Toledo? No way Jose!

You've got me concerned. You need to lay off that stuff because after a while it begins to effect the brain JLF! I'll try to find a rehab unit number for you!

First of all, Nevada has won 7 straight with what some think is the most impressive offense in the country right now. Sure, they lost 3 early but since have shored up the issues and they are coming to play. Anyone with any sense at all knows Nevada will present a challenge for BSU. They would present a challenge right now for almost anyone. If BSU wins by 1 it won't matter. Winning is all that matters. For the record, I'm not one of the fanatic BSU kool-aid drinkers. I am approaching this from a fair and balanced perspective. I have no dog in this hunt.

Now, about the 'big name bowls' -- you must be talking BCS bowls because they are the only 'big name bowls' around. The BCS made sure of that. UCLA at 7-5 to the BCS or The Fiesta Bowl. Zip, zero, no chance. UCLA to the H-Bowl - maybe. Wyoming, Duke, Kansas or Toledo to the Fiesta? They're may be stupid from time to time but they are not that stupid. Wyoming might get a shot at the toilet bowl. The only one of those schools that could bring the money is Kansas and they have no chance of a bid. IF Boise State wins out -- if -- and Oklahoma beats Ok. State, then the Fiesta bowl will have a very difficult time rejecting BSU. Just fact.


I'll take it! Big name bowls are those other than the H bowl and those that don't pay out enough to meet expenses for the participants. That means the payout is $750K divided by two minus each conference's share.

Thank you....and I agree.

I'm not even sure it's a money maker if you go to a $750 bowl. A reward for the players, yes. But after all expenses, which can really stack up for any bowl (travel, extended hotel stays, meals, etc.).

TruphTweller here's a question

Nevada's offense they say is the hottest in the country right now. OK, yeah right, against WAC teams. But what about outside of the WAC? This year they didn't do to well. Any comments on that?


marginal ucla when bsu meets boise state in boise the bruins will take the kid gloves off


Kid gloves? Are you saying they were holding back against everyone this year?


marginal ucla when bsu meets boise state in boise the bruins will take the kid gloves off


BSU 42
UNR 34

BSU - 42 Nevada - 35

This is going to be a rough one.. BSU better brings its A++ team. Go BSU!!!!

BSU Score

38 - 24 BSU wins

SOS Runs the BCS

If SOS is going to be the guiding light, then mandate games be played during the regular season that give SOS credibility.

For instance if Boise wins the WAC then two top three finishers in one of the Big 6 conferences would be required to schedule a game against Boise or they would loose bowl eligibility.

What we need is parity of schedule, so when it comes to the BCS, strength of schedule becomes less of an issue. This gives the smaller conference schools a shot at the Bowls and more or less places the playoff system during the regular season.

Good idea but Bleymaier wouldn't like! No cream puffs!

You're suggesting something that may be considered 'practical' and that's not good for a couple of reasons. Number one, BCS couldn't write up all the rules and change them as they go. Number 2 and MOST IMPORTANT is that Bleymaier wouldn't like that idea one little bit! Where would he fit in UC Davis?

UDUB is a Cream Puff

Alabama would consider your team a "cream puff" this year.

Is this why you troll the BSU home newspaper site? Not much to be proud of at home?

Boise 41

Nevada 36

BSU has their own newspaper...The ARBITER?

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

Hey Trurth

How many 2A teams do the following programs have schedule over the next 3 years

BSU.............(in case you don't want to look)...0
Oregon..........(in case you don't want to look)...2
Washington......(in case you don't want to look)...2
LSU.............(in case you don't want to look)...2
Florida.........(in case you don't want to look)...2

My reply

Haven't you heard....they are afraid to schedule BSU even on their home fields.

Not afraid

just following the money

another response.....

First of all I do note that Oregon, Washington, LSU and Florida play in a slightly (sarcasm at work) tougher conference than BSU.

Oregon plays Tennessee (SEC) in 2010 in addition to the Pac 10

Washington in 2010 plays BYU, Syracuse and Nebraska (all cream puffs)in their only non conference games

LSU and Florida? Well, IF Boise State plays Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee and/or Florida or LSU each year I would suggest they have a tough enough schedule.

Here it is in a nutshell for you BSU kool-aid drinkers. Because BSU is a member of the WAC and is FORCED (yes, forced) to play a schedule heavy in 'cream puffs' they need to use the 3 non conference games as 'proving' games. IF they had played another top 25 team instead of UC Davis would we even be having a discussion? Would BSU be having worries over being invited to a BCS bowl? I don't think so.....

case closed.

Boise State 72 Nevada 54

You know it.

Whoa Corporal Finlooplo

Hold back, that might stretch the limits of the time space continuum.

The Doctor managed to save the universe though...

Like a midair collision with a tugboat




BSU's rivalry with Nevada-Reno (sorry for the slight WolfPack) is, and has been for some time, greater than the rivalry with Idaho. I'm a BSU alum that has been to Reno games four times. They always bring their "A" game (BSU lost all four in Reno).
That said.......
Close game,

BSU - 21
UNR - 17

Go Defense!


When did Boise lose 4 in Reno? Did I miss something, or was this before the year 2000? Not trying to be a jerk by the way.

It's only happened once.

The Broncos dropped 6 straight in Reno from 1989 through 1998, including the thrilling 59-52 3OT loss in the I-AA playoffs in 1990.

BSU One Step Closer!

BSU 41
UNR 21

BSU 41 UN 21

That's my score guess, but I'm way off.

Have any of you thought about the BCS like this or is it just me. After listening to Gene talk to the ESPN announcers during the Utah State game, he pretty much told us how it would work if Boise wins out, but you had to read between the lines. It wouldn't surprise me at all if TCU went to the title game, and Boise went to the Fiesta Bowl if they both remain undefeated. Now I know some of you are calling me an idiot, but think about it. BCS wants their system to work, and are saying that it works for the little guy. If they put TCU in the title game, and BSU in another BCS bowl, they have shown their system works in order to keep it. However, they would only have to do it once, and then make reasons why it won't happen again.


How about a one game playoff with the winner of the MWC, WAC, MAC, Sun Belt, C-USA competing against each other and the two winners would automatically qualify for a bcs game. The criteria would be that they would have to win their conferences outright and have no more than one loss. If you have more than one loss or you did not win your conference outright you do not qualify. Now lets say that each of these conferences has a team that qualifies or just three of these conferences then you leave out the team with the weakest strength of schedule. If there is just one team that qualifies then they are the only only ones who go. If there is an even number of teams then they play each for a bcs game or games.

BSU - 55
Nevada - 31


The one problem remains with this theory though. I still don't see the non qualifiers getting in the title game.


BSU 37-- UNR 28

RENO-Without A Doubt!

Without a doubt, Reno is still the nicest toilet in northern Nevada to stop and take a crap on your way to California.