Avery, Martin to get bulk of work at tailback

By Chadd Cripe

For the first time all year, Boise State expects to have a three-tailback rotation for Friday's game at Louisiana Tech.

However, junior Jeremy Avery and sophomore Doug Martin will get the bulk of the carries as long as they are able. Martin is returning from a pulled hip flexor that limited him in the past two games.

Freshman Matt Kaiserman, who was highly productive in his first two college games while Martin was ailing, will be used for select plays.

The rotation could change based on performance, but coaches don't want to spread the carries too thin. Avery, the starter, always gets the first couple of series.

"All three of those guys are going to get their carries in the game," running backs coach Keith Bhonapha said. "We'll see how it gets rolling."

Avery leads the team with 636 rushing yards and is tops among the trio with a 5.7-yard average. He also leads the running backs with 15 catches for 126 yards.

Martin, who moved to tailback in the fourth game of the season after D.J. Harper (284 yards) was injured, has rushed for 363 yards and five touchdowns. He averages 5.3 yards per carry.

Kaiserman, who missed the first six games with a concussion, has rushed for 149 yards and a touchdown. He averages 5.1 yards per carry.

Harper averaged 6.5 yards per carry before he was injured.

That's four tailbacks who have each posted a 100-yard game and who all have averaged more than 5 yards per carry.

The tailbacks continue to have the right attitude about sharing time, Bhonapha said.

"I tell them, 'Don't concentrate on the plays you're not in, concentrate on the plays you are in,' " he said.

Martin expects to get his usual workload Friday. Coaches had hoped he would be in that role last week, too, and he wasn't able to go.

"Injuries, they always are frustrating," Martin said. "It takes time for these things to heal."


Junior safety Jason Robinson, who started games as a freshman, has become a productive role player for the Broncos. He's a big part of the special-teams units and he rotates into the game at nickel.

In the past two weeks, he has caught a pass on a fake punt against Hawaii and forced a key fumble against San Jose State.

"He's not a headline guy, so to speak, in the media," Petersen said, "but he is a headline guy in this locker room and on our team - energy wise, leadership wise, with the example he sets. ... When he gets his chances, he produces. That's what it's all about."


Did anyone think Martin was injured when bowled over tacklers on four straight carries in the 4th quarter of last weeks game? He then sprinted 60+ yds into the endzone for a touchdown. Injured indeed. Something is afoot here in the running back situation at BSU. Does anyone else find this story a bit fishy? I don't think Martin was injured and i also think Kaiserman is more productive on the field than Avery. Jeremy gets big plays but Kaiserman moves the chains....just sayin.

Something afoot? Fishy story? Only in your mind.

Martin missed most of the practices before last week's game and that's why he didn't play until late in the game. If something was 'afoot' then Martin wouldn't have tried to play at all against Hawaii. He was in for a couple of plays, couldn't go and the coaches sat him down. Last week, he missed practice/game planning and wasn't ready to execute on anything but the running plays he got at the end. Period.

And while Kaiserman may be productive running the football, there are a lot more things required of a back to be the starter and/or primary back. Pass route running/catching, blitz pickup, etc. are also part of being a running back and in those areas, Avery is still ahead of Kaiserman because of his experience. That's why he's the starter - oh, and because he averages 5.7 yards a carry.

Right now, Kaiserman is very good when asked to take a hand-off and run the football. But that's not all there is to being a running back in this offense. Someday he'll be good at all of it. There's nothing fishy - just a lot more goes into football than what you see and comprehend for 3 hours on Saturday.

ok Cooter

I never said that kaiserman should be starting nor that he should get the most carries. Bye the way, Avery got blown up on two pass plays last week against SJSU so I'm not sure that your argument holds much water. The broncos are very poor on short yardage situations. I simply think Kaiserman is more able to move the pile and keep the chains moving. Avery is a big play back for sure but for every 20 yard carry, he has about 2 or 3 for minus yardage.

Also, in regards to Martin....if he was hurt and not practicing, why play him at all? Doesnt he risk injury and further depletion of the running back pool? His Mom flew over to hawaii to watch him play too. Why would she do that if he wasnt going to play?


I hope the BSU players are not reading all this hype about BCS bowl games and Heisman hopes! They've got a real game to play tomorrow and IMO it's not going to be easy. First, every single team that plays BSU from here on out can make a name for themselves and save and entire season with an upset win. Second, LA TECH is a good football team. Sure, they've lost a fair share of games but the games I watched showed me that they can play the game and that they've got some real talent at some key positions. Coach Petersen (who I have all the respect in the world for) knows all about those 'trap games' and there just might be a big trap being set in Ruston, LA. Friday night.

While it's fine for the fans to talk about all the 'what if's' and the BSU bowl possibilities, it's not good for the players to read or hear. From the first game most BSU fans had the Broncos already in a BCS bowl game if not in the National Championship game. Talk about pressure! Don't get me wrong, this is a very good team with POTENTIAL greatness ahead but let's cut them some slack and let them play the game! What really scares me is that with only 5 seniors on their entire roster that the fans are going to have them playing for the BCS National Championship before even playing their first game next year! That just won't work my friends. There is sooooo much more football yet to be played this year. LA TECH is dangerous, Nevada even more dangerous and I know you Bronco fans don't want to hear this but IDAHO is just not the same team it has been the last few years. Coach Akey has the Vandals physically and even more important, mentally prepared to beat the Broncos. Ask yourself this question; If YOU played at LA TECH, Nevada and/or especially for Idaho, would you not have the Boise State game circled on your calander? Really, beating the Broncos would be the highlight of any players college career! (Especially so if you are a Vandal player!).

So let's cut the Broncos a little slack, be supportive and continue to give them confidence BUT, let's remember that there is a whole lot of football ahead for this POTENTIALLY GREAT TEAM and all the talk about BCS this or BCS that is just way premature (as are all the stories the Statesman wants to write about 'Two teams non-BCS busting the BCS', or if BSU is better than XYZ, etc. etc.)

Go Broncos!

(I'm now climbing down off my soapbox)

Agree, but...

just don't build BSU's schedule into something it isn't. I love how each week the Statesman and others build up BSU's opponent to make it seem like a big victory and make it seem like if BSU can go undefeated with the "tough" opponents they have to play each week they definitely deserve to be ranked in the top 5 and should easily be considered for a BCS bowl and/or shot at the national championship. Yes, each week anyone can lose to anyone (i.e., Appalachian St. and Michigan in the past; USC and Washington, etc.) but in reality BSU will keep on rolling.

Uhhm, Err, Uhhhhh, OK Truth Teller

Thanks for the deep insight. Why are you posting this on an article about the Boise State running backs? What does BCS talk have to do with the running back rotation?

The only people talking BSU National Champions

Are most of the diehards posting on here. Dont' get me wrong we are a great team. I don't think we could beat some of the bigger programs. With our youth and energy we will continue to grow. Anyone remember at the beginning of the year everyone was saying this is a rebilding year. As a fan of my Broncos, I'm reminded that they are mostly young and not really well seasoned... yet.

I remember Robinson's

first major try against Washington. Him and Jeron Johnson (freshman) were competing and playing together. Ouch! He got burned so bad on that halfback pass.

I wonder how Nick Saban would use our backs?

I'm sure that coach Bhonapha has put together a solid, well thought out, and effective game plan for his backs, however, I would like to see more variety in the selected usage of our backs based on the differing styles of our running backs.

It would be fun if coach B were to adopt a little bit of former LSU and current Bama coach, Nick Saban's, philosophy on the usage of multiple tailbacks, who he’ll constantly rotates during games, with as many as three tailbacks entering the huddle on one drive.

Saban says that he doesn’t formulate pre-game plans to juggle his tailbacks, instead he prefers to go by a "gut feeling" depending on how the game is going because it allows him to get a feel for who's hot and who's not not that day.

So far this year, we've been terrible on 3rd downs and on the goal line and am a bit surprised that we've yet to see any of our backs step up and become our 3rd down, short yardage specialist, which based on what I've seen so far, I'd go with Kaiserman over Martin or Avery

Agreed. On this subject, I

Agreed. On this subject, I feel most times the coaches are too repetitive with Avery when it is obvious it is not working. They did the same thing the last two years with Ian Johnson, and when Avery or Harper was tossed in the mix, more times than not the new guy made a big gain. They do well mixing recievers, do the same on the ground.

What a bunch of...

...donkey turd.

Now Boise is not only hiring a PR firm to "push" their case, but now they are saying that nobody will play them.

Never heard that from Fresno State or TCU or BYU or Utah.

Could it be that it's easier to cry about things than actually play a real schedule???

Could it be that playing more than 1 BCS school every season would expose the Boise program as a typical wiggitty wack, that is to say you would be eaten alive by the overwhelming task of having to play more than one serious team and that injuries and lack of depth and coaching would eat you alive???

Could it be that true to form it's easier the muledroppings to whine than actually go out and show the world what competing week after week is like???

Yeah, I know it's easier to play Tulsa, Idaho, UC Davis etc., etc., etc.

Why play tough teams when you can cry about it, hire a PR firm to create a bunch of "woe is me" media and hope the voters take pity you.

What a joke. Boise really is sending a message. Do you think that by making all this noise about being shunned and excluded that anyone will play you now???

Nice job mules. What a laugher. have fun in the Poinsetta Bowl, or GMAC bowl or wherever. LOL!!!!!


...donkey turd - alias -

...donkey turd - alias - BDuck. MR.BDUCK to the rest of us!
"Get in my Belly!" Ride On Mr. BDUCK! Too bad Oregon kicked you off the team! LOL

Fresno, TCU, BYU & Utah never whine about this...

...muleyturdly...so why all the sobbing???

Boise is a joke. Play no one then cry about it saying that no one will play you.

Clearly none of the other minors have a problem scheduling games against the big time but it's easier to create a bunch of false media in order to fool the voters.

Yeah I get it. Sorry charlie. Didn't work cause in the end no one cares and everyone knows. You are exposing yourself for the whiners you are.

The whole world is laughing. What a joke!!!

We wouldn't have that problem either, if....

if we would lose, too. Do you honestly think Fresno St can continue to schedule USC and Wisconsin if there was the slightest chance Fresno would would win? Hell, no. That's the biggest reason Fresno and SJSU are able to schedule games like that. With Boise State, there is a chance (even just a small one) that the "big" BCS teams could lose. That kind of risk isn't worth it to them, so they don't schedule us. It's as simple as that.


Factoid, #ss. All of the BCS teams schedule very weak OOC teams since their conf. games are tough enough and all they need to do is win their conf to go to a bowl. None of them want to be in the position the ducks started out in with a loss. They use Non conf. games as a recoup or practice. No need to risk a loss out of conf. No big benefit if they win against BSU also. The ducks would be looking at a possible NC if they hadn't lost to BSU. So.....dimwit, wether you want to admit it or just spew your usuall crap, there is no incentive for BCS teams to play BSU. As also evidenced by your own athletic director stating that he would not play BSU again. Its a no win for BCS teams.

As usual...

...I must educate the ignorant...

Factoid # 1
No, BCS teams do not load up on weak OOC teams every year, although some do. Oregon played 2 ranked teams and a team that beat Ohio St.

Factoid #2
If you are a good team you want to play good teams, so, IF BJC is good, then teams would want to play them, it just makes them look better. That is IF BJC was held as a quality team.

Factoid #3
Even if they lose, like Oregon, it's not a conference game so you can still win the conference, even have 2 losses AND go to a bcs bowl.

Factoid #4
This plea for help has never been heard from TCU, BYU, Fresno or Utah. Why is Boise special?? Because they truly have zero body of work or SOS compared to everyone else and they know that only one non BCS will have a bone thrown it's way and it's TCU, so better cry and CREATE ALL SORTS OF FALSE MEDIA IN ORDER TO SWAY VOTERS.

You mules have no argument, only crying fits of wannabeitis.



The only "elite" BCS team (by "elite" I mean a team that has won a conference championship within the last decade) who didn't schedule patsies for their OOC schedule is USC. ALL the other schedule cupcakes.

Lamont, where's Rollo and Aunt Esther???

TCU-BYU-Fresno State-Utah-all of your brothers in little sister conferences arms take their medicine.

They never cry or whine. They all play WAY tougher schedules than turd nation.

Boise wants to cry and whine it's way to the BCS but the joke is as always on donkeytown.

All you are doing is embarrASSing you and your little team. Do you really think hiring a PR firm and claiming that 10 teams backed out of games with you is going to get anyone to play you???

LOL, think again turds.

You are about to get lapped by Oregon. Lapped meaning;
-we lose to you
-fall out of the rankings
-dominate the toughest conference in the nation
-rise back up to one spot behind the mules
-pass the mules next week as we gain on you each week and after all the whining and made up junk to sway voters it won't matter if you beat La Tech by 50, we paSS YOU THIS WEEK.

The little engine that couldn't runs out of gas.

Rack Me again!!!!

duckturds are falling out of "bducks" mouth

Boy that loss to BSU really got your ducktail all up in the air.........
Stop speaking with your mouth full of duckturds, you whiney baby

To late to cry fowl now...

...You beat Oregon, widely considered the best team in the nation and that's supposed to get you into the BCS???

Lets recap shall we how Boise has become a laughing stock;

-hiring a PR firm to "push" their BCS case. What case. You have no case.
-Going undefeated again and being a non factor in the BCS
-saying that 10 teams backed out of playing you. Who are these teams?? Yeah I didn't
think any teams would actually be named BECAUSE THERE ARE NO TEAMS

Who wouldn't play Boise??

USC played Fresno St
Wisconsin played Fresno
2 ACC teams played TCU
Oregon played Utah and Boise

Boise doesn't get games with the big boys because they don't want games with us. Oh sure one game every couple of years, but mainly its CUSA or some other weak A** conference that builds no body of work or strength of schedule.

Too late to cry in your PR milk turds. All this does is make you look worse than you already do, it that's possible and I believe it is.

Have fun playing the fighting hens or whoever makes the poinsetta bowl.LOL LOL LOL


Did that job bagging groceries at Freddies work out for you? I was sure hoping you would rebound after losing your job at the Chevron mini mart. Oh, and did you manage to move out of your parents house yet?


I will bet you that the ducks implode. Can't keep it up. Kinda like you.


You're right. BSU will keep rolling. Surprising comment from you. But, it won't matter. I don't believe that they will take BSU as an at large and I don't think TCU will lose. I would love to see TCU play Oregon in the Rose Bowl. It would be a good game.




where do you hunt?



Hang on, Apache

Not ALL BCS teams schedule ridiculous OOC teams. USC had Notre Dame -- in South Bend -- and Ohio State. Georgia went to Oklahoma State, hosted Arizona State, and will play a solid Georgia Tech team later this year. UCLA played both Tennessee and Kansas State. Cal had Maryland and Minnesota. Virginia Tech played both Alabama and Nebraska.

Yes, a lot of BCS schools play layups. Virtually every team does, including BSU. But there are schools out there that'll schedule decent OOC teams. You've just gotta go find them.

For me, I don't need to see BSU playing Ohio State to feel that our non-conference schedule is validated. I'd be happy to see the Broncos start by playing solid FBS programs like Missouri or Cal instead of Bowling Green and Wyoming on a yearly basis.

not oregon?

Ducks on Sauvie are pretty good right now.


You're right. Maybe Benson could get some more deals like the VT next year. Maybe Dallas needs to fill a hole in their stadium schedule. Ha.




I go down to Klamath area and over to Crane to shoot squirrels in spring. Crane hot springs is fun to visit.

don't look now

but fumbduck is also posting on the eugene website. his comments make no sense, but that does not deter him.


scroll down to read his drivel

Nice try but as usual, you lose...

...the only drivel is that of an imposter, but nothing new there, just like Boise hiring PR firms and making empty claims that several high profile teams won't play them. LOL!! even harder and louder than usual.

How did it feel to be on a winners blog donkeys09??

Stick to your own. That way you can talk about shootin critters and drinkin moonshine and line dancin down at the saloon.

What a complete tool, you gotta rack me again!!

Drivel suits you well...grasshopper...

Boise is undefeated and ranked 1 spot ahead of the only team it beat

Boise cries in their blue pee turf when they play nobody and then get left out in the cold

If Boise put as much effort into scheduling real teams as broncos81 does transposing my regal, intelligent, truthful and racked posts to other blogs, they would be moot in the college football world

Oh yeah they're already moot, as no one cares about them, their conference, their pr firms or false media claims

Oregon will play in a BCS bowl after losing to Boise because they are a better football program proven week after impressive week who doesn't live off of one win then beat up on the san jose states of the world.

Rack me even though you tire me and I am your master

You really don't make any sense

It's funny to read your stuff guy. You wrote "Boise is undefeated and ranked 1 spot ahead of the only team it beat" haha!! Well they've actually beat everyone they played. Yeah your a strange one. Week after week you spend time here writing garbage that sounds like an uneducated 7 year old. You share no interest with anyone who posts here, which means your only here to stir the pot. Sad your so upset over a couple losses.

Sorry I offended you QUICKS...

...I'm not here to stir the pot. Sorry to have disrespected Boise. Unsportsmanlike of me and it will never happen again.

Good luck to the Broncos tonight and I hope they school Nevada, stay undefeated and get the BCS bid. After TCU loses to Utah, I'm sure they will as long as they take care of business.

Waaaaa, nobody will play us...I can't name names though...

...because actually we can get any game we want, we just don't want them.

Get a life, regional oddity!!!

Blue pee turf
high school stadium
wiggitty wack conference
false media claims
crying to media

let us in the club even though we don't deserve it.

What a joke!!!!!!!!!


There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

ol bduck

revels in his drivel. nice to see him get punked.



it is fitting fumbduck

because you are an imposter. you are impersonating an educated, law abiding citizen and you are neither.


I live near you. I know because I can smell you. You spouted off the other day that if Hout showed up You and others would show him what is what. Rack me, baby. Tell us all how tough you are. Show that true duck mentality again. Ooooh, I quiver with antici.....pation at your response of how cool YOU are because the ducks are winning. The closest that you ever got to playing sports was JV shuffle board. I own you, little ractoid. Living in mommas basement. Tossin# off to aerobisize #12. Ducks won't go to NC game because of BSU. Even if we don't go to any bowl, that is good for us. We stopped the F..ing ducks from embarassssssment at the NC game. HA! smoke that. I own you.

apache69...more like Junior Samples...

...you don't own anything. I don't know who you are talking about but I never said that about Hout. All I said is that he mouthed off and got dropped like the 2nd stringer he is. basically, got what he deserved.

Having played QB, I can read defenses, and I can read you. The typical mule fan. Whining because you just can't get invited to the party. WAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Same old mulespeak.

Here's how to not get invited to the BCS
1. Go undefeated by playing DII schools
2. Beat one DI school
3. Live off that one win
4. Ask a U.S. Senator to act in Boise's behalf in order to get Boise into the BCS
even though everyone clearly sees they haven't earned it.
5. Hire a PR firm to "push" your BCS case. What case?? You play no one, therefore
you have no case
6. Have the Wiggitty Wack commissioner make wild claims that 10 high profile schools
refuse to play Boise, HOWEVER NO SCHOOLS ARE NAMED.

Result. complete and utter embarrASSment of the Boise juco football program, blue pee turf and high school stadium.

And apache69 goes down in infamy as the bigges donkey'sA** of all time.

Yeah, like I thought, you own nothing but the fastest turd in the west running down your leg after my continuous racking of you and your mule bretheren.

ttfn waterboy. Ha ha, Hee Haw LOL!!!!!!

apache69 just keeps makin it up...

...just like the Boise program, you must spread untruths. Go right ahead, it's clear that a lack of integrity goes hand in hand with Boise's program and it's fans.

I've been saying all along that Oregon was the better team, despite our loss to you and that in the end our sos and body of work would prevail in a higher ranking than Boise.

Now that it's about to happen all you mules want to make things up, spread false doctrine about Boise's team, Oregon and it's fans.

Cry a little louder, make a little more noise in the senate, stir up a media storm by making false claims, hire a few more PR folks to blow smoke up everone's donkey'sA**.

In the end it's all smoke and mirrors with Boise and it's fans; no signigicant wins, no BCS games and certainly no intelligent responses on my blog.

I continue to call all the plays and control the game just as I did in my playing days. I QBacked the best team and you may look at me as the QB, leader, if you will on this blog.

It all goes through me baby, just like the BCS and the Rose Bowl goes through Eugene.
Cheers to the O and Rack me again!!!!!!!!!!

I thought the APACHE had to do with an attack helicopter, Duck.


There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


What? nothing? To busy abusing yourself? Mommy, will you make me a chocolate milk? Plugging up your toilet with tissue? All that matters, is we beat you. FACTOID!! If we are as bad as you say, then you suck worse. FACTOID! I own you wussy.


I know, Iknow. It is getting near your bedtime and mommy says you need to get to bed. Busy day at Freddies baggin. Make sure and front the ice cream correctly so I can find my favorite kind. I own you, muck sucking ducktoid.


check out the link to the eugene paper above.


Bsuck says his same shi# only in reverse with the ducks as the losers. He is just some internet freaktoid. Probably lives in Detroit.

no dude

i impersonate bduck on that site. all the duck fans get hella pist.