Eight AP voters put Oregon ahead of Boise State on ballot

At least eight voters of the 60 Associated Press poll voted Oregon ahead of Boise State in their ballot this week. Boise State defeated Oregon 19-8 in the season opener at Bronco Stadium.

All of the below results come from the Pollspeak, which tracks the votes of AP football voters.

The eight who have Oregon ahead of Boise State:

• Craig James of ESPN has Oregon No. 4 and Boise State No. 11.

• Kirk Bohls of the Austin (Texas) American Statesman has Oregon No. 4 and Boise State No. 9.

• Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News has Oregon No. 2 and Boise State No. 7.

• Angelique Chengelis of The Detroit News has Oregon No. 4 and Boise State No. 7.

• Brent McMurphy of AOL FanHouse has Oregon No. 5 and Boise State No. 7.

• Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne (Indiana) News-Sentinel has Oregon No. 4 and Boise State No. 6.

• Eric Schmoldt of the Casper (Wyoming) Star-Tribune has Oregon No. 6 and Boise State No. 7.

• Dave Matter of the Columbia (Missouri) Daily Tribune has Oregon No. 7 and Boise State No. 8.

The real number is likely higher because the ballot of ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit was not available. Herbstreit said during Saturday night’s Oregon-USC telecast that he had Oregon at No. 4 and Boise State was not in his top 5.

By comparison, not one voter has Penn State ahead of Iowa. Penn State's lone loss this season was to undefeated Iowa.

At least the writers’ votes are public. The coaches do not release their individual ballots each week. Some Harris poll voters make their ballots public.

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Kirk Herbstreit and Craig James

Are nothing more than a hacks for the big conferences. As far as some of the other voters are concerned Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News is a tired homer who's team just had a beating put on it.Kirk Bohls of the Austin (Texas) American Statesman is another homer who wants to see TCU in a BCS game. AS for the other voters I would say that they fall victim to the well Oregon plays in the PAC 10 and must be better syndrome.


Why is this news?

didn't bduck insist

that oregon would be ahead of boise state? could it be that he has no clue as to what he is rambling?

is bduck racking himself

yet again?

He will NEVER learn......

Bduck.......he has "racked" himself so many times, I'm not sure there is anything left. -Whatever makes him happy.
The bias in the national media is almost ridiculous. Craig James is a mess, he has a blue, and orange burr in his saddle. Maybe he feels cheated being a SMU mustang, and wanted to be a BRONCO !


Didn't know you were so sensitive Murphy! Called you an ID 10 T so you are upset? Or the fact that I thought you made yourself speechless?

Either way...we all know that some AP voters will never abide by the head to head rule. They have too much at stake in terms of money or who they support. Herbstreit is one of them, so he has to vote UO ahead of BSU. it would show how wrong he and his BCS homers are if he were to vote BSU ahead.

I see

That the first five voters didn't see the game we played against Oregon. They need to remember -5 yards the entire night running. Along with remembering they finally got a first down late in the third quarter.
It was are first game too. We left a ton of points in the red zone that night on stupid mistakes. They were lucky it wasn't a good O'l fashion blue turf !@s kicken.
Please give us a little respect for kicking their butt in Eugene last year and kicking it again here this year.
We need to make sure we take it to VT next year too. We'll get it someday if we keep winning the big ones.

The fact of the matter is

NCAA Football is the only competitive institution that it based on popularity and rhetoric. It barely meets the definition of sport, as it has been so corrupted by the money-motivated BCS system. It would be a very simple process to cut out two non-conference games and have conference champs play against each other at the end of the year instead, and we would be able to just put it all on the field.

Instead, teams like BSU have no recourse. If Oregon does poorly, the voters point to it as proof that Boise State didn't play any good teams. If Oregon turns out to be a top 5 team, everyone says it's not the same team who lost to Boise State. Yes it is. It is the exact same team that lost to Boise State. Same one.

If Boise State's non conference schedule this year consisted of Florida, Alabama, Texas, and Iowa, have no doubt that there would still be excuses that other teams have to fight every week to win while Boise State just has to do will in September.

The good news? None of it matters. The BCS will not want to suffer the consequences of taking Oregon and leaving Boise State out. There are too many non-BCS schools who would cry foul.

You say the BCS will not

You say the BCS will not take Oregon and leave Boise State out. I am not so sure if Oregon keeps winning. Oregon may even move up to the national championship game. Boise State is competing with TCU to get in and if TCU doesn't lose they will get in because of their stronger strength of schedule and the fact they beat Boise State last year. Oregon will have nothing to do with it as everyone will assume Oregon is the better team over Boise State as long as Oregon keeps winning. It will be easy to rationalize Oregon if they keep winning. The Pac 10 is strong and if Oregon keeps winning everyone will say that if Oregon and Boise State played again, Oregon would easily beat them which is probably true.

BSU caught in numbers game

You can hope Oregon loses but that might hurt BSU in the Computer Poll because BSU beating Oregon helps them as long as Oregon keeps winning. Broncos only hope is the UTES can beat TCU. BYU couldn't do it so let's hope Utah has the strength to do it. Of course, Utah gains more financially if TCU makes one of the big payout "dances" as all the teams in the Mountain West will get million$ plus. Win or lose Utah gains. Maybe no incentive for them to beat TCU, except for pride. That is what is wrong with the BCS. They need another big payout BOWL GAME. Oregon vs Boise would draw alot of attention and MONEY!!!

nail on the head

GJ—you pointed to exactly what the problem is with poll-based rankings. Everyone is basing their opinions on what is "probably true," and not what IS true. The whole idea behind sports is that two teams can take it out on the field and a clear cut winner will emerge. Polls are important when it comes to comparisons like Boise State and TCU, as they don't play each other and don't have any common opponents (I don't think). But Boise State and Oregon DID play each other, and Boise State DID win, but everyone's ignoring that because of what "could" be true now. Basis of comparison: Alabama "probably" would have destroyed Utah last year, let's all go down to Utah and get the Sugar Bowl trophy back for them. To hell with actual games.

And by the way (and I agree with what you said on this): TCU is getting credit for beating Boise State last season, right? Well if that game is under consideration, what about game the Broncos played next? Everyone says that Oregon is a "different team" now... well Boise State IS a different team from last year.

The entire BCS system is pulling a Bill Clinton: their entire defense is that they're using a different definition of "is."

Last time I checked we still play football at BSU, not polls.

There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

There is no life in Idaho... blah, blah, blah

Foreignoregonian. What the heck does your repetitive rant mean? I've read it a bunch, because you are so consistently annoying, but I don't get it. Are you trying to save us.

I just thought I would let you know that you can relax because the majority of us were BORN OK THE FIRST TIME.

It's a take on THE OUTER LIMITS.

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Is this what you mean?

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You control the verbatim and I control the improvisation-correct

There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

You control the verbatim and I control the improvisation-correct

There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

FO enjoys trashing everything in Idaho

He's 43 lives in Oregon but thinks his clever public opinion is held with such reverence, that it settles all free speech; as though he is the voice of God and consequently feels the need to express it on every IDAHO subject & to everyone. If of course you find his rants silly, you then become a troll. IMPRESSIVE huh winker!

That's a FOX NEWS opinion if I ever heard one!

There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

why are they hacks?

so they are hacks just because they don't think bsu is as good as their current ranking indicates?
why aren't the guys who rank bsu ahead of oregon hacks in your eyes?

its easy to see oregon is playing way better than bsu right now against better teams
if you guys deny that then you really are blinded by the blue and orange

funny how everyone is hating on bsu but yet you bsu fans don't consider yourself haters for hating on people that don't like bsu

Didnt you already say this some place else

Way to be original bandito...

You have to understand

People use words here that they don't even understand the meaning of... it's kind of weird.

What was used Mikey?


I used a soft drink to induce a burp.

There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

quit crying

An argument can be made that Oregon is the better tema right now because it has been tested week in and week out, causing more growth. Honestly which team has improved morre since that sloppy game by both temas? So really should the poll be about your record or who is best right now, its not for me to say, but until BSU improves its out of conference schedule they will fall prey to this argument of "who is better right now." So instead of whining about a popularity contest, whine about how your AD puts forth a soft schedule to try to back door BSU's way into the BCS. Playoff anyone?


These men and lady are truly skilled writers and blessed intellectual giants.

Loosin it

I liked the one about the Oregon Trail...luckily I was born in Oregon.

Hey Bluphan

So your ancestors made it to the promised land.

We pulled it off. Did you watch it? I wanted the Ducks to win in that fashion, but I didn't think it would really happen like that.


Impressive win. I didn't think Oregon would be able to stop the USC O. OSU would've won also but they couldn't stop the run like Oregon did. And on top of that UO did incredible on Offense. That James kid reminded me of Rogers last year when OSU beat USC.

Just between you and I

I was born in the Magic Valley.


I was raised close to the Owyhee's, kinda dumbed me down a little.

lets get mikey to try it

Please enlighten us oh master of the quacks. BSU may fall behind you in the rankings IF you continue to win, and probably deservingly so. But it still hurts you oh so bad that we beat you twice in a row. All people really know is that. The rest is speculation.

And by the way

Why does Cincinnati deserve 5? The only ranked team they beat was S Florida and they also played Miami (OH) and Fresno. Its different when they play these guys?

BCS Double Standard

You're beginning to understand the BCS now.

First, "winning ugly" is only negative when you're not a BCS team. If Alabama "wins ugly" against Tenn, it's a "hard fought victory". If Boise "wins ugly" against Tulsa, it's awful because OU beat Tulsa by 45.

Second, if Iowa needs to block 2 FGs to win against a FCS team, or only beats Ark St by 3 AT HOME, or needs a TD as time expires to beat unranked Mich St, or struggles at home with Indiana, it's OK because they are a Big Ten team.

However, when Boise State controls the game and wins HUGE on the road against UH, they drop 3 spots in the poll.

When Cincy beats Fresno, in Cincy, by 8 it's considered a nice win. However, when Boise beats that same Fresno team by 3 scores IN FRESNO, it's ho-hum.

When Boise DOMINATED Oregon in the opening game of the year, ESPN rightly took notice. However, now all we hear from clowns like the writers mentioned above, is that Oregon is a different team at this point in the season. Sure they are different, THEY DONT HAVE THE SECOND RATED RUNNING BACK IN THE NATION (according to ESPN)!

Head to head means nothing to these IDIOTS. Absolutely unbelievable. This system is a joke. These writers should have their privileges taken away.



You say pollsters want more

You say pollsters want more than 1 quality win, fine. Name me a couple quality wins for TCU. How about more than one for Iowa. Still having trouble? Name Cincy's "quality wins". Go check out Penn St schedule and pick out their "quality wins".

Pitt is #13 in the BCS, give me their "quality wins".

Utah #14, any quality wins there?

By the way, I try to emphasize my points by using caps. Obviously this is still lost on IDIOTS like you. Next time you feel the need to express your uneducated "opinion" just don't.

Quality wins for Iowa:

Quality wins for Iowa: Arizona(currently #18 in BCS standings),Wisconsin(21st),Penn State(11th).
TCU: BYU, Clemson
Cincy: South Florida(25th), Oregon State
And dont you dare try to say BYU and Oregon State arent quality wins. These boards are filled with bronco fans proclaiming the schedule for future years will be better because they are playing these teams.

Why do you care about the teams behind your beloved Broncos? Did I say anything about Penn St, Pitt or Utah being more qualified than BSU? Nope. But I guess "uneducated" IDIOTS like me dont know more than you. You are so tough behind your keyboard. Sorry mormon, I guess I struck a nerve. Go home, have one of your wives tell you it's going to be ok, have a glass of milk and cry while BSU continues to drop in BCS standings. Enjoy the Humanitarian Bowl while Iowa and Oregon play in the Rose Bowl, TCU in the Fiesta Bowl and Cincy in the Orange Bowl.

Who said I was Mormon?

Milk is for babies, I'll have a beer. Now let me tear your latest nonsense post to shreds:

Iowa- I'll give you AZ, but PSU is the biggest farce in the country outside of Iowa. You think Boise St has a weak schedule? Go look at Penn St.'s and try not to laugh. As for Wisconsin, you do realize Wisconsin had to go to overtime to beat Fresno don't you? The same Fresno that Boise beat by 3 scores. Yes, Wisconsin is ranked so you could make the argument it is a quality win, but at some point do you have to start taking away from the Hawkeyes because of their performances against N. Iowa, Ark St, and Mich St?

TCU- BYU quality? The same BYU that is unranked in the BCS and has lost their 2 biggest home games by a combined score of 92-35? Sorry, that does not equal "quality". Clemson quality? The same Clemson that is 5-3, unranked, and provided Maryland with their only victory over a FBS opponent? Sorry, once again that does not equal "quality".

Cincy- S. Fla, it's a stretch but maybe "semi-quality". Oregon St? Unranked and not a quality win. The fact that we have them on the schedule has ZERO bearing on if they are considered a quality win this season for Cincy.

In your previous, uneducated, rambling post, you stated that "POLLSTERS WANT MORE THAN 1 QUALITY WIN EVERY YEAR". I assume pollsters also determine the rankings of the teams below Boise as well as above. That is why I have chosen to point out other teams ranked in the vicinity of the Broncos who also have no quality wins. You have clearly failed to prove that "pollsters want more than 1 quality win every year" since teams both above and below Boise don't have multiple quality wins to justify their rankings. Therefore, your argument is wrong.

The fact remains that NONE of these teams have a single win that is as impressive as Boise has over Oregon. Sadly, your bowl projections are probably pretty close to correct, but not because those teams have better quality wins. It's because of the almighty dollar. Plain and simple.

By the way, I'm pretty tough in front of my keyboard too.

Typing in caps is betting than popping them but thugs don't care

Ain't that silly of them?

There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Gather around kiddies

Well this old sage will have to share some very painfully emotional feeling to get to the root of that question.

When I was growing up in Boise before I escaped to Oregon, I went to Campus grade school. It was located on the campus of BJC. There was a lady, Mrs Smith, that would come on occasion to our music class to teach the recorder. She would always bring cookies. They were very good. One day after her class she passed out the cookies and ran out of them just before it was my turn to get one.... It was traumatic. It effected me my whole life.

The lady was Mrs Smith... the wife of coach Lyle Smith.

That story was real hard to tell, but you asked.


bonwell is correct

with one minor exception. the felon ligarette is no longer playing. if he were, they would still be losing. the fowl cannot beat the broncos.


i'll send you a dozen cookies. on a similar note, when did the fowl beat the broncos?

Thank you bronco81

That's very kind of you... I'm beginning to feel better already.

I don't know what a ligarette is but odds are it's a slur.

There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

easton makes a good point

-5 yards rushing for the entire game. fits in nicely with no first downs in the first half. we own the pac 10. bring on ucla, wsu, asu, washington, stanford, cal, and all those heavyweights.


I take that back.


If only your AD would take the same attitude we wouldn't have to hear BSU fans whine about gettin leap frogged in the BCS polls due to a weak schedule. If you played those 6 teams BSU would finish 4-2 at best.


If only your AD would take the same attitude we wouldn't have to hear BSU fans whine about gettin leap frogged in the BCS polls due to a weak schedule. If you played those 6 teams BSU would finish 4-2 at best.

BCS you got to love it!

I know the BCS is messed up and corrupt and we should have a playoff system but for now we haft to live with reality. BSU will probably go undefeated and people will be mad they will not get in a BCS game. Well the bottom line is they need to schedule better they did a great job with Oregon this year but the beginning of the year the strength of schedule sucks and you you can blame the athletic department for poor scheduling.


you did make me laugh.