USC jumps Boise State in USA Today poll; Broncos climb to No. 5 in AP poll, stay No. 5 in Harris

By Chadd Cripe

USC jumped Boise State in the USA Today Coaches' Poll on Sunday even though both teams were off last week.

Boise State stayed at No. 6 — passing LSU, which lost, but falling behind USC. Last week, Virginia Tech passed the Broncos.

TCU climbed to No. 8.

In The Associated Press Top 25, the Broncos moved back up to No. 5 and remained ahead of USC. TCU is No. 12.

In the Harris poll, the Broncos remained No. 5. They were jumped by Virginia Tech, which passed the Broncos in the other two polls last week. TCU is No. 10.

The Broncos are No. 5 in the latest BCS projected standings at TCU is No. 11.

The Broncos will get a chance to sway some voters Wednesday night at Tulsa. The game airs on ESPN — the Broncos' only national TV appearance in a span of about a month and a half.

"We're definitely using this as a spotlight, statement game," senior cornerback Kyle Wilson said. "We really want to get out there and just prove a point, really rebound from (the performance against UC Davis) and get things going. There are not many games you can play with a spotlight like this game."

Here's the USA Today Coaches' Poll:

1. Florida (53)
2. Texas (1)
3. Alabama (5)
4. Virginia Tech
5. Southern California
6. Boise State
7. Ohio State
8. TCU
9. Cincinnati
10. LSU
11. Miami (Fla.)
12. Iowa
13. Penn State
14. Oklahoma State
15. Kansas
16. Oregon
17. Nebraska
18. Oklahoma
19. Brigham Young
20. Georgia Tech
21. South Florida
22. South Carolina
23. Houston
24. Missouri
25. Notre Dame

Here's the AP Top 25:

1 Florida (50)
2 Alabama (10)
3 Texas
4 Virginia Tech
5 Boise State
7 Ohio State
8 Cincinnati
9 Miami (FL)
10 LSU
11 Iowa
12 TCU
13 Oregon
14 Penn State
15 Nebraska
16 Oklahoma State
17 Kansas
18 Brigham Young
19 Georgia Tech
20 Oklahoma
21 South Florida
22 South Carolina
23 Houston
24 Utah
25 Notre Dame

Here's the Harris poll:

1 Florida (99)
2 Alabama (13)
2 Texas (2)
4 Virginia Tech
5 Boise State
7 Ohio State
8 Cincinnati
10 TCU
11 Iowa
12 Miami (FL)
13 Penn State
14 Oregon
15 Oklahoma State
16 Kansas
17 BYU
18 Oklahoma
19 Nebraska
20 Georgia Tech
21 South Florida
22 South Carolina
23 Houston
24 Auburn
25 Notre Dame

Here's my AP ballot (the last six spots were a nightmare this week):

1 Florida
2 Alabama
3 Texas
4 Boise State
5 Cincinnati
6 Virginia Tech
7 Iowa
9 Ohio State
10 TCU
11 Oregon
12 Miami
13 LSU
14 Nebraska
15 Georgia Tech
16 Oklahoma St
17 BYU
18 South Carolina
19 Kansas
20 South Florida
21 Houston
22 Wisconsin
23 Penn State
24 Notre Dame
25 Oklahoma

Dropped out: Auburn, Georgia, Missouri, Arizona, Stanford
Also considered: Utah, Pittsburgh, Central Michigan

Here's Mike Prater's Harris poll ballot:

1. Florida
2. Alabama
3. Texas
4. Virginia Tech
5. Miami
6. USC
7. LSU
8. Boise State
9. Ohio State
10. Cincinnati
11. TCU
12. Oregon
13. Iowa
14. Oklahoma State
15. Penn State
16. BYU
17. Oklahoma
18. Nebraska
19. South Carolina
20. Georgia Tech
21. Auburn
22. Kansas
23. Houston
24. Wisconsin
25. South Florida

Also considered: None
Dropped out: Georgia, Mississippi

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WTF Prater?????


How does an idle team jump another idle team in the polls? This makes no sense at all. I understand BSU has a weaker schedule, I get that, but when two teams don't play they really shouldn't move much in the polls and the lower ranked of the two definitely should not jump the other.



PrHATER! I hope that the STatesman FIRES you for not showing support to the local team that you should be supporting! If your boss does not FIRE you, then I hope HE/SHE gets fired!

Every other media outlet in the country SUPPORTS their local teams! Not you thoug! You think you have a higher calling!

So Typical

Hey, what Murphy and Cripe don't understand, is being a journalist means you should be objective no matter what paper you write for. He is the only one who looks at this without the clouded judgement of being a fan. These guys should be reporters, not fans.

Well said...

also, it is still a compliment to put BSU in the Top 10. If you were to consider factors such as strength of schedule, their performance against UC-Davis, etc. it is feasible to rank them even lower. Just because it may hurt BSU's chances at a National Championship game (which you could argue they don't deserve) there is no reason to get that upset over an honest assessment of the team. For instance, take the University of Idaho. You could very well argue that they deserve to be ranked in the Top 25 due to their 5-1 record. However if you are objective and honest you would not rank them so highly. Why? Well, let's say that the University of Idaho played in the Pac-10. You could argue they might do a bit better than WSU (at least this year), which would still leave 9 teams in the Pac-10 that would likely do better than the U of I. Okay, now go to the SEC, the Big Ten, the ACC, etc. Given the likely outcome of the U of I playing in those conferences, you could easily make the argument that they should be ranked somewhere around the 60th spot. You could do the same with BSU, however, they of course would likely rank higher, but still some could argue that using this method, BSU could be ranked somewhere around 25-30, maybe even slightly lower.

Biased local journalists

...are exactly why undefeated Boise State got denied a BCS game last year, and why teams like Oregon, Auburn, LSU, and USC have been shafted in the past. Instead of saying that Boise's journalists should be just as pathetic as journalists in Austin and Columbus, maybe we should try to encourage an actually fair system.

How Does SC Jump Boise?

I am sure some of the voters had a chance to look at the Boise St-UC Davis footage(how do they even get on the schedule?) and the USC-Cal footage.

It has nothing to do with US Davis....

It has to do with voters like PrHater...USC may be better than BSU. But have they earned the right to this point to be voted higher? NO!

But Voters like Prater, think they have some higher calling! Rather than actually vote to help a little local support for the local team, Prater decides to give USC and other teams credit they have not EARNED! I hope him and Murphy get on the same small two seat airplane and disappear.


I, too, often wish horrific deaths on people who mildly disagree with me on a generally unimportant issue. And that is why I am guaranteed a ticket straight to hell.


I di not say "death"! Nice...trying to put words in my typing for me!

I said "disappear", which could mean flying into the sunset to never return to Idaho. Flying south to Mexico (death is possible I guess). It might just mean flying north to Moscow (that's Idaho)....but I DID not say DEATH! SO, don't try to put words in there that WERE NOT!


Back east-Moscow is to close for comfort.

Vote with your head, not your heart

I'm glad to see Prater using his head. When voting, he's not supposed to "help" BSU, just like he shouldn't intentionally hurt BSU. I'm sure many voters actually vote to help their team, and that's not right. You're supposed to be objective when voting.

Kind of funny how you call Prater "PrHater" yet you wish him to get on a small plane and disappear. Sounds like you're the hater.

He intentionally...

hurts BSU.... He does it on purpose! If he thought he could, he would NOT include them in his top 25 at all, but that would be TOO obvious for everyone.

He does't HAVE to help them....but like all the other media outlets around the country, he really should. You think the voters in the SoCAl area are not voting USC as high as they possibly can?

PrHater is Prater in relation to BSU! Prater dislike BSU nad has for years. He does not like the fact that BSU has beaten his beloved OOOOtah Utes.

Yes, I hate Praters' attitude toward BSU! Have no problem saying it.

Prater is a big fish in a small pond

Prater, for the most part is objective and I appluad him for having the ability not to see college football through the same blurry, blue and orange lenses that the majority of local fans tend to look at college football.


Don't worry guys, Prater will get a promotion back East since that's where his buddies and bias are!


TCU. They just keep winning and movin up. Then there's V-Tech making a statement. They look good!! Next year if we roll For now get let's get Tulsa and keep the momentum into conference games. Go BSU.


is further behind BSU this week than they were last week. Yes, they "climbed" spots, but they lost votes to BSU. That's what matters when it comes to qualifying for one of the larger bowl is actually the points/votes that count, and TCU has lost ground to BSU.

TCU has also lost ground to BSU in the computers. TCU has 3 wins that people are wanting to really give them credit for. (like Prater trys to)....these 3 wins are against teams with LOSING records, and are not "quality" wins, in reality. People like Prater try to make them quality, but the wins TCU has against Clemson, Virginia and AFA, are not as good as BSU's wins against Fresno State (currently 34th in Sagarin, and Oregon (currently 5th in Sagarin).

This is what ends up making voters like Prater, who have no concept of really looking at what has happened, look silly. Prater thinks TCU has "proven itself he thinks USC has proven itself more....the reality is, BSU has proven more than most teams this year.


thanks for that insight. MWC got the bid last year so it's the WAC's turn this year. Keep winning BSU. Do you think TCU will lose at all? They have Utah and BYU in conference play and that should be really tough.

It appears that the AP voters are trying to stick it to the BCS

I hate to say it, but BSU is nowhere close to being a Top 10 team... much less a Top 5 team.

Don't get me wrong, I love seeing them ranked where they're ranked and not only am I a huge fan, I'm also on their payroll, however, if you look at things objectively and without bias, one could almost make the claim that BSU is being used to purposely bust the BCS this year and the only reason we're hanging around the top 5 is to get us as close to the NC game as possible.

We looked great against Oregon, but since that game, we've been horrible and seem to be getting worse as the season goes by instead of getting better and we're not hitting on all cylinders by any means with numerous misques on special teams, to the most simple of tasks; the center to qb exchange and we're lucky that we play soft teams or else a single mistake could have cost us a game and unlike the elite teams of the NCAA, we're a long way from being a one loss BCS contender, which in my opinion, a one loss team shouldn't even be in the mix, but that's a whole diferent story.

I hate to say it, but BSU won't be a "legit" contender until we break free of the Bleymaier scheduling chains that hold us down. Gene Bleymaier can, in part, be credited with BSU's decade of dominance and it's success up until now, however, it seems that BSU finds itself with a need to go in a new direction and a direction that Bleymaier is reluctant to head towards, and sure, we're adding BYU and Utah and some other more competitive teams to our schedule in the coming years, but how will playing more non-BCS teams going to help us more forward to becoming the next NCAA National Champion? The answer is that it won't and that we need an AD that thinks bigger than Bleymaier thinks.
With the high rankings for both BSU and VaTech this season, next year's match up is shaping up to be a fantastic one.

Personally I'd like to see a BSU AD push for leaving the WAC and join Notre Dame, Army and Navy as the fourth Independent. What do you think?

Sounds good to me

We've always been to nomad in the state of Idaho. Kinda the reed headed step child. We didn't even start out as a state university so why be in a conference? Make our own. BSU does things different look at our blue field. Independent, why not?

USC's jump

Most commentators will tell you that Oregon is carrying the flag for Boise State now. If Oregon looks good, Boise State looks good, and Oregon didn't wow too many people against UCLA even though they won.

Boise State's drop in the ratings is punishment for Oregon struggling to beat UCLA. If an undefeated Oregon can beat USC on Halloween, watch Boise State jump back up in the polls.

Good point

Very good point.

Boise State did not "drop" in the ratings!

Where did you get that?

BSU stayed at actually gained votes! they did not gain as many votes as USC....they gained more than TCU, and separated themselves from TCU more.

BSU was 6th last week and 6th this week in the coaches poll. However, they GAINED votes! that's as important as moving UP in the polls!

Oregon - Reply

I love how BSU wants to get credit for every Oregon win. BSU is the only team in the NCAA that wants -- no, actually EXPECTS -- to move up the charts for what another team is doing.

Wow. I am now speechless. Do we even need to address how pathetic that concept is?


should've won then you wouldn't have to come on this site and defend your team with a really stupid remark.

uhhh if an "undefeated

uhhh if an "undefeated Oregon" team beats USC on Halloween then we have greater problems... you know, since Oregon has already lost a game...


I don't get this at all! (oops...nevermind, I go it)



It would be nice if Prater would defend BSU once and awhile, or better yet the Statements should listen to the people that use their paper and fire his butt. What a dip.

Prater isn't being paid to be a BSU cheerleader

Prater is simply trying to keep it real

I'm impressed...

Apparently USC even does bye weeks better than everyone else! Now if they can take three or four more weeks off they'll be playing for the NC.
How does strength of schedule explain moving up in a bye week?

I watched the TCU game...

and wasn't overly impressed. However, the conditions were absolutely horrible, but BOTH teams had to play in those conditions. I'm picking both BYU and Utah to beat TCU....Sunny...

Mike Pratter is a Bithc

Get him outta here!!!!!!!!!!

Strength of Schedule

Well, at least UC Davis was able to beat the South Dakota Coyotes in overtime yesterday. Coupled with the Aggie's previous win over Western Oregon the BSU strength of schedule is protected. South Dakota ran for 165 yards vs. Davis, compared to BSU's 101. They must have some Doug Martin type guy.


Kinda puts things in perspective, eh?

Phater musta come from the south

He has always voted Tenn high in the polls, must be killing him. Oh I forgot he can vote for Miami now. Really to early yet to worry much about how anyone votes but still----------

got 2 earn it.

BSU needs to earn it. They beat a good oregon team. Made them look bad. But you can't reward them for playing 1 game a year. Other teams are tested every week where the results could go either way. Fans are fans. players no better. BSU is a major program. No doubt about it. You will get your shot at the end of the year. Polls are for fans to cry about. Let's just hope they don't make you play another cindarella like TCU or Cinci. It would be better if BSU was blowing out the other teams by halftime. Way to go BSU players you do belong. Fan are fans predicted...week after

I love all the bitter Boise State fans...this is going to continue for the rest of the season! Albeit I belive they will have three losses before the end of the season and this fuming will have all been for nothing, I also believe that justice will be served either way for a team that is trying to cheat the system! You're team deserves zero association of consideration of the MWC...who are playing ranked teams this year mind you--ever tried playing more than one ranked team at home per decade? HAHAHAHA!!! (That is a fact by the way--you've played one ranked team in the last 64 home Kudos for being clever but you're only beginning to witness the criticism of the softest schedule in the top 50. Bitter bitter fans...I love it!

nice try

Bitter BSU fans?? You are the one who is bitter. You make some good points and BSU fans just need to be patient and wait it out. You got stupid though when you said we would lose 3 games. This shows how biasedly stupid you are. PS. check our record against MWC teams, even when we were 1AA (FC1) we beat Utah.

A true hater.. coming onto a

A true hater.. coming onto a Boise State fan blog to post your garbage. Can't get enough, can you? Its not a matter of "if" we win out the season. Its a matter of -can the top 4 maintain their positions. If Boise gets into the national championship, it'll primarily be due to the other top ranked teams mistakes or failures. Upsets happen every year, on any given weekend.

You can trash talk BSU's past all you want. It shows your lack of intelligence. It isn't about where the Broncos have been. No team has ever started small and beat the big schools. It takes years of hard work and consistency to grow into something bigger. You think the Big 10 and SEC schools started where they are? Every school starts out as a nobody and works their way up. If you knew anything at all, you'd know anything is possible. Hell, BYU moved up through the WAC, just like other teams have.

Idahe Statesman = BSU Fan Blog

I was not aware of the fact that the Statesman was affiliated with BSU.

Last I knew, there were plenty of "other" fans that read this rag on paper and online.

Oh....I get it!

You're trying to make BSU fans feel bad about not playing Oregon 10 times a year.


USC only passed BSU by 5

USC only passed BSU by 5 votes, and it was only on the USA Today poll... I wouldn't be suprised if Boise State is higher than USC when the BCS rankings are released this coming Sunday, the 18th.


No Offense

I thought the Bronco's would drop futher than they did last week....

That's not Prater's fault....

Most people...

are missing the point. If this were Utah, and Utah had only played 1 decent team to date, he would be ranking them at least 2-3 places higher, may even have them in the top 3.

If this were Fresno State, you can bet the Voters around Fresno would have them voted higher as well.

Personally, I don't know that BSU is a top 5 team...but to date, they have as good a record, as any team Prater has ranked in the top 8, and according to Sagarin and most other computers, as good a schedule as half 8 he Prater has voted for.

Any other paper/media/voter in the country, representing their region, would be looking for an opportunity to rank their regional teams/conference teams high as possible, it's good for the conference and regions etc.... The reason Prater does not vote BSU higher is not because they have not earned it, it's because he has some disdain for BSU athletics, or something against BSU.

Anyone coming on here to tout how any MWC team has done more to date, is just un-knowledgeable about the situation, or doesn't understand simple math.

NEWS FLASH --- Prater votes to give ......

Pres. Obama the Heisman Trophy! Prater says, "having heard him speak several times, I think he has great potential -- he's earned my vote."

THAT was awesome

hilarious!!! Yeah - what's with the USC lovefest?


that was supposed to post right under the comment about USC moving up during a bye week.

BSU = 11+

Not objective to have BSU in the top 10 at all Chadd and Mike.

Has anyone examined just EXACTLY how weak the BSU schedule is????? I know we all know it's weak. But it's so much more than that. It is off-the-charts-weak.

FOR EXAMPLE, the big "test" for BSU this week that Kyle Wilson is talking about is the game against 4-1 Tulsa. I guess it's a "test" or "spotlight" game simply because Tulsa happens to be 4-1. But, my friends, Tulsa is 4-1 against some truly AWFUL teams. In fact, their four victories came against teams that have a combined record of 5-17 in some TERRIBLE conferences. Two of those wins came against 0-6 teams. And their only loss? 0-45 against Oklahoma. If BSU doesn't blow Tulsa away by a margin of more than 45-0, they shouldn't be ranked any higher than Oklahoma is right now at 18. Because at least Oklahoma gets tested several times a year against big-time teams. Or if you can't wrap your head around that concept, at least please don't rank BSU any higher than an undefeated 6-0 Iowa team that's recorded valid victories this year all the way through.

Good lord - please be objective guys. BSU at 4, Chadd? You're nuts, dude.

One more thing .....

And further, how can a BSU team that has gone 4-0 since the Oregon game move up the rankings for playing four teams that are a combined 6-16? And most of those in VERY weak conferences. One of those teams is 0-6 (Miami of Ohio).

Anyone care to know how UC Davis performed this week after giving BSU a run for their money? UC Davis beat South Dakota by one point in overtime. Nice that they could pull that out. South Dakota lost some tough games to both Northern Iowa and North Dakota.

What are you guys doing fooling around with all of this riff-raff and simultaneously demanding national respect? Very tough sell BSU.

TCU vs. BSU and other comments

How is it that Boise State is ranked above TCU? TCU beat 2 teams from the ACC. Also, TCU beat Boise State last year to end the season. They both return similar teams. TCU also has a tougher schedule for the season. Also, how is it that the Oregon player got suspended, yet the Boise player who was taunting him didn't get any suspension? Finally, as I've read both Oregon and Utah newspapers, I can't believe the amount of trashtalking your Boise fans dish out, especially in Utah. Last year when Utah was going undefeated, all your fans could do was belittle them ---on the Utah newspapers! Just something to be aware of.