Mountain West vs. WAC battle heating up

After seeing the reaction to yesterday’s ”What if” blog post, I’ll do my best to stay within the boundaries of the actual today.

That means no hypothetical discussion of Boise State moving to the Mountain West Conference.

Instead — and spurred by Idaho coach Robb Akey’s comments that the Vandals are leading the Mountain West Conference — let’s look at the two leagues this season.

The debate is going to heat up if Boise State and TCU remain undefeated — and are competing for one spot in the Bowl Championship Series.

If that is the case, no doubt TCU is going to rely heavily on its victory against the Broncos in last year’s Poinsettia Bowl to argue that it should be ranked ahead of Boise State.

No question the Mountain West was better in 2008. But what about this season?

The nine-team WAC is 4-6 against the nine-team Mountain West this season, despite Idaho’s 2-0 record. The season series is over, barring bowl match-ups.

The four wins:

Idaho beat San Diego State and Colorado State

New Mexico State beat New Mexico

Nevada beat UNLV

The six losses:

Colorado State beat Nevada

San Diego State beat New Mexico State

BYU beat Utah State

Utah beat Utah State

Utah beat San Jose State

UNLV beat Hawaii

Outside of No. 6 Boise State, the WAC has zero ranked teams. The Mountain West has two ranked teams (No. 10 TCU and No. 18 BYU).

Boise State’s non-conference schedule: vs. Oregon, vs. Miami (OH), @ Bowling Green, vs. UC Davis and @ Tulsa

TCU’s non-conference schedule: @ Virginia, vs. Texas State, @ Clemson, vs. SMU

Boise State's win against Oregon is going to be the best win of the bunch.

I have no doubt readers of this blog will argue for the Broncos, but I think a decent case can be made for TCU.

• The Sporting News and have taken on the issue as well.

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It is a moot point

The MWC needs to let BSU into the conference and just be done with it. It could be an automatic bid conference as the teams (inc Boise) are so strong. Come on MWC wake up and smell the potential!


They don't need to wake up...Gene Bleymaier

do you honestly think TCU

do you honestly think TCU would bring up last year's win to argue who's more deserving this year? Like you say, let's live in the now.

if so, I'd have to just bring out the 2003 Fort Worth bowl. Even Steven.

What if...

What if BS-U goes to Mountain West, and then Idaho "dominates" the WAC? I'd love to see the bandwagon comments, probably " yeah, but the Vandals play in an inferior conference".
TCU at this point is much more deservibg of recognition- in spite of the relative weakness of their ACC opponents, this year they have already accomplished twice what BS-U had accomplished only one time in history.

Year-in, Year-out

Boise State has been the only WAC program to prove that they have an elite program able to play at the top level year-in and year-out. That is what truly differentiates the great programs. During this decade of excellence, the Broncos have proven that they can be relied on to dominate the conference and not suffer the sub-par rebuilding years. Bleed Blue! Go Blue!!!

Get a life.........

vandal fan, PUT DOWN THE CRACK PIPE. Your team is finally starting to have a decent year for the first time in how long ? Now you poor misguided noodleheads think it might be time to take shots at Boise State. Worry about your own program, if it is anywhere near what you seem to think it is, there is no need to post STUPID comments about anyone elses team. (Please explain this to your duck friends also).

I am astonished to know zombies write, although it's Oct.

Won't you consider giving them a life for Christmas? You know, god bless us every one and all that?

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

If BSU doesn't clean up their game and get their act together...

The Vandals might very well come away with a 'W'

I'm a Bronco Fan and think it's awesome that the Vandals are having a good year and hope that they're we play em, that they're just as competitive as UC Davis



Idaho hasn't played anyone yet except Udub and what happened there? They lost. Nev. and Fres. will beat them along with BSU but I do hope they get a Bowl bid. Hope UI beats that Island team but that might be another loss.

and your point is?????

BSU is back at #5 yet you're going to knock the Vandal SOS?

Why not put aside your bias and just be happy for the Vandals and acknowledge their record at this point in the season and root for them?

I think that the Vandals are playing pretty good football right now and can beat both Fresno and Nevada and quite possibly be the "BCS Buster" buster, due to the fact that, aside from Tulsa, the Vandals just might be BSU's toughest opponent.

Whoa there kid

Even though BSU's SOS is shabby they do beat anyone put infront of them. Did you see the Oregon game? I didn't know BSU was back at #5, I thought USC jumped them. Anywho, for both Idaho teams to be gettin W's is awesome. I hope UI gets the H-Bowl bid this year. They need what 6 wins which they will get but I think they will be challenged the next 5 games with UH, Nev, La Tech, Fresno, and Boise. If they aren't suffering from injuries Utah State will be there 6th win! My hats off to them for what they've done so far this year but to start saying they are a dominant team, please. If they would've beat their Pac 10 game I would say they might have a chance at BSU but they didn't and they are only winning there other games by a small margin. UI is better this year but they still have a long ways to go.

The pollsters have given Boise State well earned respect

The Boise State Broncos have been given the respect earned over a decade of football excellence. Despite a rather mundane win over UC-Davis, the polls essentially gave the Broncos a mulligan by keeping them in the top six this past week. Indeed, the Harris Poll (which represents one-third of the final BCS National Championship game vote) still kept Boise State at the number FIVE spot. That poll result has not been talked about enough.

While TCU still has Utah and BYU on the schedule, it does't appear that victories over these two teams will elevate TCU past Boise State's now well-earned lustre as an elite, year-in year-out program. Coach Petersen has built an amazing program that is now recognized throughout college football as an elite team on par with the other elite programs in the nation. Coaches and sportswriters love the Broncos!

Bleed Blue! Go Blue!!!

MWC is a joke

The MWC is a funny animal. It takes a BCS elitist attitude toward other non-AQ conferences, but turns around and plays the poor, little conference in the national scene. Kind of like an awkward tweener.

In my opinion, if BSU wants to play in BCS bowls and eventually national championships then they are better off staying in the WAC and beefing up the out of conference schedule. If BSU played Fresno's schedule this year and won out, they'd be playing for a national championship. The WAC doesn't hold BSU back as much as those OOC games.

I think BSU, BYU, TCU and Utah would be competitive year in and year out. BSU would be less likely to go undefeated year after year in the MWC.

Tell me this, if TCU loses to BYU this year will either BYU or TCU play in a BCS bowl game? No. I hate my point, but my point is why play a tougher schedule if you don't need to. If BGSU, UC Davis and Miami Oh. will land you in a BCS bowl, why take on more risk of losing?

Are you serious!

Let's not compete against the best, because we suck and can't win! Are you really that scared of the competition? This is why I and so many others hate this school, because they are constantly rewarded for running from good opponents. Also, don't you think that the fans of BSU deserve better than to watch one good game a year? Think about it, there was so much hype for the Oregon game, now that that game is over, the fans can only look forward to playing Virginia Tech next year (Excluding a bowl game). Meanwhile, other schools and their fans are excited about many games. Part of the fun of college football is to watch your team play a great opponent and not know the outcome before the game begins. Would the Fiesta bowl have had the meaning and excitement it had if the opponent would have been UC Davis and not Oklahoma? You are an absolute idiot, and your post is the all-time stupidest I have ever read! What a freaking moron!

Thanks, you're an idiot too.

Thanks, you're an idiot too. Or at least not very good at reading. I said "I hate my point". I am a fan of the game and want to see BSU take the show on the road and play tougher teams. But I am just being realistic here. The MWC doesn't need a bully. BSU's merits are already good enough to land them in a BCS bowl game. There's very little incentive for either party to ink a deal. Get a grip dude, it's just football.

Couldn't agree more.

Let's see, Boise State and the WAC are on track to go to the WAC's third BCS game, compared to the Mtn. West's two. Boise State is enjoying the highest rankings EVER by a team from a non-automatic qualifying conference at this point of the season. Remind me again how it is that the WAC is holding Boise State back?


BSU has Utah and BYU scheduled for a couple of years in a row starting 2011. I sure hope that something more for OOC games comes up than that.

Why not schedule a game vs Notre Dame?

That would be a great game would it not?

I think that staying in the WAC and playing non BCS teams like Utah and BYU do nothing for us, and especially if we lose to a non-BCS team. Sure we'll get a slap on the back and as well as an ada boy,

If we want to be considered a big boy, we have to play the big boys and play them in their yard. Utah and BYU and not big boys nor is Oregon or Oregon State because the BCS pretty much treats the Pac-10 like a red headed step child in the polls.

We need to leave teh WAC and become an independent. Worst case scenario is that we take our punches and endure a couple of back to back 6-6 seasons as we play much better competition and preferably BCS competition. We could start by playing the bottom feeders of the BCS like Duke, Vanderbilt, Baylor, Wake Forest, etc

Why not play the apostles? There are enough to field a team...

with Joan of Arc kicking...

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

WAC is a JOKE!

Come on folks, if BSU played in the MWC they would yet to have an undefeated season. The only team BSU plays all year is Oregon (At their weakest point in the year, although you can't fault BSU for that). However, the reason why BSU is not in the MWC is not because of athletics it is because of academics. BSU is a joke of a school academically, and everyone knows it. Let's not forget just a few years ago how a certain player (we all know who it was) commented about how the school was a joke, and took so much heat for it. Thus, if BSU ever is to get out of this worthless conference they will need to improve academically, not athletically. OH,they can forget about ever getting into the PAC-10!

Oregon at their weakest

Oregon at their weakest point of the year? That's laughable. Is the first game of the year the strong point for BSU? How about last year when BSU's freshman quarterback played his first road game at Autzen? Was that their strong point? Good teams win games. Mediocre teams play in Eugene and Provo. Combined, they're 0-4 against BSU. Utah's last game against BSU was 36-3, in SLC. I agree that BSU would face stiffer competition in the MWC, but I'm pretty sure they would have still gone undefeated in the MWC at least once.

academically weak?

Well, Mr. Vandal, if the reason BSU can't get into the MWC is that it is "a joke academically", I guess the Vandals will have that same problem. Oh well. I will admit that higher education is funded poorly in Idaho for all the schools.

And you can then be sure that Idaho must have declined academically in the late 50s when they were dumped by the conference. And since they haven't returned it is certainly because they don't compare academically to the really good schools.

I guess both Idaho and Boise State are doomed to be in the WAC, if not the Big Sky. Right?

You are a joke!

People crack me up. Whatta bunch of parrots! Does ANYONE think for themselves anymore? (Hmmm - I follow the news. I think I answered my own question there...)

BSUniversity states that Boise cannot get into, and never will get into the Pac-10 because of academics. Wish I had a dollar every time I've heard that.

Newflash Einstein. Boise's wrestling team actually IS in the Pac-10.

Guess they can now forget about forgetting about ever getting into the Pac-10.


(and just stay in the WAC but schedule decent OOC games, OK?)

Im Lost

So akey said they lead the Mt West because they beat Colorado St by 2 at home and a bad San Diego St team, at home???? Did they play Utah? TCU? BYU? Air Force?
Jesus this has to be a joke, right? If he did say this then why Murph, would you print such drivel? I get that you have to say something nice about the vandals (every single day) because of all the whiney vandal losers who moved to BOISE for jobs but this is getting way out of control. Will you do all of us real College Football fans a favor and make a vandal Blog instead of putting their junk on here. That way they can feel important, you can start getting LESS hate and we dont have to read their fantasys about bowl games or beating the 6th ranked Broncos at home.

Dang...... mentioned in a previous post that you played football for BSU??? Did you happen to play during the 80's and 90's by chance?? I understand that you really don't care for the Vandals and I am completely fine with that. I do have a problem when you characterize all Vandals as "whiny losers" who moved to Boise for jobs. Some of us grew up in Boise, wanted to get away from home for the college experience and for a variety of reasons, ended up back in Boise for work. What's the issue with that??

Furthermore, are you trying to make the statement in your post above that only Bronco's can be "real College Football Fans"? Give me a break.......

Giving you a break

Real College Football fans dont sugarcoat their teams. The same retards that think Boise State should play for the National Title this year are like the vandals that think their team should be ranked. They dont run their mouths when their team is stuck in the "Bottom 10" the last decade and win a few games in a row against bad opponents. They dont whine when a hometown newspaper doesnt cover their team 100s of miles away just because they "moved for work." The Statesman is about 3 miles away from Boise State. Yes, you guys have school pride. But pride isnt running around saying the Broncos suck and dont deserve their high status among college footballs elite. You guys worry more about the Broncos success than your own.

Anything I left out?

make the case for tcu all

day long if you must. they have a schedule that includes texas state(who?), smu, unlv, san diego st, wyoming & new mexico. that is six automatic wins. the balance of their schedule includes no one in the top 25. if our schedule is weak, so is theirs. as long as we get a top 12 team in our bowl game, and as long as we win for a change, we'll get to where we want to go.

Idaho is a bastion of higher ed?

those who want to maintain that belief are free to do as they please. if you look at the alleged football powers, you'll find u of i pales in comparison on the academic side as well as the athletic side. bsu is a great football school and the academic side will come with time. like it or not, there will come a day when bsu is superior to idaho academically.

"Road's, where we're going, we don't need road's"

Vandal's, remember "the 92", when Uncle Rico was a high school QB and the Vandal's were good. Well, I hope you own a flex capacitor, because you're all going to need one to get back to those glory days. Keeping huffing the Oly stubbies in whatever crappy mountain bar you huff it in in the great nordic land your call a college. Is it sunny there yet? You will be lucky to be a .500 team this year. As much as I want John Friez to return and make you relevant again, I just don't see it happening. Keep chopping your wood, birthin' your calves, and harvesting your wheat for the Candadiens, and leave the "American Football" to the Bronco's.

Sterilize this guy too

you wrote "Vandal's". It should be "Vandals". Why would you make the word possessive?
you wrote "flex capacitor". Try "Flux Capacitor".
Have you ever been to Moscow? There are mountains closer to Boise than Moscow. Yes, it is sunny in Moscow, on average, earlier than Boise. Moscow is in PDT, Boise is in MDT. That is code for timezones. We are about the same longitude, so yes, daylight comes earlier. I don't think that the UofI has ever sold wheat to a Canadian hockey team.

If you are an example of a typical Bronco fan then Riverside Tech can have you.

What You

Talkin' 'bout, Willis?

broncos81 = not smart, probably should be sterilized

UI is ranked #58 on a list of best Universities in the USA. That is ahead of George Washington University at #60. BSU didn't make the list; it ranked 248 universities. It seems that the University of Idaho isn't so bad academically. One could argue that Idaho will maintain its superior academics and will shortly surpass BSU's athletics. Idaho beat BSU in basketball this year. Next up: football.

Purpose of MWC

The MWC schools left the WAC to create their own conference because the WAC had grown to be too big. If you go to Wickipedia and read the history you'll get a clue that BSU becoming a MWC member is no going to be a reality.

Not a good source

But, Wikipedia isn't exactly the best source of information. It's a good start, but the information can be (and often is) skewed. For example, I could go in right now and say that President Obama fathered an illegitimate child with Oprah Winfrey. That would explain why her "weight" appears to fluctuate. But, the point is, it can be edited by anybody.

vandshco has a high iq

just ask him. couldn't find your list but has been publishing a list for quite some time. idaho doesn't make the top 128. geo washington u is no. 53. idaho is listed as a tier 3 school way down the list. idaho state is tier 4 and bsu doesn't make the list. my original point stands. idaho is not in the same league as the rest of america academically and yes bsu is behind idaho. i graduated from idaho & bsu. i know them both well. bsu is going more places sooner than idaho. i don't need to be sterilized because i bathe twice daily although you are no doubt suggesting a different procedure with your superior brand of humor. idaho will only surpass bsu in football in your dreams. also, it's a new year. we have not yet met in basketball but we may own you in that as well.

Murphy, you're citing! is nothing more than a group of self-impressed fans with a microphone, or in this case a website, who think their opinions are worthy of dissemination to the masses. What next, you'll be citing fan discussion boards like Bronco Country or


come on ladys, you all look like a bunch of retards trying to hump a doorknob

boise state!

Last year Utah barely beat TCU! By one point i believe? Boise was beat by tcu by two points! They were both comparable teams. TCU was tougher on D but boise could have won that game! To say that Utah and TCU are a better program? Probably not. If Boise gets ranked higher than tcu than they should receive more respect in the bcs, period! After boises last game I have to admitt im a little undecided on there ranking though?

TCU beat us 17-16

Oddly enough it was the first time in BCS history that two higher ranked non-BCS teams played one another in a non-BCS bowl while lower ranked BCS teams played in a BCS bowl.
we blew a 13 pt lead. ESPN's own BSU NaySayer Mark May, was the announcer which could be why he doesn't think too highly of BSU

So you are saying

All teams in non-AQ conferences are terrible in academics? So UI is horrible at academics and that is why they aren't in the PAC 10...RICE is horrible at academics and that is why they aren't in the big are saying the Mountain West has superior academics? Really? You are right...BYU is the best morman education out there...Air Force is a better military school...TCU is capable of making you a better Christian... Please back this up with anything remotely real...??? So the Ivy league scholls are not in the Big East because their academics aren't up to par...


Why is it so difficult for you to write an interesting blog post?

We all know deep down that BSU is not a legit top 5 football program no matter what and we all know that BSU will start getting jumped in the polls. Boise State will not play for a national BCS championship, so instead of beating a dead horse, why not focus on the idea or promote the idea of BSU becoming an NCAA Division I FBS Independent?

Notre Dame is an Indepenent in football while it's other sports teams participate in the Big East. ND has also managed long standing rivalries with many different programs around the country like USC, Michigan, Michigan State, Georgia Tech, Boston College,and Pitt, and all Notre Dame home games and most of their away games are nationally televised, meaning that even teams that do not have a rivalry with Notre Dame have a strong financial incentive to schedule them.

All Division I FBS independents are eligible for a BCS bowl provided they meet BCS eligibility requirements. Currently, those requirements are pretty much the same that we face, so considering that the WAC does nothing but bring us down, and the chances for us to transition into the MWC, Pac-10 or any other conference, becoming a Division I FBS Independent might be our best option moving forward.
It would be nice to play Notre Dame every year along with several other major football programs and perhaps try to schedule a game with each BCS conference.
Imagine this schedule
Notre Dame
Louisville or Cinci
Purdue or Northwestern
Vanderbilt or Miss State
Duke or Wake Forest
Colorado or Baylor or even Nebraska
Fresno or Nevada or Idaho
and so on

Now that would make for some interesting feedback, would it not?

Why do you have to say the same thing over and over?

Why don't you write an interesting criticism?

Don't such a cranky putz all the time.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


There is no interesting criticism of Brian Murphy...his blog is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control... I'm the putz round here

Actually Idaho is tied in MWC...

Submitted by JLandon on Thu, 10/08/2009 - 8:34pm.
So akey said they lead the Mt West because they beat Colorado St by 2 at home and a bad San Diego St team, at home???? Did they play Utah? TCU? BYU? Air Force?

JL - I don't have a horse in this race, but clue in a bit kid a team does not have to play everyone in the conference to be a conference leader. Kind of like Boise State leading the WAC right now at 1 - 0.

Idaho's record against MWC is 2 - 0. Air Force is 2 - 0. Followed by BYU and Wyoming at 1 - 0.


seeing how Idaho is a WAC team and not a MWC team, mulling over what Akey said is rather asinine


Let's analyze the supposed "strength" of the Mountain West, shall we? Blood is going to shoot out of my eyes if I hear one more pundit accept without analysis that the Mountain West conference schedule is so much "tougher" than the WAC conference schedule.

There are some very bad teams in both, but this year, in a round robin of WAC top three against MWC top three, I think the WAC would hold their own. Nevada and Fresno against Utah? I say we win at least one of the 2. Nevada and Fresno against BYU? I think BYU has mucho trouble with team speed against Fresno. I give the WAC at least one win there, with a chance to win both. BSU and TCU is a tough one. At home BSU wins with at least 60% probablility, there it is probably only about a 40% chance of a win. BSU most likely beats both BYU and Utah this year, regardless of home or away. BYU can’t handle the "truth" or the team speed, and Utah’s offense can’t score for four plays if the other team leaves the field. TCU most likely beats both Fresno and Nevada this year, unless they turn it over 3 or 4 times. At the top, it is at least a ……draw. A loss to any of the top 3 in either conference is unlikely vs. the bottom 6 in the other conference. It could happen, but it is extremely unlikely. Maybe not Duck fan admitting BSU is a better team unlikely, but unlikely.

Middle of the conference- Idaho, Utah State and La Tech vs. Wyoming, Air Force and Colorado State or San Diego State. Hmmm. Idaho beat CSU and San Diego State already. Idaho is 6-2. Wyoming is 4-3. Air Force is 4-4. I say it comes out at least even, with possibly a slight advantage to the WAC. La Tech and Idaho have better home field advantages than CSU or Air Force. La Tech might go 3-0 if all were down there. My best guess, Idaho is 2-1, La Tech goes 2-1, Utah State goes 1-2. Slight advantage- WAC. The middle tier teams win most of the games against the other conference’s bottom feeders, with no appreciable difference. A road loss here and there, but probably each conference’s middle tier wins against the other conference’s bottom feeders at about a 4-1 ratio.

Bottom Feeders- Strange not to have Idaho here, no? WAC- NM State, San Jose State and Hawaii. Ok, no denying they all suck. As Steven A. Smith would say: Howevuhhhh- NM State beat UNM. UNM might be the worst team in the country this year. San Diego State got beat by Idaho (so did CSU, one of them have to go to the bottom feeder category). UNLV got absolutely rolled by Nevada for Nevada’s 1st win of the season. In spite of the relative ease of the win last week by BSU, Hawaii is still a tough place to do well. My best guess? NM State goes 2-1. Already 1 win in the bag against UNM. Hawaii goes 2-1 if 2 of the 3 are on the island, and 1-2 if they have to travel. Even giving a 1-2 record to SJSU, advantage…. Drum roll please…… WAC.

There are lies, damn lies and statistics, but it is ludicrous for the National Media to presume that the Mountain West is so much tougher than the WAC. Not this year.

There is no doubt that both conferences suck, but the MWC suckiness might exceed the WAC suckiness this year. It is sort of like someone else picking on your little brother, you know. It's right and proper for Bronco Nation to deride the Pack and the Vandulls, and even give a little something to the Ags(X2) and the Spartans at least on game week... But the rest of you, Leave us alone!!!!! Go back to making fun of the Big 12 North and the ACC except Georgia Tech.