Should LeGarrette Blount be reinstated?

UPDATE 12:12 p.m. — Kelly says there is a plan in place for Blount to return to the football team. He said he is not reinstating Blount at this time.

Blount has to pass some academic, behavioral and football ladders in order to be eligible to play. Kelly said Blount would not come back before the Stanford game on Nov. 7.

"It's not a football decision. It's a human being decision," Kelly said.

Kelly said he made the right decision on Sept. 4, when he opted to suspend Blount for the rest of the season.

Kelly said he talked with Tony Dungy and Dr. Harry Edwards before making this decision.

UPDATE 10:19 a.m. — Most of the readers seem to think Blount should get another chance.'s Pac-10 blogger feels the same way.

UDPATE 8:20 a.m. — Oregon football coach Chip Kelly will meet with reporters in Eugene on Friday to discuss LeGarrette Blount’s situation and how the suspended running back can get back on the field for the Ducks.

Kelly will "discuss elements of his plan that has been in place with senior running back LeGarrette Blount that could include Blount's potential reinstatement prior to the conclusion of the 2009 season," the school said in a statement.

Blount, as you no doubt remember, was suspended for the rest of the season after punching Boise State defensive end Byron Hout in the face after the Broncos’ 19-8 victory on Sept. 3. The scene was replayed over and over again inside Bronco Stadium and on televisions across the country. Blount not only punched Hout, but also went after teammates and fans on his way to the locker room.

Kelly, the Ducks’ first-year coach, was swift in administering justice. On the day after the game, he announced Blount would not play for the Ducks again this year, but he could remain a part of the program.

It was the right decision then and it remains so.

As you imagine, Blount’s possible reinstatement is getting lots of press.

Here are just a few links:

Eugene Register-Guard columnist George Schroeder says it would be the wrong move

Eugene Register-Guard beat writer Rob Moseley runs down the situation, including the letter Blount wrote to the Oregon Daily Emerald, the student newspaper.

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Yes I think he should be reinstated. The penalty was way too high. Fights like this happen all the time, get over it. Chip Kelly overreacted...

Yes - if Kelly believes the punishment has been met

Yes, if Kelly feels that LeGarrette has been punished sufficiently for his behavior, then re-instatement is approipriate. I see no reason to hand down a punishment that could impact the rest of his life to this extent. An eye for an eye - that incident did not result in a change as great as what Blout has already dealt with. Hout was the most effected and mostly got nothing - except a well deserved punch in the mouth.

First of all it wasn't a fight, it was a punch

had Blount simply punched Hout, then yes, I say reinstate him, but Blount went after teammates, fans, security and just about anyone who got in his way. He simply didn't overreact, he went into an uncontrolable rage and did so because he suffers from severe anger management issues and until he is able to gain control of his anger, then he shouldn't be allowed to play football.

It's not like this is the first time that this has happened. LaGarrette Blount has been kicked out of practices, fought with teammates and is a disruption to the entire football program and the only reason Chip Kelly wants to re-instate Blount is because Kelly wants to win the Pac-10 title and is clearly willing to do so at any cost.

All along I was appalled that the Ducks were allowing Blount to practice with the team and have said all along that if the ducks cared aboutLaGarrette Blount the person and not just LaGarrette Blount the football player, then they should have forced him to go to therapy and hopefully learn how to deal with his and control his emotions.

This situation regarding Blount should be bigger than football. Chip Kelly, if he was a decent man at all, should be more concerned about this kids future beyond the University of Oregon and see to it that Blount is prepared to handle life situations instead of 3rd and long situations.

I will no longer root for the Ducks even though their success has a positive impact on ours in reagrd to our strength of schedule, but I cannot and will not bring myself to root for a football program that is only interested in winning games at all cost. In my view, and as stated above, the issue regarding Blount should be bigger than football, but hey, if Oregon ends up with a Pac-10 championship and the NFL comes calling for Blount and he becomes and instant millionaire, then I guess one couldn't ask for more, could they? Too bad that Blount will end up not being able to play in the NFL because his anger issues are going to land him in prison one day and it's a shame that the Oregon football program don't see it coming and it's loud and clear that all they care about is winning football games.

Coach Pete suspended Titus Young last year for the entire year and stuck to it, but hey, Chip Kelly is no Chris Peterson


Do we know what Young did? Blout has a legitimate shot at an NFL career that could be killed with missing his senior year over the incident. Is that fair and just punishment? We do not know what Kelly has/will require if reinstatement is actually allowed? Questions I do not know the answer to.


....just because he had a legitimate shot at the NFL doesn't warrant a reinstatement. Blount should have had the intelligence to think about that supposed NFL career before he acted like a buffoon and went postal.

If I was Blount I wouldn't worry too much about playing the rest of the year, Al Davis and The Bengals will fight(pun intended) over him.

Yes...Titus Young

Titus Young has NFL potential, but whatever he did that resulted in Peterson suspending him for the year was something that robbed Titus Young of a year of football and even though Peterson knew that Young's football talent could have helped the team, he stood by his decision to sit him which is a refelection of Peterson's character and I'm sure that Young learned his lesson and is a better and stronger person because of it.

If Chip Kelly and the University of Oregon decide to reinstate Blount and let him play and do so at a time when it looks as if Oregon has a legitimate shot at the Pac-10 Title, well, what does that say?

Exactly - "whatever he did...."

Don't know - maybe young should have been suspended for the rest of his career, not just one season! Ever been pulled over for a traffic infraction of some sort - if so, or if it ever does happen to you, your license to drive should be suspended for life ................


I'm not even sure how to reply to such an irrational comment

I agree with the Kid on this one

HOWEVER, Blount's biggest challenge is not what lays behind him, but what lies before him. The issue is just as big for UO as well. Based upon the open display and severity of his behaviors, he poses a significant potential of increased violence. Any female, child, or pet under his supervision is many times more likely now to experience his violence, even with 'successful' counseling.

I don't believe that UO is seriously consdering re-instating him, this effort is just to test public opinion so Blount will have seen an effort made on his part, but that the administration can't assume his liability any longer.

They have probably asked themselves at the Board meetings, "what would the headlines read when he does it again?" Fiscal and physical support by alums and Nike would necessarily drop and maybe for a long while...probably not worth the risk to get him back for a possible NFL launch.

Very well said.

You see the bigger picture at the time of the fight(s) and currently with eveyone's motivation!

you got to be kidding, look

you got to be kidding, look at how this issue was perceived nationally. blount's penalty was too harsh, and houts, & boise's scoreboard operator were givin a laughable slaps on the wrist. i think blount's actions were inexcussable, however to have the rest of his life damaged for popping a loud mouth punk,(much the way blount acted before the game)seems too harsh. blount acted like an idoit, so did hout though not on the same level, but neither were the punishments.

Blount etc...

You know, none of us know what the punishments were that Petersen doled out on Hout. But I don't think any rational thinking person believes Petersen just let it go, that's for sure. I'm happy that the idiots like Gregg Doyel have been proven a little wrong at least in their "BSU lost the PR battle" garbage... At least BSU is consistent with their messages! Anyone who doubts Petersen's methods is either a blundering idiot or a dyed in the wool BSU hater who is incapable of unbiased thoughts.

As for Blount and a's tough to say whether or not that is OK on all levels. What are the requirements on Blount? If showing up on time in a clean shirt and not using bad words meets Chip Kelly's requirements, then Chip Kelly is doing this kid no favor! But if the academic, etc requirements are truly with some merit, AND Blount reaches these goals like he is supposed to, then I guess I'd be comfortable with the reversal of Kelly's initial decision.

All in all though, the above poster really hit the nail on the head squarely. Football is a violent activity, and Blount is a kid with a violent streak. There have been more than the normal amount of criminally violent people in the football world (OJ on down!) and it takes a very special kind of guy who can control his anger after a charged game. Blount does not appear to have that life skill. What is Oregon/coaches/counselors doing about this to ensure this kid has a successful adulthood? That's the real issue. Well, that and Kelly needs him back to win games, which I think is totally CHICKEN &*^%. But that's just my opinion!



I love the look on Hout's face in the picture...classic...look at meeee, I'm so clever then WHAMMO...pummeled in front on thousands of viewers.'ll humble you every day of your Good luck with UC DAVIS!

Agreed, re-instate him.

He has apologized to everyone, and then some. I don't believe that his career/life needs to be ruined by this incident. It's Football, emotions run high. I am certain that he has learned a valuable lesson.

He apologized. So?

Just because you apologize for something does not mean you shouldnt still be punished for it. People apologize all the time when in prison. Should we just say "Aw, they said sorry. Let's release them"? I don't think so.

Agreed to a point.

I'm sure that his apology wasn't "From the Heart", however, he did make the effort. It is pretty much a GIVEN, that if he screws the Pooch again, he is done. Just my take on it.


hasn't Blount screwed the pooch before though? I heard this was NOT his first little pissy fit! He needs real help. I'm not saying he shouldn't be given a shot at a great NFL career, I'm just saying they need to take his anger issues VERY seriously over there at Oregon. Are they doing that?

Yes -2

Reinstate him, this was silly to do but not something to use as a hammer against him. After all is said and done, he proved he's not very well in control of himself. Still he did not sell drugs or kidnap anyone - he just blew up and punched someone in the heat of the moment, if Amercia wasn't so sissified, we'd have put gloves on him and his dance partner and let them work it out in a ring. And at least he punched somebody his own size not someone built like a 100# cheerleader.

This wasn't an isolated incident

Blount has a history of these kinds of outbursts. Earlier this year, he was suspended from team activites for fighting with a teammate. I wonder if it was the same teammate he took a swing at after the Boise State game. So, his HISTORY of bad behavior resulted in the full season suspension. And, rightfully so.

patties or links?

links please.

just wiki blount and you'll get an idea

here ya go
also if you inclined, check out some of the references

He was not suspended for fighting

He was suspended for missing team workouts in the offseason, and academic concerns. Belotti (then the head coach still) made him bring his academics into good standing, and to get his life in order then he was allowed to rejoin the team. Additionally, I don't know if anyone has put this together other than myself but what do you think might have been oing on about that time in his personal life? I think he may have just learned that he had fathered a child, which was born a couple weeks ago.

The man is 21 years old he just became a father, he has done everything the coach has asked him to with NO EXPECTATIONS of redemtion. Coach Kelly made it very clear that Blount was done. He has been working hard to help his team and get his diploma, give the kid a break would you?

Please stop spreading lies about supposed fights with team mates, cuz I go to all the Duck's websites, I would know, unless of course you have some kind of inside scoop? I'm guessing you know nothing for real, and you are just repeating something you heard.


Actually Coach Belotti and Blount clashed several times last season and at one point it lead to Bellotti suspending Blount for the first quarter of last years loss to Cal, for "not following team rules and Belotti and Blount went back and forth all year which ended up with Belotti suspending Blount indefinitely after the conclusion of last season for "failure to fulfill team obligations"

New coach Chip Kelly reinstated Blount against the wished of Belotti for Spring practice and coach Kelly had to kick Blount out of spring practice for fighting with a teammate so as you can see, nobody is making anything up.

So what if he had a kid? Lots of college players have kids, some are even married, some are divorced with kids but whatever is going on in their personal life shouldn't carry over into football.Whatevr issues Blount has bottled up needs to be worked out in a therapist's office and not on the football field. Playing football is a privilege...not a right

What I had heard

was about a fight during spring practice. However, I did not have a lot of details, so I didn't expand on it.

I heard that as well, but couldn't find anything to confirm it

but given all his suspensions and issues in his short time at UO it's possibly true

Let him play.

Kids make mistakes, that's why they're called 'kids'. So he's early 20's, I made lots of mistakes in my 20's, and luckily none of them impacted my future as much as this could impact Blount. Take the high road Bronco fans, embrace this and support it.

I would say he should have

I would say he should have been suspended indefinitely if it was his first infraction, but he was suspended from the team ealier this year. But I give the benefit of the doubt to Coach Kelly. Only he knows what's best for his player, and hope he's doing it for Blount and not his team.


Just as people shouldn't second guess Peterson in his response to the situation, we should let the coaches and school decide whether his actions post-punch were appropriate and whether this young man deserves a second chance. I just hope he has actually learns a lesson and doesn't become the next obnoxious pro player who is known as more for his antics off the field as his skill on the field.

People should

absolutely second guess Petersen's handling of this situation. He didn't punish Hout appropriately, nor did he ever address the replay fiasco or fan behavior. He somehow was able to make BSU come out looking like the bad guy in the national media, and he damaged his own reputation in the process.

The only problem I have with Blount being reinstated is (1) the suspension should have been termed "indefinite" so nobody would have the perception that Kelly is backtracking and (2) I don't think Blount is the best runningback on that team. In fact, I'm not sure if he's even the second or third best option at this point - the OL isn't going to be opening big holes, so smaller and faster backs will probably be more effective.

Yes he did, considering...

There was nothing to punish with Hout. So he taunted Blount. Big-whoopity-****ing-doo! If Blount can't take a few words spoken to "rub it in", then maybe he shouldn't have talked out of his backside to Sports Illustrated. Hout basically said "neener-neener-neener". Who cares? You are a fool if you think he should have been punished more than the "Now, Byron. We don't tease. It's not nice" speech. This isn't Mr Roger's Neighborhood or Barney.

You've never played

competitive football. That much is obvious.

You DO NOT taunt and shove an opponent after the final whistle. You just don't.

Yes, I have

and, yes, they do.

IdaDuck Lies

When you lie about a tap on a shoulder pad and call it a shove, you destroy your credibility.


Yeah...a shove...that's absurd.

Blount flew off the handled about having his *exact* comments thrown back in his face. Imagine what is going to happen when this guy doesn't have his "handlers". He can't even go a season without fighting with his teammates. This kid is always just another felony waiting to happen.

If Oregon or the PAC-10 allows him to play again, I will have lost all respect for them, and there's more then a few Duck fans that feel the same way. He tarnishes the entire program.

hout didn't just

hout didn't just neener-neener, he initiated contact. no excuse for blount, but don't whitewash facts to make your argument seem valid

You missed my point

It doesn't matter what Hout said, it's just words. Hout's comment is irrelevant to the assault. If Blount can't shrug them off, then Blount is too big a p***y to play this game. No judge in their right mind would excuse Blount's attack just because Hout "said something mean".

My argument is valid solely because it makes more sense than you accusing me of whitewashing facts. I suggest you buy yourself a clue or a course in common sense, then come back here when you learn something.

No, RMS the poster is just in denial, during flood season.

It's too bad that Jack Webb is gone and couldn't straighten it out.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Absolutely NOT

I can't believe you people want him back on any playing field. He does not have the tempermant for the game. Not even caring about the hit on Hout, he went after FANS, his OWN teammates, pushed way!!!! Send the message to these kids that it is NOT okay to be a thug. This wasn't a knee jerk reaction, he was a troblemaker beforehand. His life isn't ruined at all. My parents who live in Oregon are paying for this thugs education. Send the message to all athelete's, ZERO TOLERANCE for any unsportsman like conduct.

You should

try walking in somebody elses shoes before you render judgment so freely.

I have zero tolerance for attitudes like yours.

Zero Tolerance

I am very tolerant of other peoples' views. However I have zero tolerance of your intolerance of other people's attitudes. If you can't stand other people's opinions you should try some therapy.

Your intolerance

of my intolerance is intolerable.


should be left to the oregon coaches to decide! Oh wait he is. I have a soft spot for people if they have humilty. This guy seems to have some so I say good luck to mr. Blount.


There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

you ARE kidding, right?

It wasn't an attitude I have zero tolerance for. It's the ACTION, big damn difference. I dislike the attitude of wanna be thugs, I have zero tolerance for thugs who act out. See the difference??? Why don't some of you overweight, sports idolizing idiots grow up. You wouldn't, or at least shouldn't, think this is any different than 2 people on the street in the same situation. Go listen to Glory Days by Springsteen, it's not a song glorifying the past but basically about those stuck in alot of you seem to be.

Mr Pot, meet Mr Kettle

As I have zero tolerence for your empathy-riddled, wishy-washy, touchy-feely attitude.

This guy assaulted somebody. Based on THE LAW, he is guilty and should be punished. Notice it's not based on empathy. Why? Because it doesn't matter. I don't need to walk "in somebody elses shoes" in order to determine if they are wrong or not. As a free-thinker, I have every right to render judgement on somebody's stupid actions. And, according to the US Constitution, I have the right to express that opinion wherever and whenever I want.


at least SOMEONE adheres to the constitution! You should run for Political office, and give them some tips! lol

I'll vote for you!

Seriously! Run for office. PLEASE!!!!

(Maybe you'l win a complimentary nobel prize, if you enter before midnight tonight!)


of all this wasn't an assault! This was on the field and for some reason becuase its between the lines the law doesn't apply ie field, ring, rink, stadium, so on so on. you have a right to your opinion. However becuase the law does not apply or at least never seems to apply to the sports arena I'll trust the kelly and company will make the right decision for them and for mr. Blount!

Yes, assault

The incident took place outside the confines of the sporting event, not during the actual competition. Since it was outside the realm of the game, it IS an assault. It would be the same as if Tyson clocked Holyfield AFTER the ref announces the winner. Or if a guy did a blindside hit (perfectly legal WITHIN the game) on Masoli as they were walking off the field during halftime. Ya, it's within the walls of the "arena", but the gameplay is suspended. That kind of crap only is "legal" in the world of Pro Wrestling. But. it's still illegal in the real world.

Forgive -- we've all been given second chances

The kid made a mistake. The first year head coach quieted the fans and made a decision in haste. He should have been suspended for an indefinate period of time. When cooler heads could think over the situation and if the kid performed well why not let him play. He will be a good citizen going forward more likely, if he is part of a team. Cut him free at this point and he ends up a sad story.

Let Blount Play!