Boise State climbs to No. 5

By Chadd Cripe

The Boise State football team jumped three spots to No. 5 in The Associated Press Top 25 and USA Today Coaches' Poll on Sunday.

The Broncos also debuted at No. 5 in the first Harris poll. The Harris and USA Today polls form two-thirds of the BCS formula.

The Broncos were the beneficiaries of last week's run of upsets, including losses by Mississippi, Penn State and California — all of whom were ranked ahead of the Broncos.

The No. 5 ranking matches the Broncos' highest ever. They were No. 5 in the AP poll after beating Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. The No. 5 mark in the USA Today poll is a school record.

The top five are the same in all three polls — Florida, Texas, Alabama, LSU and Boise State.

Oregon, the team the Broncos beat in the season opener, jumped from unranked to 16th in the AP poll this week — a huge help to Boise State. Oregon is No. 25 in the USA Today poll, an example of how difficult it was for voters to rank teams this week.

The Broncos' two main competitors for a berth in a BCS game are TCU and Houston. TCU is 10th in the USA Today poll, 11th in the Harris poll and 11th in the AP poll. Houston is 15th in the USA Today poll, 13th in the Harris poll and 12th in the AP poll.


Here's the AP poll:

1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Alabama
5 Boise State
6 Virginia Tech
7 Southern California
8 Oklahoma
9 Ohio State
10 Cincinnati
11 TCU
12 Houston
13 Iowa
14 Oklahoma State
15 Penn State
16 Oregon
17 Miami (Fla.)
18 Kansas
18 Georgia
20 Brigham Young
21 Mississippi
22 Michigan
23 Nebraska
24 California
25 Georgia Tech

Here's the USA Today poll:

1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Alabama
5 Boise State
6 Virginia Tech
7 Southern California
8 Oklahoma
9 Ohio State
10 TCU
11 Cincinnati
12 Oklahoma State
13 Penn State
14 Georgia
15 Houston
16 Kansas
17 Iowa
18 Mississippi
19 California
20 Michigan
21 Miami (Fla.)
21 Brigham Young
23 Missouri
24 Nebraska
25 Oregon

Here's the Harris poll:

1 Florida (99)
2 Texas (4)
3 Alabama (11)
5 Boise State
6 Virginia Tech
8 Ohio State
9 Oklahoma
10 Cincinnati
11 TCU
12 Penn State
13 Houston
14 Iowa
15 Oklahoma State
16 Kansas
17 Georgia
18 Mississippi
19 BYU
20 Michigan
21 California
22 Miami (FL)
23 Oregon
24 Nebraska
25 Missouri


Here's my AP ballot. It was an incredibly difficult task this week with all of the upheaval. I based it mostly on who teams have beaten — the reason you won't find Penn State, Mississippi or California on the list.

1 Florida
2 Alabama
3 Texas
4 Boise State
6 Cincinnati
7 Virginia Tech
8 Houston
10 Iowa
11 Ohio State
12 TCU
13 Oklahoma St
14 Georgia
15 Oregon
16 BYU
17 Auburn
18 Michigan
19 Missouri
20 Oklahoma
21 Nebraska
22 Miami
23 South Carolina
24 Georgia Tech
25 Wisconsin

Dropped out: 4 California, 5 Mississippi, 9 Penn State, 19 Florida State, 24 Washington
Also considered: California, Mississippi, Penn State, Kansas, Arizona, South Florida, UCLA, Notre Dame

Our sports editor, Mike Prater, is a voter in the Harris poll. Here's his ballot:

1. Florida
2. Alabama
3. Texas
4. LSU
5. Virginia Tech
6. USC
7. Boise State
8. Ohio State
9. TCU
10. Cincinnati
11. Miami
12. Oklahoma
13. Houston
14. Oklahoma State
15. Iowa
16. Penn State
17. Georgia
18. BYU
19. South Carolina
20. Mississippi
21. Georgia Tech
22. Nebraska
23. Michigan
24. Oregon
25. California

You can't vote for the team in your market though...

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


Seems to me like the biggest haters that come onto The Statesman posts to comment are Oregon and Idaho fans. teams that cant beat us.......jealous? To you fans of larger schools go revel in your teams wins or sob at your teams loses, why rain on our parade? Are you afraid your team may end up playing us in a bowl game and get beaten? The BCS and their fans do not like BSU or any other school to be ranked so high because it kills their arguement for having a BCS. We heard all the same garbage talk about Utah last year and what happened when they played one of the big boys in a bowl. Get a life and if your team is a loser change teams and quit hating on a all probably voted for Obama too

Haters are from

What your program does is give us a hint of what college football would be like without the BCS...teams scheduling nobody, and dull weekends with matchups against completely inferior opponents. We would have to wait a whole season just to see if following a team was worth I like that every weekend matters...except for Boise State. I like that parity exists...except for Boise State. I like the fact that every other team with a ranking at the end of the season has earned it...except for Boise State. In fact, the only thing to be jealous of is that I'm not closer to a college football team that actually plays an honest schedule. I know I know...make your Mountain West teams help prove the BCS wrong...Boise State does nothing but look out for their own pocketbook--there's nothing wrong with that--just be honest about it and admit that your schedule, and win percentage, are


So you think that Florida opening it's season against inferior opponents Charleston Southern and Troy is somehow earning their #1 ranking and not providing 2 back to back dull weekends for Gator fans? Does the fact that Florida beat these two teams by a combined score of 118-9 not scream out padded victories? The Gators basically paid for two wins is what it amounts to, and to make matters worse, Florida also plays Florida International later in the season.

That being said, comparing any two college football teams is an apples and oranges endeavor, but face it, Boise State isn't in the BCS not because they don't want to be in tehe BCS, but because they're not allowed to be in the BCS. Hell, The MWC even told them thanks but no thanks and the Pac-10 is too high and mighty to embrace BSU, so BSU has adopted a method that has worked in their favor and they've become a constant glitch in the BCS security system each and every year.

You're not a BSU fan...I get it, no big deal


in the end, Florida earns their ranking. Last year they put up wins against Alabama, South Carolina, Florida St., Oklahoma, Georgia, LSU, Arkansas, and Tennesse. Also, if they win out this year they will have put up a number of tough wins and earn their ranking. The point being made is that BSU's number of "tough" games is far less than the BCS teams they get to be ranked above. The BCS teams, of course, schedule some "easier" or "gimme" games, but more often than not it is a favor to the smaller teams to allow them to make some decent money and again, in the end the BCS teams still have a difficult schedule. How do you believe BSU would have done if they had Alabama, South Carolina, Florida St., Georgia, LSU, Arkansas, and Tennessee ALL IN THE SAME YEAR? Now, if BSU faces a schedule like that and goes undefeated (or even loses only a couple of games) I will definitely be a believer.


The Pac-10 is not too high and mightly to embrace BSU, they just have higher admission standards, especially in the academic realm of university life. I know it is a shock that there is more to a university than it's football team and even more to an athletic department than the football team, but some conferences consider such things important. Go figure.

Why Not?

What member of the media knows Boise State better than Chad Cripe? He spends countless hours watching BSU in games and practice, not to mention more college football than a person should be allowed to (I'm jealous!).

ridiculous let a Pac-10 an a SEC team, ranked 6 and 4 before this weekend, to drop out of the Top25.

BSU is never a #4 with their schedule. Ridiculous. Let BSU play week-after-week in the Pac-10 or SEC and BSU would have a hard time getting an invite to a bowl game.


Yeah, heard that argument before and when we do get a ranked team to play us the very first game of the year so they are healthy and don't have any excuses BSU still beats them. Then to see all these so-called week in and week out tough teams get beat by non-ranked teams makes your argument even less valid. If those week in week out tough teams are that good they should easily handle the non-ranked teams. But they don't.

yep...same old same old

Then they lose miserably in the bowl game at the end of the season...remember last year? 28 rushing Winning one in five proves all the naysayers correct...improve on that and you'll have credibility.

Boise State regularly plays

Boise State regularly plays solid ranked teams in bowl games on neutral fields for their bowl game when they have a guaranteed win in Boise if they want it, and after playing top teams the margin is almost always 3 points or less. That's what bowl games are supposed to look like. Either complain about Boise's weak opponents or complain that Boise State loses to good teams, but you've got to pick one or you just sound like an idiot.


What are you mumbling? Sounds like you're angry or something--never type angry lol.

Do you work in government?

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Ok that was good.

Ha ha


Losing by ONE POINT is losing miserably?

Do you own a TV?


Another scared school crying about our schedule and conference. The fact is you could be right, but to state it as fact is just whining. Another thing you whiners don't take into account is that BSU would get a lot better recruits "on paper" if BSU did belong to a BCS conference, thus making them even better.

Better recruits?

Does Washington State, Iowa State, Northwestern or any of the other schools with bad facilities in big conferences get big recruits? Boise will never get big recruits until the stadium is bigger, and the facilities are better, even if BSU joined a better conference.

Have you ever been to Boise State?

didn't think so

By the way, recruits end up at schools that have winning traditions and not big stadiums and the single most important factor, be it right or wrong, comes down to will they get to play or will they be sitting on the sideline.

BSU's national success as an emerging "mid-major" along with their perennial Top 25 and BCS rankings can best be seen in the area of recruitment. They're starting to attract players who would have normally passed up BSU for a team with more high profile exposure, because without that, their chances of playing on Sundays are slim to none, which is why BSU doesn't rank amoung the other schools when it comes to the number of NFL players coming out of the program, which seems to be a recurring theme in many of the anti-BSU arguments that are being tossed around.

You're correct about facilities and BSU is making huge strides and their biggest stride was the addition of the $36 million dollar Stueckle Sky Center which BSU's $4.2 million BCS paycheck helped build, so as you can see it takes a lot of money to expand a stadium which is why the BCS and the multi-million dollar payouts are so controversial, sure competition is being touted as why the BCS was created but in all reality it's all about money, and the BCS conferences who get auto bids are raking in millions each and every year which is creating an uneven competitive envirnoment and is what led to the anti-trust lawsuit, but hey, it doesn't really matter what i nor anyone else has to say because you've decided that no matter what, you're going to ignore what BSU has done with little that have.

you're ridiculous. so there.

This early in the season, the polls are a complete crapshoot. Who has Penn State played? Akron, Syracuse, and Temple. Who has Cal played? Maryland, Eastern Washington, and Minnesota. Neither team have proven themselves. They were both tested this week, and they failed. Stop living in pretendland; the polls should be based on actual games.

If Cal can beat USC this week let them be ranked again. As for the Big 10, we'll have to wait and see if any of them can prove they deserve to play in the Rose Bowl at all.

Meanwhile Boise State (I'm referring here to this year's Boise State, the one who have played actual games) shut down an Oregon team who have gone on to prove themselves a real team, a Fresno State team who have played an exhausting schedule and played hard every game, and done what they could with some unimpressive matchups by putting on an absolute clinic against the Ohio teams while other ranked teams are barely surviving their warmup games, or even losing them altogether.

Too funny...

This is too funny--keep trying young fella! SOS and playing solid schedules means everything and yours is the second weakest in the top 55. By the end of the season we will know everything about every other team and conference--and nothing about BSU--save for the fact that they are 1-5 in recent bowl games.


Oregon is a good win, Fresno State is 1-3 (bad team), Bowling Green(horrible), and the rest of the schedule is horrible. I know that BSU is in a bad conference,and they can't control that, but being ranked #5 in the country is very liberal. I think that even most BSU fans would admit that BSU is not a top 5 team right now, but the way the rankings work early in the season is for teams that are undefeated to move up in the rankings. BSU will be lower as the season goes on, because there will be 1 loss teams with better resume's, we are still in Sept and everything will shake out correctly in the end. BSU has a good team this year, a top 5 team no way. Every week that BSU is playing Cal Davis or some other team that they beat 60-0, they will get further away from the Oregon win in voters minds.


most BSU fans would not admit that BSU is not a top 5 team right now. Most BSU fans would actually argue that #5 is too low. You might not have noticed, but most BSU fans do not believe they have a weak schedule and if they do agree their schedule is on the weak side they do not believe that it matters.

The odd thing here is ...

is that too much emphasis is being placed on rankings.

BSU is not close to being the 5th best team in the FBS, they just happen to be ranked #5 this week because last week the 3 teams ranked ahead of them all lost, Florida, Texas, Alabama, and LSU held their 1,2,3,and 4 spots simply because they didn't lose, and according to the polls, one would be inclined to ask, Is Texas really not as good of a football team as Florida but clearly better than Alabama and LSU?

Even when a National Champ is finally crowned at the end of the season, no matter what, their championship is always up for debate. Sure they beat the team that they played, but what was the basis of the matchup in the first place? Did the two best teams in the country even get to play?

The thing about rankings is that it's artificial and before the season even begins the rankings do one of two things, they either put a team at a greater advantage, or it puts them at a greater disadvantage and this happens before the first kickoff of the season, and yes, I'm slowly getting to the point, which is that if it weren't for BSU's high pre-season ranking, this debate wouldn't be taking place.

Play-off. I know it's a dirty word to the BCS and to most others because a playoff would mean that a team would have to actually earn a national championship.
So if BSU runs the table in the WAC but gets hammered by the MWC or Pac-10 champ, year in and year out, then we all know where BSU stands and don't need rankings to tell us, however, if they did win and kept winning and up until the quarter final, then yeah, it could be said that BSU is more than likely depending on how they played, then yeah BSU could legitimately be considered the 5th best team in the country, but until that day comes, to say they are or that they're not, is nothing more than farting in the wind

Thank you,the management

Thank you,the management

One glaring omission

I am in agreement with your ballot except for one glaring omission. The Vandals should clearly be in the top 25 with their win yesterday.

Ackey's Army

Good job Idaho. Maybe you'll get out of the triple digits in the rankings.


It's Akey not Ackey-whoops UI fans and FYI it's Petersen not Peterson.

Stop with that !!!!!!!

The vandals in the top 25 ? YOU are on serious glue my friend. Who have they played ? Vandal fans get your lips OFF the tail pipe. Your team is finally starting to play better, don't get carried away......Maybe now you can get some fans in that shed you play in. Hold your heads up , and DON'T watch Boise State, that is a train commin, and your vandals are on the track. ! GO BLUE!!!!


I know you are mad that you got fired from your gas station job, and i know that you just became a Donky fan seven mintues ago, but awesome "train" smack man... loser.

Cry me a river..........

Butt hurt duck fans,and lame vandal fans- oh boo hoo.......... SUCK UP, AND DEAL BABIES.
The higher BSU goes in the polls, the more you snivel. Good for you, now go get a life.

All y'all. How melodic.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Whoa not so fast

Part of being ranked this early is having a track record of being good or being a big school. If Notre Dame or a BCS school or even BSU, Fresno or Nevada (track record) had won the same games the Vandals have won they probably would be in the top 25. Vandals just keep winning and you will get there. I know though you want to be ranked now because you are afraid it won't last.


The Vandals are lucky they dont get bounced to DIV 1-A.


I hate to break it to you but Boise State's schedule (Oregon, Miami (Oh), Fresno St., Bowling Green) could easily be considered stronger to this point than Florida's schedule (Troy, Charleston Southern, Tennessee, Kentucky). By the way they are #5 in the new USA Today Poll.

Florida's remainig schedule

...but look who Florida still has to play: LSU, Arkansas, Mississippi St, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida State plus the SEC championship game against the Tide. I left off Vandi, Florida Intl, because that will be a cake walk for the Gators. BSU, if they would have to play that schedule would be 4-4 at best against all those teams, never even make it to the SEC championship game, nor being ranked in the Top 25. Just get used to the fact that the WAC is not a premier conference. That's fact and reality.

Only time...

You shouldn't try to make solid factual points here...they cry like you wouldn't On the other hand, I completely agree--this team and conference just don't have any credibility. They will learn that before the's only a matter of time.

I love how people here give

I love how people here give cred to Fresno for going up against 4 tough non-confrence teams. Why cant BSU do it? Too afraid of ruining a bloated ranking. BSU is a product of a joke schedule due to a joke conference, complain all you want people, you all know going undefeated in the WAC is nothing to brag about. These other top teams lose to relatively good competition and BSU sneaks by due to playing inferior opponents. Playing 1 good team a year doesnt cut it. It'll be sweet revenge at the end of the year when a BCS school with 1 or 2 losses plays in the national championship game, jumping over your beloved Broncos due to their strength of schedule. The AP voters are onto your little ploy, as seen in last years bowl placement.


You do realize that AP voters have exactly zero to do with Bowl placement, don't you?

BTW, Miami was a good team when it was scheduled (think Roethlisberger) and Bowling Green had a lot of hype around them a couple of years ago. Some of this stuff is luck of the draw, and some of it could be improved.

Undefeated in WAC play may be no great bragging point, but we know Boise State always gets just about everybody's best shot.

So you're calling Miami of

So you're calling Miami of Ohio and Bowling Green national powers, and by beating them BSU giving itself the same credibility as it would by beating 2 major college programs? If that's true you fans are more ignorant than I originally thought. Did the AD expect Roethisberger to stay at Miami for 8 years? Why defend a bogus schedule? What's wrong with proving how good the Broncos are by playing 4 BCS schools? Fresno scheduled 3 this year. It doesnt have to be 4 top teams. I'd love to see the Broncos schedule 1 top team(ex. Va Tech), 2 mid-level(ex. South Carolina, Arizona St, Texas Tech, Wisconsin) and 1 lower level(ex. Mississippi St, Stanford, Kansas St, Rutgers). Running that gauntlet would prove how good BSU by playing talent on the same level as BCS programs and overcome the downfall of having Utah St, Idaho, New Mexico St and La Tech on your schedule every year.

Show Me

Where exactly I called Miami and BGSU national powers. Never said it. Just said that at the time they were scheduled, they were considered good additions to the schedule. The only ignorance around here at this moment, I'm afraid, is yours.

And I would love to see better scheduling. I'm just saying it's not all about Boise State skirting around "national powers". There's a lot going into it, from what I understand, and you are grossly over-simplifying it. That was about all I was saying. But by all means, keep hating.

Double post


too early

Come back in about 8 weeks if they are still undefeated and THEN rank them that high. There are still a lot of games left to go and a lot that can happen.


Looks like you are about on par with the rest of the voters in the country...BSU is ranked 5th in both AP and USA Today.

on par?

Yeah, he got close with BSU but the rest of his top 25 is very disappointing. Anyone with common sense could've made a better top 25.

are you serious?

I can't believe you really think this should be the top 25. I know Penn, Cal, and Miss lost but to drop them completely out of the top 25 is just ridiculous. Yes, BSU should obviously move up but how did they pass up LSU? I know LSU almost lost but they didn't.If you look at the new rankings for this week, this is completely wrong, I could've come up with a closer top 25 than that. Jesus...

no more kool-aid

He actually believes they should be number 1 but he ran out of that special kool-aid they serve around here and nearly came to his

Better learn to READ 1st Bozo

You should really learn to read. How could anyone ever begin to take you seriously. You state that you could pick a better top 25. What a laugh! You cant even decipher the current top 25 in which LSU is clearly NUMBER FOUR. Maybe you should go back to grade school, then take up college. You are nothing but a good joke, someone for the rest of us to laugh about. Then use Jesus as he should be and do not take his name in vain. Yes, you are ridiculous.


Relax. His post was written earlier this morning and he was referring to Chad's picks, not the actual poll.

BSU is has moved up to 5 in

BSU has moved up to 5 in both polls.


I see at the very least 12 teams that could take out B.S.U. right now.Well expect the donkeys to be #1 cause the lackluster W.A.C. poses no threat to them while all the teams ahead of them still has tough games ahead.Cantwait till they are in the BCS so they can get destroyed.