It’s time to drink some beer at the GABF!

Outside of family stuff (Christmas, birthdays, anniversary, etc ...) it is now my favorite time of the year. Yes folks, it’s time for the coolest convention known to man — the Great American Beer Festival.

Seriously. A convention totally focused on American craft beers. A convention where you can sample over 2,000 craft beers (from about 450 different breweries) with over 40,000 fellow imbibers.

For the next three days, there will be not better place to be than the Denver Convention Center for a beer freak — and you can read about the GABF right here at the Beer Nut.

As you probably guessed, I am going. Don’t hate me. I would be happy for you if you were going. It’s that much fun. Anyway, I am going to try to update this blog Saturday to the best of my ability.

Ram brewmasters Kevin Bolen and Jake Schisel and TableRock brewmaster Bob McSherry all have beers in the GABF competition this year, and Idaho stalwarts Grand Teton Brewing and Laughing Dog are also representing for the spud state this year.

I’ll definitely let you know on the Beer Nut if Idaho beer nation represents following the medal presentation announcement Saturday afternoon.

Twitter will be where the real action is, however. I can fire off Tweets from my cell phone, which I plan to do during the Friday night and Saturday afternoon sessions. You can check out my Twitter page here, or follow patrickorr on Twitter to get the updates.

I’ll try to let the Twitterverse know about really exceptional beers, trends, or any kind of weirdness going on at the GABF — to the best of my ability.

Typing can get dicey after a few hours of sampling, and Tweeting is live. So this could be an adventure.

Misspelling and randomness counts!

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