Doug Martin eager for return to offense

By Chadd Cripe

Boise State sophomore Doug Martin is eager for the opportunity that comes his way this week — but also conflicted about how it happened.

Martin, who moved to nickel in the spring, will return to offense to take D.J. Harper’s spot in the two-man tailback rotation. Harper, who was part of the same recruiting class as Martin, likely will miss the entire season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

“It’s unfortunate for D.J. — D.J.’s my boy,” Martin said. “I love him to death. I’ve just got to carry the flag. We always talk about carrying the flag and that’s what I’ve got to do from now on.

“… I’m excited. (Running the ball) is what I came here to do. I’m kind of anxious to see what happens.”

Teammates and coaches have raved about Martin since he arrived in 2007. He’s a fast, physical player who dominates opponents on special teams.

For all the talk, though, he has yet to play a marquee role on offense or defense. That will change Saturday at Bowling Green.

He should top his career high of six carries in that game. He also could get some playing time on defense, where he was the backup to nickel Winston Venable.

“I’ve probably got to get the cobwebs out during practice, get some more reps in the pass (protection),” said Martin, who has spent less than 10 minutes per day with the offense this year to make sure he was ready for just this scenario. “That’s going to be my biggest challenge right now — getting the pass pro down, getting a feel for running plays.”

Martin had a limited selection of plays in his repertoire in the first three games. He carried six times against Miami (Ohio), mostly late, and has nine carries for 35 yards and two touchdowns this season.

He never had more than five carries last season when he was part of a four-man tailback rotation.

He showed his talent for running with the ball last week, though, on a 77-yard kickoff return. He broke at least a couple tackles on that run.

“I’m more of like a power back,” he said. “I probably like to move guys, like to put my shoulder down more than others do.”


Bowling Green enters the game with the national leader in receptions. Senior Freddie Barnes has 42 grabs, including a school-record 17 last week against Marshall.

Barnes made six catches for 46 yards, ran six times for 15 yards and was 1-of-2 passing for 4 yards and a touchdown last year at Boise State. The Broncos won 20-7.

“He’s a relentless player,” Boise State safety Jeron Johnson said. “All game, he was coming after us. … He’s their playmaker. We’re going to have to game plan for him.”


Boise State, ranked No. 8, will be the first Top 10 team to play the Falcons at Doyt Perry Stadium. The Falcons are 3-4 against ranked teams since 2003, including three losses against top-four teams.

"For all the talk, though,

"For all the talk, though, he has yet to play a marquee role on offense or defense."

It's hard to play a marquee role when the coaches didn't pick a role and let him stick with it. Hopefully he's not too far behind now that he's missed out on fall camp at the RB spot. It's no wonder that he's looking forward to this opportunity, even though it came about in an unfortunate way. Good luck Doug!

Doug Martin

I'm predicting a monster game from Martin. He's very intelligent, and will be able to adjust seamlessly to his offensive responsibilities. The "thunder and lightning" combo of Martin and Avery will lay the hammer down on those Falcons!

Looking for a better game.......

I was a little disappointed with the Broncos pass D last game against FS. I know they can play much better than they did. The tackling of Mathews was a sore spot, but having trouble with wideouts is not something I have seen alot from this unit.
Doug Martin is a stud, I don't think those falcons are going to be liking him much by the second half of the game, when he's ripping off long runs on them.
Hold your head up DJ, You WILL be back !

Bronco's Pass D

My understanding of the Bronco Pass defense against Fresno is this: they were staking the box with 8 and 9 players to stop the run, leaving our CB's in straight man coverage. This is a very difficult task even for the best of CB's. Bronco's D will adjust against BG and lay the hammer down.

Exactly. It was not the

Exactly. It was not the fault of the secondary, but rather a factor of the scheme.

BG history

Bowling Green was founded during the great depression and was originally known as Growling Bean. They only taught survival courses on how to stay alive and protect your food from others. Their motto was "Don't even think of stealing my food because even if I don't get you, my growling bean will". The school was very popular and had full enrollment for nearly 15 years after which they started seeing a steady decline every year. By the early 60's the schools enrollment was down below 30% and a heavy change in the academics was being considered. Well around this time a popular national bowling team of pot smoking hippies was catching the nation’s eye for their charity work and efforts to bridge ethnic groups. The bowling teams name was of course "Bowling Green". The school was so taken by the work of these bowlers that they changed the name of the university and modeled their academic lineup to offer classes that would help to better a person rather than just protect them. To this day if you walk to a crowded area on the Bowling Green campus, hold up a bean and let out a small growl you will see many hands being extended to show their appreciation. Pretty neat huh?!

Is this 4 real?

Where did U hear this nonsense? U got to be kidding me. Funny stuff.

Not true and not particularly funny.

Bowling Green, founded in 1910 (well before the depression) is in Bowling Green, Ohio, hence the name Bowling Green State University.


I thought it was a fun story for a Wednesday morning. You must not be open towards smoking. Many may not know that Bowling Green is a highly credited university that offers over 200 undergraduate degrees along with various masters and doctoral degrees, including the nation's first Ph.D. program in photochemical science, one of the first undergraduate programs in neuroscience, the first masters degree in Organizational Development and the first executive MBA program in the State of Ohio. Pretty neat huh?!

Jamar Taylor

What is his status? He was a stand out last year as true freshman, injured at start of this year. What is going on with him now, is going to redshirt or play?

Petey's press conference

In the weekly press conference the coach said he was coming along well and is practicing with pads on, but didn't add any other information.

Malcom J.

Put him in and lets see what all the talk was about!!!!!!! #24