Harper likely out for season; Chip Kelly refunds Oregon fan for his trip to Boise

4:27 p.m. Here is a good reason for Boise State fans to cheer for Oregon coach Chip Kelly.

1:30 p.m. — Boise State coach Chris Petersen said Monday that running back D.J. Harper is likely out for the season.

Petersen said Harper should be able to redshirt this season. Petersen said team doctors believe Harper has a torn ACL in his left leg. He suffered the injury against Fresno State.

Doug Martin, who has been playing nickel primarily and tailback secondarily, will be the No. 2 tailback.

Atkinson to return Oct. 3

Defensive tackle Michael Atkinson (suspension) will be back for the Broncos' Oct. 3 game against UC Davis, Petersen announced Monday.

Atkinson was suspended for at least three games after his arrest on a DUI charge this summer. Atkinson was also battling an ankle injury during fall camp.

Other line-up changes

Daron Mackey is listed as the starting middle linebacker, ahead of Derrell Acrey.

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this guy had so much upside this season. Well toss in the red-shirt he'll be back. Nice to know BSU has depth and can plug in Martin.

Condolences to D.J.

What a tough break for a great kid. D.J. is not only a talented player, but also a bright, articulate guy with a great attitude. Undoubtedly he'll be back.

We will miss you the rest of the season, D,J. I'm sure that Avery and Martin will do their best to keep things going in your absence. Don't lose heart; Everything happens for a reason.

Get Well DJ...

Sad loss indeed, come back bigger faster and better next year DJ.

Boise State has depth at running back

Sad to hear that DJ Harper is out for the season. He battled minor injuries last year.

Fortunately, the Broncos have tremendous depth at the running back position. Jeremy Avery has played very well and should continue to flourish as the starter. Doug Martin has looked very good and has been touted as a very stronger runner since his arrival at Boise State. Now he'll get a chance to carry the ball a few more times and continue his development. Also, Boise State has new recruit Malcolm Johnson trying to keep the redshirt this season. If needed, Coach Petersen can bring out this true freshman phenom.

It will be a little more challenging without DJ Harper in the rotation, but the Broncos should be fine. That's the sign of a true elite program - depth at all positions and the ability to adapt as the season progresses. Bleed Blue! Go Blue!!!

Darn it; Bad things to good people ect.

Sad to hear this, he is a very good player and quite a welcome voice of what/who/when on the before and after programs. He'll be missed.

Darn, that really stinks for

Darn, that really stinks for DJ. On a positive note, as several others have pointed out, BSU is somewhat deep at that position. On another positive note, ACL surgery is much less invasive and therefore a quicker recovery than it was a decade ago. Another good thing is that if DJ is able to redshirt this year for medical hardship, that will give us one more year with him after Avery graduates and should provide a smoother transition than if they were to both graduate at the same time. Here's hoping you have a speedy recover DJ!

Malcolm Johnson Anyone?

If Avery or martin get dinged even for a game, they will have to put Johnson in.

Malcolm Johnson Anyone?

If Avery or Martin get dinged even for a game, they will have to put Johnson in.

Condolences DJ. Best wishes on your rehab.


Last night I came back from a trip and rewatched the game. Man was that a good game! I really watched how Harper went down and didn't see anything really buckle his leg so I thought he was going to be OK. Then I saw the trainers perform a ant. drawers test on Harpers knee and it looked like it slipped forward pretty far indicating a pulled ACL. It's to bad. Harper is a great powerful runner. I was pretty surprised Avery did as well as he did, I always thought he was a little small but man is he fast. Way to prove me wrong Avery, my hats off to you. Next year harper next year.

Harper will be back and in force

DJ Harper is a tough, hard working young man with great charachter and work ethic. He will be back. He is a fine example of what a student athlete should be.

Looking forward to see you again next year DJ!

Congrats on your accomplishments this year. The injury was too bad. Keep your head up, rehab hard, stay focused and next year will be a great one!

Kaiserman and Hodge

should both see more action this year, too...hopefully Kaiserman can get healthy soon. Hodge looked like a decent straight-ahead runner when he had his opportunity late in the Fresno game.

This is Martin's chance to shine...it's good to have a versatile, tough athlete to plug into both the offense and defense whenever needed. Talk about an insurance policy!

Thats a Bummer

We wish you the best Harper, come back and hopefully we get you for two more years. the advantage to BSU now compared to 10 years ago is we do have depth and Avery and Martin shouldn't miss a beet, we had three good RB's now were down one, time for Martin to step up like he did in the fall game.

Recover fully

We all want you back DJ, but take the time to heal up completely and don't sacrifice anything for playing time. See you next year, or maybe the year after.

It turned into a who owes us money marathon. They must read us.

There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

We will miss you........

DJ, as you can tell from all these posts, your work ethic has made you many fans, I am one of those people. Hold your head up, and know we are all pulling for you.

D.J.'s stock will definitely go up...

While he's healing up from this knee-deal. Hey, I had total ACL & MCL replacement so I know first-hand what's involved...IT WILL TAKE A WHILE to get past the injury...and the repair! But it will get better and D.J. will have the time to improve in other needed , but maybe not-so-physical areas.

MEANWHILE...his draft-stock WILL increase over next two subsequent years b/c of of his own talent as well as the Bronc's performance towards annual back-to-back top level rankings.

"Prepare your fields", Broncs, even more special attention is coming your way.