Petersen defends decision on Hout

By Chadd Cripe

Boise State football coach Chris Petersen on Monday defended his decision not to suspend defensive end Byron Hout, who was punched in the face after taunting Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount last week.

Petersen spoke Monday during the WAC coaches teleconference with the media.

"Byron is being disciplined, there's no question about that," Petersen said. "It was the wrong thing to do to say anything to anybody on the football field, but if everybody got suspended for saying something half the teams wouldn't have guys to play games. I think it's something that everybody has learned from — our program and hopefully teams from the outside."

Earlier in the teleconference, a reporter took Petersen to task for not suspending Hout — saying the Broncos were losing the public-relations battle. Oregon suspended Blount for the season and Blount and Oregon coach Chip Kelly called the Broncos to apologize.

"We have to do what we feel is right for our kids and our program," Petersen said, "and we feel like we've done the right thing."

The reporter responded by saying, "congratulations." He came back on the line later to apologize.

Petersen said it's unfortunate, but understandable, that the situation has overshadowed the Broncos' big win.

He said he has talked to his team about the incident three times.

"Everything is a learning lesson, and this is certainly one of them," Petersen said.

He also said people should remember that the rest of the players on both teams refrained from turning the incident into a melee — something that has happened many times in college football.

"There were close to 180 football players on that field and there were a lot of guys doing things correctly," Petersen said. "A year ago — two, three years ago — that thing would have been very, very ugly, and there wasn't a guy that even kind of flinched when that whole thing went down, in both programs, and those kids need to be commended for doing things correctly."

WAC commissioner Karl Benson came on after Petersen. He said Hout did violate the sportsmanship code, which allows the WAC to issue a private reprimand, a public reprimand or a suspension. He would not say if any of those were given. "All I can say is it's being handled per the WAC code," Benson said. That means it's likely a private reprimand was issued.

Benson reviewed the situation and made a decision based on the contents of Hout's words, not Blount's reaction.

"Granted, his comments triggered the Oregon player to act like he did, but the words that the Boise State player said to the Oregon player are pretty regular occurrences — before a game, during a game, after a game," Benson said. "Was it a taunt? Yes, it was a taunt. And yet if it hadn't triggered the reaction nothing would have been said."

The Hout-Blount situation dominated Petersen's press conference with local media Monday. Here's the audio.


Here are a few other notes about the Blount-Hout situation that will be in tomorrow's paper:

— Petersen knows not everyone agrees with him — and he says he won’t let outside factors influence him.

“Everybody around here knows that we don’t take discipline things lightly at all,” Petersen said. “In a lot of ways, I feel like we get criticized for coming down too hard on our guys. All you can do is what you think is right in your heart. Nothing is taken lightly. Everything is thought out. I just hope in this job — and I know it’s a political job in a lot of ways — that we don’t make decisions just for political reasons. … That’s not how we want to run the program here.”

— Blount and Oregon coach Chip Kelly called Petersen and Hout to apologize over the weekend. The apologies went both ways, Petersen said.

“There’s no other way to say it than to say everybody feels bad,” he said.

— Blount did not practice with the Ducks on Monday. Although the team has offered to let him practice the rest of the season, he has not yet decided to do that, Kelly said.

“It’s his decision now,” Kelly told the Register-Guard of Eugene, Ore. “I can’t force him to do anything. It’s his decision. But I also know the young man’s been through a lot and he probably deserves some time to catch his breath and try to make a logical decision on what he feels is the best situation for him. But we’re here for him.”

Oregon officials connected Blount with former NBA star Kermit Washington over the weekend, the Register-Guard reported. Washington is remembered for punching Rudy Tomjanovich during a brawl in 1977. Washington was suspended for 60 games.


The Ducks do win the PR battle. Are you really going to miss this guy against your next cupcake? The physical act of hitting Blount in the shoulder is enough for 1 game.
Then again, when you haven't in the past suspended players for involvement in felony hit and run fatality accidents or drug-induced passouts in running automobiles, the real questions need to be aimed at the administration and staff.
How about reprinting the coaches comments on those incidents- I'll bet it's the same song and dance.

It is Petersens and the WAC commisioners call

It appears that everybody (mostly BSU haters) is calling for Petersen to suspend Hout...IS Petersen not a pretty smart guy? Has he not done wonders with the team in terms of persnal development of some young players?

I trust Petersen and believe he has the right motivation for the decision he has made. He is not motivated by "doing what looks right", he is motivated by doing WHAT ID RIGHT! For the player first! He (Petersen) could not careless what the media thinks.


Cam Hall was suspended from the team and was not reinstated until the felony was rightfully dismissed - after all, he wasn't the one who hit the other vehicle and killed the three occupants - and was charged only with leaving the scene. He also received jail time.

Ryan Dinwiddie was suspended for the remainder of the season and for spring ball the next year for his DUI of ecstacy.

Hout did not hit Blount in the shoulder, he tapped him on the shoulder pad. There's a difference.

By the way, both incidents you refer to occured under another coach several years ago. Please name a single incident where Coach Petersen has not taken immediate and appropriate action when his players have made mistakes. You can't because there are none. Go spread your lies somewhere else.

A great football coach is a surrogate father as well.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


It must have been a tough loss for you.


If every player who slapped another player on the shoulder pads was suspended there wouldn't be anyone left to play.

It must suck
To be a duck
When you're out of luck
And excuses

Very Good!

Dude! Was that a Haiku?


The thuggish Blount didnt even hear what Hout said. Blount felt humiliated and did something criminal. Hout showed poor sportsmanship but didnt do anything illegal. People demanding stones be thrown at Hout need to look inward and see the deep troubling going on in their own souls.


CollegeFan, you hav eno idea what you are talking about. All the players under coach Pete who have done anything serious have been suspended.

Ames, suspended 3 games.
Titus Young, nearly the whole year last year.
Childs, suspended
There are many more. Coach Pete has shown that he will suspend his best players if they screw up. He also believes these kids should be given some chances. I take this action as being that Hout has been a good kid and made a mistake. Just because some loose cannon who has done nothing but been in trouble with the Oregon program flies off the handle, Hout needs to be severely punished? I don't think so. This was Blunts 3rd public occurrence, this is Hout's first. Blunt knocked a guy out with a cheap shot, Hout tapped the guy on the shoulder and from what I am hearing did not say anything offensive but taunted none the less. How can you compare the two?

Coach Pete has my full confidence to do the right thing. Tell me a time he has taken it easy on some one.

Further more..

CollegeFan by your standard, Masoli and Dickson should be suspended for there constant taunting in the media and before the game. They were trying to provoke BSU to react and could have very easily started a fight. Who knows what would have happened if Oregon won. I am guessing it would have been much worse than a tap and some mild taunting.

Whiny ducks still around?

Whiny ducks still around? Winning the PR battle? Whatever you say. Oregon talked
crap in the media for weeks leading up to this game, using the media to get their pregame
taunts out there. It was from the coach on down too. Boise State has one player say something stupid and they lose the PR battle?



I don't think it's the ducks that are still around. I think it's the candles. Oh, and seserb, Ames hasn't been suspended three games it was Canadian Bacon.


yeah, you are right.

Blount is laughable!!

This prima donna Taunts BSU in National media - he threw the first punch. Then this ex-NFL hopeful runs for -5 yards. Our guy had no business taunting him - but Blount can give the insults but can't take it when they are directed to him. He needed to man up!
Is everyone forgetting that after hitting our man, and pushing our strength coach, he ran over and punched one of his own players in the face? With 4 or 5 guys trying to restrain him, he goes for our fans. His excuse for that was the fans were trying to hit him with a chair. Since 1968, I have never seen a folding chair in the fans section at a BSU game. As the Boise police arrived and tried to get him into the locker room, he swung at them.
He was not punished for hitting our player. If he had stopped there and not hit and struggle with police, coaches and players on both sides, he would not be in this situstion. Hitting our guy was poor sportsmanship - the rage that continued after that was not called for. That is what caused the suspension. He sits in his locker room crying and saying he's sorry. He should be. I really pity his team mate that he sucker puched also. There has been no apology made to him that we know of. Wouldn't you hate to have to practice with this guy? Is this Roid Rage?


Benson would never suspend a BSU player...he's a homer.....

Cripes tripe

Hey Cripe, I am not a writer but I do know that stories are supposed to be FACT. The statement: " That means it's likely a private reprimand was issued." at the end of the paragraph regarding the discipline types is not in quotes. Are those your thoughts? Your job is to report the facts, correct? If you want your personal opinion known, why don't you sign up with myspace or some other little waste of time website. Stick to the facts.


He said they followed the code. He said Hout violated the code. He said the lowest punishment is a private reprimand. Hout wasn't publicly reprimanded or suspended. Not exactly a great leap to say it's likely that he was given a private reprimand.

no need for name calling

Why would you call Mr. Blount a Thug? If he was truly a thug, he would not be in college. A thug is someone who no goals in life. They do not go to school,do not work in a professional office/setting or do not work at all. If Mr. Blount was a thug, he would not have apologize. Mr. Blount did wrong. He was punished for his stupdid act. The punch have hurt or damage his plan to pursue a career in the NFL. He probably will go to NFL but it going to be a long journey. You can criticize his actions without calling him names.

Blount has been showing signs of something all summer...

according to others (including some on the Oregon campus interviewed by KGW). His behavior that night is the culmination of whatever he has been going through (or suffering from).

The guy who massacred all the Hokies was far worse off but still why not treat the problem instead of hoping it 'goes away'?

It has taken a long time to move from ignoring things and chalking them up to being a fierce competitor/warrior to trying to help and seeing 'beyond the game'.

I don't want him to stagger from a CAP AND GOWN TO A CELL.

As for thugs, we have GENERAL MAJORS ;-P Even thugs can learn and many do once they find themselves again. The gang's worst enemy is an individual.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


BSU fans aren't interested in facts. One game is one game. Oregon looked terrible and went from being a team some thought could contend with USC this year to falling way down the conference pecking order. Anyone who doesn't see that BSU is in the same class as Texas, Florida and USC is a BSU hater. BSU fans (and I apologize to the few I have met who can talk rationally) are getting a reputation among fans of other teams as being unhinged. I can talk with fans of most any other team and have a sane discussion about our teams and where they are in the scheme of things, but not most BSU fans. You're using up the goodwill you built up in the Fiesta Bowl at an alarming rate, people want to like you, but the fans turn people off. Reality check time. How well have Koetter and Hawkins fared in the BCS conferences? What is your record in your last 5 bowl games. 1-4, and that one win took every trick play in the book working to pull out what was and still is an amazing victory. Now look at your bowl games and consider that that is what these other teams are facing all season. If you can't handle 11 or 12 big games in a year instead of being jacked up for one game, go back to intramurals brother.

In your defense though, I do think you should get an equal shot at the end of the year. There should be a playoff where you could prove it on the field and not having to play politics and money games on an uneven playing field. Sign me up for that, all 11 conference champions plus five at large teams would be perfect.

Not really

Just an FYI.. The fans reacted they way they did AFTER Blount pulled his punch. Wouldn't you too? Also most BSU fans do NOT think he should have been suspended the entire season, but we have no control over that..

Voices would be DEAD otherwise and KR, Rocky would do OT!

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

180 players on the field and

180 players on the field and only two that acted very foolishly. One gets suspended for the season, the other "internal discipline." BSU needs to own up to some of the responsibility for this incident. And it was absolutely inexcusable to rebroadcast it several times over the stadium screen.


lol @ your rebroadcast comment. If this was done in Autzen Stadium the samething would've happened. Acutally if this was done in any stadium the samething would've happened. You're a tool.

Well we really don't know if

Well we really don't know if the incident would have been re-broadcast over and over in any other stadium, do we? But that's not the point. It was a stupid thing to do and may be against conference policy if not code. BSU's silence on this issue and on Hout's discipline, for actions clearly provacitive, tells me they are not willing to accept any responsibility for the incident.

Get a Schedule

A guy runs at an opposing player, taunts and yells in his face, and bangs on his pads? The only regrettable part of this event was that Hout wasn't clocked a little harder. Is this what we get when the average ACT score of the football team (and the student body) is 14? Really, get a schedule, get a conference, get a little class.


I can only assume you are a Nebraska fan. It's funny you should call for class. I was thinking after Blount's suspension was announced, "Too bad this guy doesn't play for Tom Osbourne, he would merely get a slap on the wrist." Remember Lawrence Phillips? Don't talk to us about class.
PS I was a big Tom Osboune fan before Lawrence Phillips.
PSS The Huskers are has beens... Sorry.


typical bsu bad sportsmanshiip. typical weeny peterson. that's why i always refer to bsu as bshs(boise state high school) pathetic

You've only posted maybe a's possible.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

still waiting

The U of Oregon is still waiting for a public apology from Hout for starting the argument. Boise State University has proven that they are maybe one step ahead of a high school level football program (maybe junior college level--as refraining from taunting is something that should be taught at the high school level)---and very classless. No team with any ethics will every play Boise State--the WAC commission if they have any ethics will issue a suspension of Hout. Look at the quote from Petterson:

“We have to do what we feel is right for our kids and our program,” he said.

This means that they put a possible winning season ahead of any disciplinary actions--this is wrong.

"The U of Oregon is still

"The U of Oregon is still waiting for a public apology from Hout for starting the argument"---Hey azzwipe, All Hout did was ask "How about that azz whipping"? and I know this is what was said), in reference to what Blount said earlier in the week in the media (or did you even know that?) Blount started it with that. Go do some homework. If thats your case, Blount should have been supended for his comments and not even taken the field... You putz.

blunt blout

i got a right jab for blounts snot locker. couldnt miss those flared nostrils. tapping the shoulder? at least 10 years in the big house?

If you think it's okay to go

If you think it's okay to go around acting as racist as Byron Hout and the rest of the BSU fans, be my guest. No one has any right to make racist comments, especially on the field. And when it is said, yes I would say a punch in the face is well deserved. Learn how to integrate yourself in the 21st century. Racism should have ended a long time ago. *Note to self-never go to Idaho!*

Could you please cite a

Could you please cite a source on Hout giving off any kind of racial blast. I've haven't seen any proof of that...only drive by blogger accusations. I'm sorry, I don't buy it. All Blount would have had to have done is claim this at his defense and the Revs Jackson and Sharpton would be racing each other to get here and it would be ALLLLLLLLLL over the news. That hasn't happened as of yet.

That being said, Blount should have got 5 games and Hout should be running up the bleachers every day this week.

You are a ****ing retard

Don't be pulling that race bull****. There was nothing racist about anything on that field. Hout didn't say anything racist, and Blount didn't respond because of race. You are such a tool, you need to sell your computer and live on a deserted island. The human race will be grateful that you are removing yourself from ruining the world's genepool.

*Note to self- celebrate because retards like Karabara won't contaminate Idaho with their presence!*

Freakin' moron!

Continue hitting yourself in the head with your AM radio...

Racist does NOT mean mouthing at a black guy about a boast.

You people that keep calling everything racist should actually WATCH the video and PAY ATTENTION!

If you know anything about our coach, first of all, he came from a job at the University of Oregon, last time I heard. You'd also know that if Hout HAD made a slur against any ethic group representing the Broncos, HE WOULD BE GONE.



Your definition of racism is so narrow that shouting at a black man about SOMETHING THEY SAID may be more than a really poor thing to do.

This guy punched a member of his own TEAM who was trying to cool him down. That was a JUSTIFIED REACTION to being asked what happened to the ___whupping we were supposed to get?

This is why you got flagged. You are a Johnny-come-lately here to troll. You just presented the most absurd take possible on the subject and you chose to be so outrageous as to render yourself demerited and without credability.


There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

CA is on crack..

You've got to be kidding or on crack for sure..

Don't repeat his name twice.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


You must be smokin' with CA..

Say it to yourself, oh Wonder Frog...

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Really!? Hout Should be out!

Hout did not just say something to to Blount...He hit him on the Pads to get his attention...then said his BS! He should be out for two do nothing is unacceptable...And Petersen says he is getting no finger steaks for a week!? I hope the NCAA has something to say! Or that the WAC has something to say! I think this is a poor decision by Boise State.

No Action Means No Lessons Learned

WAC Commissioner Benson is not objective when it comes to his school (BSU). And Hout's actions reflect a lack of class and sportmanship. The WAC and BSU needed to send a message and apparently are not willing to do so.

not willing to send a message?

I recall that Titus Young was suspended for 10 games last year for violating team rules. Should everybody be suspended just for talking trash? If that is the case then practically every team would be suspending everyone every week, but the truth is that it's FOOTBALL, and trash talk is common. If you can't accept that, then don't watch football anymore, because it won't change for your politically correct mindset.

He got a decent right to the JAW. Action for you???

Geez. you preferred MMA?

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


Another good zinger!

Ah, The girly men and soccer moms are still upset about taunting

Coach Pete is paid the bucks to run his team. Shut up and let him do it. Anyone who thinks sucker punching someone is on the same level as a smart A__ remark needs to get their own slap up side their head. Slugging someone could be a crime. Last time I checked having a smart mouth isn't. Maybe that smart mouth reporter should be disciplined too. Was that a duck reporter? Anyone that thinks this puts BSU in a worse light than Oregon looks like a total fool. Of course that would come under Vandal or Duck views right now, wouldn't it?


My Idaho roots go way back to an ancestor who was in the original Idaho State Legislature. I graduated from the University of Oregon nearly forty years ago and have been an Idaho resident for most of my life. Oregon and Boise State are my two favorite schools. Thursday's game caused me great embarrassment to be associated with both the University of Oregon and the State of Idaho.

Certainly poor sportsmanship is not limited to just the University of Oregon and Boise State University. Unfortunately, our sports society has come to encourage poor sportsmanship to the point that we consider it an obligation. There was a day when referees dropped penalty flags for delay of game on the home team if the crowd did not quiet down to let the guest team hear the signals. Before corporate-sponsorship, scoreboards often just read, "HOME" and "GUESTS." And, there were those who took pride in how they treated their guests. Today, unfortunately, both Oregon and Boise State take pride in being tough places to visit - because the fans are very good at creating an uneven playing field.

ESPN invited the University of Oregon and Boise State to entertain the country by reducing their level of humanity to the lowest level. Their pre-game hype was as sophisticated as the chants on the Jerry Springer Show as they told the rest of the country to tune in and watch this country brawl, with the not-so-subtle implication that this could get out of hand, and my, wouldn't that be entertaining? Unfortunately, both sides took them up on the offer.

This is not just about two players, or even just a few players. This is about what the whole game has become, with fans chiming in to help determine the outcome of the game from the safety of their seats in the bleachers, and in this case, we also had the entertainment value of the players' little pre-game function at midfield.

Of course, everyone hates a poor loser. Well, maybe not everyone, because they are obviously good for TV ratings. Handshakes are so boring and no doubt disappointing to the national media. But then, there is the issue of poor winners - those who don't wish their vanquished foe well and instead chant, "Overrated, overrated, overrated," as did the Boise State fans behind the Oregon bench. This is not to single out Boise State. I have read reports about Oregon fans repeatedly spitting on a University of Washington women's basketball coach and cussing opposing players behind the bench at football games. Nor is this just limited to the University of Oregon and Boise State. Visit any football blog site, and no doubt any college stadium, and you will see no lack of people struggling to get in touch with their lower selves.

Chris Peterson's statement that to provide any serious discipline to the Boise State player involved in this case would decimate teams if the standard were applied uniformly is only one more example of how low the bar has been set for what we consider to be sportsmanship today. Sadly, he is probably correct. And, more sadly, he does not see it his responsibility to raise the bar in a meaningful way.

The Ducks were the only

The ducks were the only ones to really talk trash before the game . Masoli, Blount, Belotti all talked the talk and your former SID even wrote a letter to the editor saying the Broncos were outmatched and we would all be stunned etc...and yet when you get your butts handed to you, all you can do is point to Hout and say BSU shows a lack of class? What a freaking joke! Gramps, please go climb under the rock you just crawled out of. Your take on this game is a little cloudy. Oh, and just to add to more reports you have read... Last year in Eugene, we had fans throw and spit things at us. I think your University belongs on Jerry Springer.

to idjrfan

It has often been sighted that "the pen is mightier than the sword". Many lives throughout history have been lost due to a slip of the tongue, or a precise phrase directed to incite retaliation. I do not think that the two parts of what happened are the same at all. Blount got angry and reacted a way that he should not have. For his actions he has to sit for the year. This cost him quite a bit concerning his career...going from 2nd to 3rd round draft pick to possibly un-draftable...that is his is also unacceptable for a person not to understand their role in a the response was appropriate or not has been dealt with...but Hout has responsibility as well

To JLandon

Your reading comprehension skills are what are a little cloudy and your comment, "Gramps, please go climb under the rock you just crawled out of," is innaccurate in many ways and its disrespectful tone only serves to emphasize my point regarding sportsmanship. Thank you for reinforcing my point.