More fallout from Blount punch

Boise State coach Chris Petersen said he has addressed his team three times about Thursday’s post-game incident.

Following Boise State’s 19-8 victory against Oregon, Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount punched Boise State defensive end Byron Hout in the face. ESPN cameras caught the incident on and broadcast it to a national audience.

“Everything is a learning lesson and this is one of them,” Petersen said on his weekly WAC teleconference.

Petersen said he did not suspend Hout, who tapped Blount on the shoulder pad and said something to the Duck player, because “if everybody got suspended for saying something, half the teams wouldn’t have guys to play games.” He added that Hout is “being disciplined. There’s no question about that.”

Petersen also commended the other players on the field for not escalating the conflict.

For more of Petersen’s reaction, see Chadd Cripe’s Bronco Beat.

Here are other reactions to the punch:

• WAC commissioner Karl Benson said he accepted with Boise State’s handling of the situation. Benson said his review of the situation focused on what Hout said and that Benson determined they did not warrant further WAC punishment.

"I tried to isolate his comments and use that to determine whether he deserved any type of sanction," Benson said.

• Benson said the conference does not have a policy about postgame replays, but said they would look at putting one in place after Boise State showed replays of the punch several times on its video board.

Benson said Boise State athletic director Gene Bleymaier took additional action against the replay operator at Bronco Stadium and apologized to Oregon for the excessive replays.

The commissioner said the league does have a policy regarding in-game replays.

"Controversial plays may be shown only one time at full speed," WAC spokesman Dave Chafin said.

• Eugene Register-Guard columnist George Schroeder has an excellent story on Oregon coach Chip Kelly and his handling of the LeGarrette Blount situation. It describes how the phone call from Blount to Boise State head coach Chris Petersen and defensive end Byron Hout took place.

I was with Schroeder and Kelly for that pre-game conversation. Kelly looked very relaxed and confident. Contrast that with his post-game reaction.

I stand by what I said last week: I’m not sure Kelly is an upgrade on former coach Mike Bellotti.

• New Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott told the New York Times that he is "concerned" about the level of punishment that Boise State defensive end Byron Hout is receiving.

When Boise State Coach Chris Petersen announced Friday that the discipline would be handled internally, Scott called Western Athletic Conference Commissioner Karl Benson to ask him to get involved.

“It takes two to tango,” Scott said. “I was concerned about what I heard the Boise State coach say about how it was going to be handled. I’ll just leave it at that. I’m not going to second-guess anything that that conference decides to do.”

The entire story is worth a read.

• Chris Dufresne of the L.A. Times posed a question on Twitter that I’ve been wondering myself.

“My question,” he tweets, “Why was Blount in the game, running a pass route toward the Boise bench when game ended?”

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“Why was Blount in the game, running a pass route toward the Boise bench when game ended?”

I had not noticed that detail, perhaps this entire incident was designed and planned to provoke a reaction from BSU...?

Blount route running

It was purely coincidental. I doubt really doubt Chip Kelly did that on purpose.

Really doubt it?

Oregon has accused BSU of cr@p the last two years. Now we know the truth!

Murphy is....

Is helping the PAC 10 do all it can to discredit BSU and Coach Petersen. Murphy, I am calling on you to resign your position at the Mistakesman and move back to NC. You have doen all you can since arriving, to make BSU look cheap.

BSU has the best coach in the country for mentoring and teaching young men how to be good citizens. If you were half as good as Pete you would be very successful.

You Murphy are a media type that like to look at only the negative, ignoring the positives. How can the discipline that Coach Petersen issued be better than a suspension? Have you asked him? Have you investigated this?

Maybe you should get the answer before automatically assuming the worst.

Shut up. They'd just run comics if KR, Barker all you wanted...

gone just split.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Very well said!!

Very well said syncster!!

Well said for wrong.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Go Ducks!!!

Now that BSU has handed UofO a thumping on the field I will be cheering for them to win big the rest of the season. Go BSU!!!!!!

Oregon Coaches

I would argue that the Oregon coaches failed to head off this situation. You have a player that made some controversial statements prior to the game, who has also had a history of disciplinary problems. Tensions are running high before and during the game. Blount had a lousy game, so I suspect he was venting on the sideline. Why didn't a coach get to Blount and get him into the locker room?

When I first saw the game, I

When I first saw the game, I couldnt believe what Blount did and thought there must be more to the story. He claimed someone was "gonna throw a chair and me". The announcers scoffed at this claim and ridiculed Blount. However, on closer inspection, there really was a guy weilding a chair in the first couple rows of stands, and another fan actually did take a swipe at Blount from the stands. I saw it in slow motion an hour ago. Blount was out of line but he told a surprising amount of truth as well. There really was a man preparing to use a chair against him. Unbelievable but true.
I wonder what the heck the Boise State player must have said to Blount to cause Coach Peterson to interrupt his victory handshake, veer off and pull him aside like that. I am suspecting there was a racial term used, which in a court of law is a legal basis for retaliation. The longer I study this, the worse the Broncos look. It does not help that the Bronco player in question is from one of the most blatantly racist parts of one of the most racist states in the union, and several of his teammates report his fondness of the n------ word. It frankly makes my stomach turn.


You're a lousy troll, and frankly, you make me laugh.

Foolish and Ridiculous

Jazzteroid, that's an ugly rumor you are trying to spread about racist comments being used. Think about it -- if Hout had said that would Blount have called him on Saturday to apologize for punching him? Also, Coach Peterson was standing right there next to Hout, if Hout had used racist language Petersen would've kicked him off of the team.

You strike me as a desperate Duck fan grasping at anything you can to salvage your inflated pride. Either that, or you are just ignorant. I've lived in seven different states in all different parts of the country. While Idaho is not perfect (neither is anywhere else) it is not a "blatantly racist state" or any worse in that regard than anywhere else.


And as a matter of fact, there are also many democrats who live here in Idaho. I for one am a Bronco fan and an Obama fan. So don't talk to me about racism...

Yikes. BSU and Obama?


Yikes. BSU and Obama? 0-2 on

Yikes. BSU and Obama? 0-2 on picking your teams. They both may have won, but they'll both eventually be exposed for the massive frauds and failures they are.

there was just a clan rally in idaho

im sure you were there

How would you know, Joe Isuzu?

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


You are either an IDIOT or a Drama Queen! BSU has players of many races. They play side by side as a team,as brothers. If any one had a fondness for using these words Peterson would have handled it. Whenever the excuses for losing runs out every body falls back to using Idaho the racist state.Idaho is not a racist state and frankly you turn my stomach!


You are either an IDIOT or a Drama Queen! BSU has players of many races. They play side by side as a team,as brothers. If any one had a fondness for using these words Peterson would have handled it. Whenever the excuses for losing runs out every body falls back to using Idaho the racist state.Idaho is not a racist state and frankly you turn my stomach!

If you are on EARTHLINK, you could be from OUTER SPACE.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


Jazzteroid or Hemhorroid whatever your name is, you are an idiot, which teammates report his fondness for using the N word? What frankly makes my stomach turn is turds like you trying to stir the pot and make this into a racial issue, grow the hell up!! Bottom line is football is a privillege not a right, Blount is still gonna get a FREE education and has the opportunity of a lifetime to become a doctor, lawyer or scientist, basically whatever he chooses. I sure wish I had his opportunities and could get a free education. I understand his dream is to play in the NFL, well I wanted to become an astronaut but guess what? It didn't work out, buck up, become a man a deal with what life throws at you.

Larry Scott must live under a rock (without a television)

The PAC-10 commish thinks trash talk merits more than in-team discipline???? Wow! Has he watched ANY sporting event in the last 15 years? I hate the prevalence of trash talk, but even a casual observer would know that it is ubiquitous in sports today. Watch a college basketball game sometime, Commish…. Nothing but trash talk from one end of the court to another. I hate it like the plague, but to suddenly act like it deserves a suspension makes you look like a hypocrite. Did you notice during the game that every time a BSU punt returner called for a fair catch, an Oregon defender was right in the BSU player’s face, bumping him and laying on the smack? Did you ask Oregon’s coach to discipline these guys? Where was your indignation when the “AZZ Whoopin’” comment was made?

Trash talk

I agree there is trash talk in every game. If it had not been for the sucker punch, no one would have even noticed Houts comment or cared. I think both teams handled this correctly. There is a huge difference between making a comment and throwing a sucker punch.

Trash talk before a game and

Trash talk before a game and even during it is common. After a game it is very unusal for a member of the winning team to trash talk (they are celebrating or even consoling), but it is unprecidented for a player on the winning team to seek out a specific player on the losing team and physically poke at him to get his attention and then insult him. Houts commited a premeditated crime. The other guy responded in the heat of battle, without thought. Just like premeditated murder is first degree and an angery response in manslaughter. A big difference! Down here in Florida our players are regularly in and out of jail. I am very disappointed that BSU sunk to that level, but even more disappointed and surprised by Peterson's pathetic response ... "All players trash talk."

Racial Comment??? Get Real!!!

OMG... This subject should have died a couple days ago. Murph, I hate to say it because I've typically enjoyed your coverage, BUT... Very little has been written/said about the shutdown the D put on display most all game. I'd much rather hear about that. Enough with the sensationial bandwagon. Set an example to your fellow journalists and drop it already.

Anyways, about the "racial comment" angle. Not even close. It doesn't take an expert lip reader to see what Hout said. As taunts go, what he said was very mild. Something to the effect "So where's our azz whoopin' now??--" That's about the time Pete turned him away. If you think what he said was overly inflammitory, you're following the wrong sport. Blount was simply overly inflamed. He was looking for an excuse as I'd bet most any of us would if put in his shoes. The embarrasment and frustraton he was feeling at the time must have been unimaginable. Still not excusable, but I hope you get my point.

PAC 10 overreacted

I think the PAC-10 overreacted. I don't think they should have suspended Blount for the rest of the season. And as for taunting, it happens on and off the field all the time. So if we are going to talk about suspension, it would probably happen to all the college teams to some degree. Get over it...

Blount began the taunting publicly a week before the game....

It was publicly and nationally known that Blount said Boise deserved an a** whooping a week before the game. This was brought up several times during the game by the ESPN commentators - joking that Blount wrote a check he couldn't cash. So why is "taunting" tolerated in the press before a game and written off as hype. We all know trash talk happens before, during, and after the game. And yes, it is part of the game. So now, just because the biggest offender can't handle his own dish, we are to point fingers and suspend every player in organized athletics for a little trash talk. Honestly, I don't think anyone would watch sports if there wasn't a bit of trash talk,...might be a bit boring. Even golf has its moments. All Hout did was remind Blount about his bounced-check. No harm in that - and definitely not deserving a suspension. Blount simply couldn't control his emotions - much like a wife-beater. Blount gets what he deserves, and personally I think he's getting off easy. He should have criminal assault charges filed against him. The nation should be applauding the Broncos, Haut, and Coach Pete for taking the high road in this matter. If you want to split hairs then Oregon should have disciplined Blount, even suspended him, for his comments to the press before this game even kicked off.

Larry Scott should stick to the ladies....

Get Real Larry!!!!!!!! Maybe college football is too much for a womens tennis commish to handle. Grow some b*lls and take your medicine, before we officially pull your man-card. You're making the PAC 10 out to be a bunch of cry babies. You don't see Boise State or their fans screaming for assault charges do you? Calling the WAC commissioner is liking running to mommy - Larry, you're such a baby! I'm embarrassed for the PAC 10.

its done....let's move on

Too bad this stuff had to overshadow the game. Great job D! unbelievable!
Anyone who has ever played football, or any other contact sport, knows that trash talk is part of the game!
Gonna say a prayer for Mr. Blount, right now...hope he learns and has a blessed life!
Kudos to the WONDERFUL DUCK FANS, who sat next to us in section 9 :) and the ones we partied with in the parking lot. You guys ROCK! Heard a rumor that it got to 120 decibels on the blue! Thanks for showing the same class you showed us in Eugene last year. We look forward to seeing you here again soon!

Duck Fans

The Duck fans sitting by us in Sec 109 were also a very classy group of individuals with high football IQ's. It was fun to enjoy the game with them and though there was some friendly "banter" during the game, hand shakes and well wishes were abundant after the game. Thanks for coming to Boise Duck Fans and good luck with the rest of your season!


I think the incident actually started well before Hout tapped Blount on the shoulder... I think that the reporters from both papers need to shoulder the blame. The Statesman's reporters and radio people for constantly bringing up everything, any Duck player or Coaching Staff member said. If you all were not always reporting all the trash and none of the news kids would not be as close to over reacting as they are... Also the unproffessional tone of the message boards do not help... Do we really believe that the these kids are not reading this trash.

Also bronco fans you are allowed to cheer for your team... never ever ever direct anything to the other team.. If they are not doing well trust me they know it... I am not saying do not be loud... I am saying stop being immature...

So how about.. Murph, Cripe and Prater.. I would suspend my self for one week for contributing the incident. Because you idiots had as much to do with this as Hout

A wee bit harsh you think?

I am in my sixties and when I was young if you jacked your jaws disrespecting someone you was going to be in a fight, be it head on, sucker punch or a good kick in the you know what. Most think the law will protect them now, so why be a little respectful, but dont worry the gov will pass a law to fix that problem-ya.
This game has had a year to fester into a grudge match and only a fool would be surprised by the ending. The coaches should not have let players intermingle at the end of the game.
I think the kid is being used as a example for all college football and if he is its a shame. Hope ore gets the help he needs and maybe reconsiders after a few games so the kid has a better chance at pro ball and life in general. Good luck kiddo. BSU fan.

If the Pac10 commissioner

If the Pac10 commissioner really believes what he seems to be indicating, he needs to do two things to maintain any credibility. First, he needs to state exactly what it was that Hout did that deserves a harsher sanction. (Was it the comment, the tap on the shoulder or both).

Once he clarifies the source of his grievance, he needs to immediately order his staff to begin reviewing game tapes from all Pac10 games over the past year. If he sees any activity from a Pac10 player that crosses the line he has drawn (before, during or after a game), he needs to dole out the harsh punishment he feels Hout deserves. If the player is still in the league, hit him with the punishment now. If not, contact the team's coach and let him know how disappointing it is that the incident was not punished.

My guess is that an intrepid reporter could assemble a film clip with dozens of worse incidents and send it to the commish. I think we all know what the result of that would be. Nada.

BSU handled this wrong,

BSU handled this wrong, coach Peterson has shown poor leadership with his players, trash mouthing during the game is one thing, before the game is just media hype, when the GAME is over you shake hands and go about getting ready for the next one, you don't trash mouth, being a gracious winner shows class, which it appears BSU lacks.

Class blkshoe

You talk about class? Do you know what that word means? Iseen a sucker punch,I seen a player hit his own teammate,I seen aplayer try to fight fans in the croud,I seen five or six people try to drag this player off the field while he was fighting and out of control.This was an Oregon player and you say BSU has no class. You are a confused person.BSU manhandled Oregon the entire game and I wish people would quit being bitter.

One player made a mistake.

One player from each team made a mistake. It is obvious that they both know that and have issued appologies. I don't think you should stereotype the entire program based on one player's actions. Both teams showed a tremendous amount of class and self-control by not turing the incident into a huge mele. I wish all these nay sayers would just grow up and start focusing on the positives of the game or at least move on to the next foe at hand.

Coach Pete is a jewel

Coach Pete deserves a lot of credit for the way he has handled this situation. The post game interview on ESPN shows what a class act he really is. He could easily have thrown the Oregon Team under the bus but he didn't. Hout was out of line for sure and Coach Pete was right there and was trying to critque him when Blount blind sided Hout. Coach Pete was just inches away from receiving the punch himself.

However Coach Pete is going to handle the disipline with Hout is fine with me. Hopefully he told him that next time, don't turn your back when you are being a smart as*..

"How bout them Bronco's" They made Oregon look like a High School team...

ps to blkshoe. You must have been watching a different game or live in Eugene.. Your view on this is NUTS..


THEY BOTH LOOKED LIKE HIGH SCHOOL TEAMS. If you didn't notice it was only an 11 point spread...3 fumbles and 2 missed field goals? Who was the high school team? Open your eyes. P.S. The vandals are #1 in the WAC right now. And we've scored more points than BSU this season. hahahaha

Against New Mexico

Against New Mexico :-))
Enjoy it while it lasts (until the next wac game is played).

Never said it was gonna last

Never said it was gonna last forever! Just enjoying it for a while!

Can't we all just get along?

I want the Vandals to have only one loss this season (to Boise State, of course). But, I think it's important for our fellow Idaho teams to succeed, too. In fact, I posted before that every WAC team should be rooting for every other WAC team WHEN IT COMES TO OUT-OF-CONFERENCE GAMES. If the WAC can win most games outside of the conference, then the prestige of the entire conference is raised. In-conference games are another story, tho.

So, I'm rooting for the Vandals until November 14. Then, I hope they crash and burn on the Blue like the Oregon Ducks. However, I hope they spend the following two weeks licking their wounds, only to take out their anger on Utah St.

So, GO VANDALS (just not against Boise State), and GO BRONCOS (ALL THE WAY)!

Excellent point...Don't play solitaire and we all win.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

The whole situation

Here are my thoughts that I’m sure will get slammed by obsessed fans but here goes. First off good on Oregon for swift action showing the team you can not do this. BSU wants NCAA recognition on there program. When given to the chance to show the NCAA this program is maturing the response is we are handling it internally, what does that mean? Two extra wind sprints over the next two practices come on. This kid is getting a slap on the wrist and that is all. College is all about SPORTSMANSHIP not trash talking, horrible decision Coach Pete the entire nation will look at this decision with resentment you just took a few steps back on the making a push to the BCS.
Several postings claim Coach Pete has done a great job mentoring; I do not know him personally but how is good mentoring showing your team it is alright to talk trash as long as you can get them to throw the first punch. In the NFL he would be fined heavily, you can not fine in college so game suspension is the only way, a quarter or the first half would have at least shown he does not approve of these actions.

Seriously? If Blount had

Seriously? If Blount had never thrown a punch we wouldn't even be talking about this right now. Why must Hout be punished for Blount's actions? Trash talk is not good, I get that, but it happens in every game (high school, college, pro; football, basketball, soccer...). So do we suspend everyone?

Um, no

This isn't some Never Never Land fantasy world. As long as one team is in competition, there will be bragging. If it happens AFTER the game, it's called "taunting". Who cares? If a player's self-esteem is threatened by taunts, they should stop playing competetive sports. This isn't kindergarten where everyone wins, and everyone feels good. What's next? NOT keeping score so "nobody feels bad"? What the HELL is all this touchy-feely psychobabble about?

College isn't about sportsmanship. It's about creating pride in your school. The best way to increase pride in your school: beat your opponents in competitions (both academic and athletic).

Granted, you don't hear a lot of taunting after a debate or chess tournament. But, even cheerleading competitions can get pretty vicious.

@gman1 and IdahoJoe

This stuff happens all the time in NCAA hockey (not just the talk, but the swings). Doesn't make it right, but it's easily handled (automatic game suspension the first time).

Blount should sit out a game, maybe two. Anything more is just an over-reaction by a new coach trying to set some boundaries.

If the Ducks don't reinstate Blount, he should quit Oregon.

And then BSU should grab him....

He's a SENIOR! Not playing for anybody...

Why would we want him?

Oregon's mental health care is better than Idaho's!

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


What’s this? BSU not disciplining their players!?

Why am I not surprised. I mean, its not like there is a trend developing or anything. I guess plagiarism is a little worse than inciting violence after a game is said and done.

On to a stellar remaining schedule!!!

wholeheartedly agree with gman1

Good to see someone else shares my opinion on the matter. Hout did not press charges, local authorities did not press charges, apologies were exchanged, gee whiz, move on already. A game or two suspension for Blount at most is warranted, but to make the guy sit out the remainder of his senior year is very harsh indeed. Sure he went off like a loose cannon, but if coach kelly would have said, "do one more thing to harm this program and you are out for good", then I think the kid would have gotten the message and straightened up. But no, the poor kid was not even given the chance to redeem himself. All this did was put Oregon in the national spotlight for the wrong reason and Oregon did it to themselves. And the Pac 10 commissioner is an idiot for even having the thought to question coaoh Pete's decision, after all, coach Pete did win national coach of the year. The Pac 10 commissioner is also a hypocrite for not saying word one to coach Kelly about his player's pre-game trash talk. I really think Oregon and the Pac 10 handled this poorly. Kudos to coach Pete for doing the right thing.

Good for the Vandals to lead the WAC! Now shut up!

Dear Vandal fans:

Please post what your team is going to do the remainder of the season. In other words, for just once I personally would like to see your focus shift from the Broncos to the Vandals. I guess your football program envy prevents you from highlighting the Vandal program, eh?