Petersen on Hout: No suspension, but "we're not good with it"

By Chadd Cripe

Boise State sophomore defensive end Byron Hout probably won’t miss any game time because of his actions at the end of Thursday night’s game against Oregon, Broncos coach Chris Petersen said Friday morning.

Petersen will discipline Hout internally, he said. They met after the game and are scheduled to meet again today.

Hout said something to Blount and tapped him on the shoulder pads during the postgame handshakes. Blount responded with a punch to Hout’s jaw.

“We’re not good with it,” Petersen said. “It always takes two to tangle. Those are things we preach about every day around here. We just need to keep our mouths closed … and let our play speak for itself.

“I’m sure (Blount) would give his right arm to take that whole thing back, how it looks. Byron’s mistake wasn’t as extreme as LeGarrette’s, but he was still wrong.”

ESPN analyst Robert Smith, a former NFL star, said of Hout: “His was a classless act as well. You need to lose with class, you need to win with class. He shouldn’t have gone after him, but that does not excuse what LeGarrette Blount did.”

Hout physically is OK, Petersen said. The Broncos don’t have any intention of filing a criminal complaint, Petersen said — the action required for the Boise Police to pursue the matter, according to spokeswoman Lynn Hightower.

Petersen doesn’t know what Hout said to Blount, he said. Petersen was right in the middle of the action and immediately admonished Hout — telling him that there was no need for trash talk after the game.

“Why would you say anything?” Petersen said of his conversation with Hout. “We just played a great big game on defense. It was a hard-fought, physical battle. I’d hope that we’d be above those types of things.”

Usually, Petersen said, the postgame mixing of players on the field is friendly.

“I think it’s usually 99 percent positive,” he said. “I always see tremendous respect for each side.”

The incident overshadowed the Broncos’ big win. Last year, they beat Oregon and a couple of late hits dominated the conversation.

Petersen said he talked to his friends on the Oregon staff after the game and the coaches exchanged apologies.

“We don’t want that to be a part of the game,” he said.

As for Blount, reports that the Pac-10 will decide his fate. On Thursday night, Oregon seemed to think it would have the final say because it was a postgame incident. The NCAA rules don’t appear to address postgame incidents.

The report says Blount said one fan “brandished a chair at him and another punched him.” Blount went after the fans on his way to the locker room and had to be nearly dragged off the field.

Earlier in the game, Blount took a cheap shot at a Boise State defender. And during the postgame melee, he hit one of his teammates in the face and shoved Boise State strength coach Tim Socha.

ESPN's Todd McShay reported that an NFL team's college scouting director told him, "In the matter of five minutes, Blount just went from second- or third-rounder to completely undraftable."

“It’s just a disgusting display by LeGarrette Blount,” Smith said. “… There has to be some kind of suspension, a multiple-game suspension. You have to send a strong message.”

Ironically, Blount’s actions came on a weekend when teams are holding pregame handshakes as part of a national sportsmanship initiative. Blount participated in those handshakes Thursday.

The handshake initiative is sponsored by the American Football Coaches Association and NCAA.

"This case points out that we still need to have a commitment to sportsmanship and respect," AFCA executive director Grant Teaff told ESPN's Joe Schad. "It was sad as I watched [the events in Boise], but the good news is nobody joined in. That would have been a brawl back in the day. This was one player who was frustrated and infuriated and lost control.”

Hout was not available for comment Friday. Players aren’t available to the media again until Tuesday.

Here's our other Blount coverage:

Blount apologizes.

What do you think should happen?


Petersen made a telephone appearance on ESPN’s SportsCenter this morning.

He was told that Smith, the ESPN analyst, said he would be “stunned” if the Broncos don’t go undefeated and play in a Bowl Championship Series game.

Petersen’s response: “I would say maybe I would be stunned if we do — just because it’s so much harder to do that than to not do that. Everybody just takes those things for granted. I know the bull’s-eye that’s on our chest. … Everybody knows that just special things have to happen in order to have a great season like that, so we’re not even kind of looking that far ahead. We’re really not. And we’re not going to until this season is over.”

The Broncos have gone undefeated in three of the past five regular seasons, including last year. They have not done it in back-to-back seasons yet.

Earlier in SportsCenter, in the “Blog Buzz” segment, it was revealed that Blount’s punch is the most blogged-about topic in sports right now.

BSU undefeated

BSU will go undefeated. The only real challenge they have left on their schedule is Nevada and Nevada doesn't have the stamina or discipline to play an entire game like BSU does. Of course Petersen can not say they will go undefeated, but it is a done deal. The only question left is if they will get a shot at the national championship game because of the pressure to break the BCS and due to the fact there will not be many if any other undefeated teams. Congratulations on another undefeated season BSU and another WAC championship.

I think...

... you underestimate just how hard it is to run the table, even against substantially lesser foes. Think about it this way. The Broncos have 12 games left. Let's say, for argument sake, that they have a 90% chance of winning each of those games. Even with those odds, the odds of them going undefeated is only 28% (0.9^12=0.28).

Keep in mind that in 2006, the Broncos nearly lost at San Jose State (they trailed until late in the 4th quarter, and didn't grab the lead until their last field goal drive). After next week's home game against Miami (Ohio), the Broncos have a very dangerous stretch of 5 away games in 7 games, including trips to Fresno, Bowling Green (Ohio), Tulsa (Oklahoma), Hawaii, and Ruston (Louisiana). Those road games cover a span of 6 time zones. I agree with Pete. It will be amazing if the Broncos can get through that stretch unscathed.


it is good to think that way to not have a let down and to theoretically improve a weak schedule, but the point is that BSU's coaching staff will not allow those things to effect the team and no other team has the discipline, heart, stamina, etc. to play an entire game of football like BSU. If any of those teams played with the same discipline, intensity, etc. as BSU then there would be a chance that BSU might lose a game or two, but there are only a few well-coached teams in the nation that will play an "entire" game of football like BSU and none of those teams are on the schedule. At least not until the post-season. And if you play less than four quarters of football against BSU you will lose. Nevada and Fresno will likely play 3 to 3 1/2 quarters of solid football against BSU, but that won't cut it. BSU has already gone undefeated. The only game that was difficult on their schedule has been won. The rest is gravy. The only matter to be determined is which BCS bowl they get to play in and who they will play against.

You will never learn.

If it is such a forgone conclusion that BSU will go undefeated just one game under their belts, then they have no business in a BCS bowl. All other contenders will be battling it out day in and day out to earn such a spot. They will not know until the conference championships are behind them. Take a lesson from your coach and stop being so cocky and ignorant.

How ironic

Man, I am so tired of getting this urge to explain basic concepts to people. The entire point of bowl games is to give opportunities to teams that didn't have a chance to adequately prove themselves in the regular season. I'd explain the concept to you but it's complicated and you're already looking out the window at the birdie.

Way to Go BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, an admission. I am not a dirty, greasy duck fan. I LOATHE the ducks. I only arrived on the scene to fire up the BSU faithful and let them know the psychology of their opponents. In a way, I feel like without the healthy trash talking, the Broncs might not have had the proper motivation to get through their only real game of the season. I'm glad you guys pulled it off and I'm sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings. If BSU does NOT go undefeated this year, I'll be totally shocked. But, that is only because you guys don't play any real contenders. The ducks came in overrated and got beat, but not my a huge margin. As long as BSU plays in the WAC, they won't get any real respect from college football nation, and fans should appreciate that. You guys and TCU need to lobby the NCAA to replace the weakest teams in strong conferences if you want to really be a contender. Otherwise, be glad you have the best team in the WAC and don't get sad when you get snubbed by the BCS. After seeing how the Broncs played last night, there is no doubt in my mind Florida would absolutely crush them, as would most other national title contenders.

Anyway, thanks to bronco nation for pulling off a win against my least favorite team in sports.

SHUT UP. Psycho Joe Isuzu is lying, all lies.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


is the trap game in my opinion. They are a very decent team flying under the radar. Its in texas too. Chadd you said in the second paragraph that coach peterson would be stunned if they don't go undefeated. you may want to change that.


That's Robert Smith in the second graf.

Tulsa, Oklahoma? The game's in TX?

Are you saying that their game is going to be played in Texas, not Tulsa? If so, where will it ber played? Cotton bowl in Dallas?arlington or close by? Why would they play there? If in Dallas then I'm defintiely going, but can't go all the way to Tusla, OK.

Far as I know, the game is in Tulsa.

I'm in Ft. Worth and we're going up for it. Talked to a guy up in Tulsa last week and he said the town is hyped for BSU coming in. Says it will be THEIR biggest game of the season. Thrilled that they're going to be on ESPN thanks to BSU.

the point

That is part of the point Peterson was making I think. For most, if not all, of the teams on BSU's schedule, the BSU game is THEIR big game; the one that's been circled on the calendar for a year. That's what puts the target on BSU.
They can hem and haw all they want, but WAC coaches for sure spend a fair share of their off-seasons thinking about what they're going to do against BSU the next time around.
side note: every Duck fan I encountered was a pleasure to meet.


You have to love all Oklahoma and Texas fans for the part that football plays in their lives.

Four Possible Trap Games

Grant it that we have yet to see if Nevada and La Tech live up to their hype but if they do we will be hard pressed to beat them easily. NEVER underestimate Fresno State this early in the season and at home. If we were playing them in the second half of the year then we would clobber them. Who knows about Tulsa. They could be good for their conference and suck against us or they could throw us a curve ball, especially at their house.

It won't be easy but we can do it. I think once we get this season really rolling and we haven't lost yet after about three or four games, we're golden.



That's why USC has such trouble going undefeated in the Pac-10: those trap games. I think LA Tech is the best candidate for a trap game loss. Also, I'm glad BSU doesn't play Frenso St. next, that they have Miami Ohio, because there is going to be an emotional let down for the next game, and Fresno St. would surely take advantage of that.

Don't forget San Jose

They always play Boise State tough. So jump your trap-game count to at least 5 games.


Stop with the humble soup Pete. You dont have to say you expect us to get a You SHOULD have said we will see what happens or something. Lets stick to facts. BSU easily handled the Ducks and there is no other team even close to the ducks on our schedule. We shall see I guess. Wow!!! How out of synq where the Ducks last night? They looked worse than Idaho State last year.

The Ducks had a few moments,

The Ducks had a few moments, a very precious few. They are not that bad, Broncos are just that much better. As for Coach Pete, that's just the way he rolls. Can't blame him for jumping on the hype bandwagon, he's got a job to do. As for BCS and national championship, I still don't see #1 as it goes back to our strength (or weakness as the case may be) of schedule. Would we really deserve it with a weak schedule? BCS really needs to go away or be modified with a playoff system, but the good ol' boy system and status quo is to strong to let that happen.


Of course BSU will go undefeated. They beat up on the only team that had a good chance of beating them. They can cruise throught the rest of their cup-cake schedule. Meanwhile, the Ducks are woozy from the beating and they haven't even gotten to the tough part of their schedule...USC and Cal.

Undefeated? Maybe - Maybe not. Don't sell the WAC too short.

I know it is very popular right now to say that Oregon was our toughest game but I think your giving too much credit to the PAC-10 and not enough to the WAC. There is noway in heck that Fresno State is going to be a push-over, neither are La Tech, Nevada or actually likely Idaho. Those teams are either coming up to play harder or like Fresno a very good tough team all the time. Keep in mind one of our few home losses is to Fresno - they are always tough in the early season and we are getting them at their house, before they have any players down for the year, this could be a really tough game at their house for us.

It's good...

to think and talk that way to make the schedule seem more impressive than it is, but the reality is that no other team in the WAC comes close to being as disciplined and hard working as BSU (which is a big credit to the coaching staff and a large reason why they are worth the money they get). They get great results by preparing the players to play from the first second to the last second without taking any plays off or "half-assing" it. They will not let BSU players even think about an undefeated season and will only prepare them to beat each and every team they play. Now whether or not they can win their bowl game against another team that will likely have the same intensity is a different argument, but their march to an undefeated season is a done deal. There is no team left on their schedule that has the discipline, stamina, coaching, and desire to overcome BSU. And yes, the WAC is that weak.

Coaches BS

Stop the bs coach.

All the public PR of being modest... blah blah blah.

"one game at time" is enough bs for all of us.

If you don't see the total wisdom in that, don't drink and redab

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Stay the course Chris

You have proven you know what you are doing and you have the Broncos in the right mentality...I can hear it in the locker room already....a perfect scenario for Coach Pete...we beat Oregon handily, our defense was awesome but our offense and special teams need lots of work and so the next week will be more fundamentals and nobody getting a big head over themselves and overlooking Miami (Ohio).

the second

coach pete changes his pr prowess, will be the second i start to worry. it really is one game at a time. its better than hawkins predicting his team will lose two games this

Coach Petersen Sets the Standard

I was so pleased to hear him publicly admonish Hout for his role in last night's incident. His players and BSU fans would do well to follow his example. I'm not a die-hard fan, but I hope BSU will go undefeated this season. I especially hope that the fans can act like winners and not be an embarrassment through gloating and poor sportsmanship this year.

BCS Talk

To talk of an undefeated season or playing in a BCS game now is wowfully premature. The season is long and there are too many variables, not the least of which is injury, to be making rash predictions. Coach Pete is right. The task now is to correct some rather glaring mistakes and to focus on one game at a time. The Boise State way is to control what can be controlled today. The rest will follow in due coarse.

Let's Get On With Things

Neither player was right, but Blount is a young player who apparently has some growing up to do. With proper sanctioning and follow-up he could move from a high schoolish personality to a professional personality. Let's not keep him from his pursuits if he pulls his head out now. Punching someone is inexcusable, and Blount knows it, but Michael Vick seems to have been given a second chance (along with others who have become great in fields other than football) so let's move on and let Mr. Blount prove he can be a man now.

Brahma is the name of a beer in Venezuela

Where to begin....

1. Blount is not young. he was the third oldest player on the field yesterday.

2. Blount has already had his second chance. He was suspended by his own coach earlier this year for behavior.

3. Blount doesnt deserve to be called "Mr."

4. Blount already proved that he is not a man. After he sucker punched Hout, he backed away like a frightened turtle.

5. Blount will never play another down at Oregon or in the NFL.

His draft prospects are already reported headed down the john.

Still, some people have to learn to never confront people who promised to whup stuff in the national media scene.

Like baiting a bear almost.

Lesson learned. A coach I had would have taken me aside and tell me "FO, why the hell are you stupid like that"? and get it taken care of.

And yes, when I was a teenager that was a great thing to hear from a good old coach, forget you timid PCs I can't believe we created.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Coach Pete

You have class and I admire your approach to coaching and all that goes with it. I personally hope you have an undefeated season and/or get to a Bowl game, but understand exactly why you say what you say about that. Arrogance is not good and you realize that and are not arrogant.

Let's hope that Blount will somehow learn to control himself and accept his defeats - I know how hard that is myself.

We need more than a pregame handshake

First it was no celebrating after a touchdown.

Now we have a mandatory pre-game handshake.

It used to be that people got in each other's face BEFORE the game and shook hands afterwards.

How's that workin' for ya, NCAA?

Maybe we should mandate that everyone sit down and sing Kumbuya during halftime? Unfortunately, what our society has become is reflected in activities all around us--including NCAA football ... and the problems we have won't be solved by banning celebrations and mandating handshakes. But the NCAA doesn't know that, so who knows? Before long we may be listening to college football players singing Kumbuya.

Kumbaya can't fly w/o S'mores and we can't build a campfire...

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

pregame handshakes

the media sure does its share to stir the kids up--maybe some sports writers should be suspended for the rest of the season??????

pregame handshakes

the media sure does its share to stir the kids up--maybe some sports writers should be suspended for the rest of the season??????

Props to both sides

Props to BSU players for not doing what other teams would have done or should have done when a fellow team mate takes one to the chin. Most teams would have B-lined to Blount and sent a message of don’t mess with us. Both side recognized the stupidity of both players and didn’t mix it up. I agree that Hout should get at least 1 game suspension for making contact with his hand on the shoulder pads and Blount should be gone for the season.

By the way; thank you Duck fans who traveled to Boise. You traveled strong and we met a lot of nice Oregon ducks. We also found out who our Idaho ducks are now too. Classy group of fans, let’s not give this end of game incident a black eye between the rest of the Broncos and the Ducks. Good luck with rest of your season, please win the rest of your games for us.

One Question

So where are all the Oregon posters that were so confidentant that the superior faster stronger Oregon would demolish poor little Boise State. Oddly enough they are not here anymore. Funny how that works

They are...

rightfully embarrassed and really couldn't have much to say. It makes sense they wouldn't be replying, especially on an Idaho/Boise State website. If it makes you feel better, they are going to have much more anguish, as they will likely struggle throughout the year and will definitely not live up to the preseason hype and ranking. They will probably finish somewhere in the middle of the Pac-10 race. But hey, they had their 15 minutes of "fame" in the preseason polls.

Oregon fans

I live in Portland, and trust me, they're there. Word on is that the whole post game tussle is actually Ellis Powers' fault for hitting Masoli last year. Also, consensus in Eugene is that Oregon was having a really off game, but that was the best Boise State could do.

For what it's worth, consent is almost unanimous that Blount should be kicked off the team for good; he was a loose cannon all summer anyway.

I'm still here

Blount and Hout were both in the wrong...Blount more so.

Both teams should be pretty ashamed of last night. I saw cheap shots and smack talk going both ways, way more than normal.

Yes, too much trash

I had hopes for a Boise State-Oregon rivalry but it ain't gonna happen. The teams don't even have enough respect for each other to play the game. It was just no fun to watch.

I figure Boise State needs to foster their relationships with Oregon State, Utah, and TCU. We tried a couple dates with the Ducks and sometimes things just don't work out.

Make sure both coaches are

Make sure both coaches are entered in the coaches sportsman educator of the year award contest....

Duck fans....where are you!!!




Hear them crickets?!!! (where's the quacking gone?)


There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

To foreignoregonian

How old are you? Are you stupid or are you on acid? Please stick with the subject or go play in the road.

One second closer to death, SAME AS YOU.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

The OREGON trolls fell in a black hole, pay attention yourself.

There are literacy courses throughout the Valley.

Those who can't type are glad to help those who can't read.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


It's funny how by opening his fat mouth, Hout managed to take all the attention about the Broncos winning that game away from them in a split second. He effectively trumped their glory with the hysterical display of ridiculousness, followed by him dropping to ground as if he'd been knocked out by Chuck Liddel. I was so angry at the Ducks for not bringing their A-game...but in the end, Hout's actions pretty much summed up what this town is all about. Rednecks Unite!

Then go back to San Fran

Leave the 'redneck' state and go back to Cali if you think Boise is too 'redneck' for you.


HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Maybe Daddy Phil Knight should strike a deal with Mike Riley over there in Corvallis and see if his players will suit up in Duck uniforms so Oregon doesn't go 0-4 to start the season. Purdue and the rest of the nation are laughing at Oregon now, can't wait to see Oregon pasted all over gameday tomorrow but won't be commenting on how good you are!!!!!