Boise State is No. 14, Oregon No. 16 in AP poll; here's how the Statesman voted

By Chadd Cripe

The Boise State football team enters the season ranked No. 14 in The Associated Press Top 25 — its highest preseason ranking ever. Oregon is 16th in the poll that was released Saturday morning.

The Broncos are ranked 16th and the Ducks 14th in the USA Today Coaches' Poll. The Broncos and Ducks meet Sept. 3 at Bronco Stadium in a game that will air on ESPN.

Boise State has only appeared in the preseason polls two other times. The Broncos were 18th (AP) and 19th (USA Today) in 2005 and 24th (AP) and 23rd (USA Today) in 2007. The Broncos now have appeared in both polls during eight consecutive seasons.

The Broncos are the highest-ranked team from a non-BCS conference. The other non-BCS teams in the poll are TCU (17), Utah (19) and BYU (20).

No. 1 Florida set a record by receiving 58 of the 60 first-place votes. Texas is No. 2.

Here's the complete poll and, below, the Idaho Statesman ballot:

1. Florida (58) 0-0 1,498
2. Texas (2) 0-0 1,424
3. Oklahoma 0-0 1,370
4. USC 0-0 1,313
5. Alabama 0-0 1,156
6. Ohio State 0-0 1,113
7. Virginia Tech 0-0 1,054
8. Mississippi 0-0 1,047
9. Oklahoma State 0-0 989
9. Penn State 0-0 989
11. LSU 0-0 914
12. California 0-0 746
13. Georgia 0-0 714
14. Boise State 0-0 659
15. Georgia Tech 0-0 593
16. Oregon 0-0 587
17. TCU 0-0 521
18. Florida State 0-0 307
19. Utah 0-0 289
20. Brigham Young 0-0 267
21. North Carolina 0-0 261
22. Iowa 0-0 229
23. Notre Dame 0-0 225
24. Nebraska 0-0 207
25. Kansas 0-0 134
Others Receiving Votes
Oregon State 122, Illinois 105, Pittsburgh 103, Michigan State 100, Rutgers 83, Texas Tech 76, West Virginia 57, Cincinnati 44, Clemson 42, Miami (FL) 40, East Carolina 30, Tennessee 15, Arizona 13, North Carolina State 10, Boston College 9, CENTRL MICHIGAN 7, Auburn 7, UCLA 7, Northwestern 5, South Florida 3, Southern Miss 3, Vanderbilt 3, Missouri 3, South Carolina 2, Nevada 1, Arkansas 1, Houston 1, TROY 1, Tulsa 1.


I am one of the 60 voters this year. Here's how I ranked the teams:

1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Oklahoma
5 Ohio State
6 Alabama
7 Virginia Tech
8 California
9 Mississippi
10 Oklahoma State
11 Boise State
12 Oregon
13 Georgia
14 Penn State
15 LSU
16 Georgia Tech
17 Florida State
18 Cincinnati
19 Oregon State
20 TCU
21 Nebraska
22 Michigan State
23 Iowa
24 BYU
25 Utah

Also considered: Notre Dame, Texas Tech, West Virginia, North Carolina

I suppose

Run the Table and we go back to Arizona.

1 team

from the wac in the top 25? Play in a real conference and bs-who NEVER runs the table.


I just realized the fool thing is on Empty Sophomoric Pitiful Network and I don't do meth either so I'll either listen to the radio or wait till the news.

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No teams from the big east.

No teams from the big east. Not sure what your point is.

A little knowledge

Both polls demonstrate how vulnerable "experts" are to hype. TCU trounces BSU and ranks behind them. UTAH goes undefeated and actually wins their bowl and ranks behind BSU. BSU is a fine team that really excels at creating the impression that they are better than they are. An unbiased analysis reveals one of the weakest non-conference schedules in 1-A and a generally unimpressive bowl record except for the Fiesta Bowl. Were it not for prolific late, dirty hits and more tricks than a hooker, BSU would not have beaten Oklahoma or Oregon. The most dangerous con artist is the one who believes his own scam. BSU has cried BCS foul so long they now beleve their own hype. Apparently, so do the "experts". Hers's a prediction for you. BSU will lose to Oregon and Nevada this year. Nevada will surprise everyone when they play well against Notre Dame and Missouri while BSU continues playing 1-AA teams.

SkiDoc needs a little knowledge

SkiDoc, you might want to brush up on "Football Polls 101". These new polls are for the 2009 season. Repeat after me... Two. Thousand. NINE! Repeat. NINE! That's why Boise State is ranked above TCU despite your unbiased assessment that TCU "trouncing" Boise State by ONE point! Wow, I need a new dictionary because the last time I looked up "trounced", well, it certainly didn't seem to be the game I watched.

As far as trick plays? Well, the play-action pass and draw play were probably considered to be progressive trick plays back in the day. The Broncos execute a set of high risk, high reward plays that require perfect execution and take advantage of the mental as well as physical aspects of football. The Broncos are willing to use these "trick" plays because their coaching staff has the confidence that the Broncos can execute the plays to perfection.

I'll take you're prediction under advisement. Boise State plays a 16th ranked Oregon this year. Nevada? Well, Notre Dame is ranked 23rd and Missouri barely made a blip in the polls. Now, what's that about schedule strength again?

Every other BCS team plays

Every other BCS team plays 10 teams that could beat BSU..and would beat any mid-major.

Facts are facts. BSU is a college full of lifetime CC'ers and whimp football players.


Your a whimp. You probably push a pencil and cant even tie your shoes right. And probably dont even or ever played football.

what we want

Its great to see that BSU has played football at such levels that you sit around and cry about the success they have. Its even better and sweet tasting!!! TCU was a tough team last year and either team could have won that game. And "experts" is exactly. Leave it to the experts to predict how well college teams do.Thats why you sit on your computer and pour salt on BSU and how good of a team they are. Cause your nowhere near an "expert". So go get some cheese to have with your WINE!!!!!

Nevada? You're kidding ......right?

Skidoc....have you been hitting too many trees on the way down the hill? The only thing Nevada is going to do this year is lose all the games that matter. That's what they do EVERY year and nothing about their team this year would suggest that this year should be any different. You Nevada fans are truly predictable. Losers always talk about "playing well". Yeah BSU may have lost their bowl game last year by ONE POINT against a 2nd place MWC team - but Nevada got beat on friendly turf (I was there cheering for them) by one of the WORST in the ACC. The late hits against OU last year were dirty. Hopefully they don't happen again. But they were not prolific. That was one game. A Doctor should have a more astute mind than that.


Chad Cripe is a joke. BSU is unbelievably lucky to even be ranked. To put them at 11 is irresponsible journalism and only leads to more unwarranted hysteria by the here today gone tomorrow BSU unfaithful. Please try and be a real paper for once Statesman! I get more truths from the National Enquirer. I am so sick of being laughed at by people from smaller towns with much better papers. Let's try that old principle of impartiality and integrity. You might like it!

Yes, ridiculous.

Yes, what a joke. To rank Boise State at the same ranking as many of the other preseason pollsters is an absolute travesty. Chad is such a homer. Ha ha!

Yeah, the next thing you know, Chad's going to be predicting that the Boise State Broncos are going to go to the Fiesta Bowl or Rose Bowl. Umm.. Like all the other ESPN and sports journalists are predicting. Well, Chad's still a homer. Some how...

If you're gonna slam him, please spell his name correctly. CHADD

It's up at the top of the page, kids.

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Sports Illistrated voted BSU

Sports Illistrated voted BSU #9. Chadd Actully watches them practice and has a pretty good Idea of the Broncos potential. All pre season polls are irresponible. How is the University of Spoiled Children #4 when they lost almost all there Defence and Starting QB. Its a guess at best. Boise State has top 10 potential. And for the record, the Ducks were getting handled before any of the "cheap shots." Get over it you whiny pac 10 apologists.


If hanging chadd knows so much, how come he's not writing for Sports ILLUSTRATED. Why are you whining about USC's ranking, and then whining about somebody whining.

We love to hear girls whine about all our whining.


There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


Sorting News ranked BSU at 12; College Sports & 9; Athlon Sports 12. Apparently Chadd isn't the only one.


Whats funny JFS12. Your trashing the Idaho Statesman, but yet you read it. What a joke. It sounds like to me that you are more into which news papers are better in which towns. So why dont you stick with that aspect and leave BSU out of your mouth. Go get your coffee and your house shoes and read the National Enquirer. It best suits you. Its obvious you dont know much about football.


You lecture people about "impartiality and integrity", yet you read the National Enquirer? Hmmmm.....

One more thing...

Saying that TCU only beat BSU by "ONE POINT" is another thinly veiled attempt at playing down how badly BSU was dominated by TCU. It was like the Louisville game a few years back. The score was not at all indicative of the game that was played. BSU was dominated and there is no other way to describe it.

Thanks, JFS

Thanks for the joke this morning! It put a smile on my face. Oh, your comment is a joke, right?

gotta be kidding

JFS12, are you for reals? Your comment is a veiled attempt at playing down that it was a even game and could have went either way. A score is a score. One point is one point. Your weak sauce. Its really wonderful that BSU has done so well that you take time out your life to hate on them. It just goes to show that BSU echoes in your mind. I really think deep down inside you have a crush on BSU.Just come out and admit it.

Yes they were

You have to remember that disqusting blue truff makes them Idahuckians a bit off kilter. BSU is overated but then again so is the weak WAC. My hopes for BSU this year is to first and forwmost loose to a high powered Oregon Duck offense and then loose to Nevada. Lastly Mr. Moore does not have the weapons he had last year this year he is going to have to throw the ball a lot more in order to obtain the points they got last year. I see myrids of interceptions and at least 17 sacks. If this kid makes it through the season that will be a mircle in itself. It BSU looses to the DUCKS. I will b eone happy camper. Then from there on it only gets eaiser. I also am picking the Toledo mudhens to win at Toledo November 14th


Haters are everywhere these days (Re: A Little Knowledge)

"Trounces?" Trounces you say? No, TCU TROUNCED Utah & lost (at Utah). TCU WAS the best non-BCS team last year, go watch that game again & you'll agree. The best team doesn't always win... (your post made that point, right?). A 1 point loss to that TCU team is actually a complement to the Broncos... but you're hater, so your "unbiased" perspective is that they were "trounced."

Your point is made everyday by many people. No matter how clever you put it, your message is the same as the others. Your point is not new nor unique. We're fans, if you want objectivity, go see the food review section.

**NEWS FLASH** The Broncos play in a pathetic conference, they are .500 in bowl games & they play a weak schedule.... thanks for keeping us grounded SkiDoc... you're the best!

Haters are so pathetic...

They actually have a passion of hatred for the Broncos and their fans...

Haters are the real joke here... thanks for trying to provide the universal balance we so desperately need. Without you, we'd all just talk Bronco football. That's crazy!!!

So it turns out Matt Ryan, Chris Johnson & Adrian Peterson were pretty good football players... They couldn't stop any of those guys, how pathetic! What a joke!

I'm a hater too...

I Passionately hate a few things myself...

Child molesters.
Unjust war.
Bad Drivers.

Just to name a few... if they ever start a comment section on these topics, I'll definitely be posting!!

Quit bragging and sign in on the Dark Side (IS.COM)

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

but they can

stop the National Guard runnin Rebels and the Parks and Recreation Aztecs, along with those other juggernauts in their conference

And don't forget...

And don't forget that the Boise State Broncos also stopped the Oregon Ducks at Autzen Stadium. Yeah, don't forget that one. Ha ha! Beaten by a team that plays juggernaut football! What can you say?

i can say

beating the Ducks last year was just like hitting the lottery..LUCKY. You know it and so does everybody else.

So? All lucky guys brag. NEXT!

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

You clearly did not attend

You clearly did not attend the game. How many hards did the impressive #2 in the nation running team gain against the broncos? Hmmmmm,,, I think you gained more yardage on the ground against USC than you did against Bosie State.


227 yards on the ground, without the threat of a pass being completed. In 3 quarters. I did attend the game fool, and bs-who couldnt stop the runnung game when they knew thats all the Ducks could do

and another thing . . .

BSU's "luck" also included Kellen Moore passing for almost 400 yards (386 I think) against what was supposed to be a strong Oregon pass defense.

is that all?

When Oregon finally decided to put in a QB that could pass, he put up almost 250 passing yards in ONE QUARTER. With 3 td's. Your defense is about to give up 600 yards on 9-3.

So you're saying the duckies got out-coached too?

blah, blah, blah... a mirror site on God's server... blah, blah, blah.


what about huskers 2009? Oh yeah, who cares? Not even you. You're more interested in Oregon. Its OK, I understand. Thanks for the luv!

Hey! The Ducks are in the People's Republic of Oregon...

Please don't harangue the impoverished eastoregonians?

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

I'll take that bet!

How much money do you want to put on the Ducks putting up 600 yards? Please, let me know. I never bet, but who can resist these odds...


Re-watch the game. BSU won that game from every angle. They were the better team that day. I know its a tough pill to swallow. But get over it. And actually I think your about the only one, besides other Ducks fans that cant except a legit loss. If you were a real Ducks fan and a true sportsman. You except loss and move forward. Ducks come here this year and they will have the chance to get us back. And trust me, theres gonna be bodies all over the place on that blue. Its gonna be a great game.

not every angle

bs-who didnt win from every angle. They were outgained in rushing yards, total yards, and had fewer first downs. They gave up over 225 yards on the ground to a team they knew couldnt pass the ball. Shouldnt bs-who have been able to stop the run with their 8 man fronts when they knew it was coming? (23 consecutive running plays). Oregon used Chris Harper for 3 quarters at QB, THE WORST passer they have ever allowed into a game, threw that 5 yard out pattern right to the broncos. Thats not good defense, its bad offense. The fourth quarter the Ducks used a QB they were hoping to redshirt, that was the only minutes Darron Thomas played all year. He wasnt good enough to get on the field when the Ducks had a healthy QB ahead of him, and he rang up that blue-faced defense for 250 yards and 3 td's in 11 minutes. All of Oregons QB's are healthy now, So you wont be able to stop the run or the pass THIS YEAR. In one sentence you want me to watch the game again and in another sentence you're telling me to except(accept) the loss and move forward.....still trying to figure out your logic on that one. If you are a REAL bronco fan, you will hit me with legitimate answers for stopping the Ducks offense THIS YEAR.

Is it September Yet?

Anyone else notice how the statesman put both Utah and BYU as low as possible in this poll, and how they put all the PAC-10 teams higher than the AP average (making BSU look even better if they win against Oregon). I guess you gotta do everything you can to lower your competetion for a BCS game.

I'm not a bronco hater, I really do hope they win against Oregon. Just think its funny how the AP poll works. Its why teams with such a big following like Notre Dame and Ohio State are always ranked high preseason whether they deserve it or not. When September rolls around we'll know soon enough where all these teams belong.

If it was I'd have my check!

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Hate and Love

One thing about being a winner all the time is the people either love ya or hate ya. I dont know how this year with Ore will pan out. BSU might not of won the pac 10 last year, we cant tell because we didnt play there but we know Ore could not of won the WAC. BSU 8-0 Ore 7-1. Live with it Ore fans. Best forget last year and hope for this year but most losers live in the past. Notice how most BSU fans dont try to make excuses for our bowl losses like with TCU. Its done / past get over it.

you are

living in the past, still thumping your chest over that 1 win last year that actually meant anything. If the rest of your wins meant anything, you would have been in the National Chapionship game. You could go 25-0 and you still wouldnt be worthy of a shot at the BCS title game.

you are re:

Your correct. The BCS isnt set up for NON-BCS conferences to get to the title game. Thats fact.That doesnt make you any smarter though.Sorry. Thats why this BCS crap needs to change into tournament playoff style like the NCAA basketball. If that does ever happen. Then maybe youll quit hating on teams who win.

think for yourself

I like how anyone that doesnt agree with bs-who fan is a "hater". Cant you come up with your own word, or do you just read and repeat what every other bronc blogger writes. I dont hate bs-who, I have no cause for that. I just dont RESPECT them. Tournament play wont help your cause either. How many NCAA titles does bs-who have in baseball, basketball, volleyball, softball or any other sport for that matter. Is the BCS keeping those teams out too.

MacygirlUO You must be 12 yrs old.

You may not like BSU, but you have to respect them. Oregon lost to BSU, like it or not. I spent over 30 years in Corvallis. I don't like the Ducks and never will. But some years I had to respect the team. They won at times. The scores show that. I rarely respected the fans however and you are a prime example why. You aren't old enough to have seen quality teams and had to grudgingly give them the respect they deserve. You don't have to hate them or love them, you do have to respect that they beat your team. On that day, on your field, BSU was the better team. The score says that. You can replay it all you want. BSU still won. Who knows what will happen this year. We're getting close to finding out. Then one team will have to respect the other. If the kids are good sports, they will shake hands before the game as well as after, not accuse the other of cheap shots. When you get beat, and are a poor sport, you never take the personal blame. A poor sport always blames the other team. According to UO, they have never gotten beat. They always have given the game away somehow. UO complain they got a cheap shot. Maybe they did. Maybe they didn't. Who cares. They still lost. As far as the cheap shot.... a young aggressive player was trying to help his team win. I watched your players pull off worse hits during the ensuing year. Many of them over past many years. Of course, you probably never do see them. Poor sports never do.

Someone took her My Little Pony collection, she needs JUSTICE!

Oh well, I ain't going to get a date with her anyway, especially at 12. Leave one more bitter, confused and frustrated human wasted and lost in the shadow of Mount Hood, it won't make a shred of difference or documents.

Au revoir, libertine du pate!


There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

scotchtradr you must be old and fat

BS-who plays dirty! I dont have to respect them and NEVER will. So shut your trap, the hot air coming out of it is suffocating!