Doug Martin stars in scrimmage; Ian Johnson gains 33 yards

By Chadd Cripe

Some thoughts on tonight's scrimmage:

— Doug Martin looked very good at tailback (16 carries, 88 yards), breaking tackles and showing no signs of rust from playing defense most of the year. He took most of the reps with the first team because the top three tailbacks were all out with nagging injuries. Coach Chris Petersen expects all of the running backs to return for the season opener.

“My opinion, (Martin is) the best guy on the field,” junior linebacker Derrell Acrey said. “Give the man the ball, and when he runs a touchdown put him on defense. … Put him wherever he wants to go.”

Petersen said Martin's role will continue to change depending on need.

“That’s the beauty of Doug,” coach Chris Petersen said. “… The best thing I can say about Doug Martin is even though he’s a fabulous football player, he’s a great team guy. He’ll do whatever we need him to do.”

— Veteran quarterbacks Kellen Moore (14-of-25, 141 yards, two TDs) and Mike Coughlin (3-of-6, 23 yards, one INT) struggled at times, but freshman Joe Southwick (13-of-17, 113 yards) continued to impress. It looks like Southwick is the No. 3.

"He's an impressive freshman, especially at the quarterback position," Petersen said. "He's picked up things real rapidly and he can throw. ... He's been impressive all through camp."

— Several of the linebackers competing for a starting job made nice plays, but they didn't force any turnovers.

— The offensive line hasn't changed many times since Cory Yriarte was lost for the season — left tackle Matt Slater, left guard Will Lawrence, center Thomas Byrd, right guard Kevin Sapien and right tackle Michael Ames. However, Nate Potter fills in for Slater occasionally at left tackle. A decision on the starting five should be made soon.

— Nickel Winston Venable and safety Cedric Febis had big hits in the scrimmage.

— The list of players out with minor injuries included wide receiver Austin Pettis, tailbacks D.J. Harper, Jeremy Avery and Matt Kaiserman, defensive end Shea McClellin and wide receiver Geraldo Hiwat.

Martin's performance might motivate the running backs to get back to practice, Petersen said.

"I'll bet you tomorrow we have some running backs getting healthy," he said. "(Martin) looked pretty good out there and hasn't had a tremendous amount of work."


Former Boise State tailback Ian Johnson wasn't as productive in his second NFL preseason game. Johnson carried six times for 9 yards and had two catches for 24 yards. His main competition, Albert Young, had five carries for 17 yards and two catches for 12 yards. So their numbers were fairly similar for the second straight week.

That's still not too bad...wait till they try him...

in other situations. He will do okay.

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There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Ian who? Bswho?

This guy is a tool. What'd he gain last year against the vaunted Duck D. 9 yards. Yeah, looks like CFL for donkey back.

Why is the spread moving in favor of the ducks?

Pretty simple, the gamblers must see that the Broncos intend to play clean from now on.

No one thinks boise can win without cheating. Thats why the spread is down to 4.5. Everyones throwing down on the ducks to win it.

Wait until gameday, the ducks will be favored by two to win it. Trust me, no one but NMSU and Idaho are afraid of the blue turf. Real Juggernaut programs.


It will go is BSU by 3. Home field advantage is good for at least 3 points. The Ducks are the trendy pick early in the season.

trendy pick

if the ducks were the trendy pick then they would be picked to win. horra you are a fool.

thankfully boise home field advantage at 64-2, 1-1 versus bcs conf teams is worth about 9 points. ducks win handily.

probably like 55-24. jeron johnson, cheated his butt off, only to come up short. physically, was ok, but mentally still struggled to grasp what was happening.

real football comes to boise on 9/3, the ambiance will never be the same. the smell of stale loser will permeate everywhere.

thankfully the broncos will score enough so i can double down on the over.


you dumb duck fans just don't get it. You all come on here and spot of about big time football coming to Boise on 9-3. I'm not shakin in my boots. I think most ducks have a serious ego complex and when they are suppose to win games they play down to their opponents. BSU came in to Autzen with a freshman QB and dominated for 3 quarters. You guys all think like UO did something amazing in coming back against a prevent win defense. yet you forget to mention BSU helped the comeback must like they helped Oklahoma come back. Much like the help other teams comeback in games. All I got to say to dumb duck fan is the last time a Pac-10 came into Boise it was OSU a week after their stupid kicker kicked away a win at LSU, remember? They went up 14-0 before BSU settled down and literally ran all over them. This BSU team is better than last year and Oregon isn't. I don't care what you say UO is not as good as last year, you QB is but thats about it. Spare us the "#1 corner back in the pac-10 wasn't playing or cheap shot crap, what ever comes out of you duck bill isn't over interest to me anymore. BSU will win this game, The will shut down or at least nuetralize the run and Masoli. Masoli will be forced to throw for the pladapooses to win and that isn't going to happen. You donalds out there that think UO is just going to run all over BSU need to lay down the pipe. BSU wins and starts the run to the fiesta bowl 1-0 BSU 37-27. Thank you and good night.

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Dominated for 3 quarters!? Right. Turnovers and missed kicks. You dominated so much we outgained you on the ground and overall by 50, and almost out threw you with a 5th stringer and you won by a dominating 5 points.

Shut down and neutralize the run. LOL!!!! bjc couldn't stop the run if they built a cement wall from sideline to sideline and we proved it last year.

But I can only hope Moose-oh-li is forced to pass. Afterall, his arm is why he was recruited.

Bswho was dominated from gun to gun last year and they won because of all the gifts. Well, no so fast my friend, as my friend and Game Day regular Lee Corso would say.

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and I try to help you all ease the suffering that willl come. Your not seeing things clearly. UO is not going to run all over BSU. BSU D-Line has experience this year UO O-line doesn't, well not much anyway they have what 1 guy back or 2. UO committed 4 turnovers for a number of reasons some of which were poor decisions some just players that weren't very good. Masoli will look to run first, then when that isn't there after BSU is ahead by 2 TDs he'll try to pass and BSU will not be in a prevent win defense this time. UO scores late to make it respectable 37-27 BSU wins again! BSU only ran for 38 yards net had 2 turnovers and still won in the mighty Autzen pond. Seriously JC penny girl stop talking about following or taking leads you are BDuck, and Bduck is you we all know this.

bs-who got help

Right, bs-who helped the Ducks come back, just like the Ducks helped bs-who get ahead. All I got to say is the last time the Ducks played OSU, they laid 65 points and 694 yards on them. Then OSU shut out Pitt in their bowl game. Bs-who will shut down nothing! Whats a pladapooses? Is that bs-who secret code? "Lay down the pipe" How long did it take you to come up with that original line? You make no sense at all. Typical uneducated post.

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The only thing that "smells of stale loser" is your post...common tone on here lately from many of "your type. " Stop talking and let your team do the talking on the field. Let's do this! Go Broncos!!!

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