Linebacker race winding down; Herbstreit says Broncos will go 13-0

By Chadd Cripe

Boise State linebackers coach Jeff Choate said Tuesday that he plans to identify his two starters after watching Friday's scrimmage.

Six linebackers are competing for the two jobs — Derrell Acrey, Hunter White and Daron Mackey in the middle and Tommy Smith, Aaron Tevis and J.C. Percy on the weak side. Choate wants to name two clear starters and let them play without worrying about being pulled if they make a mistake — kind of like the approach teams often take to quarterbacks.

Those could be difficult decisions for Choate. The linebackers have played well throughout fall camp and clearly have improved since last year.

"They're bringing it," junior safety Jeron Johnson said. "Coach Choate, he's done something to them. ... I'm not sure who has the edge on the starting spots, but whoever ends up starting I feel comfortable with them out there."

I'll have much more on the linebackers Friday.

Here's a video preview ESPN did for Boise State. Analyst Kirk Herbstreit says the Broncos will go 13-0 and crash the BCS.


Boise State senior cornerback Kyle Wilson has been named to the watch list for the Bronko Nagurski Trophy, which goes to the nation's top defensive player.


The defense forced a bunch of turnovers Tuesday, mostly on interceptions. Kicker Kyle Brotzman drilled a "game-winning" 47-yard field goal during a timed 2-minute drill.


years game come down to a defensive battle? Well before the ducks lit their hair on fire and started playing like crazy it was all BSU last year. I'd say a game is the 30's is likely but what if the defenses come out and put on show.

I keep hearing

about interceptions. Who is throwing the majority of them and why? Is it Moore or the other QB's, and is it due the them trying to make plays in tight areas or just sloppyness?


Lots of different guys have thrown them (even a WR) for lots of different reasons. Kellen Moore hasn't thrown many. A couple examples from today — Moore underthrew a fade route that was picked, Joe Southwick tried to force a throw over the middle at the goal line and one ball (not sure who threw it) was tipped by a receiver and intercepted. Another time, Kyle Wilson made a great play on a ball.


for the clarification. Go Broncos!

Herbstreit curse

I hate preseason hype like this. Starting to reak like the Georgia preseason. Not good.

Herbie curse

Uh-oh. BSU will lose at least one game.


All I care about is that we beat Oregon. That way Masoli and Dickson will look like nimrods. Either way, going to be an exciting year and what a way to start the year off with two great teams. Next year against Va. Tech will another awesome game. And throw in the fact that we will play Utah and BYU consistently in the next few years makes me giggle as well. BYU sucks a moose knuckle.

Uhm Dilsmack

Before you write something, you should check your facts, Dan Rather. Boise State is playing the u of oregon ducks, hailing from eugene, oregon. BOISE STATE HAS NEITHER THE OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY BEAVERS, LOCATED IN CORVALLIS, OR ON THEIR SCHEDULE; NOR ARE THEY PLAYING the OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY %UCKEYES, OF COLUMBUS, OH.

Sorry to bust your balz, but needed to get the facts straight.


That comment makes absolutely no sense.


you make no sense. Now get off my blog


I'm not on your blog.




nope, not on your blog.

Dude, Lay down the Crackpipe.

OSU = Oregon State University or Ohio State University. Neither team will Boise State play this season. Rather Boise State will play the university of oregon ducks = uo.

Now I want to shoot myself for clarifying this to an idiot AND because I am somehow defending the oregon ducks.


One little mistake and all the Duck butter queers get all butt hurt.


All this Boise State non-sense makes me chuckle…. Boise State would finish 5th place, at best, in the Pac-10 conference. The injuries would pile up and the grind would be too much to bear. Anyways although Boise State is a big game for us DUCKS, the first of the season, they are a piddly speck on the radar… we got CAL, USC, hell even Stanford to play. I dont see anyone (Except Oregon) on Boise States schedule. That is why they are trying to make the game bigger than it already is. We play a big game every week in the Pac-10. They play one or two a year and the second one ussually being in a undeserved bowl game, awarded from playing patsies. Look at how Boise State finished… Losing a tough game with TCU, granted by 1, but they are TCU. Oregon ran over a very good Big-12 opponent. So Boise State, when you join the big boys and contend on the “REG”, Then you talk some smack. Oregon would have won the WAC going on 14 years by now. And Oregon going into this game as an under dog is a JOKE!!!! A WAC( and I mean WIGGITY WHACK) Team getting the nod from the oddsmakers is downright disgusting… But I guess afterall I’m just a fan….
GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!

But they are TCU??

TCU is a good team that plays in a better conference than the Pac 10. Oregon is an underdog when their conference sucks. Welcome to boise state always being an underdog.

You are so wrong

On so many levels. The Pac 10 would dominate the MWC. Seriously. This was the first year they've ever had winning records against everyone. And it was against the bottom of the Pac. The top 5 teams in the Pac would win the MWC and WhACk evey year without trying.

TCU is not a good team. They put up like...what 3 points on Oklahoma? They had a decent defense. That's it. They even almost let Stanford steal a win from them! That was the best TCU team in a decade.

That's just silly.

TCU more than doubled Stanford's score, beating them 31 to 14. And while they only put up 10 points against Oklahoma, they held the nation's #1 scoring offense (51.1 pts/game) to only 25 rushing yards and 35 points (their lowest scoring total in the regular season, and more than 16 points below their average). Do I need to remind you that the Sooners played in the National Championship game?

Also, among the MWC wins over Pac 10 teams last year was New Mexico (7th out of 9 teams in the MWC) over Arizona (5th out of 10 teams in the Pac 10), and UNLV (6th out of 9 teams in the MWC) over Arizona State (6th out of 10 teams in the Pac 10). Those 2 teams (UNM and UNLV) finished in the bottom half of the MWC and had a combined total of only 4 wins over all other MWC teams (25%), but they had a combined 2 wins over the middle two teams in the Pac 10 conference (100%).

As for your ridiculous claim that "the top 5 teams in the Pac 10 would win the MWC and the WAC [spelling error corrected] every year without trying", the facts simply aren't on your side. Boise State beat Pac 10 #2 Oregon, Utah beat Pac 10 #3 Oregon State, and New Mexico(!) beat Pac 10 #5 Arizona. Since it required an undefeated conference season for Utah and Boise State to win their respective conferences last season, three of the Pac 10's top five demonstrably would not have won those conferences last season.

*#%& THE ducks!

It was high time I said it! And I am wearing a shirt that states the same thing to the game.

I am calling this now. If I hear one duck quacker during the game... I am going to shove it so far down that person's throat that they will poop it out the next day.


The only poopin will be seen runnin down the little ponies legs after the 30 we hang on you in the 1st half. After everything gets cleaned up at intermission it's more of the same as the DUCKS ROLL and send you turd spewers back to juco status.



There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


Geeze! You are seriously broken aren't you?!?! I am not biased or prejudice, but I honestly think you don't have a good excuse to be acting as stupid as you are, so I don't mind giving you crap. All you little crackers need to grow up and find a personality. Too many idiots are flocking to this blog, it's crazy! You know there is maximum occupancy of 6 tards per blog and I think it's been far exceeded.

scatter you little peons...shoo!!! away to me numbskulls!!!


Take the 50+ teams that make up the wanna be conferences, wiggity wac, mac, mwc and ther rest of the "don't matter and never did" leagues. Have them form the TTFSD (Third Tier Football Sub Division). They can have their little playoff handle their postseason any way they want, crown their third tier champion and have a mention on espn the same week D2 and NAIA crown their champs.

Then it's over and we don't have to listen to these wild boasts of who they would beat in each power conference. BJC would win no more than 2 games in any power conference. You would beat Duke in ACC, Miss St in SEC, UW & WSU in Pac 10, Indiana in Big 10, Baylor in Big 12 andno one in the Big East.

You're not over, you never were so stop acting like you are.


"Ducks are the shiz in the hiz of the blue wiz"

You know if snoop announces the Ducks will be pouncin.

For all of you of in hayseed world, home of the largest cowpie known to mankind (boise stadium) blue wiz refers to the pee on your stadium floor, hiz refers to your highschool stadium and shiz is just, well... you wouldn't understand, you don't play major college football.

Anyhoo, The highlights are pilin up on you tube, practice highlights. WOW! Such is the interest in Duck football. Hey, go to you tube and search turd and pee for a highlight of the boise O and D. It's messy and it smells right through the screen.

Back to the present...

Hey BJC fans, enjoy your time on the National Stage as the Ducks come a callin on 9/3.

Then, on 9/4 you can go back to the little regional oddity you always have been.


Wavy Lay's...

Get your own blog. That and move within 60 miles of Boise.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

BSU and the Duckies

I hear the always fashion conscious Duckies chose the new uni's to match their drapes. They all pooled their money to buy these darling slips covers for the over stuffed wing back chairs and everything in the dorms is just really special now. So with that bit of baiting, all you over-paid under-worked U of O supporters will have to come to River City and pay our outrageous prices for tickets just to be here when the Duckies put up their reasonable their effort.

If Oregon was in the WAC

they would have finished 2nd at best Donnie. Why is that so hard to get though your duck brain? BSU 37 U O 32.

Thats a L in the WAC loss collum. Hope that helps you get it.

BSU= 1 Oregon = ZERO

Hey Donnie Duck!!

Yeah that PAC 10 is tough especially with those two Apple Cup powerhouses with a combined what? Two wins last year? I do believe duck season opens Sept. 3rd in the Great State of Idaho!!! And yeah we lost a tough game by 1 to a very good, highly ranked TCU but we beat Oregon and Oklahoma so I guess that means that TCU would take Oregon too, right? And Oregon stole that game from Oklahoma, everyone knows that except people who worship fowls!! Can't wait till this team from the, as you called it, Wiggity Whack, plucks your birds!!! And it must really be hard to swallow that the Beavers, the only real team in Oregon, beat USC and/or comes closer than the Ducks do to beating them every year lately!!!


Yes OSU won USC in Corvallis 27-21. Then later that year UO took it to OSU 65-38 in the same stadium. And just to note USC kicked OU in the kisser 44-10 in LA so its kinda like rock paper scissors in the PAC 10, except that was last year and this year is going to be different. OSU starts out with Portland State, UO plays Boise. Who's the tougher opponent? Boise is in my book. TCU, as good as they were, would have handed UO a big L last year I believe just like they did Boise and almost Utah who took out Alabama. What a great year last year was- can't wait for this year to start.

Gonna be interesting when ....

Sep 27th rolls around and the Ducks look up and find themselves at 1 win / 3 losses. I can hardly wait to hear the world famous Duck Excuses flowing from Eugenie!

Washington's been to a Rose

Washington's been to a Rose Bowl this decade. So has Washington State. Funny thing is...last year they probably would have been second and third in the WAC! Actually Washington probably would have been first. We all knew what happened the season before last...

Hahahahahahahahahaha smurfs.


Would BSU be 13-0 in the big 12. Texas would be 13-0 in the wac. Maybe BSU will get a piece of Texas. BSU is good but doesn't have the depth to play big games every week. good luck this year BSU. Cya in the bowls.

Hey DallTx

If BSU was in the Pac 10 they could hang with the so called Big Boys, think about it, we would be able to recruit so called bigger players just on the fact that we are in the Pac 10, of course what kid coming out of high school is gonna choose the WAC over even a lower tiered BCS team, not too many I would think!!! But if BSU was in a BCS conference you can bet your house that we would get some of those recruits that are currently playing in the Pac 10!! But what makes Boise State an exceptional program is that they take these players rejected from the Pac 10 and turns them into winners who end up beating Oregon, Oregon State and Oklahoma. Yes you are right that with the level of talent that we are able to recruit at this point it would be hard to win every game in a different conference but given the chance to hopefully, which will never happen, get into a so called Pac 12 we would be very dominant in that league with our kids and coaching staff!!! Good luck to you sir!!!!

Boise State VS. All conferences

I am tired of hearing about how bad the WAC is as a conference. Yes, I agree it is a terrible conference. So let us place Boise State into all of the other conferences and truly see how they would fair.

ACC - Either Division 9-3 (Peach Bowl)

Big East - 11-1 or 12-0 (Orange or outside chance at National Title)

Big 10 - 10-2 If they play Ohio State & Penn State in the same season (ESPN Invent a
12-0 Without Ohio State & Penn State (Rose Bowl or National Title)

Big XII - Either Division 9-3 (ESPN Invent a

Conf USA - 12-0 (Rose Bowl/At Large)

Independents - 3-0 against ND, Navy and Army; 8-1 against everyone else. (Rose Bowl/At Large)

MAC - 12-0 (Rose Bowl/At Large)

MWC - 11-1 Losing to the Mormons (Rose Bowl/At Large, because BYU is in Title game)

Pac-10 - 10-2 Losing to USC and Cal (Holiday Bowl or Las Vegas Bowl)

Sun Belt - 12-0 (Rose Bowl/At Large)

WAC - 12-0 (Rose Bowl/At Large)

SEC - 8-4 SEC football is a bigger, stronger and faster football game. (ESPN Invent a

Believe it or not!

Are you high on cowpie????

This is the funniest post yet from you BJC fans. Please take some Peptol, the turds need to stop pouring from your mouth

Pac 10, you beat UW, WSU
SEC you beat Miss St Vandy
Big East you beat Temple
Big 10, you beat Indiana
Big 12 maybe Baylor
ACC Duke

Believe it. You have no staying power. you do not have the depth. Injuries would eat you alive and your starters would be exposed for the 1star recruits they are.

Winning a game against a power conference every other year is one thing, but competing week in and week out is pure fantasy.

What a tool!


Texas would be 6-0 in the wac. Beating those patsies is only good for half a win.


How would you know? You're a girl!!!

Girls date most football players...

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Uhm, the Wac has...

Nine teams. So your logic states that Texas would go 6-0; and then lose three straight games to Nevada, Fresno State and Boise State. MacyGirluo, you are correct!

Another Dan Rather uo grad! Someone get a fact checker in here for the duck alums before they all get fired.

i am wrong

only good for 25% of a win. Make that 3-0

h8r is right

sec football is bigger , stronger and faster than the wac. Guess you figured that out when bs-who got theirs handed to em by Georgia.


Again!! How would you know? You're a girl!!!!

YOU ever date a girl? Carbon date? Figs and cashews? HIKE!

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

I think you're a girl too

I think you're a girl too there foreignoregonian. If it whines like a girl, if it has the rhetoric of a girl, and you do, it must be a girl!!! You my friend are also a nimrod!!!


As if the listings in Craigslist's w4m weren't phony enough, NOW you want me to try w4w!

You're a pal!

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Sweetheart it's duckh8r! Get it right.

I only hate one thing in life and is is centered in eugene, or.

NOW! The SEC is a premier league. The Big XII is just a hair behind it. Then on the next block is the ACC and Pac 10 are two steps behind them.


duckh8r, your own breakdown of how bs-who would fare against every other conference shows bs-who going 12-0 in the wac. Fool. Lets see 9 teams...12-0 I guess you get a couple of those jv teams in the wac twice. Wow, how does bs-who get up for all those big games?