Burks starting to emerge at wide receiver

By Chadd Cripe

Freshman wide receiver Aaron Burks, who joined the Boise State football team in January, has made a strong push in the past few days to join the rotation. The Broncos likely will need a true freshman at wide receiver.

“I’m really hoping (to play),” said Burks, who is from Grand Prairie, Texas. “That’s what keeps you driving every day. Every time I go to sleep, that’s what I’m thinking about.”

Burks (6-foot-3, 190 pounds) was extremely raw when he arrived. He struggled for much of the spring and early in fall camp.

That started to change Thursday when he led the team with seven catches for 90 yards in the scrimmage. He built on that performance with several big plays over the weekend. He dropped a touchdown pass Monday morning but bounced back with some nice grabs later in practice.

“I’m starting to figure it out,” Burks said. “The coaches are putting me in different positions to give me different looks. I feel more comfortable out there. Before, it was like I was thinking on the move — and that won’t get you very far.”

Coach Chris Petersen envisions Burks as a “big, physical wide receiver” after another year or two in the weight room. Burks weighed less than 180 pounds when he arrived.

“The nice thing is his mentality is starting to change,” Petersen said. “He’s playing more physical. If he continues on that course, we’ll be right on track with him.”


The daily battle between cornerback Kyle Wilson and wide receiver Titus Young continued Monday morning with each earning a prominent victory. Wilson intercepted starting quarterback Kellen Moore’s pass, intended for Young, during a timed 2-minute drill. Later, Young blew past Wilson for an 83-yard touchdown reception.


Moore has been named to the watch list for the Manning Award, which goes to the top quarterback and isn’t handed out until after the bowl games.

The battle between Wilson

The battle between Wilson and Young should really help both players to step up their level of play. It's great that they face someone in practice every day who's about as good as they'll see all season.

speed helps

since both (and 3 other players) are sub 4.4 speedsters you know that has to help tune each of them up to what the other big boys will bring starting in 17 days.

I hardly think Boise State

I hardly think Boise State has 5 wideouts with sub 4.4 speed. I bet a case could be made that BSU may only have 1 of zero. Getting in the 4.3's is impressive...and no team in the nation has 5 wideouts that can do that..except maybe Florida. Get real.

But it should be fun watching BSU's gadget plays against the Duck defense's speed...the latter in which will win the battle!


5 total players under 4.4 2 recievers and 3 on defense. If I remember the articles yesterday right! I think the ducks should really worry about mis-direction that killed them last year. Speed on D helps track down TE that get behind you after some nifty play-action.

Not according to your Scout.com profile.

Where are you getting this information? The fastest one of your wideouts was Titus young with a 4.4...I know people can get faster but its not that common to jump up a whole point like that while also picking up weight.

I know Oregon has some champion sprinters in their ranks. LaMichael James was the Texas state champion in the 100m a couple years back running in the mid 10's. That's easily 4.3 speed. Jamere Holland is a former California state 100m champion and thought of as one of the top 5 fastest people in college football..running in to 10.3's in high school. He's been clocked at 4.21 before. But that's not electricly timed. It'd be interesting to see how many players at both schools could make the 4.3's during the combine.

I don't think play action should be a big problem for the Ducks this year. They're able to look at last years tape and see how bad they were. Improvement in that area is key for us.


running backs not recievers my bad. I do hope and I'm sure the ducks will be studing the tapes from last year becuase I guarantee that BSU is and devising more ways to manipulate the Ducks speed on D. BSU had 38 yards rushing yards last year and still the ducks secondary and LBs were biting on the play action like BSU was running all over them. If they sit back this year then Moore will mythodically pick them apart you can bet on that. BSU will definately run for more than 38 yards this year which will make the play action that much more effective.

Duckie Speeders

LaMichael James and Jamere Holland run a 4.3 forty huh? Do they play American style football?

Marion Jones can run a 4.3 forty..

agility is an illusion of speed. Oregons defensive isn't that fast while wearing pads, helmets, and gear. Obviously it is so because boise state did throw down 37 points on them.


speed the factor that separates the big guys from the little guys or is it size? Last year Oregon kept saying their D is just to fast for the Broncos and the Boise QB shut them up with short passes that cut their D like a hoit k-nife through budda. Now it's the same thing this year, OU is just to fast. Well hey Boise's pretty fast too and backed by a very intelligent QB that can take hits and still get the ball to where it needs to be.