Broncos lose defensive tackle to injury

By Chadd Cripe

The Boise State football team has taken a hit at one of its thinnest positions.

Redshirt freshman defensive tackle Greg Grimes will miss four to six weeks with a leg injury, coach Chris Petersen said Monday. Grimes is expected to contribute in the tackle rotation this season.

The injury leaves the Broncos perilously thin at tackle, where they already will miss redshirt freshman Michael Atkinson for three games because of suspension. The Broncos open the season Sept. 3 against Oregon.

The Broncos have two proven performers at tackle in starters Chase Baker and Billy Winn, both sophomores. However, Grimes’ injury leaves sophomore J.P. Nisby and redshirt freshman converted end Darren Koontz as the backups. The Broncos like to rotate four tackles during games.

Sophomore offensive guard Chuck Hayes, a former defensive end, took snaps at defensive tackle Monday afternoon. He also took snaps at offensive guard, where he is a long shot to make the lineup.

I'll have a full story on the Broncos' tackle situation later this week.

Do we need to reassess our outlook on training?

Maybe look over the players physically a little more.

Just a day or two back the head practice guru said everybody was 100% attendance etc.

Things happen but then things happen. Chadd?

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

When do the excuses begin?

Do you donkey fans want to start whining now, or do you want to wait until your D gives up 300 rushing yards. C'mon Donkey's start saying injuries don't influence the outcome of games, just like when Powers' laid the cheap shot on our QB. I'd say the over/under for the amount of TD's the Ducks score is 7!!


unlike duck fan! I'll take the under on UO O scoring 7 tds.

Don't take the under on a Duck...

until you are legally married. Her father may not approve.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Cheap shots

Of course the Duckies like to whine about... what did you call it, a "cheap shot"? It was just pure political correctness last year. The refs HAD to call a perfectly fine football move because it was too embarrassing for the home team to have their signal caller showed up as a glass jawed wimp. And they still are crying about it a year later! Come on Duckie fan - man up. This is embarrassing. How can you look at yourself in the mirror? Geez...

Hush children

Late hits happen both ways, QB's need to have their heads on a swivel at all times. The Ducks did rush for 227 yds in about 3 quarters last year, without the threat of a passing game. So inept was the passing game, the Ducks ran 23 consecutive running plays at one point. With more of a passing threat, and bsu thin on the d-line, could make for a long day for the broncos if the Ducks dont turn it over like they did last year. In true Nick Allow-a-lotti fashion, the Ducks sold out to stop the run and were repeatedly burned with play action. Biting on the fake also eliminates the pass rush. If the Ducks have the same game plan defensively bsu will score 30+. I see both teams as average on defense, Oregon bettter at rushing the ball, bsu the better passing game. One other thing, assistant coaches that have left Oregon and then played against the Ducks the following year, i.e. Dirk Koetter(spelling)? Jeff Tedford, Chris Petersen, have had success against the Ducks. Familiarity with the program and the tendencies of Mike Belotti have to be factored in a little to the outcome of those games. With Chip Kelly now in charge, maybe those tendencies wont be as prevelant. Petersen sure seemed to make all the right calls against the Ducks last year. Macygirl says Ducks 45 (Chip Kelly wont call off the dogs. bsu 21. Go Ducks!

Another great prediction by an intelligent prognosticator...

...However, I do not see the BJC passing game as better than the Ducks. Moore has less weapons than last season and the same lame running game.

I see Moore having a fairly good day statistically, but 3 int's will spell his doom.

I agree that the Chipster will not allow any old tendencies to surface. He'll change it up fo sho.

The biggest problem for the Ducks is what uni combo to wear and how much lysol to take with them to neutralize the pee and turd smell.


Oh lineman

OK let me see if understand this, since I am female and know nothing about football. bs-who has an offensive lineman that was going to be a back-up at best, bench warmer more than likely, is now going to play defensive tackle against one of the most potent rushing attacks (2nd in the nation, I repeat, 2nd in the nation last year, not the WAC or the Sun Belt or Conference USA or the IPL (idaho potato league). Yeah OK, sure. Good plan Petersen. What next, your kicker at linebacker.


are all the knowledgeable potato heads. I cant hear you? If Moore throws the Ducks the ball 3 times, bs-who has zero chance.

Just spoke with Snoop

His message for me and the rest of the college football world on 9/3 is that, and I quote, "The Ducks are the shiz in the hiz of the blue wiz"

Another famous prognostigator, fresh off his call of an undefeated season for BJC, was heard to say off camera that his prediction a simply throwing the dog a bone and that never has he ever thought that a wiggity wac team belonged in the top 25, much less the BCS. That he was just playin the game for the suits.

I hear ya Herbie and I sympathize. See ya in the Euge for another couple of Game Day 's 9/26 & 10/31.


Yes we are to believe that

Yes we are to believe that the quakers were just a bunch of poor souls injured by those no goods from the wac. This is the same bunch that cheated OU out of a win a few years ago and were proud of it. And then remember several years ago when BYU was coming to Eugene and so they let the grass grow and extra six inches and then soaked it thoroughly before the game so they would have an advantage. They thought that was good football. This bunch of cheaters and homers don't deserve any ranking except the worst losers to ever play football. They can't stop whining about a hit that would have been legal if one of their own had done it and now they think they are so superior to all the rest. Remember, BSU is much more established on the defense as well as on the O-line. They won't be outclassed by a bunch of homers for sure. This will be a statement game all right. Just those making the statement will be in BLUE on BLUE. Herbstreit is a know nothing fool and will always be so.

cant wait for the game

in the game last year the ducks out gained the broncos in yards. the difference was two gimpy interception throws by a then fourth string qb, who was later moved to receiver, then eventually quit the team. one negated what would have been a touchdown, i believe thats worth 6 points, and the ducks lost by 5.

my numbers may be off here, but as far as i can tell the broncos string is like 64-2 at home? but in that stretch they are 1-1 verus bcs conference teams. one was against the beavers which i enjoyed watching, but the beavs always suck at the beginning of the year.

kyle wilson might be the most over rated player i have ever seen. punt returns versus new mexico state and idaho are laughable on review. both teams defenders are falling all over each other, and then he outruns some small dudes with absolutely no speed. lets see him do that against anyone that runs under a 5.0 in the 40, which the ducks have plenty of. if you think hes better than walter thurmond than you just dont watch any football.

i wish the odds makers would get a little insight before setting a spread. i mean i dont care whos favored, but dont base the spread on the final result of last years game. i guess they think it will bring the most even action.

do broncos fans really think that they are going to dominate on 9/3? if they even win, i GUARANTEE that the stats will show the ducks produced more yards, but lost the turnover margin by 5.

the broncos cant even run against their own 4-2 defense in practice. i guess if i was a bronco fan i would have a chip on my shoulder. always being called the little guy, but that certainly wouldnt make me think the competition in the WAC is any good.

Canadians are morons

Last time B-whine-who came to Eugene we let our grass grow an extra 6 inches?? Yeah, that artificial turf sure grows when you water it.

No, that was the game where ol Tystick Detmer lost the Heisman. We harassed him all day long and won 38-16.

Another fabricated memory from a wiggity wac team that wants in the club but gets the door slammed in their little faces every time.

Give it up. And by the way 4 down football is what we play here in the good ol US of A. Not some 3 down, 30 yard end zone, no talent league. Hey that reminds me of BJC.

What a tool eh!!!!


Let the grass grow 6 inches and then watered it....thats funny considering its artificial turf. Where did you come up with such a conspiracy theory? They actually watered it and then used a blow dryer on it to make it shrink, then they put glue on the field only where by-who players were going to step. Then they positioned the sun so it would only shine in the eyes of the by-who players, changed the wind direction after every quarter, and finally they made a bolt of lightning strike their kicker just as he was about to kick the game winning field goal..let the grass grow? How preposterous!

You go MacygirlUO

Perposterous indeed!!!!

As anticipated, no response from BJC fans. Typical.

Ducks rule the Bronco Billy Blog!!!!

Poor Ducks

You Duck fans really hated getting beat by us last year. Lots of lame excuses here. Guess you don't like good football from teams like BSU. Get used to it, we are for real and you know it. Now go whine to mommy..............whaaaaaaa............and maybe she will give you a cookie. I hope we beat you again, I would love to see the excuses you come up with this time.

last year?

still living off that 1 win last year against a legit opponent. Too bad its the only game you ever talk about. Besises Oregon and Oklahoma, has bs-who ever beaten a real team. Sorry, Fresno State is not a real team. Speaking of the Bulldogs, we heard from them for years about how they will play anyone, anywhere, anytime. This after a couple of wins against legit opponents. Now Pat Hill is on the hotseat down there because he cant even win his own conference anymore. Reality will soon slap you in your little blue faces. So talk it up bs-who, before your moment in the sun fades away too.