Moore, receivers shine in scrimmage; Hawaii changes game time

By Chadd Cripe

Here are some quick thoughts on the Broncos' scrimmage Thursday at Bronco Stadium:

— Quarterback Kellen Moore looked sharp. He rarely missed a throw, didn't have a turnover and led a long march for a touchdown.

— Wide receivers Titus Young and Tyler Shoemaker had big nights. Shoemaker and wide receiver Austin Pettis both completed passes on trick plays.

— The defense left a little frustrated. They got beat on two trick plays they've seen in practice and didn't produce a single turnover. Their daily goal is three turnovers.

— Safety Jeron Johnson appeared to be injured at one point, but he jogged off the field. Coach Chris Petersen didn't have an update on his status.

— The offense was unable to run the ball, which is usually the case in scrimmages. However, Petersen clearly wasn't happy with the run production.

— Kicker Kyle Brotzman was perfect, even hitting a 56-yard field goal. He has had a terrific camp.

Key stats:

Moore, 16-of-21, 190 yards
Mike Coughlin, 6-of-15, 101 yards, 1 TD
Joe Southwick, 8-of-11, 75 yards
Mike Tamburo, 5-of-7, 102 yards
Aaron Burks, 7 catches, 90 yards
Tyler Shoemaker, 6 catches, 116 yards
Titus Young, 5 catches, 51 yards
Austin Pettis, 4 catches, 59 yards, 1 TD
Team rushing, not counting QBs, 31 carries, 45 yards, 1 TD
Brotzman, 4-for-4 on field goals


"When you've got other guys who can throw it, there's a lot of things you can do. We always try to keep people off-balance, including (defensive coordinator Justin) Wilcox. I know he's extremely irritated right now." — Petersen

"We've just got to have better eyes. Obviously we've seen (those trick plays) a few times and we can't keep making the same mistake." — cornerback Kyle Wilson

Here are the press conferences with Petersen and Moore.


Good news for early-to-bed Boise State fans. Hawaii has moved its WAC home games up one hour, which means the Boise State-Hawaii game will begin at 9:05 p.m. MDT.

The move is a response to Fresno State's request that Hawaii play its games earlier so teams can catch red-eye flights home that night. Hawaii offered the time to all of its WAC foes and they all took it.

Boise State is planning to take a charter to Hawaii for the Oct. 24 game.

Brotzman's a stud of a

Brotzman's a stud of a kicker. Hopefully he'll carry some confidence into the season.


"Team rushing, not counting QBs, 31 carries, 45 yards, 1 TD"

It appears Boise State needs to work on its running game.

Sanford Arms

Lamont, is that you? I never heard back from you the other day. I will ask again.

When was the last time Game Day came to turd town? When is the last time you beat Michigan, Oklahoma, USC, UCLA, Wisconsin, Miss. St, Illinois, Colorado, Texas and a steady diet of Pac 10 foes? When was the last time you finished the season ranked in the top 10? When was the last time you were on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

I know the answer, don't embarrass yourself with some retarded answer.

Oh ya, I forgot you did beat Oklahoma and us. How long will you try to gain respect by calling on 2 wins??

Just wondering and missing your lame responses

Turd Town?

First, game day has never come to Boise Idaho. "Turd Town?" Not sure how to take that coming from someone from U-jean Oree-Gone. Second Boise State actually beat Oklahoma unlike the Pac 10 officials gift to the ducks. And second, App State, Montana State, La Tech, West Mich, Fresno State, UC Davis, Durring the last 3 Seasons have also posted wins against the afore mentioned teams. Third 2007 was the last time we finished in the top 10(which being in a non BSC conference is the equivelent of the DUcks winning the Super Bowl). Fourth, the cover of SI,,, well lets just see how well that works out for the waterfowl when all is said and done. (by the way the metalic duck wings on the shoulders look great,,,,,hahahahah).

Hope that answers your holier than thou, Pac 10 appologist, passive agressive questions. We know were we sit in the food chain of college football, for now. Boise State has been JUCO national Champs, 1AA National Champs and someday soon FCS.

The beatdown on the blue is less than 3 weeks away.


Champs of the TTFSD (third tier football sub division)


Turd town refers to the town you live in. Horses spew turds and so do all the mouths of broncos, hence turd town.

juco and 1aa isn't major college football. it's not the pac 10. its not even the wac.

go cry on the blue puke/pee colored fake grass the masoli is going to cram down bronco billies throats.

You wac fans are such an embarrassment to the college football world. you dont belong. go play some juco teams or something. you and your turdiness id\s so annoying and tiring.


Clearly you are not an

Clearly you are not an oregonian or a UO alum. Or you would remeber that Oregon is just a flash in the pan in terms of football success. The OSU UO football game used to be affectionately reffered to as the TOILET BOWL. Mediocre is about the best you could say about UO football historicly. As for "embarassment of college football world" Pac 10 officials, and Pac 10 appolgist fans are about as bad as it gets. And all your Phil Knight cash, your alleged home field advantage and your superior Pac 10 talent, it wasn't enough to stop Boise State from Beating the Ducks in your home pond. If Boise State is really the embarassment of college football, than what does that make the Ducks who couldn't beat us at home.

You sound so bitter,,, Need a hug?


Showing your ignorance yet again

I am both an alum and an oregonian. If you had a clue you would know that the toilet bowl refers to the 1983 game, not the rivalry. The game played in a driving rainstorm ended in a scoreless tie.

Mediocre, yes 30 years ago, when the turd producers were playing fighting for juco respectability. Again you show turd soaked ignorance, which by the way is no excuse for stupidity.

Embarassing is crying to be let in the door to the party because you won a Fiesta Bowl and beat Oregon in their house. This is just the law of averages, not an example of football prowess. Dumb luck, if you will. If you give a monkey the letters to the alphabet, eventually he will put them in order, but just because he does it doesn't mean he will ever show any consistent performance, hence the boise state football program.

Every team claims to have a home feild advantage, as we do, however we never claimed to be unbeatable and we never would even if we beat up on SMU and Idaho and ten other weak tit programs every season, so we'll see how the unbeatable at home turd producers do on 9/3

We do have superior talent, on our team as well as our conference of course. Just count the number of players who get drafted from the O every year as well as the Pac 10. We top all conferences, even the great SEC.

I dont want a hug. I don't want to smell like the turd that comes out of your mouth everytime you talk.

The great is out!!! Yeeeeaaaaahhhh baby!!!!!

You are an idiot.

I'm not wasting any more time on you and your preconceived BCS elitist bull****. There's no point in trying to argue. You don't ****ing listen, just regurgitating your same talking points. I've given you answers that you apparently forget to read.

I told you before that Boise State is always looking for quality opponents, but rarely can get the one-and-one they seek. Maybe the teams are scared? I doubt it, but something is keeping them away. It's hard to schedule USC or Colorado or Michigan when they refuse. Had a chance to play Michigan in 2010, but went with Va Tech instead. Perhaps it is the stadium size? Good probability. You can't wake up one day and say "Holy cow! Our stadium doubled in size!", can you? If Boise State played and beat Oregon, Oregon St and UCLA EVERY year for a few years, you would still say "well the conference schedule is weak".

Boise State has beaten several teams from the Pac-10 over the last 10 years. True they don't play EVERY Pac-10 team EVERY year. So what? Given the chance, we would. But, alas, Boise doesnt even get the chance. If BSU sucks so bad, how do you explain the previous wins? You list a bunch of teams Boise never played. OK, when was the last time Oregon beat Florida? Texas? Oklahoma? Hell, Nevada? Havent beaten then? Then, you shouldnt talk! Didn't play them yet? Is that relevent?

Another thing, quit with the Sanford & Son references. I never watched the damn show, and frankly couldnt give two ****s about it. Your "jokes" are unoriginal and you sound like a GD retard. Heard that crap when I was in Elementary School.

Excuses aren't answers

I'm not a elitist, I'm a realist. Actually, going with Va Tech is a better choice than Michigan.

Teams aren't scared they just know its a no win for them. Beating BSU counts very little in the BCS, and if they lose it kills them. There is just no upside. BYU has been dealing with it for years and even though they won the NC in 1984, if the BCS existed back then, they never would have had a chance because they would have had to play Oklahoma and the wishbone and they would have been destroyed.

By the way, the only team you mentioned that we haven't played and beaten is Florida because SEC teams are scared to come west, as they are the true elitist. We beat Texas in 2000, Oklahoma in 2006 and Nevada 2 or three times this decade. We have however beaten Miss St (SEC) twice and play Tennessee next season and 2012.

It's the consistent lack of conference competition, not your non conference games that kill you guys. I don't know what the fix for that is, jump conferences??

Until you deal with that reality, things will not change.

Sorry if I upset you with the sanford and Son stuff. Just trying to get under your skin.

Is that the same Tennessee

who lost at home last year to the Wyoming team that you make fun of Boise State for beating four straight times? So Wyoming sucks but a team they beat is one you're using to brag about schedule? Wow.

Is that the same Mississippi State who lost at home last year to the La Tech team that you make fun of Boise State for beating seven straight times? So La Tech sucks but a team they beat is one you're using to brag about schedule? Wow.

As far as Boise State being such a bush league horrible pretend program, what's Oregon's record against Boise State? Oops.

Once again... i have stated many times, it's the law of averages. All big time programs lose to a little guy here and there, Oregon last year, oklahoma a few years back, Alabama, Michigan. Throw a rock at a penny enough times, you'll eventually hit it. Do it again and again and again and again...that is what you cannot do that we do. You don't play consistent top notch comptition, you play patsies over and over and over and then complain that you dont get respect.

Would you get it for once. Even my daughters understand the bcs and you can't get this. I gueass BJC just doesn't cover enough core subjucts.



Louisiana Tech is a team that is enjoyable, even if they lose...

or we wouldn't make such a deal about playing them.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Your mouth has a nice run

Your mouth has a nice run game. You must be about 16 years old.

Actual Age = X?

Probably 16 in emotional years, but when specially gifted like BDuck is, I'd say about 34 in actual age...below double behind where his national cohort averages. Maybe he's an Oregon import and not representative of the UO fan-base; at least I hope so...

The guessing has begun

This is the most fun I have ever had on a blog...ever!!! I can't believe how you manure producer fans keep trying to talk about how you should belong in the convo about major college football.

This isn't juco. I make fact statement after fact statement and all I get in response is the smell of turd easing out of your mouths.

When you aren't capable or are just to ignorant to understand the only thing left for me is to make the facts known and then for further fun, get down on your level. The only drawback is the strong smell of turd.

As I said, give a monkey the letters to the alphabet. Eventually he will put them in order, however just because he does it does not mean he will do it again anytime soon. It's just the lawof averages. Don't they teach any math at Boise Junior College?

Wake up to what they call reality and stop ducking the factoids.

I always know when I have established my superior intellect because the opposing side resorts to off subject childishness. I can play that game too. What is clear is that I, as the Ducks are are superior to you, your turd smelling town, your pee soaked stadium and your JV football team.



If anyone has personal knowledge of who BDuck is, please make sure that his wife and children have been safely hidden from him and are under police protection...after the final score is posted. He is clearly delusional and possibly psychotic, but most assuredly obsessed with anal production activities. He may also be carrying a "Manifesto" re: factiods, etc., so be sure to humor him to avoid any direct assaults.

As per your request, The Manifesto


No I am not obsessed with anything BJC, just can't get the smell out of my mouth because of the unsubstantiated wild claims that all BJC fans make.

Let me set the record straight once and for the what I'm sure is nowhere near the last time for you wanna be losers;

1. Game Day, never been to turd town, makes regular visits to Eugene

2. Pac 10 is long established power conference which routinely sends
more players to the NFL than even the SEC. The WAC is, well the WAC.
Can't think of anyone recently playing in the League

3. Among the teams we play and beat, Michigan, Oklahoma, Illinois, Michigan St
Miss St., USC, Oklahoma St, Texas, Colorado, UCLA and the rest of the talent
stuffed Pac 10. BJC plays Idaho, Utah St, Wyoming, SMU, San Jose St.

4. Ducks make regular appearances on the cover of SI, showing their national
presence and respect.

5. Ducks have played in the following bowls in the last 15 years; Rose, Cotton,
Holiday, Sun, Aloha, Las Vegas, Fiesta, Independence, Freedom, some of these such
as Holiday, Sun, Vegas multiple times. BJC = 1 Fiesta and all the WAC bowls you
can stand.

6. Ducks have finished ranked in top 10 3 times this decade, won 10 or more games 4
times and were a knee injury away from the NT game in 2007, all against top
competition week in and week out. BJC consistently wins 10-11 games a season
against sub par competition and fattens their win % on wanna be programs, which
in itself is the definition of a wanna be program

7. The Ducks have made their reputation on decades of playing and winning in the
conference of Champions. We are classic rock and roll to your macerena, JFK
and Ron to your Obama. We are major college football to your JV juco.

Well, that ought to keep your pie hole shut for about 1 minute until another turd eases out and the stench is once again upon us.

We all know, however,that there is nothing you can say to defend your poor pitiful program for everything stated above is simple fact. You know it, I know it, the whole world knows it, which makes your unintelligent claims so fun to respond to.

I'll be here if you need to talk...



I thought that might shut you all up


My manifesto hit a few nerves did it? I thought it might. I am just praying that something has gotten through those mushy turd soaked craniums.

You can't argue with facts. Well, I guess BJC fan can, but all of you disreguarding solid facts and intelligence in exchange for tired turd smelling babble about an overinflated winning % and wild claims of belonging in the convo for high rankings, solid conferences and true football. That will have to take a back seat for this season.

After the 9/3 "beatdown on the pee" BJC fan will need to go undefeated the rest of the way to work it's way back to the WAC bowl.

Thanks turds for your non response. It's exactly what I was hoping for. To shut you up on your own blog.


I am out, for now

Regards to the Fallen

There was a Marine returning through a local air terminal, so we all stepped out to pay our respects to one who gave all at OEF, wasn't avoiding your ramblings. We don't mind what you say, fact or fiction...the method by which you convey your aging points is just stale. You care about your school and so do we, you care about your pride and so do we. But the difference we find here is that you stop caring for how you come across in making your's tragic to see someone with supposedly a bona fide degree and accumulated years behave in such an exagerated way...not congruent with the situation. Knowing this young man gave his life for your freedom to blog in such a manner is not comforting. We will continue to endure your dribble, facts or not, but only out of respect for he and his brothers and sisters, who can only wait patiently for the light to click 'on' in you.

Make some sense for once

Semper Fi! That was much appreciated.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Hey Crack boy (BDUCK? Is That Like Barbie Duck, are you gay?)

Your own journalist from the Oregonian John Hunt said:

While Oregon fans are eager to tune in to ESPN's broadcast of the Sept. 3 game at Boise State, the network's analysts like the Broncos. Mark Schlabach and Bruce Feldman both have BSU playing on Jan. 4 in a Fiesta Bowl rematch against Oklahoma.

Even that much-discussed Sports Illustrated cover has Boise State (No. 9) ranked ahead of the Ducks (No. 11).

That, of course, implies that Boise State beats Oregon at Bronco Stadium and runs the table. The prognosticators have the Ducks headed to the Sun Bowl and the Holiday Bowl, respectively.

The latest Vegas betting line for the season opener: Boise State by 5 - what a difference a year makes.

OOH! Yeah Baby > that's smoking press coverage. It doesn't get much better than that for you all now does it? As a matter of fact BDUCKLING you will have to try real hard to find any organization of quality betting on you all to win. Even the odds makers (Vegas baby)have BSU by 5 - but it won't be that close NOT REALLY!


When was the last time Oregon beat Boise State? I thought it was tough to play there? BSU killed them, and they did it WITH a Freshman QB. So until the rubber duckies beat us, shut your mouth.

Killed them...

...winning by 5 is not "klled them". Wake up and puhleeeesssee shut the mouth that spurts the turds. Blue turf and horse manure do not a program make. Man, you billie fans take the turd award for most smack talk by a team nobody cares about.

Have fun in the WAC bowl against TCU or Montana St.



You profess to be somewhat knowledgable about college football but are too stupid to realize that Montana State is an FCS team and therefore not eligible for FBS bowl games? Impressive.

While making fun of TCU, please tell me where they finished in the rankings last year. Then tell me where an overrated three-loss Oregon team finished. Even with the BCS bias pushing them upward, Oregon finished below TCU in the polls.

TCU was solid...

...the only team to hold oklahoma under 40. BJC was not solid, as evidenced by their bowl loss and final ranking.


public enemy #53,420

I'm not sure where BDuck rates in a pool, or a pond, of bad fans but he's got to be up there with the best of the best that UO has to offer. If his name isn't really Gay Focker I'd be really surprised......

Actually my name is...

...well it's rather long, it's "please quit crying and start the TTFSD (Third Tier Football Sub Division) so you can play a bunch of losers and crown yourself the champion, Johnson.


Cant wait to destroy turd town on 9/3

You'd wait that long? I'm not using YOUR bathroom. YIKES!

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Eventually the blog will get pulled and reset anyway...

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

At least...

when we played Oregon State, they had class. Oregn on the other hand sound like a bunch of poor sports.

Classy Duck or Just Fancy Chicken?

Agreed; when the duck blogging reverts to ranting, the 'poor sports' leg-tag sticks. I believe 'ribbing' is healthy expression, but when good banter goes bad, then it's called banality, i.e., "BDuck". B careful Bduck or you might B come B-Duckin, instead of tur-ducken. In the final analysis though, there may not be significant differences found between Drunk Chicken and Drunk Duck...but i will be putting that theory to test very very soon!

Just for you BDuck

"Ducks Crash On Blue"----a great tee shirt for the Bduck kid to wear---better than all those girlie uniforms---rubber duckies have more changes than Cher.

Phil Knight is God

We know how the game works and we play it. Every program needs the high profile donors.

I understand if BJC's highest profile donor is on the rodeo circuit and can only donate buffalo chips. That would explain the overwhelming odor of turd coming from everything Idaho.

Again, a great example of BJC fans not understanding how and why things work.



Reality says this tshirt will be worn by duck fans,

"Beatdown on the pee" Oregon 31 BJC 9


Just finished selling my T-shirt idea to the Pac 10. They wanted it to sell at all Pac 10 stadiums in an effort to shut up the non stop turd babble coming from BJC and the rest of the WAC.

The Shirt reads, "Beatdown on the Pee"
Oregon 31, BJC 9


... sure knows an awful lot about our "Turd Breath" program considering we are still at the JC level. Haha this guy is hilarious and some of his "facts" are ridiculous.

Oregon does NOT make regular appearances on the cover or SI. Maybe 3 or 4 in the last 10 years..? Haha good try.

And a "knee injury away from the NC" huh? Can you prove that? Hahaha this sounds like last year.. when you guys lost to some joke of a JC program cause your QB got hurt.

Gameday makes regular visits to Eugene huh?? Like 3 whole times since Gameday began in 1993? Good try on that one too!

I know you're 100% right about Boise JC and the WAC having no players in The League.


Once again you ignorant turds prove my point

Regular to you since BJC has never been on the cover and turd town has never hosted Game Day.

Not just a QB getting hurt, we began the day with 3rd string and ended with 5th string.

Not an excuse, just a small fact that explains the extraordinary events of the day.

Played without the top corner in the Pac 10, all those backups and we still win if we make our kicks.

Guess you outplayed us there.

What a loser

You proved no points..

Haha way to manipulate your "facts" to try and cover your flawed argument. You said nothing about the SI cover and hosting Gameday in comparison to BJC, but good try. And way to side step the other points I made about your mighty ducks (no pun intended) and BJC.

You're not USC, nor will you ever be. Keep riding on Pete Carroll's coat tail in the Pac 1 plus 9. Good luck to your Ducks on 9/3. Hopefully they can beat the BJC THIS year.

Keep up the good work!


They are stone cold facts


These aren't my points, they are stone cold, encyclopedic, just the way it is facts that cannot be disputed in any way shape or form.

You just keep making it as you go. I, nor anyone else I know has ever claimed to be USC, we are not. We just do a better job with what we have than they do. They should win the NT every year with their tradition, recruiting base and other resources.

Say what you will but facts are facts. You play no one therefore you beat no one. BCS will never take you seriously. Beating a BCS team every other year will always be miles from where you need to be.

You need to go independent, like Notre Dame. play in no conference, make your own schedule and maybe after 10-15 years you will evolve into a mid major.

Keepin it real is what I'm all about, not living a fantasy world where the WAC deserves to be let in the door.

I rule this blog and I prove it with every entry.


and the laughs continue...

Haha name calling.... really? That's gotta be encyclopedic too!

Encyclopedic this:

"Game Day, never been to turd town, makes regular visits to Eugene"
- 3 times in 16 years constitutes "regular visits to Eugene" Haha right.

"The WAC is, well the WAC. Can't think of anyone recently playing in the League"
- Did you find anybody yet? Is this encyclopedic enough for you

"Ducks make regular appearances on the cover of SI, showing their national presence and respect."
- Haha 3 (maybe 4) times sure does seem regular. Good point again.

"Ducks...were a knee injury away from the NT game in 2007..."
- Can you show me something encyclopedic to prove this? Ok, that's what I thought.

"BJC consistently wins 10-11 games a season against sub par competition and fattens their win % on wanna be programs, which in itself is the definition of a wanna be program"
- Can you show me the definition of a "wanna be program." I have yet to see an encyclopedic source define it and I surely haven't seen BJC's name attached to it.


Wanna be program

Attempting to put our program down because you have never achieved any of those things is the definition of wanna be. You wanna be us.

Cover boys, game day, beating fellow national powers, its all routine to us. You hire coaches from our program, play on the pee and spout turds from your mouth when you cant match our accomplishments.

I rule your blog because I am the truth. Oregon rules the Northwest because it beats all comers. You will always be a wanna be program unless you follow my advice. Leave the WAC, go independent, play somebody and who knows...someday we can mention you in the same breath as east Carolina or Marcsall.

Until then keep the pie hole shut, too many turds escaping leads to madness, it maybe to late judging from you irrational logic.

I'm here all day, on patrol of the blog I own!!


Haha that's what I thought...

Side stepped everything encyclopedic about my post nice job buddy.

You certainly can't claim to rule the Northwest, you cant even beat the a JC team in the Northwest. You must have been referring to only D1 schools. Ok, ok.. you got us again.

Congrats on "owning the blog." That's something to be proud of. If I wansn't at work, I might try to give you a run for your money. Oh wait. My budget isn't as big as yours.

Good luck on 9/3. You'll need it.

Too Funny

As a Bronco fan I have to admit BDuck is quite funny. If anyone is really getting riled up over his posts, please take a deep breath and realize that is what he is trying to accomplish. Just read his posts, laugh, and realize that anyone with enough time on his hands to post that often must be unemployed, or the type of person that has never played the game and lives vicariously through e-mails. That is in and of itself quite funny even without reading his e-mails.


BDUCKS education!

Bduck taking a Beatdown in the Twilight Zone?

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

There is no life in foreignerlandvilletown...

...without a bdoubt, the biggset tool on this blog!!

If Neil Diamond could get drunk and write two #1 songs...

There is a logical explanation for BDuck out there.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

My word is gold

I prove my points with every post. You make no sense, I escort you back into reality with the ease you display with every turd that oozes from your mouth.

The "Beatdown on the Pee" is fast approaching. better camo yourself with some turd smearing. Its gonna be a long day for your soph qb and his lack of a running game.

There will be no suprises this year. I look for an output similar to the on we layed on Oregon St last year; around 700 yards and 65 points. That is how we do it on the road.

From now on please address me as your highness as I rule your blog.

The great and all encompassing intelligence of me is out

Print and Frame Baby!!!


Please read my manifest before posting again. I have grown tired of taking the air out of your tires although I wish I could take the smell out of your mouths.

You have no response, no counter point. I have shut you down on your own blog. This is a great day!!

It's wonderful and extremely satisfying to know that my superior intelligence has made a difference in the world.

I should be writing for SI, give them my unique perspective on everything Mighty Duck.

Turd mouths, pee soaked turf, high school stadium, horses and crap thats all I see.