Broncos, Ducks have discussed future series

By Chadd Cripe

Boise State athletic director Gene Bleymaier has talked to Oregon officials about another series that would build on the success of this two-year contract — games in 2008 and 2009 that have produced much hype and, this year, a national TV appearance.

Bleymaier said he needs to follow up with new Oregon athletic director Mike Bellotti.

The Broncos and Ducks meet Sept. 3 at Bronco Stadium. The game will air on ESPN and has been named one of the top contests of the year by college football writers.

"It's been floated," Bleymaier said of another series. "We're very interested in doing another series and I hope they would be, too, based on the success of these two games."

Oregon will be just the third Pac-10 team to play Boise State at Bronco Stadium, joining Oregon State and Washington State. Oregon State is scheduled to play at Bronco Stadium in 2010, with the Broncos going to Corvallis in 2012.

Bleymaier says he will play any Pac-10 team home-and-home. The Broncos haven't played any of the six southern Pac-10 schools since 1999.

"I've talked to most of them and they're not interested in playing us home-and-home," Bleymaier said. "At least once a year I try to make a call and see if anything changes and again let them know of our interest. And we'll continue to do that."

However, Bleymaier also has become more flexible with his scheduling strategy. He has filled the schedule mostly with home-and-home series in the past. Now he's more willing to consider big-money road games and two-for-one series in which the Broncos would play two road games in exchange for a home game against a big-name team.

"I'm not ruling anything out," Bleymaier said.

The Broncos scheduled a guarantee game against Virginia Tech in Washington, D.C., to fill the 2010 schedule. Bleymaier is considering another guarantee game for the opening in 2011, when the Broncos don't have a Bowl Championship Series-conference team on the schedule yet.

The 2012 schedule is full. The only teams on the schedule after that are BYU and Utah.

Why in the world....

Would Oregon do another series after being smacked in the mouth twice and hampered for the rest of the season with injuries after playing a tougher, meaner Bronco team? What can they possibly gain. In the minds of some in Football they are supposed to beat BSU so they wont get much there. But if they lose.... Which they will.... then it kills thier season before it starts.
Imagine having to play USC every year all bloodied up and broken.....
Hope thier strength coach has been busy, they need to toughen up.

keep dreamin

Tough or cheap? That is question. I think I'll go with the 2nd choice. You guys are a lot like the fresno st. teams of the past. Decent talent but does whatever it takes to win (dirty play). There is a difference between tough play and dirty play. It's all good though to hang with the big boys and beat some you have to do it. I can't wait to smack you guys in the mouth on your own turf. Last year you got us but not this year. Masoli will have his revenge and flatten some of your db's in the process. As far as USC just thank god that you get to play UC-davis, miami-oh, bowling green, la tech, utah state and so on and so on. Your schedule is a joke. All you have to do is bring your A game once this season. Try doing it every other week. You guys can't play at that level every single week and you know it. Good luck to ya your gonna need it. Hope all is well in KKK land. OUT!!!

gsong10. Don't take this so seriously!

You do realize Dude, that all that happened last year is that your team LOST a football game? Its not the end of your life.

Dude, it was just a football game.

Sheeeesh! Get a life outside of football, especially since its still summer...Go take a swim...Go for a hike....Enjoy this beautiful summer while its here.....

Once football season is here cheer your hardest for your team.... If they win great, fantastic! If they lose, then remember its just a game....

You sure quick to quack like

You sure quick to quack like a duck (not a compliment)! As far as bragging rights you will need to earn them at this point. Keep on trying to convince yourselves of that on your bus ride home with your tail feathers cropped.

Hey gsong

If we were in the Pac 10 we could hang in there week in and week out. Think about it nimrod, if we were in the Pac 10 we could get some of those recruits that you are getting, what kid coming out of high school is gonna take a scholarship to a WAC school over a scholarship to even a lower tiered Pac 10 school? Not too many I would think!! But here we take the so called Pac 10 rejects and come to your pond and drain it!!! If we had a shot at joining a so called Pac 12, which will never happen, have a shot at some of those recruits and the coaching staff we have now, you could bet your house that we could hang with the so called Big Boys!!! But until then, we will continue to take these kids with this awesome coaching staff and slap you guys around on your field as well as ours whenever you feel the need to be man handled. CYA on opening day of duck hunting season nimrod!!!! Oh by the way that's Sept. 3rd and bring some orange sauce for that duck we will be eating that night.

It was cheap...

It was so cheap that BSU rang up 37 on the web feet stud defense before BSU put it in cruise control to finish Quacks are the most pathetic fans of all...all you can talk is cheap shots and stick your bills in the mud over the reality of why you really lost...wake up!!! Oh and by the way....if BSU is just "decent talent" then you should be REALLY embarassed by finishing in the top of the weak Pac-10 and losing at home to "decent talent" no matter how many supposed cheap shots there were...remember you are the big bad Pac-10!!

little man

you did ring up 37 on us. no denying that. Nothing was said that we had a stellar D. the cheap shot was on our qb I guess you don't remember. As far as the cruise control comment you guys almost choked it away in 1 quarter. Bsu only has decent talent. If you think other wise you are a major mo-tard. I give you guys props for doing what you do with that talent. If you think the pac-10 is weak your just plain stupid. As far as feeling embarassed I'm not. You guys had nothing to lose and came in ready to take us out. Your guys wanted it more. But to say we gave you our best shot is untrue. You guys need to face the facts that you couldn't compete every week in the pac-10. Once a year is a different story. One tough legitimate game is all you guys play every season. I don't think it would be too hard to knock a team off when you can just focus on that one game. As far as enjoying summer I'd say it's much more entertaining listening to you guys throw out your ridiculous comments. See you september 3rd. try to leave the white sheets at home fellas.

Why do you

keep making references to the KKK? My family has been here for 20 yrs and I've never seen any racists in this state. The only racists I've ever seen were people from the deep south (as in Florida, Georgia, Alabam). So, what are you talking about?

He doesn't know Redd Foxx is dead either.

HAY, Why do you think it's not on anymore?

Guy got his political leanings from TV LAND.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


Ya really want to talk SOS? I'll tell you what, when you can beat BSU then you can talk about maybe having to play tougher teams but as it stands BSU was the 2nd toughest team you played last year. Your argument for playing tough teams week in and week out doesn't stand because you played us early last year. AND GOT TOASTED! Two of the worst football teams in the BCS are in your conf. W and WSU.
KKK land is up north by UofI but you probably wouldn't know anything about geography. Like how all the unshaven lezzie hippie girls in your town are different from the cowboys of the eastern part of Oregon state or the pale people from Portland.
Anyway get that stupid "O" sign you all make with stupid "O" sound and get ready for it to be an OH NO! sound.
SHOW ME YOUR O FACE! Only when you play the beavers. And dont forget your Trojans. Especially if you are playing Oregon Beavers.

I don't agree with that..

USC is the toughest. No question. California was definitely second. BSU would be tied with Oklahoma State and Oregon State..Oregon state was a better team when they had Quizz Rodgers on the field..which is why the score was 65-38.

Gotta love the snappy BSU smack talk. Never ceases. Talk tough, but Duck fans know you're having nightmares. We know it will be a tough game...We'll see who comes out on top!

I'd bet on my Ducks though. And I will.


Your the biggest arse in the state of idaho. That's pretty hard. please don't try to tell me that the Wac is a tough conference. I mean this isn't women's tennis were talking about here. It's division 1 football! washington and wazzu would have winning records if they were in the wac. You guys have 1 team being you in the top 25. pac-10 has 4. 3 in the top fifteen. so you tell me which conference has more competition? Even the beaver fans aren't this retarded!

Just make sure

You come in here on the 4th. Own up and that will be respectful. But no excuses ok. I hope you go 11-1. Really I do. But come on, arse? Who talks like that? LOL. This isn't a renaissance fair that you and all your "friends" go to. We are talking about southern Idaho here. Mormons wrote the book on ridiculous almost swear words. Frick you should know that!
Dont come in here and talk like the pac 1 is all that. At least until you can beat BSU or win the pac 1 Until then, you wouldn't have even won a WAC title last year. Pathetic. Don't try to TELL us what football is when we SHOWED you what it is.

Same goes for you.

I would love to go 11-1. Maybe losing to a 12-0 Cal team and breaking to the BCS. But whatever happens, a 3-0 non-conference slate is what I'm seeing.

And what are you talking about Pac 1? The Pac has the best BCS bowl winning percentage, the best winning percentage against BCS conferences, and a winning record against every other BCS conference. Give me a break. You play in the WAC. The WAC and MWC combined could compete with the Pac 10 on a down year, but thats about it.

BSU is a great team...Coach Petersen has a good thing going up there. But whether BSU fans will like to admit it or not, this game will not be like last year. Under any circumstances.

We'll be seeing you on the 4th to wish you luck on the rest of your season

Future series OK but not if done by NBC Universal. PLEASE.

It will be like Peter Lorre in The Third Man, screaming, "MERCY, MERCY, HAVE MERCY UPON MY SOUL"! as he runs and tries to escape to the sewers and is shot dead, arm still clinging to the manhole.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Nothing Was Said 'Bout Oregon's D Last Yr ?????

Gong....get your facts straight before you post. That's all that was talked about before last yr's game....Oregon's secondary this, their D-line that. Kellen cut that secondary to shreds. Our running game wasn't exactly stellar but we ran a lot better against the Ducks than the Frogs. Granted...the Duck's offesnse will be much better this year. Could be a very different game, but the Ducks will have to score a lot. Unless your last year's TCU defense (2nd best D in the nation last year), Boise State's going to score a lot.

I don't think that'll be the case...

Our DB's are always put on an island...which is sad when we have inexperience back there. Walter Thurmond was out that whole game and TJ Ward was just getting used to safety.

Ward progressed throughout the season and a new lightning quick linebacking corps should stop those play action passes from happening. I can hope. That was BSU's bread and butter last game.

TCU was a great defense...but not the second best in the nation overall talentwise. I think it will be a game full of mistakes and a slow, physical first half. Once the teams settle down, I think the depth of Oregon will prevail. You guys haven't even seen LaMichael James yet...

A definite cheap shot

I'm not going to add to the vitriolic sentiments here, and I don't condone any Oregon fans insulting people from Idaho, but let's be clear about one thing. The helmet-to-helmet hit that took Jeremiah Masoli out of the Boise State game at Autzen last season was quite possibly the dirtiest play I've seen in more than 25 years of watching football at all levels. The guy recklessly and deliberately injured our QB, and he should have been ejected and suspended for a game. There is no denying the outcome of the game. Kellen Moore had his way with the play-action pass all day, and our defense just couldn't stop him. That's college football for you. Boise State clearly earned a victory, but also demonstrated poor sportsmanship by playing dirty football, and that tarnishes the image of the program.


"The helmet-to-helmet hit that took Jeremiah Masoli out of the Boise State game at Autzen last season was quite possibly the dirtiest play I've seen in more than 25 years of watching football at all levels."

What a crock. Powers was a half step late on the hit and there was nothing dirty about it. He came straight on, he didn't lead with his head, he was a little late and he was penalized, as he should have been.

Were you not watching when the Oregon lineman made a 15-yard run to spear in the back a Bronco player who was lying on the ground? That was far dirtier, as are dozens of plays in college football every week. The cheap shot your DB put on the back of the head of the UCLA receiver last year, putting him out for several games, is another that comes to mind as far dirtier.

hahahahahaha. BSU gotta be kidding me.

Masoli threw it and you could count a whole second before Powers laid his cheap shot out. He completely led with his head, and hit Masoli with the crown of his helmet.

This is why nobody likes BSU fans...They don't know what the hell they're talking about. I didn't even think blue and orange colored glasses could see it that way.

And the lineman didn't take a 15 yard're ridiculous. He made a couple step dive onto a live ball, trying to jar it loose. He didn't have to spear the guy..but he did and it was called. Not exactly dirty.

BSU's hits? Dirty. But lets stop talking about those...I'd rather talk about how Oregon's going to split the Donkeys defense like a hot knife through butter!


Maybe if you're lineman were doing their job Powers wouldn'tve gotten to the little Princess Masoli!!!


Toadstool had the Princess locked up.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

A definite whiner

Your post is possibly the most over-dramatic paragraph I have ever read in 25 years. There is no denying that he was late, but watch the replay in real-time. You can't count a full second, unless seconds are longer in Autzen from some temporal disturbance emanating from a top secret Nike technology lab far beneath the playing field. Seriously, I've seen Bronco quarterbacks take similar late hits, they are frustrating, yes. I have never in my 25+ years of watching sports continued to whine about something that "rubbed me wrong" a a full year after the fact. Its unbelievable the amount of crying over two penalties that were called. USC fans didn't cry this much when an ASU player blew up Matt Leinart in far worse fashion. Don't claim the split second decision of one player "tarnishes the image of the program." Is every program tarnished by penalties? Hardly.
Boise State, the first and last to incur the evil, thought to be mythical, "late hit."

Couldn't agree more

Hey I haven't been denying BJC's win last year. They did go pass happy on us and we couldn't stop it.

There were factors that influenced that success however and I have stated those factoids.

Dirty plays, 3, 4 and 5 string QB's, and stll if we make our kicks we win the game, but we didn't.

Like i have been saying, give a monkey 100 shapes and eventually he will put the round peg in the round hole, maybe even do ita again, but there will never be any consistent performance. All big times lose to a minor BJC caliber team every now and again.

It's the lAaw of averages.


I'm certain that there are only 4 guys slinging, different names

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

I am so sick of O faces

talking about thier QB situation last year. Do you forget that we also had a freshman QB a guy that you all didn't think was worth recruiting. And he smoked you guys. Talk all you want about 2 plays that were questionable. You had one nice play of your apeish running back bowling over a BSU guy and you forget the rest of the game consisted of BSU players standing over ducks. Should be embassing for you to have been beaten not just by better football but by more physical ball.
Just keep thinking it was a fluke. We like that. Just like everyone focuses on three trick plays in the Fiesta but they forget Ok. had to pull some monkeys from thier own behind just to stay in the game. Keep discrediting the win, don't take us seriously. Just think of us as a fluke, like the monkey analogy from a previous post. Just remember that sometimes monkeys throw poop at you. Here's mud in your eye.

We do take you as a fluke... don't have to ask us to, we already do and always have. Last years game was a bigger fluke than a monkey ecentually getting the alphabet right.

*3rd-4th-5th string QB's
*Best corner in the Pac 10 did not play
*4 Oregon turnovers
*Ducks outgain you by 40
*BJC rushes for 38
*Oregon misses 2 FG's and 2 PAT's

And you escape Autzen with a 5 point win.

Oregon makes the kicks and they win the game despite the cheap shots and everything that went your way.

Guess again Mr.Potato Head. Your win last season was a fluke of epic porportions and lightning never strikes twice, unless you play in the WAC and play San Jose State every year, as well as Nevada, Wyoming, SMU and the rest of the JV conference.


We do take you as a fluke... don't have to ask us to, we already do and always have. Last years game was a bigger fluke than a monkey ecentually getting the alphabet right.

*3rd-4th-5th string QB's
*Best corner in the Pac 10 did not play
*4 Oregon turnovers
*Ducks outgain you by 40
*BJC rushes for 38
*Oregon misses 2 FG's and 2 PAT's

And you escape Autzen with a 5 point win.

Oregon makes the kicks and they win the game despite the cheap shots and everything that went your way.

Guess again Mr.Potato Head. Your win last season was a fluke of epic porportions and lightning never strikes twice, unless you play in the WAC and play San Jose State every year, as well as Nevada, Wyoming, SMU and the rest of the JV conference.



bduck... Does it get old just typing the same old excuses over and over.....?
Ok let me help you. Most of us (probably not you) play sports of some kind. We all have played that guy who always is talking up his game. Then that guy gets schooled. And he talks about how HIS game was off, how lucky the OTHER GUY is. His jumper was off, the course was soggy, the sun was in his eyes, his serve was off. He isn't feeling good. And the winner? He was lucky, cheated, doesn't really know how to play the real way.....
Bottom line is you don't want to be that guy, nobody will like you and you will be a tool even to yourself. The rest of us, we don't respect that guy but we LOVE beating him just the same. See you on the 3rd, watch out for the sun.... Better measure our field to make sure it is regulation.... wait, then you won't have any excuses. Actually, I'm sure you will come up with some, you have had plenty of practice over the last year.

Oregon's excuses last year...

1 We overlooked you.
2 You hit us too hard and dirty on three plays and we couldn't find the toughness to stick up for ourselves.
3 We had to use backup players

This year.......
1 First game new coach.
2 Dang, blue uniforms on a blue field. That is confusing.
3 We overlooked you.
4 Being that we are from the hippie corner of the NW we were just hoping and changing that this could be done without all the hitting and so that every one could win a special prize at the end. Why all the competition man.... Can't we all be winners.

Last Years Game

Late hits, Dirty Hits, & Convenient whining aside, the one glaring stat Oregon supporters can not explain or dismiss is that BSU put up 37 on the Ducks on the road. You don't win games giving up 37 regardless whether your QB went down. Until the Ducks get a much better defense to hold the Broncos offense under 30 or so -- or until the Ducks figure away to score a bunch of points on a much improved Bronco team in Boise - the Ducks will walk away disappointed. Oregon opens 0-1

Frank's in the Tank

Obviously Frank's been hittin the cow pattie bong again. High on turd again Frank??

As you will see the Duck D is better, but more importantly, we will be playing with our full compliment of STARTERS this year. Experienced Pac 10 talent always and I mean always dismantles turd producers.

The "Beatdown on the Pee" will be here before we know it. Try and sober up by then will ya Frank.


Duck Highlights

Another BDUCK tidbit coming your way;

Any turd fan looking for a little preview of what's coming your way 9/3, just check out youtube, search Lagarette Blount.

It's amazing that a practice highlight makes youtube. Such is the interest and excitement around Duck football. brrrrrr, just gives you the shakes, doesn't it.

In a related clip, search Turd, or Pee for a preview of the Bronco Billy offense and defense.

Can't wait. 9/3 is coming. There's nowhere to hide manure producers. Can't wait to play Florida!!


We saw blunt

last year 99 yards, 1 TD. A big dude to be sure but there is something missing there.....
1 TD...... In a game when you desperately needed him. Gosh how ever will we stop him? Your facination with defication and urination is somewhat troubling.

Sounds like blunt is going to get smoked. But what else is new in Oregon.

Yeah, you saw him...

...and right after you cleaned up the turd that ran down your leg, you called your buddies at the horseshoe saloon and told them to give back their tickets. That they don't want to witness first hand what you just seen on the talking box.

Like you have a chance. get real turd producers, 31-9 is a polite way of saying goodnight irene, which is a polite way of saying what you're thinking...that the big scary Ducks from a state with running water is going to pulverize you, make you wish you were never in Eugene last season winning a game you had no business winning.

But I digress. Good luck bronco billies, bring lots of baby wipes so you can clean up after one another, all those turds coming out both ends. It's gonna be a mess on the feild and in the stands.



BUT you could check for me don't ducks, and geese turd more than horses, as far as more times. I think it has something to do with stomaches (sp) or something. I know this BSU are used to walking throught the little turds going up to the field cause its all over the place becuase of the parks that surround the stadium and river. Anyway. BSU fans are quite use to wiping it off our shoes so a bit more from the quackers on sept 3rd won't worry us after a W.

Schedule/TV Update

Another flash, BDUCK tidbit;

Anyone interested in watching a quality, talent rich football team, playing in the uber conference please tune in to the following;

Oregon vs BJC (preseason tune up) ESPN
Oregon vs. Purdue ABC
Oregon vs. UTAH ESPN
Oregon vs. Cal ABC
Oregon vs. UCLA Fox
Oregon vs Washington Fox
Oregon vs Wash St Fox
Oregon vs USC ABC
Oregon vs Stanford Fox
Oregon vs Ariz St Fox
Oregon vs Arizona Fox
Oregon vs OSU ESPN

In a related program note, the grandson of Abraham Zapruder, will be filming all BJC home games in 8mm technicolor. The games minus any audio will be available at the horseshoe saloon 2 weeks after filming, so if you don't want to know the outcome before watching the game, don't watch any ESPN for 2 weeks prior to any BJC home game.

Just keepin my fans up to date!!!

BDuck I've tried to vomit, only getting dry heaves.

What is your technique?

How DO you do this?

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Remedy you ask...

...just pop in any home BJC football game, played on the pee. Guaranteed to conjure the chunks!!

Always here to help!!


come you refer to a blue field as pee? I've never had blue pee nor have I ever seen blue pee. Perhaps its more prevelent in Eugene?


was wondering why he thinks pee is blue also. Must be some new kind of Flintstone vitamins. If it's itches or burns when you pee go see a doctor BDUCK and lay off the Grape Gatorade.

blue man group

I told you all earlier to google it moron. Every team that has ever played on the blue "turf" has the same thing to say, that you end up, well, smelling like pee.

From now on follow my order so i don't have to reissue them...capish?


It's their own BO and the Bronco's knocking the piss out of them. It's not the field. Did you see the doctor yet?

The only better thing than a BSU win in a couple of weeks is

is getting rid of the Duck fans. Of course for about two weeks we will have to hear all the excuses but then..... On with our next BCS bowl.
Course then the Idaho fans will be here. Kind of one in the same. Giants only in thier own minds.

All the things BSU has heard.
"you can't play as a four year school"
"you can't play the big sky"
"you can't win a National Championship"
"You can't play in Div.I"
"You can't win the WAC"
"You can't beat a BCS school"
You can't go to a BCS bowl."
"You can't win said bowl"
"You can't win on the road in Oregon"

Keep it coming, Again, we love it. Just make sure you disapear after you get beat. Otherwise you are no better than a Vandal fan.
Now that might actually be a competative game. Idaho at Oregon. I pick the Dickies by three.

Oregon vs. BJC

BDuck, are you aware that the University of Oregon was established as a two year school in 1876. So it looks like we share some heritage, eh? Oh, nevermind. They never won a national JC title like BJC did.

You can only wish

Same heritage. Ah, no I wasn't cross bred of a donkey and a mule. That's right they are both A**'s which makes you an.....????

I knew you would get it. Now talk football or get off my blog. And by football, I mean good, quality football. This is afterall the Oregon Duck Blog of Blogs.

What say you caller....

To Fred Sanford and his sons

Lamont was blabbing on the other blog (thought I wouldn't find you didn't you Grady), that the blue pee, er, I mean turf in bronco billy stadium belongs in the same convo as the ivy at Wrigley and the wall at Fenway, that it's an icon.

Are you kidding me Rollo? I've read what opposing teams say about playing on the pee. That you end up, well, smelling like pee. Comon, its a highschool stadium with blue fake grass. It's the laughing stock of the football playing world. Even the highschoolers make fun of it. One of the reasons you can't recruit well I'm sure.

You want to talk icon? Autzen Stadium, home of the mighty fightin Ducks is practically a National Treasure. Just listen to the Game Day crew after any of their many visits. In fact, Autzen has made the top 20 places to watch a sporting event list in ESPN's mag as well as SI's list quite a few times.

Get real Aunt Esther, blue grass + cowpies + goalpost = a feild of bad dreams. You, your football team and your stadium are a laughing stock.

Can the outrageously stupid posts please stop. It's hard enough policing MY blog. Lets have some fun and keep things intelligent. Oops, I forgot.


Aunt Esther has spoken.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


LOL at the billboard "beast boys" on the Ducks site!! That is dumb looking!

HEY bduck2009, duck whiner-in-chief

While we're racking up points, your pansy QBs are sitting on the bench. So how do your hurt QBs have anything to do with us scoring on your weak defense??? Can't wait for your whiner response. This is football not basket weaving. Maybe you better head for the basket weaving site where you'll likely find your fellow whiners. See ya for the repeat on 9/3!!!!