Biggest questions for Thursday's Boise State scrimmage

What to look for in today’s scrimmage

Boise State holds its first scrimmage of fall camp today (3 p.m.) at Bronco Stadium. It is the first chance for fans to see the 2009 Broncos — and for coaches and players to assess their play in something close to a game atmosphere.

Coach Chris Petersen said Wednesday that he wants to see increased intensity from his squad, while recognizing that “we’re not going to be a unit that’s jelled in all three phases.”

Instead, Petersen and the rest of the Bronco coaches want to see players taking steps to separate themselves.

Here’s what I am interested in seeing:

How far along is the offensive line?
It is the top priority for the offense this fall, finding a productive starting five along the line. If the quarterback is running for his life or the running game can’t get going, that will be a sign that the offensive line still needs to improve.

Who are the top linebackers?
New position coach Jeff Choate’s group has been very solid in practice. Choate has kept a steady rotation at the position, making sure veterans and youngsters alike get reps at the spot.

How is the kicking game?
Boise State is trying to find a new snapper and breaking in a new holder. Junior kicker Kyle Brotzman returns, seeking to return to his freshman form when he made 16-of-18 field goal attempts. Brotzman has looked good in practice.

What are you most interested in seeing at the scrimmage?

Notes from Oregon camp

• The Oregon offensive line — which is one of the top concerns for the Ducks entering the season — took a “giant step back” Wednesday, according to the Ducks’ offensive line coach in the Register-Guard blog. Oregon is trying to replace three departed starters along the line, including center Max Unger.

• Oregon, always on the cutting edge, has installed helmet cameras on its quarterbacks to give coaches a sense of what drills look like from the quarterbacks’ perspective. Pretty cool.

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How about

the Broncos learn how to run up the score? Over the past 3 seasons, I have seen Boise State start coasting in the middle of the 3rd Quarter. They don't "go for the jugular", and it usually results in our opponents getting back into the game. It was evident in the Fiesta Bowl, and again against Oregon last season.

I would also like to see the defense stop using the zone coverage so much. The only times I saw our opponents' receivers open was when we were in zone. We have the speed to keep other teams from beating us deep. Why go to zone and give them the chance to make receptions?

good points

But what I would really love to see is Oregons highly ranked offense shred the BSU secondary for at least 40 points yes 40 points. And start the season off right. Then BSU can have there way with the weak WAC. Well not so fast I think SJState or USU is going to win the WAC.

On the blue truff baby Speed ya not a issue when your playing teams that are as good as some high schools! I loath BSU and that blue freaking turf...

Ute, hahahaha

I wonder why you dislike the Broncos. Probably the same reason as the Ducks. Losing stinks.

Sports Illustrated

They ranked Boise State # glad to see them in the top 10 at the beginning of the season, lets bust the BCS big time this year AND PROVE A POINT. I am a Boise native living in Wisconsin and follow the Broncos religiously and hope they can take it to the limit this year!GO BRONCOS!I would love to see a game between the Broncos and the Wisconsin Badgers..I do believe the Broncos will win that!

Step-up !

Let's see if the new linebacker's coach is really doing what needs to be done. That position needs to be imposing it's will on the other team, more agression, more attacking. Get them doing what our safties did last year. Make Wilcox proud, be play makers. Don't let the game come to you, go out and take it ! Those ducks need to understand one more time, the blue turf of Boise State is where other teams dreams of victory come to DIE.

Where WAC teams go to die.

Yeah, BSU is definitely a tough place to play. The fans, the excitement, the ridiculous camo-turf..But a team of Oregon's caliber has never set foot on the blue....ever.

I'm sure every team in the WAC hates playing BSU on the blue. And the same with the mediocre Oregon State teams from the past..but this team is filled with talent and won't be afraid in the least bit.

I can admit that I'm scared. Every Duck fan should be. National respect is on the line. But every Bronco fan should be just as scared. Their whole season is on the line. This is their national championship. I wouldn't be so confident you'll come out with the W.

I'm with you!!!! Good posting!

The Oregon St team did beat USC that same year so they were a little better than mediocre. You are saying just what we want you to say. We want to play better teams! Oregon is talented and I can say this as a True Blue fan, this game is all about respect on both sides. I know, I respect your talent, your (good) fans, your conference, and your University. We all believe this will be a good game and the outcome will come on the field and not in the chat rooms. You are so right Quackhead503, that both fans nations are concerned on the outcome. Thanks for your class in your posting. I respect that one. Come and tailgate with us and celebrate the venue of the day. Spot C-356.

RE: How about...

RMSanford - If you play MAN on every play you can take away things like saftey and corner blitzes and you give more options to your opponents running game should an RB get into your backfield. And it's not even that black & white. Most coaches will tell you that D-scheming is a crap shoot, which is why they log so many hours in the film room. Just a friendly FYI.

Maybe I should clarify a bit.

I'm just saying I can tell from watching at home when the Broncos are in a full zone. And, it ALWAYS ends up in a long pass completion for the game. They need to mix it up more and stop using the full zone. CBs should NEVER go zone. If they blitz, the LB or S should cover MAN on their receiver. But, full zone is a losers' defense. And it shows every time its used.

Hey Ute

Sounds like your still butt-hurt about the whoopin you Utes took in SLC. What was the score? Ahh 36-3 was it? No wonder you Mountain Westies don't want us in your conference.


In the MWC...7-1. In the Pac-10...6-3 best case scenario.

Utah sucks as does the lame

Utah sucks as does the lame MWC and lamer WAC. Heck, the Pac 10 sucks. The Ducks deserve to be in a better conference. It's ok tho, the nation will see what we're capable of this year!!! It's the year of the DUCK!!!

Go Ducks!!!




Sucks. But they could probably beat the Packers.

First of all, thank you for the compliment!

Secondly, I don't think Wisconsin sucks. It's yet another nice state with beautiful lands to rival Michigan, Minnesota and any other state in the middle of the US. Putting the Buckeyes in our company is indeed a nice thing to say.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...