Kyle Wilson on Ducks: 'Just know, we'll be ready'; Ian update

By Chadd Cripe

Boise State senior captain Kyle Wilson said Wednesday the Broncos have heard the talk coming out of Oregon Ducks camp but still aren’t focusing on the season opener.

“We know what’s going on,” Wilson said. “But you know, that’s just not us. The game will be here before you know it. Just know, we’ll be ready.”

Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli and tight end Ed Dickson have heated up the budding rivalry with recent comments about the Broncos. Masoli said the Ducks will “take it to them” and Dickson said the Broncos are “one of those teams that really doesn't rub right with me.”

The Broncos haven’t said much publicly about the game, a rematch of their win last year in Eugene. They do talk about it amongst themselves.

“We talk about it a little bit,” Wilson said. “Definitely the focus right now is on us, but it will switch real soon — as soon as we get into a little bit of game-planning.”


The Broncos will hold the first of two fall scrimmages that are open to the public at 3 p.m. Thursday at Bronco Stadium.

“It’s finally time to cut it loose and just have fun out there,” Wilson said.


The Broncos practice twice Wednesday. In the morning session, nickel Winston Venable picked off starting quarterback Kellen Moore in the red zone. It was a rare turnover for Moore this fall. Later, fullback Dan Paul caught a touchdown pass from backup quarterback Mike Coughlin, who zipped the ball into a tight spot.


The Minnesota Vikings released a depth chart Wednesday and former Boise State tailback Ian Johnson is listed on the third team with three other running backs. Former Boise State wide receiver Vinny Perretta is listed as a third-teamer, too.

The version posted on the Minneapolis newspaper's Web site didn't have Johnson listed, which caused some confusion.

The Vikings open the preseason Friday at Indianapolis.

Better hope...

Because Oregon is going to bring the little Smurfs more than they've ever seen on the Blue.

Can it go both ways? Most definitely. Should be a fun game to watch. But if Masoli stays in the game...I think it could be a long day for the Bronco's. Both teams replace a lot but I think Oregon has the better coach. We'll see come 9/3.

Now here come the irrational homer BSU adherents with their lame posts. Oh well...the Oregon sledgehammer on the nose of the Bronco at halftime will drive the nail in the coffin!


I do hope all the "Quackers" bring pretty of insurance claim forms when they come to "BLUE DOOM !!! Quacking lip service does not win games. Tighten your jock straps and strap it up. It's a game of kickingbutt and not talking garbage. 60 minutes of slobber and snot knocking will solve the problem. Bring on the "rubber duckies." I can just see Donald Duck, Huey, Louie and Dewey quacking duck tears on The Blue already...quack quack hoo boo hoo boo hoooooooooooo..

When Huey, Louie and Dewey

When Huey, Louie and Dewey get to the nut cutting of the Broncos they will be referred to as castorated. The Bronco will be like the four gated blind horse, start stumbel fart and fall. After the game the turf will not be the only thing in Boise that is blue, the wind sucking blue faces of the BSU fans will shine in the potato state!

There is nothing wrong with Idaho I love the state but their football fans bark at the moon.

the UO coach...

SUX compared to Petersen! We'll see on the 3rd if he can even coach!

Is that all you got Quackhead503???

My 92 yo grandma with alzheimer's has better takes than yours. AND she hates oregon too!

In typical duckfan fashion (bad fashion that is) the flipping duckfans don't give credit to their competition.

After the game...

is when the comments will really fly. If the Ducks win, then all this gibberish comes to a crashing end. But if the Broncos win, then all the Ducks smack-talk will turn into excuses, officiating, cheap shots, etc.

Just play the game. Whoever wins is the better team this game. Period. Last year the Broncos were the better team. This year remains to be seen.

No, after two weeks without football it will eventually resume.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Too bad a Oregon fan got off

Too bad a Oregon fan got off a lame post to start these comments.

Speaking of sledgehammers, how about someone in Oregon request the team to drop one on our logo?

Even going out and jumping on it would be just great to see too.

The Better Coach???

How do you figure, Quackhead? From your statements, it seems to me the only irrational one thus far is aptly named!

Compare Petersen's experience and success with Kelly's and you've got to be a complete homer to believe that Kelly, at this point in his career, deserves to be called a better coach than Petersen.

It should be an exciting game, for sure, and while Oregon players and Oregon fans are full of the self-love most BCS conference supporters maintain (in spite of proof such self-love is fallacious by the likes of Utah... and BSU in BCS games) you can rest assured the players that show up on the Blue Turf in home jerseys on September 3rd won't be taking anything for granted.

That said, I can't wait!

Experience? Peterson. Better coach? IMO Kelly

I remember Peterson at Oregon...back when he was the receivers coach. Very decent coach. And he's done wonders up there at BSU playing against those whack teams. He had a great game against a horrible Washington team in 2007...and despite Oregon playing a receiver at QB most of the game, still almost managed to lose.

Kelly on the other hand has had Oregon as the front-runner for the NC and Heisman in 2007, 10 wins in 2008, and a couple dark horse Heisman candidates for 2009. Experience-wise? Yeah...Peterson. Overall? How can you not go with Kelly?

And if you're talking about "self-love", then look every BSU fans' posts. I've never seen more BS spouted by a team in my life. I understand this is your only thing to root for in the history of Idaho, but that doesn't mean you need be that ignorant. We'll see what BSU fans say under the lights on the Donkey's Smurf Turf.

No, you don't

You don't remember Peterson at Oregon. You may remember Petersen, however.

Quack, you do realize that Mike Bellotti was the head coach at Oregon through 2008, right? So you're claiming as Kelly's accomplishments things he "achieved" by riding on the coat tails of the man actually responsible? Wow.

When was Oregon "the" frontrunner for the NC and the Heisman? Contenders that turned into pretenders, yes, but never THE frontrunner in either category.

Short memory?

Oregon 2007...Kelly's first year as OC. Everyone had Oregon winning the NC and Dixon the Heisman. Even with 6 top starters out, Dixon still lead them until he went down.

Every Duck fan knows Bellotti didn't micromanage. He let every coach do his thing..he even says this over and over again. Fact is, two seasons with Kelly and people still haven't figure out his offense.

Yes, you're right. Petersen. My bad.

No, correct memory

At no time was Oregon ranked #1 in the AP, Coaches or BCS polls in 2007. You do understand the word frontrunner, right? They made it as high as #2 before fading down the stretch but at no time were they the frontrunner for the NC. One of the two leading contenders for the NC game, yes, for a week.

As far as Dixon, yes a strong contender but again, never the frontrunner anywhere outside of Eugene. There were several media folks who had him listed as the #1 candidate, but there were far more who favored Tebow all along.


Then with this logic Petersen won the 06-07 Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma... :)

Kelly had....

NOTHING. He wasn't the Head Man. Until you wear te shoes you are riding in the back seat. Kelly is 0-0 as a head coach and looks to be 0-1 after the 3rd.

Just don't get it...

The duck fans ran their mouths last year before Boise State came to town, now their at it again....
What part of your digging your own graves do you not understand ? The Broncos feed off other teams disrespecting them, so keep it up. We know you will have all the reasons why your poor ducks lost again.
If looking at our home record doesn't shut you up, then you really are hopeless. Just like your team will be at Bronco Stadium. Get your excuses ready !

They feed of the disrespect

They feed of the disrespect and get so angry they turn into thugs and play dirty? Oregon hasn't had a bad team when a QB returns in forever. Only reason I had last year was that 3rd string QB Masoli got injured. Chris Harper played...went 0-3 with 2 INT's in 2 quarters, then Darron Thomas destroys you, coming up just short. With Masoli and Darron Thomas in, Ducks 28, Smurfs ZERO. Harper playing? Oregon 7, Smurfs 37.

That proves it right there. Nothing you can say to counter that. But now...Harper is gone and Masoli is starting..with DT right there. Yeah...I'd be scared too.

And your home record just makes me laugh even harder. 64-2 or something like that?? How could you manage to lose 2 games at home to the competition you face? Any decent BCS team would be 66-0. But its ok...that's the decent BCS teams.

Well, lets was

Well, lets was Boston College feat future NFL starters Matt Ryan and Chris Long in a Bowl Game. To be honest, I can't remember who the other loss came from.

Anyhoots, we actually were rallying for a comeback in that game but the clock ran out. Of course that's not a viable cop it???

2 losses

I think the BC doesn't count as a home loss (post season). I'm pretty sure the donks lost at home to WSU (the same year the Vandals beat them in Martin Stadium - Tom Cable's first year - 1999?). The donk's also lost at home in '97 to the Vandals.

They do count the BC loss.

They do count the BC loss. So the last time you beat us at home was 12 years ago? Wow thats something to brag about monet.

No, genius...

... the other loss was to Washington State, but it was in 2001 by a score of 41-20. That year, the Cougars smoked the Vandals 36-7, and finished the season ranked AP #10, with a record of 10-2. The only other Broncos home loss in the past decade was the MPC bowl to Boston College in 2005 by a score of 27-21. That year, Boston College finished the season ranked AP #18, with a record of 9-3. Incidentally, 2001 and 2005 (the years of the two home losses) were the only two seasons in the past decade that the Broncos have not had double digit wins (8-4 in 2001, and 9-4 in 2005).

Also, to correct one last error, the last home loss to the Vandals was in 1998 in the final regular season game. The Vandals went for 2 in overtime and won the game by 1 point. That game decided the conference title, and the Vandals went on to win the Humanitarian bowl. That marked a milestone year for the Vandals:

  1. Their only post-season appearance as a Div I-A (now FBS) school.
  2. Their last conference title.
  3. Their second to last winning season.
  4. Their last win over the Broncos.

Interesting analysis...

... so somehow, missing the starting quarterback hampered the Ducks' defense to the point where they allowed 37 points in a little over 2 quarters. How exactly does that work?

First downs means not punting.

Had Masoli been in...BSU wouldn't have got the ball on those two horrible INT's Harper threw. There wouldn't have been as many 3-and-outs. It would have been a low scoring game and the running game would have been more productive.

With Masoli out and Harper in, BSU was the better team. No argument here. It's a little weird that with a QB that could throw, Oregon put up 28 points to BSU's 0...well 25 due to missed PAT's..while Harper was in it was 37-7 Broncos?


Oregon scored only 19 points in the 4th quarter. The Broncos outscored the Ducks 37-7 in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. I find it remarkable that you want to place the blame for the Broncos' 37 points in two quarters (24 of the 37 in the second quarter alone) squarely on the shoulders of the Oregon offense.
Here's the full scoring summary:

FIRST QUARTER                                                             BSU ORE
TD 02:44 Legarrette Blount 16 Yd Run (Two-Point Conversion Failed)         0   6
SECOND QUARTER                                                            BSU ORE
FG 14:56 Kyle Brotzman 51 Yd                                               3   6
TD 10:53 Tommy Gallarda 9 Yd Pass From Kellen Moore (Kyle Brotzman Kick)  10   6
TD 08:05 Ian Johnson 6 Yd Run (Kyle Brotzman Kick)                        17   6
TD 01:53 Chris O'Neill 3 Yd Pass From Kellen Moore (Kyle Brotzman Kick)   24   6
THIRD QUARTER                                                             BSU ORE
TD 12:24 Jeremiah Johnson 18 Yd Run (Matt Evensen Kick)                   24  13
TD 10:52 Vinny Perretta 73 Yd Pass From Kellen Moore (Kyle Brotzman Kick) 31  13
FG 02:43 Kyle Brotzman 26 Yd                                              34  13
FG 00:17 Kyle Brotzman 34 Yd                                              37  13
FOURTH QUARTER                                                           BSU ORE
TD 11:06 Jeffrey Maehl 24 Yd Pass From Darron Thomas (Matt Evensen Kick)  37  20
TD 07:19 Ed Dickson 19 Yd Pass From Darron Thomas (Pat Failed)            37  26
TD 02:07 Ed Dickson 7 Yd Pass From Darron Thomas (2pt Conv Failed)        37  32

Wish you'd learn to format that right.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


... my whole post and then paste it into Windows Notepad, and you will see that it is formatted perfectly. Unfortunately, the way this blog autoformats things, it screws up the margins for preformatted text.

It worked right the other time you did it...

Don't use 10 pt Courier, sanserif only and vary the size as you edit it.

(You CAN edit it, you know...cut, paste and replace).'s Pluck-based stories cannot be edited, only the Pluck Forums. Play with is and the wrap count may become apparent or maybe some special formatting codes.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


Lets break this down a little further. Oregon scores 13 point in 3+ quarters with a QB that cant complete a pass to his own team. That guy quit the team because he wasnt even going to get to play QB this season. The Ducks put in a QB that can pass in the 4th quarter and the Ducks score 3 td's in 9 minutes. What happened to that mighty bronco defense? They couldnt defend a freshman QB that had never taken a snap in a college game? Impressive. How are they going to defend this year? I can promise you the Ducks wont be running the ball 23 consecutive plays like last year. Thats right, 23 running plays in a row, and bs-who couldnt even stop that, even when they knew all Oregon could do was run the ball. 227 yards on the ground for the Ducks in 3 quarters against 8 and 9 man fronts. Go ahead and bring those 8 and 9 man fronts this year and you will get burned by the pass. bs-who was lucky to escape with a win last year, and if theres 2 more minutes of gametime, bs-who gets beat and everybody knows it. After the Ducks embarrass you in your national championship game on your home turf, you can go back to beating the Coast Guard and Salvation Army and whoever else resides in your jv conference.

exactly like this

you and the manure producers are as rare as a meteor shower. every now and then a little flash, but mostly what you do is unseen, inconsequential and unnoticed.


Home Record

It is easy to have a great home record when it is teams like San Jose State that play here the majority of the time. When bsu has a SOS that is a lot higher and not constantly in the high 90's and 100's (Last year they were 111 out of 120) then they can boast about being a solid team. It is easy to get up for 1 game a year. Oregon has to play schools far tougher after this game. This is bsu's entire season. Just like last year - bsu beat Oregon yes they did, good job, and they still finished lower than Oregon in the rankings with one loss and Oregon had 3. This is bsu's entire season and this is one of many games for Oregon. I hope for Oregon's sake they do not overlook bsu like they did last year, I also hope Oregon is healthy for this game.
Hoping for a good game - Go Ducks!

Purdue is your next game...

They suck and they play in a horrible conference.


“one of those teams that really doesn't rub right with me.”

This guy will be hearing footsteps and dropping balls all day long. He got his clock cleaned last year and I loved it.

I love that this mighty ducks team still has its panties in a knot after last year's loss to a WAC team. Priceless.

It is stinks like a duck...

You are seriously trying to say that chippy is somehow a better head coach than Pete? Seriously?

You lose any semblance of credibility with that one. Come back when Chippy wins a Bear Bryant award, from his PEERS. Your opinion, like all the opinions of the whiny, poor loser ducks, is moot.

See you at the end of the season.

This "stable" full of donkeys stinks more than Alabama's waste treatment plant.

Chris Peterson gets offered a mid-major job...Kelly is offered numerous BCS conference jobs.

I love coach Pete as much as the next guy...but I think I have a little more credibility considering I've been following Peterson for 16 years. Nice try though. Great coach indeed..he's done great things everywhere. I just have seen both and know Kelly is a better X's and O's coach.

Keep stinkin' up your stable, Donkey fans. Oh...and to the guy who said he loved his players being thugs and cheating....get a life. And some class. Seriously. I'll be back when this games over. Not laughing or gloating...maybe a little...but to congradulate you guys on playing til the end, no matter the score.

Once again,

if you know Pete so well and love him so much, why can't you spell his name correctly? Oops, your ignorance is showing.

Kelly may be good, but...

He's still 0-0 as a head coach. You've watched Pete for 16 years. I've watched UO for 40+ yrs. Kelly is still 0-0. I'm hoping he wins a lot of games and stays at Oregon for a lot of years. I'm glad Belotti had enough and vacated the position. I had enough of that whiner. Same goes for his predecessors.

Kelly vs. Pete

Petersen has openly said he would go back to Oregon... and Oregon did not want him, they wanted Kelly hmmm... I also have not seen any big or little offers coming in for Petersen.

when did he say this?

I don't actually recall him saying this. I think he has said with other BCS offers he has received that you never say never. That's quite different than what you indicate.

Fly away shmucky!

To be fair

Oregon players have been pretty respectful in what they've been saying this offseason - much more so than most of the fans of either team. Regardless of what anybody believes about whether the Masoli hit changed the outcome of the game, there's no question that both Masoli and Dickson got cheap shotted. As such they have a right to be a little hot under the collar.

Based on all the quotes I've seen since last spring, Oregon will play like their hair is on fire in this game. BSU better be ready for that level of intensity or they'll get run out of their own stadium. Even if they are prepared for the intensity, I'm not sure BSU's defense will be able to contain a two-dimensional Oregon offense - it has a tendancy to make very good defenses look really bad.

Game on, smurfs. I'm ready for some football.

BSU vs Ducks.

you know what bothers me about BSU.. not the team. the team is good. hard to argue how good but thats another post. Its the fans! i have lived here in boise for a long time and grew up in eugene. BSU fans were hard to find when they werent that good. Now that they are good they come out of the woodwork and jump on the bandwagon and scream "we deserve" this and that. Duck fans are loyal and always have been through the good and the bad.

It is hard to compare these teams because of the different conferences. the pac10 is much, much tougher than the wac. Come on over to the pac 10 and be in the middle of the pac ten and the fans will start to find something better to do. I know, here is boise you guys think your big football fans, but were really not when you compare to the bigger schools. you just have to see it to believe it.

who knows who will win this year. i think UO is a little overrated personally. if both teams are healthy my pick will go to the Ducks.


Who gives a damn what you think about Boise and its fans. I used to sit in section 108 in Bronco Stadium with just family in the whole section and empty seats everywhere. So winning makes more fans, who cares?! Bronco fans are welcome to demand anything they want now. You act like you are our school master trying to tell us how to root for our team. BTW, did anyone ask you to pick a winner? No, so go away. Eugene wants you beat it.....

i am your master

ya you heard me. i didn't think so. bronco billy fans can't demand anything except that the rest of the college football world stop laughing at them. always have been, always will be small potatoes. whenever a we play a wac team its always the same. everything for us to lose, nothing to gain, and the talk that comes from the wacs is absolutely laughable, just like your turf. get a real stadium. stop the insanity of being a laughing stock. those you hear laughing are believe me laughing at you and your longing to belong. lets hear from you after gameday makes a few visits to smurfville, that way i never have to hear from billy fans again.


Does that mean you die to save the Jedis?

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Boise Fans

I wonder if the fact that Boise has more than doubled its population in the last few years has anything to do with the fan base growing. Naaa couldn’t be. And I really don't think it is much of a surprise that bigger schools have more fans (wow imagine that, more people, more fans). But to say any teams fans are better than another teams fans is just an opinion. As for the game, there is no doubt the Ducks have a good program, but so does BSU. I think it will be a great game, but BSU will win.

You're right, it would..if it was true.

Boise from 2000-2006 has seen a 1.9% increase. Hardly the 100% increase needed to say "Boise has doubled in population the last few years."

Want more? From 1990-2008, Boise has had a 61% increase in population. Again...a little less than the 100% needed to double your population. So the last 19 years Boise has barely had a 50% population rise.

FYI In 1975 nearby NAMPA was at or under 26,000...

Today over 70,000.

There was still FARMLAND between Boise and Nampa, Boise and Meridian...there weren't way over 2, 3, 400,000 in a four county area. I don't care if you never lived here but study first so you don't end up not having yourself made to spout stuff. I've been here for most of my 43 years and there's little excuse for it.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

I trust your information

I believe your information is probably a lot closer than my statement that Boise population has doubled in the last few years. But if you lived here you would swear it has. However the point I was making remains the same, as the population goes up, so does the fan base. So it is just not the success of BSU during the last few years that has increased the fan base (however I agree that is a factor), it is also the population of the valley itself. When BSU has a bad year and unfortunately I'm sure we will someday, I really believe that most of the BSU fans will remain loyal.

Not to be nitpicky, but....

When we moved here in 1989, the population of Boise was about 125,000. Currently, the population is about 215,000. That is an increase of 72%. Sure, this isn't "double", but it is more than "barely" 50% increase.

Then again, "Boise" as so spread out that it mixes in with parts of Meridian, Garden City and Eagle. Can the population numbers be truly accurate? It's like including the population of Springfield and Santa Clara with Eugene's population.

Springfield and Santa Clara basically ARE in Eugene.

If they weren't in 1982 when my HS basketball team went to the playoffs, they were CLOSE. I was in the pep band we put together and man, it really looked that way.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

You are looking...

... at the city of Boise only. The propper way to examine the population of a fan base is to look at the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) population. Here are the numbers for the Boise MSA, including percentage change since 1990. As you can see, Plasticcar's estimate of "almost doubled" is pretty close to right on.

Year Population  Change
1990 295,851      0.00%
1991 310,781      5.05%
1992 322,272      8.93%
1993 337,567     14.10%
1994 352,716     19.22%
1995 366,836     23.99%
1996 380,034     28.45%
1997 392,449     32.65%
1998 407,328     37.68%
1999 421,012     42.31%
2000 432,345     46.14%
2001 452,522     52.96%
2002 465,816     57.45%
2003 477,191     61.29%
2004 489,927     65.60%
2005 509,988     72.38%
2006 531,985     79.82%
2007 551,840     86.53%
2008 564,859     90.93%