'Phenomenal' Baker steps up at D-tackle

By Chadd Cripe

The Boise State football players and coaches are starting to talk about sophomore defensive tackle Chase Baker like they did last year about All-WAC end Ryan Winterswyk.

“He’s phenomenal,” sophomore linebacker Hunter White said. “He’s definitely improved so much. When he’s in front of me, I know he’ll do his assignment, be physical and get off blocks.”

Baker is 6-foot-1 and about 300 pounds. He all but locked up a starting job with an outstanding spring. He played last year as a true freshman because he was “too good” to redshirt, defensive line coach Pete Kwiatkowski said.

“He’s jumped way up,” Winterswyk said. “He’s a smart player, too. He figures things out quickly.”

Baker worked on his conditioning during the winter with the other tackles. He hopes to become more physical and “demand the attention of the offensive line.”

I’ll have more on Baker in Tuesday’s edition of the Idaho Statesman.


Freshman tailback Malcolm Johnson got his “Welcome to college football” moment Monday morning in the first of two practices. Junior safety Jeron Johnson met Johnson in the hole and smacked him for the loudest hit of fall camp so far.

The defense mostly dominated the two practices with the linebackers piling up turnovers. In the afternoon, linebacker Hunter White had a pick six, cornerback Antwon Murray had an interception, linebacker Aaron Tevis forced a fumble and linebacker Tommy Smith forced a fumble. Smith also had an interception in the morning practice. Most of the turnovers were committed by backups.

Another Johnson at Tailback?

Another Johnson at Tailback? Guess they're checking to see if this one injures as easily as the last one.

HUH ????

Nice lip Lilly Lips..kissy kissy...any sweat in your jock strap???

Johnson & Johnson

Family of collisions?

Cosmic intervention

Hello Bronco Billies, BDuck2009 here with a reflection on last years game;

Don't count on what happened last year happening again on your blue manure absorbing floor covering. Even Hallys comet only comes around every 76 years or so, which by no small coinkindink, will probobly be the next time you beat a Pac 10 team. Here's why;

-3rd, 4th & 5th string QB's. Are you kidding me. You should have stomped us.
*3rd string was knocked out on a cheap shot
*4th string went 0-3 with 2 int's
*we didn't even complete a pass in the 2nd & 3rd qtr's.

-Total yards Oregon = 464 Manure Producers = 424
*you only ran for 38

-We commit 4 turnovers

-We miss 2 FG's and 2 PAT's

-You never saw our offense even though we rolled up 464 on you, and we still win with the missed kicks. With three backups, we never go untracked. The more likely scenario we will see on 9/3 is how our offense operates with a regular QB who has played and understands the offense. Heck even your guy had 3 games under his belt, even as a freshman. If you need a more exact reference witness the 55 we hung on Arizona, the dismantling of Oklahoma St. in the Holiday Bowl or the 65 points and 700 yards we nailed to Oregon St's neck in their house when all they had to do is win and go to the Rose Bowl.

Can't wait for 9/3. I'll be here on 9/4 or thereabouts, not to gloat, but to simply say what I have been saying all along. You are not in our league. You WACers are small potatoes, pardon the pun, although it was intended.

Bronco Billy stadium has never seen the likes of the storm decending upon you. Be afraid, be very afraid.


you're kiddin right?

hope you team is as [over]confident as the Shmcuk fans are.

This joke is getting old

I'm tired of retyping this, so I'll just cut-and-paste this time:

The argument that Boise State beat Oregon ONLY because of the 4th-string QB is a ridiculous one. The QB situation in Eugene wasn't a factor during the pre-game hype for Oregon. Oregon was credited as having an unstoppable rushing duo (of Johnson and Blount) and a dominating defense. Their QB was an afterthought that wasn't supposed to win them a game anyway. It's like being the tailback for Hawaii with Colt Brennan at QB. Yeah, you are in the game, but is anyone gonna notice unless you catch a pass?

And what did Oregon produce? Their rushing "dominance" resuted in just under 200 yds and 2 TDs (hardly dominating considering it was split between the 2 rushers). And their "smothering" defense? It was supposed to beat Boise State into submission, yet our Freshman QB humiliated them in front of the home crowd. Since the main threats Oregon posed were squashed, Oregon fans decide to blame it on something completely irrelevant. To say Boise State only won because of their lack of a QB is a joke. Maybe you should blame it on the distractions brought by the Boise State cheerleaders. Or maybe that the sun was out in Oregon, effectively blinding your team.

Oregon couldn't stop Boise, and some folks just want to use any excuse as to why their team lost. But, the final result is the same: a disappointment for Duck fans at home.

Is this elizabeth

Sanford and Son,

Step away from the potato bong. We outgained you by 40, and held you to 38 on the ground. QB was the issue, a touted D never was. Same old bronco billie trying to justify their belonging. It's never gonna happen and making stories up to make your case sound good just doesn't jive. Go back to Sanford Arms with Grady and take another hit from the potato bong.



Obviously, you failed to read the pre-game analysis. Oregon's D was supposed to be tough. They were a joke.

And, I read the same old Duck quacking about the loss. Deal with it, you lost. Next game, please.

Fred is Alive

Sanford and Son,

What pregame analysis are you talking about? The one in the Idaho papers to make out the manure producers as giant killers?

Get real!

Try to be original

Actually, it's what I read on ESPN and some Yahoo pages. I don't remember the exact source, considering it was a year ago. Since I didn't need to explain/justify a loss, I started looking at the next game. Too bad, Ducks can't seem to just "let it go". I hope your therapist is covered by your medical insurance. Pretty sure he is tired of hearing about how Boise State "played dirty ball" and "cheated it's way to a win in Eugene". I hope you recover soon.

BTW, when Boise wins this year, try not to hurt yourself. It's not worth it.

Grady is that you


Of course you don't remember, now that someone is calling you on your made up babble. It's ok, nothing to hide here. Stats and facts don't lie.



I just dont hold onto trivial pre-game articles about a game from last year. I may reference the end-game analysis, but who cares about the pre-game? Well, obviously, some uneducated security guard does. Do you hold onto the pre-game info for the all the games Oregon loses or just the teams you think "cheated"?

So, take your butthurt "stats and facts" to someone who your team can actually beat. Try Cal (oh, wait) or USC (nope, can't do that one either). Maybe you'll just need to show them to Utah State. I'm sure they are really interested.

You also were boasting about your 2006 Oregon win over Oklahoma. That's not as impressive as the butt-whooping BYU put on you guys in your Bowl Game that year. OMG, a non-BCS team beat you in a BOWL GAME? Wow, I'm sure you were beside yourself on that one. Did you keep the pre-game articles for that, too?

A little tibdit after the Oregon-BYU Las Vegas Bowl game:

"Before the game the Ducks, including coach Mike Belotti, derided the BYU team and publicly stated that they could not compete with a Pac-10 team. Even after the shellacking Mike Bellotti refused to give BYU any respect reasserting his earlier statement that BYU would not even be a mid range team in the Pac-10."


You are correct sir


Absolutely correct on all counts, which proves my base point. Yes BYU smoked us in that bowl game. I was there and it wasn't fun at all. However, Brlotti was correct. BYU would not compete in the PAC and would be midling at best. Same for Fresno and Boise. Just not the same caliber team makeup or competition.

That is not to say that say for instance Boise St joined the PAC, after a few years of consistently competing against top notch comptition and recruiting on a new level, they would slowly begin competing for wins and eventually a conference crown.

But the WAC is the WAC and beating Oregon once or twice won't matter a bit. That is why no WAC team will ever recieve serious consideration in the BCS. They just don't play on a level playing field.

Just the way it is


well as a BSU fan that was at the game in Eugene! I'll back up the pre-game hype that was generated by the UO media and fan base both with predictions and analyste. The main one I remember was the media didn't think a freshman QB playing in his first College football roadgame could come into the mighty Autzen stadium where "It never rains in Autzen" and be succesful against the Ducks secondary! The Secondary was too fast for all the timing plays and the D-line would be in his face all day. Some fans said he would be sacked "at least 6 times". So yes most of the reports coming from Eugene were that UO wouldn't have any problems with BSU.

As I seem to recall, the Huntington, OR field isn't level...

or was it Adrian?

There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Cosmic, Around this neck of

Cosmic, Around this neck of the woods I know a few Duck fans..and in contrast to your attitude, they are class A fans who support a good team. I have enjoyed watching the Ducks play in recent years. At this point is too hard to predict an outcome to this one…but one thing is for sure, it’s going to be an awesome game!. I may not have tickets to this one, but I’ll be there tailgating. Let’s make it LOUD! Go Broncos!!!

Wow, "we" did this. "We"

Wow, "we" did this. "We" did that. I hope "you've" been training hard all winter so "you" can play some solid ball this fall. BTW, what position do "you" play?

It is still HALLEY'S. The rock group was Bill HALEY'S...

There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Cosmic what????

Hey BDuck2009.... First off, the "backup QB" thing is getting old. If the entire outcome of a game rests on ONE player, then I think you have bigger problems.

Also....how many points did BSU put up on what was supposed to be one of the best defenses in the Pac 1 last year? What's that??? 37? Ummmm.....if your defense couldn't stop a freshman QB playing in his FIRST-EVER road game, then how do you justify using the "backup qb" excuse?

C'mon....just admit that your lowly ducks got BEAT by the Broncos last year, and you're scared to death to visit the Blue this year.


Just a couple of things....


Halley's comet is spelled with an 'e' and you forgot the apostrophe also.

Descending is spelled with an 's' before the letter 'c'. You spelled it 'decending'. This is not a word.

Your use of the term 'WACers' would be pronounced like the word 'racer', with a long 'a' sound. Your pronunciation brings to mind that sharp, quick witted individual.................who is that now? Oh yeah! Elmer Fudd. You know, "Where is the Wacer?"

But otherwise, your email shows your wit!

Hey, the Fuddman is EPIC, Fwend!

There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


I don't remember you posting after your pathetic loss last year where you are supposed to be unbeatable. I suppose you won't be posting on 9/4 either. It's quite easy to talk smack before the game; if your team could have got it done on the field you wouldn't feel the need to be blabbin right now. When was the last time Oregon beat Oklahoma? BSU doesnt get the recruits the Ducks or Oklahoma gets, but the get a hell of alot more out of them, which is why you should shut your pie hole and be even more ashamed of your beloved ducks. Win or lose BSU will do it gracefully as they always do. Maybe you can learn something?

Your comments are a crime


The last time Oregon beat Oklahoma was 2006. Michigan, 2007, 2003, USC, 2007, Oklahoma State, 2008, Texas 2000, Wisconsin, 2001, Colorado, 2001.

The reason BSU doesn't get recruits is because they play in the wac. Oregon recruits in USC's backyard and gets a 5* once every couple of years. The last 5* was Jonathon Stewart, from Washington. We just recruit better because we play in a real conference, on green turf in a stadium that looks like a stadium, not a pasture covered in puke.

The reason my pie hole is not shut is because there is always a dumba*@ or two who think they know what they are talking about. That's why I'm here. I carry a badge and work for the dumba@* police, consider youself under arrest.



Are you a security guard at the mall, Paul Blart?

bduck2009 you just keep talking but it's not fact

You said: "The reason BSU doesn't get recruits is because they play in the WAC.Oregon recruits in USC's backyard..." Well, your ducks don't. Boise State does and they rank second only to USC for recruits in the state of California (not Cal, Stanford, UCLA, or you all). As for quality recruits(5* versus 3*), well USC got Barkley and the Broncos got Southwick check out their competing qualifications before you run your mouth "crack boy." So if the Ducks have the better players so much bigger, tougher, faster, smarter, what in the hell are you all doing losing to WAC conference? Christ what you all doing playing the WAC trying to pad your won loss record? Wow, after rugged games against Wazoo, and Huskies, and the list goes on and on in the PAC 10 you all must be exhausted playing all that good quality. There is only one quality team in the PAC and it is not you all. Guess who? USC. And they as well as Cal and probably O state and you better get this right too Broncos are going to rip you all a big one. That's four losses (bonehead)right there and it may get worse. If I were you I would start making friends-you gonna need a lot of shoulders to cry on.

5* recruits?

Wow! with that pedigree, a multi-billion dollar sponsor and you still couldn't beat Boise State in your own backyard. Thats even more pathetic. They say mediocre teams play down to their competition.

Turd Producer


Just replying to your babble/drool. My point was that we don't get great classs either. We must do with mostly 3* recruits. Recruiting is more luck than anything else. Kind of like the manure producers beating Oregon.


A Fresno State Die Hard Has To Chime In...

Ok Boise Fans,

You all know or can imagine how hard it is to back up your toughest rival but I had to chime in on this one. I am a die hard fan of my Dogs and because of this I end up reading and sometimes posting on fan sites all over the country. As a lot of you guys may know the Dogs have played the Ducks at least 4-5 times in the last 5-6 seasons and we have had several tough losses by 3 points or less. Getting to the point...Over the last 4-5 years I have learned one thing for sure: Oregon fans are the least objective most pompous group you will run into anywhere in the country. They have a good program (which would likely be nothing without all that Phil Knight and Nike has done for them financially) but they always think they are better than they are and rarely show any objectivity or class. Quite a contrast to (and it really pains me to give this kind of credit to our greatest rival right now lol) Boise fans which frankly I have found to have more class than any other team I have come across. The best way to shut them up is to beat them again on the field...good luck and we'll see you in Fresno on Sept 18th! (With less cordial sentiments lol)

Fresno is just another BSU

Dog boy,

A loss is a loss is a loss. You don't belong in this convo. Who have you beaten? You may claim to play anyone anywhere, but you also lose to anyone anywhere. You have a nice program just like BSU, but face the factoids'. You will never compete with the big boys. It's always gonna be the WAC bowl for you guys, unless of course a playoff finally happens, in which case you will never play in it because the powers that be will never let it happen.

Throwing you guys a bone every season or 2 is one thing, but playoffs? playoffs?? Give it up.


You're getting psycho there duck lips...

Chill out some or we call Dear Abby.

There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


Do you know what would make a sad story??? Watching you little smack talking kids develop into adulthood. The idea is to support your favorite team...not discredit every other team. Maybe it shows your confidence in your team?!?! If your team isn't as high as you hope I guess it's only natural for you to try and pull others down. Well you shouldn't waste to much more time on here and get back to studying in hopes that you will pass your generals otherwise it's the car wash for you.


1. Secret: They conquer you FIRST 2: Yes, it will.

There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

My Only Question For BDuck Is...

If your ducks are so awesome why are they 1-5 vs. Cal and USC the last 3 seasons??

Because they are Cal and USC.

There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

You boys from Boise need to

You boys from Boise need to keep in mind that Oregon play football in a real football conference, not a sissy conference where just once in a while there is a good football team in your conference. Now pick up your purse and walk your small dog back home.

Ask the

beavers how "real" pac=1 teams fair on the blue now!

Don't you guys have beer, cars and sex?

There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Real Conference??

I have never heard more whining about conferences in my life.. They still play football in conferences don't they? You talk about real opponents but when you played us last year you got all shook up. I guess we are only as good as our conference can be? Is that the logic here? We beat Oklahoma didn't we? We beat you didn't we?

Even a blind sow can find an

Even a blind sow can find an Acorn once in a while !

Even a Duck

can find a pond once in a whil ohhhhh shhhhhhhhhhh thats not water. splat.


There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

The Facts Don't Lie Duckos

You know...all we keep hearing about is how Oregon plays in a "real football conference."

Well lets look at the facts from 2008 shall we:

Washington - Non conf record 0-3 (0-12 overall, enough said)
Washington St - Non conf record 1-2 (win was against 1-AA Portland St)
Oregon St - Non conf record 1-2 (win was against Hawaii at home)
Stanford - Non conf record 1-2 (win was against San Jose St)
UCLA - Non conf record 1-2 (by the way lost at home to Fresno State - a school from a "fake" football conf)
AZ St - Non conf record 1-2 (lost at home to UNLV!!)
AZ - Non conf record 2-1 (who were the two wins? Idaho and Toledo - impressive!)
Cal - Non conf record 2-1 (quality team who BEAT your ducks)
USC - Non conf record 3-0 (high quality team who rolled your ducks 44-10)

So what do we have up there? 6 of 9 teams with losing non-conference records, AZ who beat Idaho and Toledo, and two quality teams who Oregon is 1-5 against the past 3 seasons!! All of that and you lost HEAD TO HEAD at your place last year and you are still talking smack on Boise!!?? Typical Homer Oregon Fans!!

I'm Out!

For the most part The WAC is

For the most part The WAC is a flag football league!


That's all you could come back with Mallard? Well, what else could you say to my post...it's all facts and you can't argue those!

They pull over a lot of cars with 'smack' here.

All you got is Zig-Zag and a busted lighter.

There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Seasonal Eats & Treats

September is a little early for one of my favorite delicasies. Thanks UO for being the first course of the entrees prepared for Bronco Nation this year. What a classy way to start our season! Any other beginning would not be as appetizing. Yet you have graciously consented to sacrifice your fierce and numerous, albeit diminuitive, souls to honor our ravenous hunger to show the world the legitimacy of THE upcoming UNIVERSITY of this millenium. Your solidarity and history have been offered up to the FCS and will truly enrich the legend of the Broncos. I for one am humbly grateful for your willingness to give your best efforts and provide for us one of the sweetest tastes in college football...I am soooooooo ready to feast on SMOKED DUCK!!! Fellow Broncs, please enjoy consuming this excellently prepared dish-o-duck. Quack quack, smack smack!!

I don't know...

I doubt duck makes good tacos.

There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Sooo many ways to enjoy a duck...

Duck a la'range (and Bleu), pressed duck, roast duck, pot-stickers duck, fajita duck, deep-fried duck, Flying Pie duck, Harrison Hollow pale duck ale. All could be prepared easily on a tailgate for any worthy fan. ...courtesy of Bubba Gump Duck Factory

No duck in Polish sausages.

There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Innovation Mother of Creation

Though the infusion of duck into culturally-typed sausage is not a traditional presentation, Dux-Stix are VERY tasty and may be enjoyed while being mobile!!