Pettis ready for his chance to shine

Austin Pettis is ready for the spotlight.

Boise State lost four of its top five receivers from last year, including go-to pass catcher Jeremy Childs, who left school after his junior season for the NFL.

Pettis, who was second on the team with 49 catches, is the most established wide receiver returning. He is the veteran in a group that includes junior Titus Young (returning from suspension), sophomore Tyler Shoemaker (seven catches last season) and freshmen Chris Potter and Mitch Burroughs.

Pettis doesn’t have a goal in mind for catches this season, but he does have a clear purpose.

“It’s really just being that go-to guy, making a lot of big plays and helping us win ballgames,” Pettis said. “Coaches want me to be one of those veteran leaders for the offense, too, so that’s what I’m trying to develop into.”

Wide receivers coach Brent Pease is confident Pettis can be that No. 1 guy.

“I hope he sees it that way. He’s got to be that guy. He’s been very consistent his whole career here,” Pease said. “He’s got great abilities on how he catches the ball, his speed has gotten better, he’s very smart. He competes. He can be that guy, no doubt about it.”

The Broncos lost not only Childs (72 catches last year), but Vinny Perretta (36 catches) and Julian Hawkins (26 catches) from last year’s receiving corps. Running back Ian Johnson also played a big part in the pass game last year, catching 22 balls. That leaves a lot of opportunities for others.

Pettis said he added some weight in the off-season and “definitely got faster.”

For more on the Broncos’ wide receiver situation, see my column in Sunday’s Idaho Statesman.

• The Oregonian's Oregon beat writer John Hunt was in Boise for the first day of fall practice. Here is what Hunt had to say.

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In response to John Hunt's column:

I hope we knock Masoli out of the game again. That way the Duck fans have an excuse when they cry about losing twice to the lowly broncos that couldn't possibly beat them without taking "cheap shots".

If Masoli had been in the game, he could have played corner/safety/lineback and intercepted all of Kellen Moore's passes and shut down our offense. Stupid Ducks.

BTW...Pettis is the man!! Does he carry a ladder in his back pocket, cause I don't know how he gets some of the balls he does.

Late Hits

I just read the article and watched the video of the late hits. They were late hits and they should have been flagged. But, the difference between the big time and the also rans is usually physicality. When BSU played Georgia, they beat our brains in. For BSU to be competitive at the next level, they need to instill some fear on their opponent.

I do not condone intentionally hurting a defenseless player, and neither of the hits were to intentionally hurt the player. These hits were to send a message that BSU is not intimidated by anyone. Pac-10 means nothing. We will hit you harder and make you think about. They both were definitely penalties and should have been flagged. I do not agree with the ejection, but look at the circumstance.

As for whether Masoli being knocked out of the game having an impact, that is called depth. The biggest knock on BSU and smaller schools is depth. Look at the game against Hawaii two years ago, our secondary was depleted, the TCU game last year,our D line was devastated,even Oklahoma with Ging out and no one to give Hall a break. If you are great, you can still compete when someone gets hurt. That has always been the knock on us...wait, but not anymore. We are deep. We are studded. We will hit you harder than you have been hit. Deal with it.

They had more than Masoli, right?

If not, call the Marines to play. That's no excuse. You come with a game plan and a plan B, C, D and E. THEN you wing it.

If you run 800 meters in track, you win or you lose in a few seconds. In football and other team sports, no depth means no W.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

John Hunt article

What a bush-league piece of writing! Hunt definitely didn't do much research on this year's Broncos, as he states that BSU has to replace key members of its secondary. I don't know what roster Hunt is looking at, but last time I checked, BSU was returning both corners and two safeties, and also returning most of the depth in the secondary. He also states that BSU has a very inexperienced offensive line, which is completely inaccurate. To include the you-tube hit on Masoli was garbage. I hope the Ducks keep focusing on that, or any other aspect of last year's game. If so, they won't be focusing on this year's game, which will thus lead to a major butt-whipping by the Broncos.

BSU's offensive line is

BSU's offensive line is back...but just not that good. You DID lose key members of your secondary. BSU only has 11 or 12 returning starters...EXACT same as the Ducks. It was a well written piece.

This is why nobody takes BSU seriously. Their fans are delirious.


Most of the Boise State is returning, especially in our defense. Besides Ellis Powers and Mike T Williams, the only other players with regular playing time were linebackers (we lost 4). Between offense and defense, I count 19 players that had considerable playing time last season. I seriously doubt Oregon has that many.

Yup...every publication says 11 or 12.

If you're going by playing time, Oregon "returns most starters". Starters are the ones who started at the beginning of the season. Our best player, CB Walter Thurmond didn't even play against BSU last year. Does that mean the player that started in his place is a starter? Nope.

Both teams have players that have had starts, but we're talking about 1st on the depth chart..the best at that position on the team. Going by that, BSU is just the same as Oregon.

Ian Johnson Video

Hey everyone,
I saw this video about Ian on the vikings website. Check it out! Looks like he is making a good impression!

Good Impressions are standard equipment for Ian!

It was ironic and strangely odd and funny to see the big tail pad with a big 'I' on back though...OH WELL

He was 147% out there, a great show!

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

BSU fans...tsk tsk tsk.

In response to the idiot bbbroncos..

Of course you hope you'll cheap shot Masoli out of the game's the only way the BSU has any chance of not getting blown out. What a horrible thing to say. Hopefully the Ducks can take out Moore so we can see how BSU feels!

And it's not called depth. Masoli at one point was 5th..but he had experience so he started over 2 true frosh. The 4th string sucked..he played because we wanted to keep DT's redshirt. With Masoli and DT playing for 2 quarters? Score is 28-0 Oregon. With Chris Harper in? 37-7 BSU. Chris Harper went 0-3 with 2 INT's. That's why BSU BARELY won.

Oh...and yes Masoli does make the defense better. See how BSU didn't score a single point when the Ducks could control the ball? Exactly. Have fun getting blown out in your own stadium.

That's not what bbbroncos said

He said he hopes we knock Masoli out of the game, not cheap shot him. Knocking a player out of a game doesn't automatically make it a cheapshot.


He said he wanted BSU to knock Masoli out of the game again. Again meaning "like last year".

Doesn't matter what he meant. It's classless to even wish someone on either team knocked out of the game. Do BSU fans really want to win that way again? I'd LOVE to see what happens to a BSU team when their top 3 QB's go down and a true freshman has to lead the offense. They sure wouldn't put up 32 points...on anyone.

It's just reiterating my opinion of the class of BSU fans over the years. I know every team's fans have their village idiots...but it's up to the ones who aren't to call them out. So far...I haven't been proved wrong.

Ducks can shine...

Add Turtle Wax to those helmets.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...