Moore might get to make some play decisions; cornerback Gavins joins team

By Chadd Cripe

Last winter, Boise State football coach Chris Petersen said quarterback Kellen Moore’s next step might include calling his own plays.

That doesn’t mean he’ll be given an open playbook.

Petersen and offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin said it’s possible Moore will be given two plays in certain situations and the authority to choose the right play at the line of scrimmage.

“The chances for success are probably better than if we’re choosing it,” Petersen said.

Boise State doesn’t audible often. Petersen doesn’t like putting that much on the mind of the quarterback and that uncertainty in the minds of the other offensive players.

Allowing Moore to choose between two plays, when the entire offense knows that’s what’s happening, would be different, he said. Moore would be able to scope out the defense’s alignment before making his decision.

“You certainly want different plays (available) in an ideal world,” Petersen said. “That’s what we’re talking about, trying to create the ideal situation out there.”


Boise State added nine players to the roster Wednesday for the first day of practice. They are: LB Dustin Kamper, P/K Trevor Harman, WR Preston Minter, WR Jake Johnston, LB Billy Derome, DB Dane Turner, FB Joey Paul, LS Chris Roberson and CB Jerrell Gavins. The school didn’t provide any information on the players. All are freshman walk-ons except Gavins, who is a sophomore scholarship recruit.

Gavins was a late addition to the 2009 recruiting class. He is from El Camino Junior College and has four years to play three seasons. Petersen was able to talk about him Wednesday for the first time.

“He’s a real explosive player,” Petersen said, “and we think he’s going to fit in good with our numbers — the year that he is and the flexibility to redshirt or not.”


Sophomore Doug Martin will spend one 5-minute period per practice with the offense to stay sharp in case of emergency but likely won’t play an offensive role this year. Petersen hopes to develop him into a two-way threat later in his career.

Martin moved to defense to play nickel in spring ball.

“The hope is, down the road, a year or two years, we can also put him on offense and have a true package for him,” Petersen said.


Offensive lineman Bronson Durrant missed the first day of practice because he had his appendix removed, Petersen said. He should return to practice later this week but Petersen is unsure when he’ll be ready to run.


Moore made the watch list for the Davey O’Brien quarterback award.


When I talked to Petersen last week about Moore and Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick, he said he would like to have a dual-threat quarterback but he won’t compromise on accuracy.

“It’s always about the best quarterback,” said Petersen, who has had three different quarterbacks break the school record for completion percentage the past three seasons. “They can come in all different shapes and sizes and molds and it’s always going to come down to completing passes. That being said, we’d love a mobile quarterback, especially in college football. When things break down and that guy takes off, that can be as devastating and problematic for defenses as any sort of play.”


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I would.............

I would rather build my college football team around an accurate pocket passer than an inaccurate mobile QB. Any day of the week and twice on Sunday's.


Well said EagleWing, I could not agree with you more.

Duh! letting a ball jock

Duh! letting a ball jock make decisions, what are we paying the coach so much for? this is a no brainier..


we're paying them so much to be able recognize that they have a special type of player who you can GIVE 2 plays to and who can then pick the best one per the defense he's seeing.
Makes the coach and the player worth more.
Well done Pete.

QB calling plays.

This is a great plan during the cupcake WAC schedule. Most High School QB's would be fine calling plays in the WAC. I would hold off on this idea until after the Oregon game though. Once that game is over, let Moore or the fans or the local Junior High Coach call the plays, it will not matter the WAC is that bad. Here is to BSU joining the Mountain West, that would help all schools involved. If BSU or Utah or TCU or BYU went undefeated in the Mountain West after playing all of those schools then maybe my user name could be changed to BCS7!! Until then let's hope that the BSU vs. Idaho game is not on ESPN, or any other wac game for that matter. Please just show fishing or strongest man during WAC games. Looking forward to the Oregon game though, until then.

Not to change the subject, but...

When Kellen Moore smiles, doesn't he look a little like John Elway? I'm not saying they have the same playing style, as Elway was outstanding. But, physically, they look similar:

blonde hair, large toothy grin, big eyes

No? Well, I think so.

Large toothy grin?

RMSanford, you don't remember John Elway? Look, Kellen is great, he is a fine pocket passer, but John was in a league of his own. He was one of the best quarterbacks ever, and he could run. Hell, he enjoyed running down the throat of lineman sliding down like a baseball player coming safely home. As for his looks, he was a stud. Kellen not so much, and sure as hell not a "large toothy grin."

John Elway choked a lot until his Super Bowl years, it was tough

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We have the better QB

Look at how inaccurate Kappernick is. When he runs he is lethal but if he runs and tries to throw he is horrible. We will demolish the Wolf Pack here this season.

Give it a rest....

Hey, do us all a favor and stop printing that morons (foreignoregonian) comments. He is a idiot, and he makes you look stupid for your continuous printing of his comment. It's the same thing every time, maybe the hippie lettuce in Eugene has what is left of his brain locked up.

If you need parenthesis you are weak. Let's compare your weed.

I don't smoke anything and you sound like a consumer expert.


There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

I feel like I'm running for office. Y ain't you doin Richert's?

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


...for Sept. 3, but a little upset about the ticket situation. I guess there's no place in Bronco Stadium for working-class fans.
As for the QB making his own decisions, I hope he decides to throw it Walter Thurmond's way on Sept. 3. Don't know who that is? You will soon enough.

True. We'll hear all about him on ESPN...

as we hear "Walter Thurmond was beaten long by Titus Young on a 75 yd Post pattern". Or maybe "On the bright side, Walter Thurmond had a career high in tackles. Now if he can only cover his assignments".

Titus Young


Please reference your first post...

"Don't know who that is? You will soon enough." Sound familiar?

I'd like to say "wait till Sep 3rd". But, it'll just confuse you with all the other Bronco receivers embarassing that Oregon secondary. Just think of it as "another TD reception for Boise State". You don't need to worry about the name, since all your boys will see is a blur running past them anyway.

Ask him if Earth River Mall is still there and do they still...

Eat the Twin-Pack of those pancake batter pizzas from Reser's?

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Seriously, though

Nice blog, Chadd. Informative and to the point, like a blog should be. The Statesman is an all-around good paper, and Boise is a great city. I look forward to a spirited game on 9/3. It has the makings of a classic -- Your sharp pocket passer vs. our athletic scrambler. Any concerns at RB for BSU? Switching to the NFL, as a Vikings fan, I would love to see Ian Johnson make the team, but we might just be too deep w/AP and Taylor on the roster. IJ is a class act, and I believe he will get his day in the sun. As a native of Logan, Utah, I will be there late in the season when the Broncos come to town to show USU how football is played. BSU v. Oklahoma = best college football game EVER!

You are right Boise is a good city and the Broncos are the best

BSU has no concerns anywhere this season. They are deeper in talent then they have ever been. As for Ian and the Vike's my info has Ian a lock. The Viking coaches love him and he is producing. His positioning on the team had nothing to do with AP or Taylor, Ian is looking for the number 3 slot. You will see Ian this pro season on the Viking roster. Also you said you are a native of Logan Utah I am surprised you're not behind Utah State? Utah State started turning around last season making adjustments and with the players they will be adding in a couple of years they will be a much better team. As for this season they will still do better then Idaho and New Mexico.

You can find me: But are you sure you want too?


I'm behind Utah State all the way, but I'm also a realist. They won't beat BSU...not this year.

Oklahoma sucks

Hey, at least the Ducks and Broncos have something in common...we both showed everyone that Oklahoma is overrated.

Next time NEBRASKA

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...