Akey makes ’em laugh; Oregon picked third in the Pac-10

1:05 p.m. — Idaho coach Robb Akey was the final coach to address the assembled media at the WAC Football Preview.

Despite the Vandals' struggles — Idaho is 3-21 in two seasons — Akey remains upbeat about his program's chances of turning the corner. Listen here.

Among the highlights from the always funny Akey:

• He sometimes has his team eat its meals out of bowls to reinforce its goal of reaching a bowl game.

• "I expect to be able to fulfill my contract. I expect to sign a new contract before that one runs out," said Akey, who is in the third year of a five-year deal. "I hope they can afford me."

A quick take on McMackin

• Hawaii coach Greg McMackin is making news for inappropriate language at the WAC Football Kickoff.

McMackin, in telling a story about last year’s Hawaii Bowl against Notre Dame, used the slur “faggot” three times. Then, he asked the media in the room to cover for him and not report the incident or his word choice. For more on the story, click here.

I was in the room. I may have been among the uncomfortable laughter that you can hear on the tape (Click here, but be aware that there is explicit language). I know I looked at my Statesman colleagues with a “Can you believe he just said that?” look. As he repeated the word, it was obvious that this was news.

It’s simply inappropriate language for a Division I head coach to be using in any setting, but especially in front of media members at the conference’s signature event.

McMackin should have known better. Football coaches, athletic directors, school presidents, elected lawmakers and so on are held to different standards when it comes to their speech. It’s part of the responsibility of leadership.

Here is McMackin's apology.

11:43 a.m. — The Pac-10 released its preseason media poll Thursday and there was no surprise at who was on top.

USC was picked first on 28 of 32 ballots. The Trojans have won or shared the last seven Pac-10 titles.

Oregon, which opens the season Sept. 3 at Boise State, was selected third and received one first-place vote.

California was second with three first-place votes.

Here is the complete poll:

1. USC (28) 316

2. California (3) 277

3. Oregon (1) 250

4. Oregon State 216

5. Arizona State 155

6. Stanford 150

7. UCLA 145

8. Arizona 142

9. Washington 74

10. Washington State 35

• Tony Barnhardt of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, is a must-read for college football fans. His Mr. College Football blog breaks down the Rose Bowl’s decision to allow more access.

Barnhardt reported the news in May. I confirmed it and wrote a column for the Statesman at that time.

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Title of the story on the homepage says "third in the WAC" and not "PAC-10"...........

I caught that too

A little attention by the web-editor goes a long way.


The title has now been fixed. Yay!

That just means

That just means we could finish at least 2nd in the PAC10 after we dispose of the Ducks on the Blue. We need to be in the PAC10.

well, we are, sort of ...

... in wrestling. But football? The money reality says there's no way any school with a 31,000-capacity stadium gets allowed into a BCS conference these days. And if Bronco Stadium somehow got doubled, and the crowds magically grew to match it -- be honest -- would you really want that kind of traffic on Broadway? I've seen how home games for Wisconsin and Northwestern affect the neighborhoods six or seven times a year, and it is a M-E-S-S that doesn't benefit a whole lot of people.

I really enjoy seeing Boise State be a gadfly on the butts of the bigwigs. And believe me, I've defended the idea of the blue turf among many scoffers. But for right now, until and unless the program gets a much larger and wealthier following, I think the WAC or the Mountain West is BSU's most appropriate home.

Not quite

I have read several rankings that have Oregon ahead of BSU in the preseason polls.
If this be the case, BSU would be no better than the fourth best team in the Pac-10.

You're right Doc

Preseason polls are a MUCH better gauge of how teams compare to each other than actual football games. We should save money by canceling the 13 "games" we have scheduled and just have each school send a representative to the Rose Bowl for a debate contest. That'd be sure to sell.

Until then, we'll just have to go watch them play football. Don't worry, I'll ask you who REALLY won on the 6th.

Does anyone think

Mr Akey is kinda arrogant for somebody who hasnt accomplished much at his current post? I also do not understand his logic of eating out of bowls in order to motivate them. Here's a better idea to motivate then: win football games!

given the preceding sentence

Since his logic of eating out of bowls was "from the always funny Akey" you can probably presume that it was meant tongue in cheek (that means 'not entirely seriously' (that was being ironically condescending, I'm sure you knew what it meant)).

I understand all right

I just found it stupid. So, I followed it up with my own snappy zinger!

But my post was originally for his perceived arrogance over his contract. Maybe when he finally produces, then he can start discussing it. At this stage, I wouldnt hire him to coach a High School team.


Can we act like we have been there before instead of talking about the pre-season rankings of Oregon. As if Oregon is the Holy Grail of Boise State Football!

One more thought on Macklin

...cause I commented on the other blurb about him.

I almost find it more offensive he asked the media to cover for him than what he said even.

Salt Lake Tribune

Nice little article on the Broncs today in the Salt Lake tribune.


Akey wants to get paid?

He hopes the Vandals can afford him? A 3-21 coach of one of the worst schools in the country? What is that worth really? This guy really does drink his own kool aid. I'm sure one of the yayhoo boosters can put the keg tap down for a minute to chip in three dollars for the coach.

If he gets an extension

he deserves to get paid more then he makes now. Yes, he's 3-21 in his first two years but I think he deserves at least 2 more years to show signs of improvement. After all, he did inherit the "great' recruiting class of Dennis and only had to rid himself of 20+ players.........if he really wanted to "win", he could have kept those kids and defended what most likely would have been numerous off the field transgressions. I think he made the right decision and will stand by him on this.

Are the Vandals going to make a run for the WAC........no. Can they show signs of improvement?? I would hope so.

By the way, I am a booster and have not had a keg tap in my mouth for numeroous decades.

Yeah that is right

The Vandals chose class over winning. Erickson's recruits woud ahve won championships...... At what point do you just laugh at yourself and go "you are right even I can't eat all this BS anymore"

Oregon Game Cheap Shots

I agree with Joe, who pointed out that the late hits need to be eliminated. Lets make sure the Broncos don't play as dirty as last year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKQwuLjT09Q

Frankly, it was embarassing and mentioned by every commentator in every subsequent game.


Who the hell is this Paulie_in_Vegas? He's posted the exact same message on 4 different news articles!

Ban him for life for being an idiot.

Please term it 'Broadcasting' if you flag it.

There is no life in Idaho...it is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...