Kyle Wilson, Kaepernick earn WAC honors; Boise State named clear favorite; WAC aiming for Poinsettia

By Chadd Cripe

SALT LAKE CITY — Boise State senior cornerback Kyle Wilson and Nevada junior quarterback Colin Kaepernick were named the WAC football preseason players of the year Wednesday.

Also, Boise State grabbed the top spot in the preseason media and coaches polls. The Broncos are the league’s clear favorites for the first time since 2006, when they went 13-0 and won the Fiesta Bowl.

Wilson, a Playboy Preseason All-American, tied for the WAC lead with five interceptions and 10 pass breakups last season. He also returned three punts for touchdowns. He was named the WAC Preseason Defensive Player of the Year.

Kaepernick, the reigning WAC Offensive Player of the Year, beat out Boise State sophomore quarterback Kellen Moore for the Preseason Offensive Player of the Year honor. Moore also was the top competition for last year’s postseason award.

Boise State received 55 of 58 first-place votes from the media and eight of nine from the coaches (coaches couldn’t vote for their own team). The Broncos won the coaches preseason poll for the first time since 2006; they won the media poll last year.

The rest of the media poll went Nevada, Fresno State, Louisiana Tech, Hawaii, San Jose State, Utah State, Idaho, New Mexico State.

The rest of the coaches poll went Nevada, Fresno State and Louisiana Tech (tied for third), Hawaii, San Jose State, Utah State, New Mexico State, Idaho.


WAC commissioner Karl Benson said Wednesday the WAC is closing in on a fourth bowl deal for 2010 and beyond, with the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego. Boise State played in the Poinsettia last year through an at-large arrangement.

The Poinsettia likely will have a Mountain West-WAC matchup with a stipulation that Navy will play if eligible in certain years, Benson said. He said the deal probably won't be finalized for a couple months.

Benson also said the WAC expects to generate an additional $5 million in revenue beginning in 2010-11 because of increases in its ESPN contract and the BCS contract.

We’ll have much more throughout the day. Boise State coach Chris Petersen takes the podium at 1:30 p.m.


The WAC, Mountain West, Big 12 and Conference USA have expanded their officiating cooperative. This year, the four leagues will pool their officials and every game in each league will feature a blended crew, Benson said.

On the rules front, a rule change removes the roughing-the-kicker penalty when the kicker leaves the tackle box — like Boise State's Kyle Brotzman does on the roll-out punt. Also, there is a threat that if coaches don't clean up unsportsmanlike-conduct penalties the rules committee might enforce celebration penalties as spot fouls next year. That means a player flagged for celebrating before reaching the end zone could lose a touchdown.


A few Boise State tidbits:

— Game times have been added for the games at Bowling Green (5 p.m. MT) and Hawaii (10 p.m. MT). Boise State still is waiting for a time for the home game against Nevada. KTVB is scheduled to air seven games — Miami, Bowling Green, UC Davis, Hawaii, San Jose State, Idaho and New Mexico State.

— The fall scrimmages are tentatively scheduled for Aug. 13, 21 and 26. The Aug. 21 scrimmage is the festive one; the Aug. 26 scrimmage is usually closed.

— The Broncos’ motto for this year: “Bleed Blue.”

— Boise State printed 65 copies of a 46-page media guide on standard paper for the WAC preview. It’s just the highlights from the actual media guide, which will be printed only to fulfill commitments to boosters. The media will receive the guide electronically. The cover features senior captains Wilson and tight end/fullback Richie Brockel.

— Benson said Boise State was able to increase the size of its payout for the Virginia Tech game in 2010 during the negotiating process. The $1.25 million was more than first proposed to the WAC, he said.

— ESPNU still can pick five WAC games for this season, as late as six days before kickoff. However, Boise State already has the maximum number of required appearances on ESPN networks — six — so the Broncos can't be forced onto ESPNU.

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I dont know why Colin gets all this attention. Sure, they guy can run, so what. Until he gets Nevada to a good bowl and completes more that 60% of his passes, Im not sold on him.

Good Bowl Game?

With all the QB's on the current WAC teamsn, what good bowl game has any of them gotten their team to? Don't worry, I will wait.

Kellen Moore Offensive MVP

Moore is going to eclipse all the other stats posted by WAC QB's this year and will be the leagues offensive MVP. BSU's run game should be improved this year but there are still going to be a few games where Peterson is going to have to heavily rely on Moore's left arm to carry the team and pad that stats for him.

I disagree, but just a little

Every time Nevada plays Boise State, he is the biggest threat in the game. There is no doubt he IS the offense. Without him, Nevada may as well send in the cheerleading squad. As far as his completion percentage, even Joe Montana only had 63.2% for his career. But, he will get more completions if the rest of the offense would step up. If that happens, Boise State may be in BIG trouble.

I do agree that they never get to a good Bowl, but neither did we for a long while. I don't consider the MPC Computers Bowl to be a "good" Bowl.

Biggest threat?

He would have been a non-factor if it weren't for the three pick-6's, Kellen threw that day!

talk about overrated!


Isn't throwing part of the game? Whats with you BSU fans? Why is it always an excuse for a close gmae or an excuse for why you lost? Its always, IF IT WASN"T FOR THE THREE PICK 6's or IF IT WASNT FOR THE OTHER TEAM SCORING TD's or IF IT WASN'T FOR US PLAYING FOOTBALL!! What a joke!!

Players of the Year?

Before the first snap- anything for the media guide.

blah blah blah...bsu wins 10

blah blah blah...bsu wins 10 games/fans think they are wonderful/can't beat the best teams/fans complain about their ranking. local amateur media sings praises....etc/ditto 2010, 2011, 2012..... don't waste your $ or time.


At 6'6", 220 lbs Colin deffinately has the size to play at the next level. The main thing that Colin has going against him is that he is forced to run the pistol offense, and really, how many pro teams do you see running the pistol? Without Colin Nevada wouldn't be near the team they are now.

I was talking overall

It's true last year's game was close because of the 3 pick-6s Moore threw. But, I was also taking into consideration the previous year game, where Nevada-Boise went to 4 OTs. That whole OT situation was because we couldnt contain Colin. Just when you think you have him, he slips out of your tackle. Tell me how many times we had him for a sack but he ends up with a 5+ yard rush.

Yes, he is the biggest threat to our undefeated season. I think he's a bigger threat than Oregon. But, that's just my opinion.

blah blah blah jealousy....

blah blah blah losers blah blah blah imaho blah blah blah pathetic

If imaho won 10 games they'd call it the second coming.

jesus would buy us all a beer, though...

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

It wasn't three

Moore didn't throw three pick sixes, he threw two. Last year Kaepernick completed only 19-0f-50 passes and led Nevada to just ten points until Wilcox inexplicably went into the "prevent the win" defense that he loves so much. Nevada scored another ten points in the last 4:36 and most of Kap's running yards came on the last two drives, when Boise State was rushing three guys and had eight standing deep watching Nevada march up the field.

Kap did nothing against the regular defense so I'm not sure why anyone would find him a bigger threat than Oregon.

Colin would be a much better

Colin would be a much better qb if not for the goofy coach he plays for. The Maryland game was an embarrassment. All you hear is Hall of Fame coach and he makes the worst decisions imaginable. Colin won't have such a good game this year as he seems to be targeted much more now than in the past. I would love to see what he could do if Norm Chow were coaching him.


OK sports enthusiasts, to get a good sense of who is the better QB, Kellen or Colin (sounds like a Western gunslinging showdown) ask yourselves this, if the two QB's were swapped to the other's team, do you think they would prosper. The answer would be very clear. Colin would be a superstar and most of you would be saying Kellen who? Who is that? That guy sucks and he is VERY slow. But since this is not the case, Colins is making the best of his situation and so is Kellen. But if swapped, Kellen could not lead the Nevada team like Colin has.

Pure speculation

Your comments are pure speculation. It's likely true that Kellen wouldn't be as effective at the pistol because he can't run, but it's also likely true that Kaepernick wouldn't be effective at Boise State because he can't throw. If swapped, Kaepernick could not lead the Boise State team like Kellen has. See how easy speculation is?

I know two things that are not speculation. Kaepernick is at Nevada only because Boise State didn't offer him a scholarship - he was very public about his desire to play at Boise State. And most Bronco fans wouldn't trade Moore for Kap under any circumstances. Come November, you'll see why.


Sure Colin can throw, it just looks that way because he doesn't have as much time as Kellen does. So although it may be speculation,there is some truth to it. And for the record, knowing what we know now, BSU would take Colin, he is a defensive coordinators nightmare. With the offensive fire power/game plan BSU has, and if they had a dual threat like Colin, then we can have a discussion about BCS!!


Have you actually watched Kaepernick play? He continually misses wide-open recievers, whether under pressure or not. He has no touch and therefore guns throws he doesn't have to, which results in more incompletions. His 54% completion percentage has very little to do with the time he has to throw and plenty to do with his own inability. For that very reason, no, Boise State still wouldn't take him because their system requires accuracy.


Kellen would find the wide open receivers and actually deliver the ball.

How so...

Kellen is slower that defensive tackles, he would not have the luxury of sitting a nice pocket and make acurate throws. Take of your blue and orange goggles and look at the big picture.

How so...

Kellen is slower than defensive tackles, he would not have the luxury of sitting in a nice pocket and make acurate throws. Take off your blue and orange goggles and look at the big picture.

Kellen vs Colin

These are completely different playing styles. Kellen isnt a running QB. If Kellen had better protection, he would probably never leave the pocket. Granted, he was agile enough to avoid a sack, but the only time he left the pocket was when he had a defender in his face.

On the other hand, Colin had as many rushing attempts as passing attempts (at least it seemed that way). He had a similar playing style to Michael Vick, where you werent sure if he was gonna pass or rush. That's why he was a threat. Colin's rushing wasnt from a collapsed pocket, either. Most of his rushes were designed that way. Watch his highlights.

Stat Update

According to the stats from last season, Colin was ranked #3 in most QB categories in the WAC. In addition, he had the following rankings for rushing:

#4 in the total number of rushes
#3 in total rushing yards
#1 in rushing TDs

These rushing stats are for the the entire WAC by all players (RBs, QBs, WRs, etc). So, my statement above is confirmed that he was a big threat on the ground as well as in the air.

What Kellen has that Collin never will...

other than accuracy.
From the first game I watched Kellen as he threw the ball and took the hit, he never flinched. Currently watching the Nevada game on ESPNU, Kellen has the ability to slide in the pocket or move up to avoid the rush. He wasn't standing in solid pockets for every throw. He knows how to move to gain the time to throw. Collin doesn't have that, he'll run first.
Kellen is more accurate, he makes better decisions, and he avoids the rush enough to make the accurate throw rather than just unload it before the guy gets there.
Take off whatever glasses you are wearing and see that Collin is a great runner, an adequate THROWER (Ault himself described Collin as a thrower and not a passer) who can make things happen.
Give me Kellen over Collin because we've had our Collin, Zabransky, and he was never consistent throughout the season. Even in 2006 he gave up like 5 pick 6 and nearly lost the Fiesta Bowl for us.

Are you kidding me?

If it wasn't for Zabransky, Boise State wouldn't be talking about a Fiesta Bowl victory. What a joke.

Actually, he's right

Zabransky was a decent QB, nowhere near great. The reason Boise State did so well in the Fiesta Bowl was because of the defense and Ian Johnson. I've always thought Z was overrated (dont get me started on the videogame cover). He was impatient and tried to force too many throws. He played as if he was carrying the team, even though there was no need. I think Tharp was a better QB than Z.

And, Kellen Moore was a better QB last year than Z was during his best year. If Moore plays through his Senior year, we'll see incredible things from Boise State.


Why do you think Ian's production declined drastically every since Zabransky left? When Z was at the helm, the defense had to account for him. Since Tharp and Kellen took over, defenses don't have to account for them because they know that niether of them will run the ball. so having said that, the defense would stack 8 in the box and tune Ian up. But when Z was there, they couldn't do that.

Ian's production

After his breakout season, Ian Johnson suffered what a lot of great players suffer: added attention. When Washington beat Boise State, IJ was double-teamed EVERY play he was in for. Result: he had a poor outing. Washington's defense forced Tharp tothrow, and it worked for them. Since that game, opposing teams have focused on IJ the same. THAT is why IJ's performance declines. Not because of Z not being there, but because teams ganged up on him.

John Elway was the same type of QB for years...

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Good point....

Z was more of a running threat. The point about Z is the inconsistancy and his mental fragility. Z was prone to throwing the ball in the dirt, fumbling, throwing the int out in the flat and so on.
As for Ian's production, the Line changes, the WR production and etc all led to less reps for Ian. Also Ian suffered two injuries that limited his effectivenss; a collapsed lung and bruised kidney.
As for Ian's senior season, did anyone mention our OLINE sucked at run blocking. Also, he was asked to share the load with TWO other running backs.
There's a reason the ball was taken OUT of Z's hands on the 4th down play in overtime of the Fiesta Bowl and it was that he couldn't be trusted.
Heck he threw another pick 6 in the flat in the SR bowl 2 weeks later.
The best QB we've had in the last 10 years was Ryan Dinwiddie, followed closely by Bart Hendricks, then Z.
We'll see how Kellen does the next 3 years to see where he rates, but it will likely be in FRONT of Dinwiddie.

From rewatching the Nevada game...

Three things are glaringly clear.

1. Kaep can't hold Kellen's jock in reading the defense, decision making and getting the ball to the receiver.

2. The lack of the Oline being able to run block led to the mistakes in the 2nd half that LET Nevada back in the game. They only had to defend the pass, we were throwing 5 of 6 times.

3. Kaep was unable to be an effective runner and he's too incomplete a passer to be a major threat until he fixes that.

Give me Kellen any day of the week and TWICE on Sundays.

Agreed. Kellen Moore is consistent and disciplined and that...

Is a strong foundation to build a versatile team on. It was fortunate to recruit him and hopefully will be an influence for years after he graduates, here there and anywhere.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...