Redskins want title sponsor for Boise State-Va. Tech; Ducks QB predicts victory

By Chadd Cripe

The Washington Redskins plan to sell a title sponsorship for next year’s game between Boise State and Virginia Tech at FedExField, said Zack Bolno, the executive director of communications for the Redskins. The game is expected to air on ABC or ESPN.

The Redskins also hope to make the game part of a series of high-profile college football games at FedExField. Already, they have the Army-Navy Game for 2011.

“We’re working on securing great college football games for the D.C. metropolitan area,” Bolno said. “… We’re confident the Boise State-Virginia Tech game is going to be one of the biggest college football games in this area’s history.”

The Broncos and Hokies, two of the most successful programs in the country over the past decade, are scheduled to play Oct. 2, 2010. Those were the teams the Redskins targeted, Bolno said, and they expect to sell out the 91,704-seat stadium.

“We approached Virginia Tech about playing a major opponent,” Bolno said. “As we began to look for an opponent, we decided to pursue Boise State. They were our No. 1 choice. … Boise State offered us a team that had one of the best records in the country over the past decade and they certainly captured the attention of college football fans all across the country, particularly with their great win over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.”


Boise State will earn $1.25 million from the game. WAC commissioner Karl Benson guessed that is the highest single-game, regular-season payout in college football history.

A reader pointed out a USA Today article from last year that reported Navy would get $1.4 million this year at Ohio State, but that sum includes special compensation for Navy to buy out of a previously contracted game, so it’s unclear what Navy’s true payday is. Ohio State wouldn’t confirm that payout; Navy hasn’t responded to my inquiry.

The Des Moines Register assembled a database last year of most of the single-game payouts in college football. None came close to the deal the Broncos just landed.

The Redskins wouldn’t say how much Virginia Tech, the home team, stands to make from the FedExField game. Virginia Tech hasn’t responded to my inquiry on that.


Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, the Holiday Bowl offensive MVP, said the Ducks will avenge their loss to the Broncos from last year when the two teams meet Sept. 3 at Bronco Stadium.

"It's kind of embarrassing having them come over here and beat us on our home field," Masoli told TV station KVAL of Eugene, Ore., "but I think this year we'll take it to them."

Masoli was knocked out of last year's game with an injury.

Here's the KVAL story.


Boise State senior tight end Richie Brockel is one of 52 Football Bowl Subdivision nominees for the Allstate/AFCA Good Works Team for his work in the community. Eleven FBS players will make the final team.

The Bleymeir bowl

How about the "Gene finally found his guts (nuts) bowl"?

Kustra should sponsor this game since all he cares about is football, and heck, he's making enough of our taxpayer money to do it.

How about "way to go Gene".

How about "way to go Gene". Lets do some more of these games. Can't wait for the trip to D.C. next year. Let's go Bronco Nation.

Way to go, Gene!

Seriously, this is what the fans have been hoping for...and Gene came though.

Congratulations Gene, congratulations Broncos, and.....GO BRONCOS!!


Va Tech+Oregon

Va Tech+Oregon State+Wyoming+Toledo=Much better non-conference schedule! I hope they can win at least 3 of them.

Masoli was knocked out of last year's game with an injury.


Please take a look at the game video. Masoli was blindsided to the helmet, and the player making the play should have been ejected and suspened for a game... no one, out ide of BSU disputes this... that paland and a second blind-side hit to helmet, where that hitting player WASejected, are also reasons Oregon may have an x on this game.

Win the right way Broncos. You are clearly good enough, so why cheapen your selves?


Therapy can help! Don't wait until after the results of the September 3rd game because then it will be too late!

Way to go Gene

Those were questionable hits. I don't think they were head hunting, but nasty none the less. But BSU has won many, many games when starters go down. Maybe try an offense with more than one dimension.

DC for a football game will be awesome.

Go Broncos


You, sir, are a liar. Masoli was in no way blindsided, he was hit straight on a half-step late and the BSU player was properly penalized for it. As for your contention on the second hit, unless your receiver was wearing his helmet at shoulder pad level, you again are blatantly lying. Replays and still photos have both confirmed that Jeron Johnson's hit was to the chest area, well below the player's head.

Why is there no mention of your offensive lineman taking a ten-yard run and spearing George Iloka in the back as he lay on the ground? Why is there no mention of your DB spearing a UCLA receiver in the back of the helmet and costing him several games due to the resulting injury? But keep crying, we need the water.

Why not? You just did a really good job of it?

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Masoli was knocked out of last year's game with an injury

This is a load of bad stuff. For a team that comes out of a physical conference, you Oregon fans sure do cry a lot. Our players were appropriately penalized for the fouls in the game last year. You should blame your head coach. Chris Peterson and staff clearly out coached Belloti and his staff. Please no more whining.


BYU will earn $1.5 million to play Oklahoma in the first game ever at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium, Sept. 5, 2009. Oklahoma, the home team will earn $2 million. Anyway, what a great matchup for the broncos! Go Boise State!!

Cry me a river....

NO ONE has been ejected for a late hit of that type, try dealing with it. It was a late hit and rightfully flagged. The second on the WR is questionable. How about the Ucks teach their receivers not to reach up for balls clearly uncatchable. When a quality defender sees you reach up he's gonna hit you, period.
Face it, the Ucks got beat up all day in their own house. We won't talk about the NINE questionable actions by Uck players in the first half alone, like the opening play Ian carried the ball. Or the Wr hit out of bounds. or....
Get physical or get beat. When a physical team gets too aggressive flag them, which the refs did. Move on. Keep thinking about 2 plays and we'll own the Ucks on the Blue.

Oh and a horsecollar

Nice horsecollar on the UCLA Qb in the pocket, he wasn't the same after that one Ucks.
Kettle meet pot.

Masoli was knocked out of last year's game with an injury.

Funny thing is that when I look at the same video I notice how a freshman QB from Boise lit up the "supposed" best defensive backfield in the Pac 10...

Stir the pot a little

Here are the preseason rankings, check out the 2nd to last one :-)


ESPN radio just released their (F. Coleman) rankings today and there was not mention of BSU. In fact, Oregon was #10 and Virginia Tech was at #5.

It looks like BSU may start out 0-1 two years in a row. It looks like Georgia all over again.

Just like last year, right?

Just like last year, right? Quack, quack.

So the Ducks predict we'll win again? Fine with me. BRING IT

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...