Mountain West commish talks expansion

By Chadd Cripe

Mountain West Conference commissioner Craig Thompson said Wednesday that his league has been discussing the possibility of adding a 10th team — and his remarks lead to the conclusion that Boise State would be the target.

Thompson, speaking at the Mountain West media days, said expansion is discussed in nearly every meeting of league directors but they haven’t gotten into specifics, according to a blog post from’s Graham Watson.

"We spent a lot of time talking in general about expansion specifically, not about particular institutions," Thompson said, according to Watson. "I think the conversation typically at a directors level has centered on maybe a 10th will help us. But the real issue is practical scheduling."

The Mountain West is concerned that a 10th team might force some schools to abandon rivalries with neighboring BCS schools and service academies, assuming the league adopts a nine-game league schedule.

"You really take away any scheduling for BCS purposes, if you will," Thompson said. "Now, if conversely a team were to come in and really strengthen the BCS cause, that would be reason for focus. It's something that we've looked at."

Boise State is the only team available that would pad significantly the Mountain West’s BCS resume. The Broncos have gone undefeated in three of the past five regular seasons.

Why the About Face?

Last year the presidents of the MW conference could not be bothered with expansion and/or Boise State. Why the sudden about face? Of course it boils down to money, but what has happened to change the discourse so rapidly?

Cautiously Optimistic

This would be a great move for Boise St. it would get us out of the WAC and into a conference that as whole brings more to the table. Not to mention fostering some real rivalries vs Utah, BYU and TCU and getting away from yesteryear's Vandies. Though we'd like still be forced to play them.
It would be nice for sure, but I'm sure there is a lot more to be considered and so many things that could kill this before it really gets going.
So we'll wait and see.
Besides, they've missed the July 1 deadline and we're talking 2011 at the earliest. Being that they have nearly a year don't expect anything soon or anything at all.

re boiseriver

I think their failure at BCS without Boise St. has prompted the consideration. They didn't really want to expand and the snub from the BCS may be the factor. Because as you said it's money and getting a BCS affiliation will only bring more $$ to the conference.

Think of the road trips:
Laramie, Colorado Springs, SLC, Provo, Vegas, San Diego vs what BOise has now.
Hawaii(overrated), Moscow(seriously?), San Jose(where?), Fresno(lock the car), Logan(where?), Reno(Vegas light, good but not vegas), Las Cruces and Ruston (egads).

So he's expanding. Join Weight Watchers!

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that is a funny one dude

that is a funny one dude

At least he doesn't have gas.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


thier may be a few teams that lose rivalries but BSU is pretty much a natural rivalry of every team in the MWC based on geography. It would be beautiful for college football and for BSU. Like a it was said those road trips would be awesome.

Cripe didn't mention the best part

Mr. Cripe failed to mention one of the best parts. The MWC signed a TV contract with ESPN. Starting in 2011 the MWC games will be nationally televised. If Boise State DOES get the invite, we don't have to worry about crummy stations like the dumb mountain west channel.


What Graham failed to put in her blog was that the question ask to Thompson was specifically about Boise State and expansion. Thompson shot that down with his talk of a generic 10th team and blah blah blah. Bronco fans may think it makes the most sense, but Thompson doesn't yet.

The press conference is going to air on the Mtn. if you want to draw your own conclusions.



You obviously don't hear very well....

He didn't really shoot it down. In fact, what he said was they were looking at all the numbers and felt they didn't make sense at the time for any team. Funny how differently people hear actual conversations.

Who else would it be?

Why is there any doubt about the MWC choosing any other team than BSU... i mean did your hear what the Nebraska representative said why Utah didnt play for the national championship last year? He said play a schedule like Nebraska does and you would have been in. I mean who else would the MWC take?????????? I cant even think of any team that brings the resume that BSU does and the geographical location is perfect!! a 10 team conference with BSU, BYU, UTAH, TCU and AIR FORCE must request some BCS notice (it just sucks that nothing will happen with the BCS until at least 2014...isnt that how long the contract goes with fox?). I mean as far as scheduling just take a page from the PAC-10 and play everyone in the conference so there is no debate at the end of the year. I know my reasonings are basic and that there are MUCH more details that go into it but lets keep it real. the MWC NEEDS BSU and BSU NEEDS the MWC. Lets make this happen!!!

PAC 10 Schedule

Kyoung87 for your information the Pac10 doesn't play a 9 game schedule. Pac10 teams only play an 8 game Pac10 schedule with only rivals playing every year. This makes the case for BSU even stronger if the MWC adopted the Pac10 format allowing for the local BCS games to still take place and they would need to find the rival to play every year. Don't know who that would be but you can be certain it wouldn't be Utah or BYU.

You are incorrect.

The Pac 10 plays a full round-robin in conference schedule, with every team playing each other once. They have been doing this since the 2006 season.



TCU is perfectly slated as a BSU rival. The teams have played each other only twice, each one coming away with a win. They have fought for National respect and Boise was snubbed when TCU entered the MWC. Makes for a perfect rivalry.


Just play each league team and your 2 free games schedule BCS opponents. Just forget about playing the Vandals. If on some years you can only schedule one BCS team, schedule a rival from the WAC like Fresno or Nevada.


There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

He tip-toed very carefully

He was intentionally vague when asked directly about Boise State. Doesn't even mention BSU in the answer. After listening to it a couple of times, I can't decide if it's essentially a done deal and he doesn't want to tip his hand or if there's another school in the mix. It could be either one. I know which one I WANT it to be, that's for sure.

Not getting in and this is why

The same greed as the BCS.. I'm a MWC fan and want you guys... but they do not want to share... this is done by the beat writer for BYU.

Boise State football is an exceptional product. The Bronco fan base is on fire and its facilities are star quality. The Taco Bell Arena is appreciable as a basketball venue. You mention Bronco football and the vibes are positive.

But the Mountain West Conference is not going to expand and invite Boise State.

It will not happen this year, next year, or perhaps ever. Unless the BCS throws out one more hurdle that the Pac-10, Big Ten or a prospective automatic qualifying league like the MWC needs to expand and hold a playoff, it isn't happening.

And that has nothing to do with the quality and respect of Boise State.

It's simply a matter of economics.

The MWC doesn't want to cut another piece of its revenue pie from collective TV contracts, the BCS money or five bowls, as meager as that bowl money actually turns out to be.

When asked about the issue this past week at the MWC football media days, commissioner Craig Thompson's answer was simple: No plans for expansion.

That wasn't a decision made by Thompson. It was made by the presidents of MWC schools, who have reviewed in-depth studies of what Boise State would add to the league considering revenue, travel partners, competition in other sports, academics, TV market and other considerations.

Adding Boise State right now would cost MWC schools money.

So after seeing this I think Graham should have her mind checked...

Right or wrong, you're inflammatory and crazy.

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BSU in WMC, or No Automatic BCS

This is what I said back in February. The dynamics have not changed.

Mountain West gives Boise State the Heisman
February 2, 2009
Discussions about Boise State joining the Mountain West Conference are back on the shelf for now. According to MWC commissioner Craig Thomas, the conference has run “all sorts of [unworkable] models” to achieve BCS-hood by adding a tenth member to the MWC. Models? This does not require a model. It requires a strategy and negotiations, and Boise State will inevitably and necessarily be a part of that plan of attack, if the MWC has any hope of ever becoming a BCS conference. Until then, the Broncos would be wise to give the MWC the ol’ stiff arm and make clear that it is not interested in joining the MWC unless BCS status is guaranteed. The marriage makes no sense otherwise. More from the Honolulu Advertiser.

BCS is like stealing candy that stains your fingers and frames U

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

Sideways move at best

Adding BSU to the MWC does what? Will BSU suddenly be viewed as facing tougher competition? Not really. Utah was widely criticized for a perception of a weak schedule. And after dominating their BCS bowl game the excuses were rolled out about why. Will the MWC be viewed as more "BCS worthy"? The favored 6 will never view the oppressed 5 as worthy--even when they win.

It'd be a pointless move, IMO.

Side note: the WAC, MWC, et. al. are "BCS conferences." They even have an automatic bid--BSU, Hawaii and Utah all played in BCS bowl games via *automatic bid* not an at large bid. Last year, Utah got the auto bid (a bid that is shared by 5 conferences and has a ranking requirement) and played a team that got an at-large bid.

It's my understanding that

It's my understanding that San Diego State is losing somewhere
around the neighborhood of $4M a year with their football program.

There's an outside possibility that they may have to drop or suspend
it due to lack of money.

Should that come to pass then it'd be interesting to see whether the
MWC decides to replace San Diego State with Boise State.

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