Rattlesnake-avoidance training set Aug. 11

ImageRattlesnakes and dogs don’t mix and one of the most popular rattler avoidance clinics is set Aug. 11 at Veterans Memorial Park in Boise.

The clinic, which is open to all breeds, is $40 per dog and sponsored by the Snake River Versatile Gun Dog Club. It is one of the club’s fund-raising events.

“We will train your dog to avoid rattlesnakes by sight, scent and sound,” said Heidi Funke, club spokeswoman. Rattlesnakes are common in Idaho and dogs can encounter them whether on a hiking trail in the Boise Foothills or on a raft trip on the Main Salmon River. Rattlesnakes can be a problem for upland bird hunters and their dogs, too, especially in places like the Owyhees or around Brownlee Reservoir.

The snakes are usually out until mid-October.

The club’s 14th annual rattlesnake avoidance training will be from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. “Each dog takes approximately 15 minutes to complete the training,” she said.

The session continues to grow in popularity over the years and dog owners start inquiring about the training as early as late winter. Because of the popularity, the club recommneds that dog owners call for appointments.

They can be made by calling Funke at (208) 463-2304.

Snake Avoidance

The 17th Annual Rattlesnake Avoidance Training Day will be August 11, 2012 at Veterans Memorial Park in Boise, Idaho. Idaho Fish and Game will also be conducting a Trap Awareness Seminar. For more information, please visit www.snakeavoidance.org.

$40 per dog

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Foot-hold trap education joins rattlesnake avoidance

Hunters and other dog enthusiasts now have another reason to attend an upcoming Rattlesnake Avoidance Training Day in Boise.

Fish and Game officers will be presenting a trap awareness seminar as part of the day's events. To learn more about the training day, visit


The combined event will be from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, August 11, at Veterans' Memorial Park - State Street and Veterans' Parkway in Boise. The cost of the rattlesnake avoidance training is $40 per dog, but the trap awareness seminar is free.

The trap awareness seminar is designed for anyone who regularly takes their dogs to the Boise foothills, other outlying areas and even the greenbelt.

"Most dog owners are unfamiliar with traps of any kind," Fish and Game conservation officer Kurt Stieglitz said. "This seminar will provide them with some very practical tools related to trapping, including the steps to take if a pet dog ever ends up in a trap."

Stieglitz and fellow officer Brian Flatter will discuss the different types of traps that might be encountered, including foot-hold traps, body-gripping traps and snares, how each trap type works and how to safely release a pet from a trap. Other topics to be covered include trapping seasons, areas to avoid while walking your pet, trapping rules, and what to do if a trap is encountered.

For more information regarding the trap awareness seminar, contact the Idaho Fish and Game Nampa office at 208-465-8465. For more information regarding the Rattlesnake Avoidance Training Day, contact Heidi Funke at 208-463-2304 or visit


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