Report: Boise State to open 2010 football season against Virginia Tech in D.C.

Boise State will open its 2010 football season against national power Virginia Tech at FedEx Field outside Washington, D.C., a Richmond, Va., television station is reporting.

WTVR (CBS 6) in Richmond is reporting the game, citing unnamed sources.

Boise State has been looking for a big-money game to open the 2010 season as a way of generating additional revenue for the athletic department.

Boise State president Bob Kustra told the Idaho Statesman two weeks ago that the opponent would “be a good one” and that the schools were close to finalizing an agreement.

Virginia Tech would certainly qualify as a "good one." The Hokies have won 10 or more games in eight of the last 10 seasons.

Boise State athletic director Gene Bleymaier has not been a proponent of scheduling road games with big-name opponents if the team does not return the game to Boise State.

“I’ve tried to avoid those (guarantee games). Now they’re much more of a reality going forward,” Bleymaier told the Statesman in May.

FedEx Field is home to the NFL's Washington Redskins. It seats more than 91,000. Virginia Tech played USC at the stadium in August 2004.

Virginia Tech is not expected to return the game, according to the report out of Richmond.

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OK gene, so we dont get a game back in boise but this is exactly what you, the boise state program and its loyal and die hard fans want and need. this also gives a chance for the east coast writers and voters to actually SEE our team play. To take our program to the next level we need more games like this. I would love to see those east coast team come an play on THE BLUE but watching the game on national television works just fine for the loyal fans that cant afford season tickets, let alone individual tickets.

BIg Time Game with Big Time Schools

I love football season and what better way to start off a new year than with a hugh game like BSU v. Va Tech. I hope there can be a series starting here. But just so y'all know... this is not a home game for Tech. Washington is about 200 miles away from Blacksburg. However, I am pretty sure most of the crowd will be wearing orange and maroon. Good Luck this year.

5 00C Games?

Can someone correct me on this please because im a bit confused on the 2010 schedule we have 5 OOC games in 2010? VT, TOLEDO, MIAMI (OHIO), OREGON STATE and WYOMING? did we drop a team or do we travel to Hawaii in 2010?

2010 OOC Games


There is no Miami (Ohio) in 2010.

BSU vs Virginia Tech

BSU is gonna get it's butt kicked.

we have...

that from the scandals many times. Scandals should try to right their ship before speaking.

Orange Bowl Repeat?

"Sporting News" preseason pick has BSU meeting VT in the Orange Bowl Jan 5, 2010. If BSU is on VT's 2010 schedule, it could really make 2009 post-season and 2010 regular season interesting!

Are you kidding me? BSU

Are you kidding me? BSU couldn't handle TCU in the WAC Bowl or whatever the heck that was.

A couple of absolutes billy fans;

1. BSU will not play in a BCS bowl this year or any other.

2. Playing Va. Tech to open the season in 2010 spells doom with a capital D. Looks like 2010 will be another WAC bowl appearance for the manure producers.


Bringing a Japanese WW II Betty bomber hardly counts.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


I'm getting tired of arguing with you. We don't know what the result of this season or next season will be. So give it a damn rest already!


Is this a typo or something? BSU is actually playing a good team? On its own and not becuase its a bowl game? Holy Joseph Smith. This is just the latest sign of the apocolypse.

Go Ducks.

Boise State

Stephano1950, Hey Gene, you got it right. I know the EAST-COAST bias will be prevalent in the months leading up to the game. I highly respect Virginia Tech for their tough scheduling and hope that this game will be very competitive and give Boise State a chance to show the East that we can play hard-nose football in the North-West too

VT, OSU and who else?

So we got 2 BCS teams next year in VT and OSU. Not bad...i like it a lot but Wyoming is a joke, especially with the team we are gonna have next year!! and does anyone know what toledo has done? but realize this...BSU STILL has to go undefeated to even get a sniff at making a BCS loss just leaves to many variables at the end of the season and the BCS voters will vote a 3 loss ACC team or a 4 loss BIG EAST team before a 1 loss BSU team (even if we are ranked ahead of them) kinda WAC huh?


"Virginia Tech is not expected to return the game, according to the report out of Richmond."

Why would you expect VT to "return the game"? While the site is closer for VT than BSU, it's not a home game for VT (FEDEX field is 5 hrs away) and both teams share the revenue.

So can we drop Toledo?

Next years team is going to be awesome. It is the team we have been waiting for, isn't it? All these young young studs become upperclassmen with 2-3 yrs starting experience. So can we opt out of Toledo get a mid level BCS school replacement? Not a big boy but a top 30 team. Just want to take a chance next year, say that is the year and if by chance we go undefeated make the BCS shaft us, they will but let's make them do it. To me if we do that a 1 loss season should still warrant a BCS bowl, depending on the loss.

Can they set a WRAP limit on this plaftform?

I'm not going above 1024x768 because I CAN'T READ TINY TYPE at any higher resolution.

Pan and scan stinks.

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...


FYI--VT had the 23rd ranked recruiting class this year--I live in Silver Spring, MD and saw several big time games throughout the region last year. VT was 8-0 at home and 2-4 away, and pending on where you look (, you'll find there sos is anywhere between 20 and 28--an improvement indeed. OSU and VT will compare admirably with anyones OOC schedule and would make a statement if they survive :) Personally, I'm betting Gene stepped up due to the added pressure of everyone else in the WAC already stepping up and the MWC trying to make the case for FBS teams in the BCS. The play anyone anytime was never this teams mantra though I'm glad they're finally getting past the whole home and home BS. USC plays a WAC team on a regular basis and there is no reason, given the recruiting area, that it couldn't be BSU one year (San Jose State) this year). As for the addition--good job, it's about time, and yes--FED EX field is still a home GO MICHIGAN!

What a laugher. The bronco

What a laugher. The bronco billies at Va. Tech?? Can the smurfs handle getting waxed by 30+ Wow, get ready for an embarassment billy fans. You better hope it's not on tv.

OUT for now

It took you two weeks just to get IN. Bring your good stuff, son

There is no life in is a mirror site on god's server. You were dreaming but it is over. Go to your residence and await our commands and THEN we will restore control...

wow the bduck returns

still full of crap. i forgot, how did the dux do in the rose bowl? if you would like to put some money where your mouth is, i'll take the broncos straight up against va tech. it is on television clod. how did oregon finish up in the final poll? will they field a team next year? is massoli in prison for the laptop theft? what is your father ligarette doing? how is your fourth attempt at your senior year in hs going? keep it coming punk.

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I agree...down with Kevin.

I agree...down with Kevin.

What MLB team does people from Boise pull for?

I am in Jefferson City, Mo and a BSU fan but I was wondering what MLB team you all pull for. Tell me its not Seattle. Colorado? Of course I am a Cardinals fan. Just curious, any feedback would be appreciated.

Man..... baseball???

Why dont you just ask who our favorite soccer player is...... In boise we get the advantage of choosing which team we like. Most people like the Mariners (ladies softball) some like the diamondbacks or rockies. But Red sox nation is pretty popular here. I am an Yank myself. Some cubs fans too our minor leage affiliate was the cubs for a time.... not sure who now.... Who cares anyway they are all juiced up weierdos anyway.

Cardinals are as much a religion Here as BSU football is there.

Who is your favorite soccer player....LOL. The list of teams you named off leaves me scrating my head but oh well. Go Broncos and Go Cardinals. Screw soccer and the Cubs.

How could that

Leave you scratching your head? The mariners are the closest team and easiest to see. The diamondbacks and rockies are popular in the west and the rest are the most popular teams in the world..... Makes sense to me..... Do you know where Boise is? I can tell you that the cardinals are not even on the radar here. And really why would they be? There are some popular calif teams but that is from all the transplants.

Never said you should follow

Never said you should follow the Cardinals dude. Just givin you a compass as to where I am coming from, and yes I know where Boise is. Ever wonder why a sports fan from Mid Mo would follow the Broncos? The Cardinals have the second most world series rings in baseball history, yet nonbaseball cities like Boise follow the "popular teams", due to the media, the same ill practiced actions that makes the Broncos unknown to most of the country. Broncos and Cardinals are usually not the best teams each year yet they play their games right and win a lot of games that the popular media claims they shouldn't.(tis why the mainstream media hates both teams) If the popular teams had an idea on how to win (Cubs) there would actually be reason for them to be popular. I always get the impression that Boise fans are upset when a fan from a different part of the country takes an interest in their team. Why is that?

Yeah welcome

But this is a football forum and the cards are WAY down on the radar. It isnt that we dont like other fans from other parts of the country its just that they bring thier own flavors to the discussion which sometimes is nice but sometimes is just plain wierd. and this discussion is about football. If you wish to discuss baseball try a city that has a team.

You will find too that you have to have thick skin in this area

We are a tough bunch...Well.... Except for VNDL who is smart funny and nice but gets his feelings hurt more than a 14 year old girl during her first cycle. Ultimately we welcome most and yuou havent ruffled any feathers yet.... Just drop the cardinals and baseball stuff and talk a mans game and we can be freinds.... the Yanks will crush your cards.... So could most AL teams.

it's chill fooksie

bronco fans from everywhere are welcome. and i have liked the cardinals since they got roger maris.