Drew Hawkins leaves Broncos because of injury

By Chadd Cripe

Quarterback-turned-wide receiver Drew Hawkins has left the Boise State football program because of a history of concussions, Boise State announced Wednesday.

Hawkins sustained his latest concussion in a recreational softball game, according to the press release. Hawkins, the son of former Boise State coach Dan Hawkins, was slated to move to receiver this fall after spending his redshirt year at quarterback.

Hawkins is one of seven walk-ons who were on the spring roster and have left the team. The others are tight end Josh Hill, running back Stephen Gabbard, linebacker Alex Ruben, defensive lineman Jake Densley, long snapper Anthony D'Mato and wide receiver Tim Ruben.

The loss of Hawkins means the Broncos only have two quarterbacks on the roster who have taken a snap in a college practice — sophomore starter Kellen Moore and junior backup Mike Coughlin. True freshmen Mike Tamburo and Joe Southwick will compete for the third-string job.

That's sad. I hope he doesn't have a lot of brain injury probs

Concussions have lifelong repercussions, whether just one or 20. It was a very good decision and I hope he can continue and graduate to help him move up to his other dreams in life.

We would have enjoyed seeing you but always BE WELL.

Supporting nothing everywhere all day and very well.

Thank you for hollering.

good decision

Research has shown that each concussion makes it easier to suffer the next one. I'm sure it's a tough decision to arrive at when all of your young life athletics have been such a large part of your life, and of your family dynamic. But I know Drew will have arrived at this decision with the help and support of his family. We all wish him luck in whatever he chooses to pursue.


Today Salem's Statesman Journal announced that Central High Schools' (Independence/Monmouth, OR) Grant Hendricks, a 3-year starting QB, announced he'll be signing a letter of intent to play at Boise St. in 2010. I don't think the Broncs will miss Hawkins. This kid can really play.

Any relation to someone we know?

Supporting nothing everywhere all day and very well.

Thank you for hollering.